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Name: Kishin Oodama


Age:210 appears 25

Personality:Oodama is quite the catch, while he was murdered by his loved ones he never knew to hate. He has compassion for the weak, and morns for the deceased. He Loves to play games and falls victim to pretty girls, and enjoys flirting whenever he's around one. If his friends are ever threatened he will stop being his cheerful go lucky self and become cold and heartless. When Oodama becomes heartless, he'll not hesitate to kill who he is fighting, be it soul reaper or another vizard, none would be safe from his anger.

Oodama, usually care free and sarcastic. He Will tend to become silent, and rather cold when He remembers his past. This is rare and must be triggered by someone or something making him remember. Oodama also tends to try and stay away from fights, he thinks there almost always pointless

Oodama loves pizza, he never knew why or how...but he just does. Oodama also likes to train, though fighting is one of his dislikes, he loves to train, to become stronger. To one day beat everyone in soul society that said he could never be anything. Oodama simply loves women, it's an instinct of sorts, but when he finds one that simply attracts him, he'll go into a frenzy within his mind, trying to think of what to say, usually just letting everything he thought up go and speaking normally.

He hates arrogance, although he tends to express it himself at times, that is completely unintentional. Believing one is strong and actually being strong are two different things.


Background/History: History: Age: 8:

Oodama Kishi, born on the day his eldest brother past away from a rare disease. He was hated by both his mother and his father. Though he hadn't known why, and they never took the time to tell him, weather that be for the best or not. He was assured that it was for the best.

He began his start at the academy, he did this in secret, he always told his parents he was out playing in the outskirts of their small village. They didn't bother to hear him talk. He knew this would teach him self-respect, but to know that the day he graduated he would not see his parents out in the audience, it ate away at him everyday.

Age: 9~13:

Oodama had gone to the academy for four years, He met many people their. These people being his best friend, and his crush...he talked with them at all times. He had finally made it out alive, and ready to live. He had gotten a grant for a higher education from the school board for passing at the top of the class. He ran home. So anxious he blurted out that he gotten the grant. His parents were outraged!

He escaped and went to his favorite teachers home. pleading his case, his teacher just smiled and allowed him to live his days in his home. During his stay with his teacher he learned that he had a niece, she visited every month to see him and his wife. One day, He stayed at his new home, bored with the day. His teacher had left to go out with his wife and he asked Oodama to watch for his niece, that she would be coming their soon. His niece came over, she smiled at him, he smiled at her. He talked with and she talked back, about normal things. Like life and love. Oodama may have been young but he understood what love was and what it wasn't, they had so much in common, they moved to the roof and watched the stars pass by, they watched the clouds become dark within the night sky. He looked into her eyes and she lunged over, tackling him, he was shocked and an 'Oommf' came out of his mouth, smiling at her he pecked her lips softly.

They watched the sky the rest of the night, keeping their roof top fun a secret from her uncle. While keeping this a secret, every month she came over, they got closer..deeper into a relationship, they loved each other more then a mother can love a child, which was Ironic in Oodama case because his mother hated him. He Loved this girl, but when her uncle found then kissing on the rood he was disgusted with her and him...He never allowed her to come again...Oodama's first love, now gone forever. Years passed, Oodama never loved like that again.

Age: 14~16:

The day was finally here, for Oodama to see his parents again. Oodama has just turned 14. He was ready to talk with them, to find out why they have hated him so. He arrived their, his parents still outraged, he watched them through the window, he couldn't bear to see them like that.

He ran to his teacher and in his room and thought to himself out much he needed to get to them. After two years of mental preparation he was ready. He went their and opened the door, his parents were ready as well. His teacher had plotted against him, he hated Oodama, for surpassing everyone, even his own son.

His parents made tea...poisoning Oodama's, they talked and Oodama drank the tea, he coughed heavily...he couldn't take it. He coughed up blood and his breathing stopped altogether. With his eyes soulless, his parents called the police and said that his teacher had killed him with poison. Oodama didn't regret life. Heading to the soul society he began his training and studying to be a soul reaper.

Age 18-110:

Oodama had studied for many, many years and passed at the top of his class, just like in his previous life. He loved this he found his Zanpakto, and began his life as a strong soul reaper, or at least in his eyes. Though life was short in his first life he has a life here now, Not completely sure of what he was doing at first he went through following orders. Now he has been here for about a century and has gained skills, he has yet to completely understand life here, but its not as ease as first thought.

After 50 years of training and going through missions, he has reached the 5th Squad, the 4th seat, he wanted to enter a higher rank but couldn't bear to lose his grip on his spot as of then, He followed orders, and after another 15 years he skipped one spot. He was 3rd seat in the 5th division. Climbing ranks he did double the missions and double the training, one day though...he decided to take a brake.

He went out with a friend and got something to eat, talking about their life's. Suddenly, a report of a massive amount of Hollows appeared. Oodama jumped up and ran out, gripping his Zanpakutou he called out its name and fought these massive amounts of hollows. His friend followed right behind him. They fought while waiting for the captains to come and aid them in the battle.

They had finally gotten their, but it was too late. While fighting, him and his friend were separated, and his friend was only a 6th seat in the 7th division. Too many hollows surrounded him, killing him on sight. Oodama cursed them all, his anger and hatred growing, he shifted from his kind, calm self and shifted to his heartless, angry self.

Going through, just taking out hollow by hollow, along with the captains. After a long battle, Oodama fell to his knees, over his friends body. He cringed his teeth. Standing he left that area, going to his funeral, he was glad, as they talked about his life, he was a great warrior and great friend.

Age: 111-210

After the death of his best friend, Oodama began to become less active as a shinigami, his actions became worthless. HE would complete missions of course, but at such a slow rate he was almost destroyed by the energy it took to match the other shinigami. One day, as his missions began to pick up speed again, he was attacked, by a renegade shinigami. This shinigami apparently disappeared years ago, centuries even. He had gained the ability's of captain class, and underly destroyed Oodama's being. He cut his chain of fate, laughing maniacally as he left him to die off.

Oodama, almost consumed by the hollow within him. 'Sougan' Defeated the will to become a hollow. Standing aside, his mask, looking that of a tiger's face. Ripped it off and vowed to become stronger. To get revenge on the bastard who nearly killed him. Returning to the Seireitei, he was cursed, called a monster for gaining the abilities of the hollow that destroyed soul's. He tried to tell them, but they nearly killed him their too.

'Sougan' took over, killing them all, the low officers that attempted his death. He ran, his heart torn from them all. It wasn't his fault, he told himself this, but in the end, if he wasn't so weak, he could have stopped him. Years seemingly passed, Oodama almost token over by the hollow, he defeated it, the battle, seemed to last day's within' his mind. But only moments passed in the real world. The spirit, 'Zetsumei' Assisted Oodama. In the end, Oodama defeated him, and gained complete control of the hollow within' but at what cost?

--Side history~How Oodama acheived Bankai~

~90 years ago~

The date was, in an odd sens escapes the mind of Oodama to this day. It was 90 years ago, Oodama was still very young compared to most shinigami. He was an active Vice captain, before his friends death. Though, this would end years later, when Oodama was 120, in shinigami years, He was on a mission, it was a solo act. He was being outnumbered by the foul beats called Hollows. Although he fought valiantly, His death was assured. But, Before the hollows could tear his soul to shreds, his Zanpakuto, Zetsumei, activated itself into Bankai, he couldn't understand how, but it had. Oodama was blacked out, fighting under Zetsumei's control. It completely destroyed those things, awaking to nothing but a dark room with people muttering outside the window, Oodama sat up and left.

~30 years ago~

Oodama, after discussing with Zetsumei what had happened, found that he was given the power of Bankai, but his control is insignificant at this point, and training is essential. Oodama, with a strong will and a passion to become what his friend had, or could have been decided to work on the control. and after 90 years of training, and 30 years of practicing his Bankai's abilities, he learns that he can control it with almost perfect ability.

~During training~

During the training that Oodama had undergone he had intertwined his fate with his hollow. He knew that defeating him first was essential. Oodama knew that defeating him could help when he trained with Zetsumei to gain complete control over his Bankai. So, acknowledging Zetsumei's power, began battle with Sougan, his inner hollow. Hours were spent battling this thing, but it only was in reality a few moments. Oodama, along with Zetsumei, were extremely tired. Oodama, after materializing his Zanpakuto's spirit, unleashed the deadly force of the hollow within, pulling the mask over his face. He defeated Zetsumei, making his acknowledge His power. Zetsumei had, and Oodama would begin his training on the bankai level. His first time, he though it'd be a goo idea to use his hollow mask and his bankai. He was sadly mistaken, the amount of reietsu knocked him out cold. He couldn't handle all that raw power. When He awoke, He seemed to not understand what had happened. Oodama never completely understood, but would slowly gain a perspective on how he gained these abilities. He would first practice mastering his hollow mask alone, the speed boost and the strength boost it gave to Him. HE then would practice using Bankai alone, noticing the rings and how his sword would siappear, but as time went on, and He mastered it alone, he gained his Sword again. Ring's also were adding to his fingers, and with a total of ten rings, one for each finger, Oodama granted himself acknowledgment of his accomplishments.

~First battle~

With a large gasp for breathe, it seemed Oodama had not been using any of his skills...he was fighting an adjuchas hollow...he was a very weak one, but it seemed that he had just consumed another and decided to come to earth. Oodama, still young and with memories of his Shinigami days, wanted to defeat it. Though he didn't have any type of restriction. He was going to die, and it snapped. His will to hold back had gone, this Adjuchas hollow, it was the same reietsu as the one from before....nearly 180 years ago, the one that killed his friend...Oodama clenched his blade and looked at the beast. Muttering to himself. He had no choice, he pulled down his hollow mask, the adjuchas was in shock, asking how Oodama had a mask? It was impossible, it wanted to tell itself. Then He called out. 'Bankai' and of smoke, appearing was an enormous Tiger. Nothing was going to save it. oodama looked toward the sky, muttering two words, the bankais name. 'Tora Zetsumei', He watched as a very large dragon swooped in, automatically wrapping the beast. With a swing of his sword, Oodama sent a large beam toward it, it turning into a tiger. The dragon, still wrapped flew toward the sky releasing it and disappearing. The tiger carved its way into the beast and Oodama watched it purify. A sight it had waited to see, and now with that, he would live the life as a vaizard.

Zanpakutô Spirit:

Name/appearance-Zetsumei is roughly about four foot on all fours. six foot, or about Oodama's height when on his back legs. Zetsumei has golden colored eyes, much like Oodama's when he has a mask on. As well as his eyes, Zetsumei is much different than any tiger. He has an all gray main color, along with all white stripes. This is fairly strange to Real tigers, but only because it is a spirit. On his feet, Zetsumei has white flames etching themselves over his feline claws. Zetsumei looks like he weighs about two hundred and fifty five pounds, which is exactly what he weighs. His weight is mostly contributed by the muscle build in his arms and his legs. The rest, a pound of so, is the long majestic fur that seems to flow gracefully off of his neck and body. Zetsumei's fangs protrude prom his upper and lower jaw as well. These fangs are much longer and sharper then the average tiger in the real world. During training, when Zetsumei releases any type of reietsu, his golden colored eyes become a very bright green color, which reflects and shows off the "color" of his reietsu, much like Oodama's red reietsu.

Inner World-The inner world for Oodama's Zanpakuto, Zetsumei, is fairly simple and isn't very complex at all. It is a completely dried out rain forest. The tree's lay withered in the sky, across the earth and even some still stand. Oodama made a connection to this all. It is most likely this way because Zetsumei's name means Death, this however is simply speculation. Though, that is not all to the withered home for his tiger. Along the water ways float dead fish, the rotting never stopping, yet, the finish never vanish and become bones. The water's are disgusting, and somehow, through all of this, Zetsumei survives. Oodama makes another connection, though this is just for fun, knowing full well that Zetsumei need not eat. Because he is 'death' himself, Oodama believes that he can survive around death itself. He also thinks because of all of this, it's why he has yet to die in his second life. Finally, Zetsumei sets perched atop a rather large mountain. This mountain resembles nothing in the real world, but rather, just floats there along with tree's and other large rocks. Oodama usually has to climb up to the top if he wishes to speak with Zetsumei.

Sealed Zanpakutô :Zetsumei, in it's sealed state, is a rather long blade. It reaches about five feet in length. The bottom of the hilt, along with the rest of the hilt, is coated beautifully. The tan on the outside complementing the red streak down the middle of the hilt. This is then screwed onto the base of the blade, making it very durable and not so easily broken. The blade is an all black steel, metallic almost up until the tip where it is sterling silver, fading into the metallic black. The hilt itself is roughly a foot an a half in itself, while the blade is four foot and a half. The sheath in which Zetsumei is kept matches the hilt perfectly, and when Zetsumei is sheathed, it matches perfectly, molding into one another, giving it a stick like look. Oodama places this blade when sheath in the loop of his oddly shaped belt that he sometimes wears. When not int eh loop of that belt, he will usually carries it on his right hip. This is to allow him instant access to the blade without any type of hindrance to him. By first glance, the blade would only seem to weight twenty pounds if that, but in all actuality, the lade weighs roughly 10 pounds.

Shikai Description: In it's shikai state, Zetsumei takes the form of a regular long katana. The blade is Sterling silver, with a black edge. Two Red tigers on either side of the blade. The hilt resembles two Tigers, each countering each others ends. This is securely placed over the hilt which is all red with black ribbon etching itself in swirls and designs over the hilt. This black ribbon stretches and ties itself onto Oodama's forearm, allowing him to swing it around with ease. Their is a sheath that can be used to hold the released Zanpakuto for however long Oodama wishes, the sheath is all red, dragons swirling down the casing. Along the bottom of the sheath is a metal case, that keeps the sheath held together, this metal piece also has a dragon along the outside of it, but the dragon isn't alone. This dragon seems to be wrestling, or fight with a Tiger.

Call out pharse-Angel Eye Zetsumi

Shikai Abilities: When released, due to his Hollow inside of him, his shikai just slightly increases his speed. One drawback however is he can only use each skill twice before the blade will revert itself back into it's sealed state. This is because the two attacks that come along with it, they are both fairly powerful, and complement each other. Oodama could use Getsuei Hadou Furasshu, then use Hishou Ten-Taka and dramatically increase the size and speed of the falcon like attack.

Moon Surge Flush (Getsuei Hadou Furasshu) - Oodama begins by gathering much of his soul pressure through out the body, he then is able to take the effect of floating. This skill can also be transfered to the wrist, this would cause any strike he makes to be doubled in strength.

Soaring Sky Falcon (Hishou Ten-Taka) - First Oodama begins by calling out the shikais name. Once this simple task is accomplished, Oodama stabs the ground and forces a white light to form from the rip in the ground. Once enough light escapes, it begins to take a falcon shape and will quickly launch at the enemy. This skill isn't the strongest but is almost sure to hit with it's great speed.

Release: "Demon eye Zetsumi!"

Bankai Description: Kishin Oodama (Vizard)(Finished) Vergildt

Bankai Abilities: Flying Moon Dragon (Koukuu Getsuei Doragon) - By calling the Zanpakto's name again, a dragon would come flying down from the 'moon', it lays beside Oodama awaiting its target. When signaled, the dragon will either shoot 5 blast of pure light or wrap around the enemy immobilizing them. This skill can only be used once. Doragon buredo can only be used once every few mins has dissipated, this will make an outer clear coating of reietsu taking the shape of a dragon on Oodama's right arm. It can be turned into a sword, or it can fire five beam blasts at the enemy.

Kai Tora Buredo (Reaping Tiger Blade) - At this stage of Zetsumei's skill, he has learned to control the reietsu and command it, forming it to his will. By slashing down at a certain area, using only his hand and concentrated reietsu, a large blast of white light will launch and then take a tigers shape. As he reaches the enemy it will slash multiple times. This skill can be used multiple times and Causes great damage.

Doragon buredo(Dragon Blade)
Oodama, after all of his rings have been lost, starts to chant the same wording, multiple times. These words are simple, "Death be with you". After the chant has been said 5 times. Oodama's right arm takes the form of a dragon, and sends a large wave of reietsu out of it's mouth. This skill is recommended not to be used by Oodama himself, for it causes so much pain through out his body, that he cannot move for hours. This can also be turned into a single sword which Oodama can use as a last resort of protection.

Vizard powers:

  • Cero: Vizard gain access to certain Hollow abilities, such as the Cero blast; However, only Shinji[10], Hiyori[11] and Mashiro[12] have been seen using it.

  • Power Augmentation: With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Vizard gain access to an additional and separate source of power - aside from the Shinigami powers they already possess - Hollow powers. The accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of

  • Mask Protection: Body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks, as demonstrated by Ichigo's Hollow during his unwilling transformations.

  • Reiryoku Enhancement: Vizard have dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities.

  • Telekinesis: Vizard apparently hold varying degrees of telekinesis; For example, Ichigo, in his new Hollowfied form, has employed this ability to call forth his Zanpakutō with a mere flick of the wrist.

Hollow form:

Hollow mask: The mask that Oodama has discovered and mastered, in which signifies his hollow counter part, isn't as shockingly eerie as many other vizards. His mask is rather calm look to it. Rather than the normal malicious look that mask give off. The mask is very cat like, it has to ears positioned near the top with red lines that run cleanly over the tip to the bottom of the ear. The eye holes are slanted much like a cats and they also have red lines on the outside of them. directly under the eyes are four spike like designs that are all black outlined with red paint. In the center is the nose, it is simply white and two holes which allow him to breathe. The mouth section is solid, and unable to move. Although this is the case, Oodama can speak clearly outside of the mask. This mouth is black, also outlined with red. Though the mask is mostly white. Finally on the very bottom of the of the mask is a smaller spike the same as on both sides of the mask. Some find it hard, but this mask fits perfectly onto Oodama's face. That is the mask that grants him the greatest power, that also made hima n outcast in his home.
All most as long as he wants.

Inner hollow appearance-Sougan looks exactly like Oodama, his hair is longer though, and his eyes are much darker, almost a violet red. His skin tone is a pale brown, almost as if it was not their at all, and his hair is all black, This is one of the many similarities that they share. It is also known that their build, which is very athletic, is the same. Sougan has to creases on either side of his nose and under his eyes, and he is never smiling, but somehow expresses and very crazed, personality.


[b]Roleplay Sample:
Oodama stood there in downtown Karakura town as lighting danced acroos the sky as if someone was commanding it. The rain slowly started to fall one by one as it slowly picked up making loud splashs with each drop the fell. The once dry city was no drenched as water ran from the side walk to the sewers. The light post which Oodama stood under flickered somewhat until finally it burned out.

Oodama looked up as the rain slowly hit his face bouncing off. All though he didn't want to stand out he did. Since what he wore was from the battle of Sekigahara. His long red haird which was in a pony tail. His red chest plate armor. His red pants that were torn at the ankle. His red armor wrist bands and shoulder plates. The white jacket the covered most of his body but was opened in the middle exposing his red chest armor. It then shot out at his waist as it was torn from all the battles that it had endured and last but not least his sandles which provided no protection what so ever.

He couldn't carry his zanpakuto at his waist like he wanted to since it as to long so he usually carried it on his shoulder. His left hand held his zanpakuto handle as lighting struck the ground shattering the concrete in front of Oodama. He chuckled and turned around walking east down the sidewalk as he looked back over his shoulder. His red eyes gazed up on the sky as if there was someone there who was guiding him.

"Yeah yeah Im going no need to get testy up there."

Oodama stopped as he felt the presence of something watching him. He turned around ready to attack when he stopped almost instantly. It was a little girl who wore a sailor suit and hate. Oodama had a puzzled face when the girl asked him if he could take her back to her mommy since she was lost. The storm had come fairly quickly and appearantly the mother was trying to get him in a rush and she lost her childs hand and the kid had been wondering around for a while.

"Yeah kid I can do that. Here jump on my back."

Oodama took a deep breath and let it slowly as he smiled and turned around kneeling down. He wanted to carry her on his back because he didn't want to be held up by the girls speed because most likely she wouldn't be able to keep up. The girl jumped on his back wraping her arms around his neck holding on. He stood up the rain seemed to pour harder feeling like little rocks where hitting Oodamas face. He stood straight as he began to walk the water splashing underneth each step he took. His zanpakuto rested on his left side while the girl had her head on his right side.

"So where do you live?"

The girl told him that she lived at the top of the higest buidling in Karakura. He laughed a little as he thought to him-self of course she'd live there. Oh well what could he do no he agreed to help her and he'd rather go up the large building than hear about her death on the morning news or it being printed all over the news paper. He stopped and took a right crossing the road which was slowly starting to become a river from all the pouring water.

Ooodama turned around and saw the water rising faster than usual. He thought maybe the sewers were backed up but then the water began to ripple as if something was moving in it. It slowly began to rise as little water bullets flew out of it. Oodama jumped up in the air as the watter bullets flew into the buiding behind him making a clean cut of the wall. Oodama stopped in mid air and saw that the water was now in the shape of a hollow. He had never seen a hollow that could take its shape from water and since they were surrounded by water it was clear that it had the un-fair advantage.

Oodama took his zanpakuto from his left shoudler and turned his head to the little girl telling her to burry her head in his shoulder and hold on for dear lift but most importantly not to look up no matter what. He knew that this could scar the girl for life and he would have doen more damage than help her. The girl tightened her grip as she buried her head. Oodama could sense the fear in her and knew he had to end this quickly but he couldn't use that much spiret pressure without knocking out the girl.
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