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 Kimiko (WIP)

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PostSubject: Kimiko (WIP)   Kimiko (WIP) Icon_minitime1Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:08 pm


Name: Kimiko
Age: 666
Gender: Female

Orientation: (do They serve under Sergei or are they freelancing?)

Appearance: Kimiko (WIP) Officialkimiko


Kimiko is generally a quiet person; she really doesn't like to interact with a whole lot of people, just the ones she thinks she can trust, or people she is ordered to get close to as a part of missions. Those who are genuine friends of hers, knows that she can be fun to be around when the time is right, they also know that she could be deathly serious when it comes to missions; at times she could sometimes over throw her leader and assume the position. She can’t help it, its just natural for her to take control of things. But she knows her place though, when she knows that someone is above and beyond her power she bows down to them. She is very respectful and tells the cold hard truth, even if people don’t want to hear it. Sometimes she would catch herself not having any emotions to deaths of comrades, which she questions herself on a lot. Kimiko is smart and knows what’s what. She also has a tendancy to make hasty desitions and be at time crule, she likes to torture people and she loves making them beg for their lives.

Abilities: (Describe the Arrancar's abilities in the sealed state (if applicable). Ulquiorra's eye or Aroniero's ability to transform would be an example of this. Do not over power. All Arrancar are understood to have the six basic abilities. Gran Ray Cero is exclusive to Espada. Cero Oscuras is available to only the top 4 Espada.)

Sealed Zanpakutô: (Describe.)

Release: (What you have to say in order to release.)

Resurrección: (Describe their transformation including abilities and appearance.)

History: (Life, death, and and progression to the Arrancar state .)

RP Sample: (Show us what you got)


Kitty's Characters
Yoruichi Shihouin: 0-3
Kitty Yuudai: 0-5
Sapphire Yuudai: 1-1
Aries Senka: 1-2+
Yang Korekuta: 1-3+
Gryphon Daich: 1-3-
Kesha Sugiura: 2-1+
Kahime Bakudan: 2-1+
Rin Akira: 2-1+
Sakura Emiko Shihouin: 2-1+
Kamira Hinote: 2-1
Orihime Inoue: 2-1+
Tsukiyome Akio: 2-3
Andromeda: 2-3-
Hikari Hiraku: 3-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Kimiko (WIP)   Kimiko (WIP) Icon_minitime1Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:16 am

Kimiko (WIP) Richar10
Moved to Inactive~ :3


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
Yuri Tsukuyomi:1-2+
Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

Kimiko (WIP) Vrq35u10
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Kimiko (WIP)
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