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PostSubject: Neikan Hanabusa [Vizard]   Neikan Hanabusa [Vizard] Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:18 am


Name: Neikan Hanabusa

Gender: Female

Age: Looks Like: 16 True Age: 953

Personality: Dark - There isn't anything left in this girls head accept that she both loves to deal out pain and loves to actually take pain, but she does avoid it because she fears death out of all of the things that she hates. She just doesn't want to die, when she is fighting someone. She doesn't really have much left after something like that. This is mainly when she is fighting or experimenting on something, that is when she can actually be at her best.

Intelligent - Neikan is a very almost annoyingly smart woman, the fact that she looks young isn't anything when you actually talk to her she is almost like that of a adult, which she actually is. But this girl can use logic in order to do anything, arguing with her is almost stupid. Also she has the memory of a god, she can remember times and everything just by looking at the sun, almost like she has a memory bank.

Childish - At some points in time Neikan is actually almost seen as having a childish view and as well acting like a child, but this is only whenever she is really happy and this is actually a ploy that she implores to research people a little bit more, whenever she is not in a childish persona she actually is almost like a adult with a lot of intelligence.

Neikan Hanabusa [Vizard] Tamer


Starting with the first part of her life, she was born into a okay family, her life was pretty good. She would do karate and take martial arts throughout her life. She excelled in school and everything, but there was that one thing at the back of her brain that was always somewhat off. That was her idea of good and evil, she would get mixed up with them every so often when she was around 15. Finally finding out that she basically had a multiply personality disorder, whenever she was not fighting or not working with science she would turn into this school girl type of person, a small petite girl that was always just happy. A couple of months before her 16th birthday things started to happen that were a bit weird. She was able to see these giant creatures just out of the blue for some odd reason, they would always try and come after her and she had no idea why, she would always run away and get away as far as possible. What she didn't realize was that she was already dead but in her mind she kept on thinking that she was living, blocking out the thing that happend. Her own death.

After her death she had woken up in a lab with KJ Standing over her, KJ was the scientist that had started to mess with her body, doing different things to make her become a Vizard, using stuff like a hollow's DNA and other stuff like that, after that when she finally awoke with him standing over her she slowly stood up, she didn't have any recollection of her past, nothing at all, she knew one thing though that KJ had done stuff to her and made it so that she was still alive even after death, even though she didn't mind her death at all. Even though she disliked KJ with a passion she still went around with him because of the fact he was teaching her a bunch of different stuff.

After a little while KJ had taught her how to use her Vizard Mask as well as how to use Kido in order to be able to actually blast people off the face of the earth, along with learning about her Vizard Mask as well as all of her Shinigami powers, meaning her Bankai as well as her Shikai.

After she had done everything she met a man named Kuro Mikoto, son of Kenshin and Kitty Yuudai. She realized how truly powerful this man was and became almost like his servant that he would use to his own extent.

Zanpakutô Spirit:

Yakunan - Evil, Misfortune

Neikan Hanabusa [Vizard] Normal_anime_girl_fav42reaper

Sealed Zanpakutô :

Neikan's Zanpakutou is what she has in her appearance, a sword with a chain on the end of the hilt and then a yin yang sign on the guard that helps to protect her hand, she can swing the sword around and use it as a ranged weapon on she can use the chain to do other things.

Shikai Description:
Neikan Hanabusa [Vizard] Scythe____by_REBEL808

Shikai Abilities:

Chains of Wraith - When the shikai is released there is 10 chains that start coming from the ground that are around Neikan, with a wave of her hand they can extend and fall back into the ground depending on what she tells them to do, she can control them with her mind or she can control them all with the waves of her hands, each individually being moved when she moves her hands, they also have a sharp type of curved weapon at the end of each of the chains almost like a scorpion has it's stinger.

Hidden Ace - The one thing that people hadn't noticed is she is actually adept at assassination so if she does need to, she hides two chains that are out of the 10 she can summon that are hidden inside her sleeves and whenever she needs them she simply holds her palms out toward the person that she is attacking as they come out.


"Reap Yakunan"

Bankai Description:
Nothing really changes in her bankai form except for the scythe that she holds, the tip of it starts to glow almost a blood red as blood starts dripping from the tip of the blade where she has tripped in in a toxin. Her scythe stays the same as it was in the Shikai

Bankai Abilities:

"Doku" Poison, the tip of both of the blades are dipped in a toxin that will disable the sense of reatisu of the person that she touches the tip of the blade with, this making it harder to sense where people are flash stepping, etc and makes it so Arrancar can not use Pequisa for 5 posts, the poison flows through the body for 2 posts after the initial attack that hits them, so if the tip of the scythe hits them it takes two posts for this poison to take effect and the poison lasts for 5 posts.

- Chains of Wraith Doku, just as stated above the tips of the chains that have the weapons on them now have the same poison that is on the tip of the scythe whenever she calls them out.

"Cull" Swinging her blade around her very quickly it makes a pocket of almost "Null Wind" No wind in that immediate area meaning that this can cancel out a wind attack if used at the correct time, timing is of the utmost importance at that moment, as well with using this it has a cool down of 2 posts from the time it is used, it only lasts one post.

Other Abilites:

Master Strategist: Neikan has a talent for being well prepared. She takes various precautions before engaging in personal combat with an adversary, usually studying them through her various methods in order to gain a clear advantage. She seems to always have a contingency plan if something doesn't work out the way she expects.

Master Scientist/Inventor: As one of KJ's experiments and apprentices, Neikan is a talented inventor and scientist, having created a number of devices or techniques to aid her in battle or otherwise. AsNeikan is the mad scientist archetype embodied, she has no morals or empathy in everyday life and apparently her work is devoid of it as well. She is willing to go to any lengths she feels are necessary to achieve her goals, and apparently cares very little for morals or the value of human life. She often takes no interest in the issues of Soul Society and prefers to engage in his research when such issues arise, unless personally ordered to do otherwise by KJ or a superior.

Kidō Master: Studying the Kidou arts through many of years, Neikan is known for his mastery of Kidō. She is capable of releasing a destructive form of Kidō silently from the palm of her hands, blasting holes through walls.

Vizard powers:

Hollow Mask: The Vizard remain in complete control while wearing their masks (unlike Ichigo's early unstable transformations). According to Aizen, the fusion of the two spiritual entities allows these Shinigami to reach power levels far surpassing that of either a Hollow or a Shinigami.

The Vizard use their Hollow powers to augment their existing Shinigami abilities, granting them massive increases in speed, stamina, and strength.

* Enhanced Speed

* Enhanced Spiritual Power

* Enhanced Stamina

* Enhanced Strength

* Cero: Vizard gain access to certain Hollow abilities, such as the Cero blast; However, only Shinji[10], Hiyori[11] and Mashiro[12] have been seen using it.

* Power Augmentation: With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Vizard gain access to an additional and separate source of power - aside from the Shinigami powers they already possess - Hollow powers. The accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of.

* Mask Protection: Body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks, as demonstrated by Ichigo's Hollow during his unwilling transformations.

* Reiryoku Enhancement: Vizard have dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities.

* Telekinesis: Vizard apparently hold varying degrees of telekinesis; For example, Ichigo, in his new Hollowfied form, has employed this ability to call forth his Zanpakutō with a mere flick of the wrist.

The Vizard's Zanpakutō function in the same manner as those of standard Shinigami. So far, only Mashiro and Hachigen have yet to release their Zanpakutō.

Hollow form:
Neikan Hanabusa [Vizard] DarkKiara

Hollow mask:
When Neikan brings down her hollow mask it takes the form of a normal white mask except for the fact that it almost looks like there are chains that are wrapped around her entire skull as well as marks on the mask that are black, the marks are almost like the chains themselves as they go all around her own face going every which way.

Resurrección: N/A

Roleplay Sample: YOU KNOW ME!!
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