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PostSubject: Kitty Yuudai   Kitty Yuudai Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:45 am

Kittys Theme Song:

Name: Kitty Yuudai
Age: Looks about 20-22, real age 1305


Kitty is very outgoing. She’s not shy or hesitant to show her true feelings, nor to voice them. She loves to fool around and have fun, but knows when to get down to busyness. She is very hot headed and gets irritated too quickly. If she’s doing something and someone tries to tell her what she should be doing, she’d most likely lash out at them or gives them a low growl mixed in with a killer glare. She is over all nice, when not irritated. Kitty can get a bit too hyper at times though, and can be that ‘happy-go-lucky’ girl that you’ll find really hard to get mad or annoyed at.

She can be serious when she wants to, but prefers to keep things light; she hates to be in a ‘heavy’ atmosphere. She doesn’t like to drink, if anyone does try and offer her a drink and insists that she drinks, she pretty much shows them why she’s a ‘death god’. Kitty is passionate about protecting the ones she loves and will go to whatever extent she can to protect them, or avenge them. Kitty would often prefer not to talk, because she dose not talk very loud, people often ask her to repeat herself many times and she does get irritated with all the repetition.


Kitty Yuudai Kitty-1


Kitty maiden name was Kitty Hideyoshi. The Hideyoshi lived in the rurel part of ancient Japan and made their living as farmers and seamstress. Kitty wasnt always apart of the Hideyoshi family, when she was born her parents didnt want her because she was a girl, she was seen as a burden to her family and so they left her in the woods to die. Luckily Tira Hideyoshi (her step mother), found her and took her in. Tira and her husband, Al had been trying for a few years to have kids and were unable to so they desided to adopt and take in children that were lost, abandoned or ran away. Though they were a poor family, Kitty was more than happy, she had many brothers and sisters to play with and grow up with. She learned what it was like to do work, love and appreciate the smaller things in life.
Kitty had three other sisters and two other brothers. There were more sisters but they were all older and passing men took them away to become their birides. Kitty grew close to one sister in particular, Meku. The two of them were inceperable and became not only sisters but best friends. They had a lot in common and loved to go exploring together, they also had qualities that the other lacked. In time however, they were able to gain a bit of those qualities from one another.
The sibblings were all close, they looked out for each other and they did as much as they could to help their family. Tira and Al told the kids that they werent their real parents at an early age but explained to them that even though they werent their biological parents, they would love them and care for them better than their real parents would ever do. This was hard for them to understand at their age yes, but as they grew up they understood this more and grew to accept that their real parents didnt want them.

When Kitty turned 17 a young man around the age of 21 named Ray, came through their little village and fell in love with her at first sight. He went to her family and asked for her hand in marriage, of course her parents told told him the same as they did with all the other men that came and took their daughters: You have to ask her, she's the one you want to marry, if she wants to then yes, if she dosent then please leave.
It was almost unheard of at that time for the parents not handing their daughter off to a man that wanted them. Ray was suprised at this, but he found Kitty laying near a river.
He asked her but being the typ of girl she was, she said no, she knew nothing about this man, she didnt want to get married to someone she didnt know and possibly had nothing in common with...she didnt want to be a wife that only cooked, clean and had kids. Kitty really wanted to find her real family and confront them before she got married, plus it would break her heart if she had to leave Meku, her parents and her other sibblings to be a wife to a man she didnt know... Again, this was unheard of at this time, the girl had no say in who she married. Ray was outraged that she said no, but didnt act on it, he simply said "Ok", gave her a kiss on her cheek and left.

Three years later, Ray (Ray was pretty wealthy) came back. This time he didnt ask her to marry right off the bat, he asked her to have dinner with him (he asked her out on dates in a way). Dinner went by smoothly and Ray set up that they would spend time together a week later, Kitty agreed. Little did she know Ray set up a meeting with her real family. Ray took her to a beautiful look out point with food set up, she noticed that there was enough plates for three more people. Ray explained to her and as he finished explaining, her real family came. Her real father turned out to be a high general to the Emporors army so they were pretty wealthy too. Her mother ran and hugged her tightly as tears steamed down her cheeks. Kitty didnt hug her back, she was too much in shock that a) her real family was standing before her and b) Her mother was hugging her...and crying....

Her mother quickly exlained to her that she never wanted to get rid of her and that it was her fathers idea. After everyone setteled down, they sat down for lunch. Kitty's real father said nothing and barely even looked up at her once. She had a brother, a year older, it turned out that her father wanted two boys but only got one (After Kitty was born her father determained that he was doomed to never having a son, he didnt think that he was able to have a son after a daughter was born). Her older brother seemed to be happy to see her, he even engaged in conversation with her.

At the end of their meeting, Ray asked her real father for her hand in marriage, Kitty was shocked and then understood Rays reasoning to bring her and her parents together was so he could get her real parents approval in their marriage. Her father gladely said yes, Kitty protested of course but her father quickly put her in her place and shut her up. Her mother seemed to give her an appoligetic look when her father was scolding her. Her family left and Ray returned her to her other family. Tira and Al were outraged by this, but they couldnt do anything about it for one they went her real parents and they were lower class so they had no say in anything basically.

Word travelled that the General had a daughter living in the country side, many army men went to her house to check her out and every single one of them put a bid on her. Her real father was very pleased by this and looked though all the men that wanted his daughter, looking at who offered the most money and lone be hold it was Ray. Many of the men were jelous about this and challanged Ray to many dules.
One of the men wanting her hand in marriage took the whole situation a step further, in the dead of night he snuck into her house and murnered her. He said that if he couldnt have her then no one could.

Kitty's soul wondered a great deal before landing in Soul Society. She was enrolled in the accadamy and was now training to be a shinigami. Her death played over and over in her head, it wasnt an easy kill for that man, she stuggeled a great deal. She didnt want to be that helpless girl that she was when she was alive, she wanted to be able to hold her own and take down even the strongest of men. Kichirou came to her not too long after and offerend her that ability to destroy.
She was differnt from other shinigami's though, she was a vizard, she couldnt control her hollow side and for that she was bannished. Abandoned twice, once when she was born and again when she died.
She didnt let this stop her though, Kitty trained and perfected her abilitied. Though her bannishment she met and fell in love with another Vizard, Kenshin Yuudai. He stole her heart and soon married her, making her Kitty Yuudai. Now she has three kids with him, Kuro, Tai and Sapphire.

Zanpakutô Spirit:

Kitty Yuudai Anime-girl_0092

Kichirou's Human Form:
Kitty Yuudai Evil__by_heise

Kichirou's Relm:
Kitty Yuudai MistyMoutain

Kichirou is a nine tailed lightning fox. He is a very temperamental kitsune and hates men especially that try and hit on/ flirt with Kitty, his reason being that he hates human men because they are filthy beasts, but really he’s just like an over protective brother. Kichirou prefers to fight 2 on one. He likes using both the opponents to his advantage; moving in a certain motion to make them take each other out, then finish them off himself. His fangs are poiosonus; he likes takeing a bite out of his opponents neck, as the poison sinks in, making them weaker, easier to kill off. Kichirou takes pride in his speed and his home element, Lightning. He prefers to stay out in thunder storms; to feel the pulses of the storm through him; mainly the lightning. He fights with much grace; Kitty has developed his style as well. He doesn’t take failure as an option; he takes fighting very seriously. Kichirou is a bit arrogent and gets annoyed by things easily too, much like Kitty. He prefurs to be in dark areas, high up in mountains, forsests ect..

Sealed Zanpakutô :
Kitty Yuudai LaliqueSword

Shikai Description:

Kichirou’s shikai grows twice its size. Electric currents run through it, making it easier for Kitty to shock her opponents. Once she strikes her opponent with her sword, it sends electrical currents through them, the amount sent through depends on how mad or blood thirsty Kitty is. Kichirou’s shikai allows Kitty to control lightning. If Kitty ejects lightning into certain points on her opponent (pressure points) she could rened them useless, she could make them unable to move.

Shikai Abilities:

White Lightning: Weakest of the set. Can just sent electricul pulsed through her opponent to slightly shock them; as if an unusual sensation ~1 Post~

Green Lightning: Stronger than the white lightning, causing her opponent to 'freeze' for a longer period of time.~1-2 posts~

Pink Lightning: Can temporarily paralyze her opponent for about 2 min. ~1 Post~

Red Lightning: It destroys the surrounding area's landscape, leaving no where fro opponents nor her to hide, pretty much clear cutting what’s there; whether it be trees, rocks ect.

Black Lightning:Can damage opponents nerve system dramatically. Last to 2 posts @_@

Blue Lightning: The poisonous one, if it hits her opponent, a lightning bolt 'scar' is formed onto the area that’s been hit; her opponent becomes weaker est...But does not kill them ~
4 posts~

Barrior: This ability allows Kitty to create a lightning barrior (usually up to 35km by 35km) as a way of making sure her oppenent dosent run away. In a sence it's like a lightning box. Or she sometimes uses this to catch her breath, by trapping her oppenent in the 'box'. When she's using it so her oppenent wont flee, it lasts up to 4 posts. When she's using it to catch her breath, 1 post.

Lightning creation: Besides her above 'coloured lighning abilities', Kitty is able to create lightning at will either through her sword or her hands and legs. The lightning she creates is just a bit 'weaker' than natural lightning, just a bit.

Ground up: Instead of lightning comming from the sky or from her hands/legs and sword, lighting stikes up from the ground about three lightning bolts at a time. These bolts are the same strength as if she were to create lighting form her hands. After this ability is used, she cant use it again for another two posts. Of corse the damage that her opponent will take is going to be pretty significant. This ability is good because it brings the element of suprise as her oppoinent probably wouldnt be expecting lighting to strike up from the ground.

When she happens to be in a location where there is a lightning storm, Kitty is able to control where the bolts land.

Release: Raikou!

Bankai Description:
Kitty Yuudai AC2_CA_008_Swords

Bankai Abilities:

Kitty is able to manipulate lighting to a high degree, not only is the lightning she creats is strengthen a few times stronger than natural lightning but she also gains the ability to create weapons at her will, no matter the size out of lightning. Her banki also increses her her other lightning abilited, her speed, and strength by 2X.

Vizard powers:

Abilities gained from Mask:

Cero: A high blast of concentrated spirit energy that is fired from Kittys palms; crimson in color and can do quite a bit of damage.

-Increase in strength by about 4X her regular strength
-Increase in Speed; makes her go faster than she already does by 2X.

-Enables her to utilize lighting through her palm (hands) {Uses mainly in hand to hand combat}
-She can form the lightning into smaller weapons like: daggers, needles, Shurikens, whip est.

- Poison: The tip of her shikai becomes intoxicated with poison, strong enough to send her opponent into a seizure like state. When her opponent is in this state, she can no longer attack them until they come out of it, when they do they are weakened and more vulnerable ~last up to one post~

Mask Control: 1; being the strongest.

Her other skills: Kitty is a master at hand to hand combat.

Hollow form:

Kitty Yuudai Kittyshollow

Hollow mask:

Kitty Yuudai NameVizardMask-1

Resurrección: N/A

Roleplay Sample:

"My daughter!" This woman...she was her mother...her real mother and she was happy to see her? The woman ran into her arms and hugged her tightly. Kitty blined a few times, stunned and confused. She thought her parents didnt want her...or was this all an act? As she raised her arms slowly to hug her mothr back, the woman pulled away and took hold of her shoulders a bit tightly, looking directly into her daughteres eyes.
"Sweetheart...I'm so happy your really alive...I want you to know....I never wanted to abandon you, I begged and pleaded with your father to keep you...but he wanted another boy." She whispered to her, her father was still making his way up the hill.
The woman's eyes were like waterfalls now, tears falling down as if they had no end. Kitty didnt know how to take this all in, she found herslef holding her breath.
"Darling, I always knew that you were alive somewere, I knew it. I'm so sorry that I had to give you up, I always watned a daughter, I never knew your father didnt want a girl."
With that she hugged Kitty tightly again, at that time her father and brother made their way closer to them.

Her mother took a few steps back and her brother, her real brother came over and hugged her just as tight. "I never got to know you, but I'll make that up, I promis you my sister."
He said softly to her. "I always wanted a little sister that I could protect and scare off anyone that came to ask for you hand in marriage." he smiled and stroked her hair lightly and leaned down and kissed her forehead softly.

What was she suppose to make of this? she really didnt know, the only one that didnt seem to be happy to see her was her father. She looked over at him, she had his eyes and his hair. The wind blew a bit, making her hair dance wildly and her kimono follow sute. Silance fell on them as she waited for her father to say something, or move. But he didnt, he stood there, glaring at her with his arms folded across his chest.
"You should have died."

Lightning flashed and Kitty shot up from her bed, sitting there in shock, her blood red eyes starting at the sheets. She took a few deep breaths and slowly lowered her head back on the pillow, she turned her head and saw her husband, Kenshin sleeping soundly next to her. It was a dream...a dream of what happened so many years ago...A few tears rolled down her cheek as she remembered her father saying with acid in his voice: "You should have died."



Kitty's Characters
Yoruichi Shihouin: 0-3
Kitty Yuudai: 0-5
Sapphire Yuudai: 1-1
Aries Senka: 1-2+
Yang Korekuta: 1-3+
Gryphon Daich: 1-3-
Kesha Sugiura: 2-1+
Kahime Bakudan: 2-1+
Rin Akira: 2-1+
Sakura Emiko Shihouin: 2-1+
Kamira Hinote: 2-1
Orihime Inoue: 2-1+
Tsukiyome Akio: 2-3
Andromeda: 2-3-
Hikari Hiraku: 3-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Kitty Yuudai   Kitty Yuudai Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:52 am

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Kitty Yuudai
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