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PostSubject: Sho Sora [Vizard]   Sho Sora [Vizard] Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:19 am

Name: Sho Sora
Age: 235
Gender: Male

Open – Sho is one of the most open people that you will find in any world, if he has something to say or anything of the sort he will straight out say it, even though some might think this to be blunt, it would be a misinterpretation because he actually is not blunt, but the opposite.

Sho appreciates art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity, and variety of experience. He is open to experience, intellectually curious, appreciative of art, and sensitive to beauty. More creative and more aware of his feelings, He’s more likely to hold unconventional beliefs.

Conscientiousness – He has the tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement. Showing a preference for planned rather than spontaneous behavior, he is able to achieve high levels of success because of this fact and also able to avoid trouble.

One thing about him is that he isn’t one of those people that are so conscientious that he is a workaholic or anything like that. He is one of those people that basically when needed he is more conscientious, when he is in a more relaxed environment he is someone who will just, relax.

Intelligent - Sho is one of the people that are very highly intelligent, he can be very quick and very witty. He normally stands back in the back and orders people around only coming out when he needs to. He also loves to create and build things that take much concentration.

Extraverse – Sho is characterized by positive emotions, surgency, and the tendency to seek out stimulation and the company of others. Marked by pronounced engagement with the external world. He enjoys being with people, and is often perceived as full of energy. Tending to be enthusiastic, action-oriented, likely to say "Yes!" or "Let's go!" to opportunities for excitement. In groups he like to talk, assert himself, and draw attention to themselves.

Passificist - Sho basically hates to fight, mainly cause one, he is too nice to fight and doesn't like getting his hands dirty and two because he hates to cause blood shed. This is the main reason why he decided to put his hollow down into the depths of his conciousness.


Sho Sora [Vizard] Brother_boyfriend

Black straight hair that reaches right at his neck collar. His brown eyes seem to be content and his skin as white as snow in December. He wears a school uniform that is black and has its collar popped up slightly. He doesn't wear a shirt under it and most of the time can be seen without a shirt and his jacket is usually opened. Showing off his chiseled chest with his 6 pack. He doesn't look extremely buff if your looking at him, he's about average.

Standing at 6'2 feet tall he wears black jeans most of the time with a belt that had black and white studs around it in the back except in the front.

Hollow Mask:

Sho Sora [Vizard] Vizard_Mask_II_by_dazedgumball

When Sho dawns his hollow mask there is a red aura around his face as he pulls his hollow mask down and it is a skinny hollow mask that covers up his entire face. 4 white horns are on the tip of his forehead with black streaks slightly coming down from those horns.

Red spikes are coming out from his cheeks, only a few of them. Teeth coming from the mouth and also having red markings around the eyes and on the forehead.

Hollow Powers:

Complete Control of his Hollow

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Spiritual Power

Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced Strength

Cero: a powerful and swift spirit energy-based attack used by upper-level Hollows, Arrancar, and Vizard.

Power Augmentation: With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Vizard gain access to an additional and separate source of power. The accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of.

Mask Protection: Body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks, as demonstrated by Ichigo's Hollow during his unwilling transformations.

Reiryoku Absorption: Hollow either absorb spiritual power (Reiryoku) from their surroundings or ingest it from spiritual beings, while Shinigami produce their own natural spiritual power, where some are wasted or leaked out. By combining these two properties, Vizard can reabsorb the spiritual power that they themselves give off, making their techniques much more efficiently. They can also take it in from other sources, further boosting their power.

Telekinesis: Vizard apparently hold varying degrees of telekinesis; For example, Ichigo, in his new Hollowfied form, has employed this ability to call forth his Zanpakutô with a mere flick of the wrist.

Inner Hollow:

Ken Sora: That is what the hollow inside Sho calls himself, it is his real father, his face and everything resembles Ken, even his tone of voice. The one person that he hated for leaving his entire family behind and letting his sisters do anything that they wanted to him.

Zampakuto's name:

Aika “Love Song”

Zampakuto Spirit:

Sho Sora [Vizard] Animedemon
Aika (愛佳): Japanese name meaning "love song."
Aika is a very loving spirit and her attitude toward Sho can be a little harsh at times. She loves singing and she is basically a perfect reflection of his sister that he used to have until she died.

The realm that his spirit lives in is a stage with a piano on it that Mika is usually at playing her music. The seats at the stage aren't there, it's almost a empty opera room.

Un-released Zampakuto's Appearance:

Sho Sora [Vizard] DemonSlayerFantasyKatana_540

Shikai Release phrase::

"Nake” (Sing)

Shikai Appearance::

Sho Sora [Vizard] Demonicsword

Shikai Abilities::

When Sho mentions the word “Nake” Or sing, his blade becomes a violent red as it starts to glow and starts to emit a cool nice relaxing sound. In which he can control to make it different he relies in his music in which he has a great passion for he then holds it horizontal which then it starts to change and becomes in the shikai appearance.

“Bellow Loudly, Aika.”
Type: Solo
Description: With the words he says his sword vibrates violently as it begins to get chakra into the blade of the sword, then after a couple of seconds he then swings his sword as a circle of sound comes from his sword that goes directly at the person, this sound is so loud that it can make your hearing go fuzzy, disorient you. Also it is “sharp” in some places meaning that in some of these places it can cut you.

“Death Incarnate”
Type: Dissonance
Description: This will make a violent tune that comes from the owners sword making it so that the violent noise is heard around the area in maybe a 25 foot radius, this “sound” that is emitted is the shear screams of people dying. It can make a person go mad if they are not careful enough, meaning if someone less powerful then him hears this, it is almost like the reaitsu thing in a way, the less they are powerful then he is, the more they feel/hear of the sound.

“Healing Cry”
Type: Resonate
Description: Healing Cry is a technique he developed to help heal the people around him, it isn’t as effective as some of the healing that the 4th Squad uses or anything like that, but it is a passive thing that helps people recover more quicker then the normal.

Type: Solo
Description: When Aria is said a shield comes around Sho, it vibrates at such a speed that it either dampens, deflects, or blocks anything that comes at him, it all depending on the power of the other person, the shield is almost invisible to sight and comes all around his body making it like a bubble, you can tell when he uses it only because particles in the air, or the air itself seems to vibrate around him.

Bankai Description:

"Crescendo" (Getting Louder)
The sound that is being emitted from Sho's sword becomes much louder as it begins to grow a lot stronger, his eyes turned into a dark yellow. His sword begins to glow with a dark yellow. The sword doesn't change but the color yellow.

The power of the stuff doesn't really change, his music just gets stronger as the abilities of his shikai get stronger as well.

Bankai Abilities:

Type: Resonate
Description: The speed of his music and other things quickens as if it takes time to have the music sink into the people, now it takes less time. Healing becomes quicker in most cases when he uses this.

Bellow Loudly has now slightly changed, instead of it being only in some places when he swings his sword, it is now almost like a scar that goes at someone. After the scar hits something though, a sound is sent out from the impact that is almost like a banshee's wail.

Skill Level: Kidou: Intermediate
Skill Level: Swordsmanship: Intermediate
Skill Level: Shunpou: Advanced
Skill Level: Hand-to-hand: Advanced

Belonging to a poor family Sho was a human, and he remembers this well, when he looks back on his life he remembers many things. Sho was once a little baby belonging to a family of five people, three sisters, one mother, and one father. Him and his siblings never had really gotten along all to much, mainly because of the fact that they are his sisters and he his a male. They would always tease him while he was growing up and they always had put something on him when they felt like it, makeup or anything like that. He didn't really struggle with them when they did it, because hell who was going to see what they were doing besides himself and his siblings. Of course once he reached the age of around 8, he got fed up with what they were doing and soon enough tossed them to the side, telling his mother whenever they would tease him or anything of that sort. After awhile they kept doing it over and over again, and soon enough he began thinking up elaborate pranks that he could pull on them.

Some pranks went horribly wrong as he had actually burnt down there house on accident, right then and there is when he was then thrown away, on the street with his one sister that really did care about him. She was the one that had never really done anything to him, she was 5 years older then him, her name, Kasumi Sora. They had begun bad off and had stayed together for about 2 years, he was then the age of 10 and she was 15. She had started becoming someone that she had never seen herself, he could tell that she wasn't who she used to be, he begged her and pleaded her to stop doing what she was doing, she had been selling herself on the street for money to try and help them get through life. She heard his wishes and soon enough she walked up to a orphanage with her brother and they had both been taken in as they needed care.

He and his sister lived another year as they lived happily in the orphanage, niether of them were taken away from each other, they were both getting through school and Sho was accelerating through his, he was a freshman in highschool at the age of 12, which he was actually able to be with his sister for a little bit as she was 17 and in her junior year. At first him and his sister didn't talk to each other during this whole entire school until they started to become really close friends as Sho became more and more mature for his age. He also practiced martial arts and took down one of her boyfriends that was trying to rape her. They had arrested that man.

They then were adopted by two people, one was a drunk of a step father that would always abuse them when he saw them because he didn't know what he was doing, the mother really couldn't do much to help them out except call the police, but she never did, cause she loved them very much even though she had met them only years before when they were dealing with there marraige and trying to apply for kids because she couldn't have any. But she made Sho's and Kasumi's lives really well off for themselves. After awhile Kasumi had to move away to a different place so that she could get through college.

While she was gone, Sho took all of his efforts into graduating early to be with his sister at the college, they were great friends and great siblings. His real mother then came to town and found him with the family, his real dad had left his mother and everything, meaning that his real father no longer was with them and that his real mother wanted him back, and all of his sisters were there too except for Kasumi who had just heard they were in town and was driving from her college back to the house where they lived to try and make sure Sho was okay.

On the way back, Kasumi had suffered a collision with another car that cost her life. She hadn't come back or called for days since she had been in the car accident that noone knew about until a lonely hiker found her car in a ditch off the side of a cliff. He called 911 and then a couple days later the people found out who she was, they called Sho's real mother and foster mother telling them what had happend. Sho hated his real mother from then on, if it wasn't for her, this might not have happend.

A couple years later he got his drivers lisence and decided to go visit where his sister had died. He got there and there was still a couple scrapes of her car that they didnt' find and clean up. He picked them up and moved them around in his hand as he then sat down as he started to cry.

Opening his eyes a little bit he saw something fly past him, a giant white thing that looked almost not of this world. It was chasing something and something else was chasing it as he saw a person in a black cloak fly past him looking at him and then went to attack the hollow.

He followed quickly, he then saw what the thing was trying to get to, it was his sister's spirit. He looked at her as the guy killed the white animal. She waved to him, her mouth said sorry but he couldn't hear it.

Then the guy in the black cloak hit her with the butt of his sword making her disappear.

Many years had passed after that as Sho started again being the best person he could be and when he was 25. Something came back to haunt him. His dad had become someone that he never suspected, a murderer. His father killed his sisters and many other people and then he took a knife, killing Sho in the middle of the night.

Sho then found himself in the Rukongai. He didn't really know much about anything, he only remembered his name but he knew one thing. He knew that something wasn't right. Spending time around the towns on the outskirts of the serietei he had found someone that looked familar, but didn't say anything. She had a black cloak on and she looked a little depressed.

Something drew him to her as he started to ask around to who she was and what she was. Everyone he talked to talked about Shinigami and right then he knew what he was going to do. He wanted to become one of them.

He met up with some people that were trying to get into the shinigami academy and asked them about how to get into the academy. They told him and he started to practice what they had told him.

Soon enough he got into the academy, he practiced everyday with a sword but he didn't really get a hold of that all to much. Sho was able to grasp the art of using Shunpo and also using hand to hand combat. He trained with some of the best people.

Soon enough he graduated from the academy and then went right into the gotei 13 in the 2nd division. In second division he found the same girl who he had saw before, he knew exactly who she was once they started talking. Kasumi Sora, his sister. They had the same last name and everything.

He was one of the people that were with Shinji and all of the other people, like love and rose. He was turned into a Vaizard right then and there.

RP Sample:

.:Sho Sora:.

Wind blowing the heart of a man beating softly against his chest, his feet firm on the ground and his left hand against the hilt of his sword on his left side. Smiling as he looked up into the sky the birds flying around, the soft crisp air against his skin. The sand beneath his feet as he sat up against a tree. He looked out into the open sea and his grin slightly faded, his memory went right back to when he was born and his sister that he loved so much. He pushed his sword down into the sand as he began to stand up.

Blinking a few times as his hand then relaxed and went for his sword, there was something abnormal something lurking behind him, he could feel it. He turned quickly and then saw red eyes flashed among the trees behind him. He didn't even draw his sword as the hollow started to rush at him. It lunged at him claw reaching for his body.

Ducking down as he escaped the clutches of the hollow he then smirked a little bit stepping forward as his fist went toward its stomach, colliding with its stomach as it flew backward a few feet, this wasn't even something that needed much to kill it. It was a weakling hollow and he didn't even wanna use his sword, of course using his fists he had much pleasure in doing.

The hollow skidded to a stop about 10 feet away from this man as it then snarled at him.

"Think you can kill me, especially on a day this nice?"

"Sho Sora, Correct?" Its fangs protruded from its mouth.

"This is correct, what do you want from me?"

"Your death."

In two seconds it rushed at him again, not stopping as it jumped forward its hands trying to slash a x right into Sho's chest. In a split second there was a crack, a sound and then there was nothing in front of the hollow. Sand spiraled around in the spot that Sho once was and then he was behind the hollow.

"You can't even keep up" He teased it.

The hollow spun around in rapid succession with its claws out toward him, grabbing the hollows wrist and spinning it quickly, he ripped the hand off and then tossed it to the ground. Screaming in pain the hollow glared down at him and then with bloodlust in its eyes its mouth went right for Sho's Shoulder to try and bite him.


A resonating sound came out, a burst of energy that made the sand blow away from them in many directions as the sound of a sword being drawn and then cutting through flesh. Sho was now on the other side of the hollow, black blood was on Sho's sword as he then swung his sword down quickly as the blood came off the sword and right onto the ground. The hollow then was gone.
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