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Name: Chisei (Intelligent) Koukateki (Effective)

Gender: Male

Age: One Thousand, One Hundred, and Twenty, appears to be in his twenties.


Chisei is, as anyone who looked at his sharp features would expect, highly intelligent and analytical. He is generally quiet and solitary but tries harder to act cool when other people are around. Chisei has a strong sense of justice. He has also shown to be very chivalrous, stating that he enacts justice on men who abuse or treat women badly. He has a tendency to not use lethal force in battle, especially if he can win without doing so. Instead, he will simply incapacitate his opponent.

Chisei has a very strong work ethic, he gets extremely irritated whenever he stumbles upon someone who's being lazy, and his biggest pet peeve is procrastination. He is possibly one of the most loyal people one could possibly meet. He firmly believes that breaking promises and changing sides is the worst crime you could possibly commit. Deep down, he is always looking out for his friends, and is even willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect them. 

Despite his usual unenthusiastic appearance, he proves to be actually quite determined, and he also helps people get back on their feet when they are at a loss. He does not waste his words and is often blunt and sometimes short with people, but what he says is mostly to the point. He also shows immediate hostility to anyone who he considers as suspicious, and his deductions are mostly correct. Once he considers someone as an enemy, he sticks to this opinion, no matter what. He is mostly seen frowning or scowling, and most of his smiles are somewhat sarcastic. He is rather pessimistic, and is slightly aloof and detached from others.



(Minus the scythe)

Height: 7'0"
Weight: 158 lbs

He always keeps his eyes covered, no matter what. Showing his eyes to someone is his ultimate sign of trusting them. The reasoning for this is because of how self-conscious he is about his eyes. They're blue, but different shades throughout, and they seem to flow around his pupil, as in the colors actually move.


Chisei was born in Venice during the late 800's, as a street rat. He never knew or met his parents, and was left out on the sidewalks in the winter of 898. He would have died as a baby, were it not for the kindness of two other street dwellers, brother and sister teenagers Giovanni, and Amelia. He had no name, so they gave him one, based on something they had heard about a recent Italian expedition to Japan and named him after a warlord from there: 'Chisei Koukateki' which they had heard meant 'Intelligent and Effective' or something like that. Life was incredibly hard as a street rat. Indeed, Chisei would have not lived to see his first spring were it not for the benevolence of his two guardians. They were poor, and toughened from the streets, but still kind-hearted. They begged, they stole, they did what they could to get buy as Chisei began to grow up. He learned the tricks of the trade early. At the age of four, he had already been exposed to enormous amounts of hardship, and was toughened to the degree that most adults can scarcely imagine. He had become an exceptionally talented pickpocket, bringing home more money than his two guardians on a daily basis despite his small size. However, despite the modest upbringing in which he grew up in, he desired to achieve something greater... He had seen the mansions in which the rich of Venice lived, and he realized that he had a deep hunger within himself to strive for more wealth, and power, so he could look the noble-born dead in the eye and show them how even a born street-rat could live at their level. And so, at the age of 12, the unnaturally cunning Chisei began the thief's guild, its first two members his older adoptive brother and sister. Chisei was in his own right a genius, in not only intellect but in street smarts. His underground guild grew rapidly, bringing in dozens of young outcasts who had been left by the wayside of Venice society. All youth, some older than himself, and some younger, who looked up to him like a father. The question of his authority arose only once-- a little over a year after the guild had formed. A 16 year old named Otto Braun, one night declared that he was more suitable to lead the thief's guild than was Chisei, a challenge which Chisei readily accepted. 

The two were given sabres that the guild had procured, and told to fence to the death. The fight lasted not five seconds. No sooner had Otto begun charging, and they had been told to fight, Chisei dropped his sword, and flicked his wrist. A dagger was stuck straight through the middle of Otto's neck. Chisei removed his weapon, wiped it off with a cloth, and had two other members of the guild which now contained dozens remove the body. His authority was never questioned again. Life was good in the Thieves guild. As they grew in size, skill, and resources, Chisei became more and more daring. 4 years after the birth of guild, They attempted a stunt that bordered in many's mind on insanity. The plan was to overthrow the small noble house of Montolio, and turn their mansion into a base of operations for the now prominent guild. They were armed, prepared, and they struck in the dead of night, armed with crossbows, poison daggers, and more. Teenagers overthrew guards. In a single night, the head of Montolio de Brauchee, head of the household, hung on a pike. Poor civilians across Venice, who had secretly been supporting the uprising against the nobility, rejoiced. The nobles, who had previously viewed the guild as a petty rabble of no more than a hundred, realized the true strength of it, and the dastardly cunning that its leader possessed. 

However, as the prominence and power of the thief's guild grew, so did the arrogance of its leader. He raided trade caravans, and began to take true control over the streets of Venice. He had his own private army, numbering in over a hundred of top-notch assassins and thieves. The noble houses were in chaos, their trade with other noble houses was falling apart, and their functionality had been almost completely halted by the Thieves guild. Finally, when they could tolerate it no longer, the Nobles of Venice united against the Thieves Guild. Up to this point, Giovanni and Amelia had been warning him to proceed cautiously, and not incur the nobles wrath, but he took no heed of their advice. He believed himself mightier and more cunning than any mere noble household. And so, it was on the night of his 19th birthday, that the Nobles struck back. A united army of over 2000 stormed the Thieves Guild stronghold. Chisei's soldiers did the best they could to hold them off, killing hundreds with careful traps and skill, but in the end sheer numbers won out. Catapults, and archers assaulted the walls. Dozens died. Dozens more, who held their own self-preservation above all, fled. Chisei stayed. He had accomplished his dream, he believed, and though he would die young, he would die with his ambition realized. He fought vigorously, like a madman, cutting down dozens. finally, after receiving many wounds from many soldiers, he fell between the over-whelming number, but not before seeing Giovanni and Amelia die, and a twinge of great regret aching through his heart.

After he arrived in the soul society, Chisei was sorted into district 71. With real memory of his former life, all he could remember were the faces of Giovanni, and Amelia, and all he could feel was regret, and anger. Anger towards himself, towards the world, towards everything. He couldn't remember the names of these two faces, all he knew that they had been his friends, and that he had failed them. He nearly starved several times, once having to beat a street vendor half to death merely to get food, which was then very nearly stolen from him. He had never thought that afterlife would be as horrible a place as the real world, but the grim reality of that fact took him slowly, for what little he cared about corporeal matters. He was dying on the inside from regret, from the loss, of people whose names he could no longer remember. It was there, in this dark place, that a voice came to him. At first it was only whispers, mostly while he slept, it echoed. "All is not lost." It called to him in the night. He awoke each morning feeling changed, but often shrugging it off, or dismissing it as delusions. But as time wore on, he began to hear it more and more clearly. In his dreams, he began to see a place he knew he had never been- but that somehow felt familiar, and welcoming. 

With each passing day, the world around him began to seem a little- just a little- less dark and gloomy. He slowly stopped wallowing in self-loathing and self-pity. He began to see a figure when he slept- the most beautiful being he had ever seen, but when he tried to call out to it no voice came. However, as He awoke he began to see that he was not the only one suffering here. He was not the only one who had bitter eyes. The truth of his district began to dawn on him, if only gradually. And despite the suffering he saw, he realized that a chance for redemption was awaiting him right here, in this small district. Though he may have failed those long-lost friends, he could still help these people. And maybe, just maybe, he could atone for whatever he had done in life. He began doing what he could to help the most needy of his district, the abandoned orphans, the very elderly. He stole food, he protected them from thugs. Little by little, thanks to the help of the voice in his dreams, he began to become a hero to those of his district. He came up with grandiose ideas, such as starting orphanages, and making a more successful food system, so that all districts could have enough- ideas he knew were farfetched given his current position. He knew that though he was helping a small group of people, and bettering their lives, there had to be something more he could do. And it was then that it came to him. He looked off at the distant spires of the Seireitei, and realized what he had to do. For all these people. 

Chisei entered the academy with determination, and resolve. He had to find a way to rise through the ranks of the shinigami, in order to help those he had left behind. His academy instructors were both surprised and impressed by his seemingly innate skill at swordsmanship, and he quickly advanced to the top of his class. He had no idea why he was so excellent at swordsmanship to start with, the moves just seem to flow through him without him having to think about it. He had no idea it was from the years of training he had had during his lifetime, but his natural talent gave him more time to focus on his kido, and he quickly became an excellent student in both practices. However, from the start, the Asauchi he was given felt awkward, and unfamiliar in his hands. Though he was still able to fight with it, he found himself often during practice trying to do moves that the shape of the blade made difficult, and that his instructors had never taught, without fully understanding why. While it never deeply impaired him, he couldn't help but constantly have this feeling that this type of sword was not what he was meant to wield. His leadership skills on missions was also remarkable and the instructors took note of his out of the box thinking and exceptional deductive reasoning capacities. 

Chisei was apprehensive of joining a division, although many positions were offered to him. He didn't want to tie himself down when he had so many people who he was looking out for. This drew unneeded attention from a group of drunken eleventh divisioners who had chosen to pick a fight with Chisei a week after graduation, claiming that Chisei had to be weak or he would have been assigned a division. So, Chisei walked down to the chosen field, fully expecting to die, and thinking of all the others he would fail back in district 71, all the unfulfilled promises he had made. All eyes were upon him as he entered the chosen arena, where the group already waited for him, waiting casually, Zanpakutou already drawn. Chisei took a deep breath, and placed his slowly on the hilt of his Zanpakutou. No sooner had he done this, than the voice rang in his head once again. "At long last Chisei. We finally meet." 

And suddenly the scene changed. He stood in a massive, glorious building, full of light, with windows of beautifully stained glass, and magnificent architecture, unlike anything he had seen in this world. He had seen this place before, but only in glimpses, but now, finally, he took in the great cathedral that was what he now knew to be his inner realm. And before him, stood a large mechanical being, what appeared to be a huge moving structure of steel. He fell to his knees, mouth open wide in awe, whispering, barely able to the words. "Are.. are you?" It smiled, and knelt down, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Yes Chisei. I am the one who pulled you from the darkness. I am your Zanpakutou. I am Surudoi Ite. Since you came to this world, I knew our fates would be tied together. That is why I led you from the darkness, here, where we at last can come together, at last can be the two parts of a whole that we were born to be. And as I helped you back in the Rukongai, So shall I help you now." The figure suddenly held a beautiful, ornately designed sword in its right hand, a sword unlike any Chisei had ever seen in the Seireitei.. it appeared to have a gun for a hilt. Surudoi Ite then held out the sword, hilt first, for Chisei to grab it. 

As he did, he felt a sense of absolute perfection, a sense that this blade had been made for his hand and his hand alone, despite being different from the swords of almost all other shinigami. Surudoi Ite smiled down at him, as he asked 'This is..??' "Yes, Chisei. That is my shape" Surudoi Ite replied. "You wonder why it is different from those of other shinigami you have seen? That is because you are different than those other shinigami, and, as a part of you, so too am I." The robotic figure rose to its feet it's tone growing harder and commanding, and full of resolve. "Now Chisei, Rise and strike down those who would threaten you!" And with another flash of light, he was back in the center of the training arena, His opponents now charging toward him. However, no hesitation, no fear, no nerves remained. Only the resolve to do what had to be done. With a single motion, he drew Surudoi Ite, the six-foot-long blade glinting the afternoon sun, and though he had never said it before, he somehow knew the words which had to come next "Strike Without Hesitation or Fear, Surudoi Ite!" The steel suddenly shortened, and the colors changed to dull grays and a few silvers and reds. He charged forward, and met the group headon. The more experienced fighters didn't even have time to release their own Zanpakutos. Surudoi Ite cut through them with a single swift stroke. The men, stood, stunned, staring down as the blood flowed freely from the enormous wounds. But as the leader fell to the ground, he had time to hear Chisei whisper to him. "I am sorry" Chisei said, calmly, but with poignant remorse in his voice. Flicking the blade out to his right, some of the blood from the went flying out from the tip, and landed at the feet of the man who had just proved himself as a warrior. Chisei didn't say a word as he left the battleground. No one ever challenged him

Chisei carried out the duties of his squad loyally and without question. Often times, he returned to district 71, sometimes with some of his squad members, trying to teach them that in order to better their relationships with the rukongai, and gain the support of the commoners, they needed to help these people- especially those still living in squalor, and that their powers could be used towards more productive goals than simply filling out paperwork He delivered food, helped build housing, and tried to bring one of the Rukongai's poorest districts back out of the darkness. Squad members quickly realized that their lieutenants real-world applications of diplomacy were causing the seireitei to gain rukongai favor more quickly than they had ever imagined possible. And in militaristic training, which was required of all divisions, though Chisei was amiable, he was strict, and pushed his soldiers to their limits. And any such concern was immediately dispelled when the war against the Arrancar began, where every division was called to the front lines.

The day he first met an arrancar, was a day that would be blazed into his memory forever after. It was a cold, dark morning, and the thirteenth division had just been assigned to help assist the 11th in the fray, pulling them off of their typical duties as the principal defenders of Seireitei, such was the brutal, desperate nature of this war. He and his group of 12 Shinigami had just ventured out into the human world, in order to assist a city that had come under attack only moments ago. No sooner had they arrived, than the squadron of arrancar almost immediately ambushed them. Chisei, who had been alert since the moment they stepped through the Senkaimon, aware that they were about to face an enemy unlike any they had fought before. So, he was able to draw his sword in time to parry the mighty overhead slash of one of the three arrancar who had set upon his group. However, he was completely unprepared for the brute strength of his attacker, and he was hurled back, into the wall of a nearby building, where, while he was able to recover quickly, he was also able to see the arrancar cut through many of his squad mates like a group of hot knives through a stick of butter. Five of his twelve comrades fell under their blades in under a minute. And even worse than seeing the men and women he had been responsible for fall, was seeing the faces of the arrancar as they cut through his subordinates. Their expressions were carved of purest joy, of utter delight and satisfaction, and worst of all, Chisei was able to recognize their sentience. Recognize the fact that they had a choice in what they were doing, and they choose to relish their destructiveness. For the first time in his existence, Chisei felt total, utter, complete hatred. He could not, and perhaps never would understand these beings, but he could understand that they were the most absolute incarnation of all that was evil, and wrong, and dark that he had ever encountered. And as such, he felt completely compelled to obliterate them. With no mercy, no pause, He rose out of the building, and yelled out. "Strike Without Hesitation or Fear, Surudoi Ite!" His zanpakutou released, and Chisei surged forward, full of self-righteousness, feeling utterly righteous in his purpose. He engaged the arrancar full on, slicing, hacking, and shooting with abandon. The arrancar whom had just sent Chisei flying through a wall, suddenly found himself hard pressed on the defensive. Chisei fought aggressively, almost wrathfully, striking with greater speed and strength than he believed he had. 

The arrancar he was engaged with, suddenly finding itself in dire straits, against an opponent he had previously thought would be easily dispatched, attempted to release his ressurecion, but was never given the chance. Chisei sword pierced straight through his hierro, straight into his stomach. However, for the target of Chisei retribution, that was only the beginning. As it did with hollows, the reiatsu from his bullets coursed through the body of the arrancar, and utterly destroyed it. Chisei looked into the arrancar's eyes, his face taught, focused, and angered. He felt no pity as he watched the monster's expression contort in pain, felt no remorse as he held Surudoi Ite there, deep within the arrancar, and let its energy sear through every fiber of this abominations soul. Soon, the energy proved too much for the arrancar to contain, and, in a burst of blood and guts, it exploded from within, consumed by the overwhelming energy coursing through its body. Chisei, looking down at Surudoi Ite, communicated only momentarily, but both he and his blade felt no regret. He felt, for the first time in his life, almost a feeling of elation at his act of violence. However, as the other two arrancar retreated, this feeling was quickly tempered, as he was able to see all the destruction they had wrought in so short a time in the human world. The entire city had been wiped out- and not for the purpose of devouring human souls. The sky was red, partially because it was nearly sunset- partially because of the series of crumbling and burning buildings they had left in their wake. Mangled corpses, charred bodies, severed limbs lined the now abandoned streets of the once populous city. Just... for the sheer enjoyment of destruction, of killing... It sickened him. And from then on, he knew that all his training had boiled down to this singular purpose: the annihilation of the arrancar species. 

And to make matters worse: he discovered, that this was not just a sole example. Nearly every Arrancar he met was the same way. He found himself loathing them. He returned to Soul Society after the war, a war-torn veteran. He had seen and caused more death than he cared to remember. It was mostly thanks to the calming reassurance of Surudoi Ite, who was always there for him, much like a guardian angel, that he was able to remain so steadfast and unshaken by what he had been through. Many of the war's veterans were never able to fully mentally recover from all that they had seen and done. And so, he finally decided to take on a division, and put his powers to good use. 

Chisei worked for years, tirelessly, to learn bankai to better understand the arrancar and combat them. It took him ten and a half years, but he finally materialized Surudoi Ite. After that, Surudoi gave Chisei only one goal: To defend for once, instead of attacking. Chisei didn't understand the meaning of this until Surudoi relentlessly attacked him, leaving Chisei no room to counter. The assault went on for days, until Chisei finally managed to break through Surudoi Ite's assault, and counter, managing to clip Surudoi's armor. Surudoi congratulated chisei, and gave him the final release. The Bankai.

Chisei started hearing a strange voice in his head only a year after attaining bankai. The voice was twisted, deranged, insulting, and power hungry, he could tell that much. The voice got louder and louder with each passing day.. until eventually, Chisei passed out. He woke up in his innerworld, Surudoi Ite not present, the only figure in the room besides himself being.. himself? No.. it was different. This version of himself was evil looking... those eyes.. hollow? The skin was pale-white.. as was the hair. He was holding his sword.. only the colors were reversed.. what was going on here? The new figure announced itself as Chisei's inner hollow, loudly declaring its intention to slaughter Chisei and take his body. He attacked. Chisei and his hollow fought without end, without remorse, for almost sixty two hours. Both of them had released Shikai, and Chisei's hollow appeared to have the upper hand. Chisei, however, was determined, and beat his hollow with a swift killshot to the throat. The hollow succeeded as he faded. He agreed to let Chisei use his power, but he warned Chisei that if Chisei ever failed to protect something his mind was set on, he would take over, and show no mercy. Chisei accepted this warning, and when he awoke, he had his hollow mask on. Looking at it, he shook his head, the knowledge of the mask and another form fresh in his mind.

Needless to say, he left the Gotei 13 after this. He found another organization, the Vizard Corps, and joined almost immediately. He was determined not to let his ideals waver, and continued his search for ways to defend that which mattered to him.

Zanpakutô Spirit:

Name: Surudoi Ite (Sharpshooter)


Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] Albion


Surudoi Ite is a protective spirit. Unlike most Zanpakuto spirits, Surudoi has no alterior motives regarding his master being hurt. He has a loyalty complex and will do anything to see Chisei accomplish his goals. Surudoi also has sort of a father role in Chisei's life, as he takes care of Chisei and guides him through anything the shinigami goes through. Surudoi hates having to fight Chisei, whether it was for Shikai or Bankai. Surudoi would prefer to just give them to Chisei, but that goes against the honorable thing to do. Surudoi also has a bit of an inferiority complex, he doesn't want Chisei to get too powerful because he's scared that if Chisei gets too strong, he won't need him anymore.

Inner World:

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] Granada-cathedral-stained-glass_31084

Sealed Zanpakutô :

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] 00-7X26

Shikai Description:

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] FF13Blazefire_Saber

When released, Chisei's zanpakuto shortens considerably. Now being only about 2 feet long. The unique quality of it is, he can fight with it like it was a blade, but it has another mode. The blade can spin back into the hilt, the hilt itself being a gun. This gun fires Chisei's spiritual energy in controlled bursts.

Shikai Abilities:

Wanshotto (Single Shot): With his weapon in gun form, Chisei can fire his gun in singular shots, these singular bullets have the strength of a weak cero, or a very VERY strong bala. Each individual shot is heat-seeking.

Kyouryoku Na Dageki (High-Powered Shot): With his weapon in gun form, Chisei can pack more reiatsu into his gun, firing it in a high-powered shot with the strength of a very strong Cero. This shot is hard to dodge, as it is heat-seeking.

Kyuusoku Na Hi (Rapid Fire): With his weapon in gun form, Chisei can fire rapidly, the amount of shots he can fire at one time with this ability going into the thousands. This is easily one of his most draining abilities if used for more than a little bit at a time. Each individual reiatsu bullet's power can be compared to a strong bala, or a very weak cero. These are not heat-seeking, but numerous enough to where it shouldn't matter.

Surasshu No Dageki (Slash Shot): With his weapon in sword form, Chisei can pull the trigger of his gun and have the reiatsu blast from it coat the edge of the blade. With this ability in use, he can either keep it on the blade for enhanced melee combat, or swing his blade and fling the energy at his opponent. Much like Getsuga Tensho, except weaker for obvious reasons.

Shiage No Dageki (Finishing Shot): With his weapon in sword form, Chisei can impale his opponent, and then pull the trigger. The resulting energy courses through his opponents body and simultaneously destroys every major organ. This ability can only be used if his opponent is close to death, and if they have given up their will to live.

Release: Strike Without Hesitation or Fear, Surudoi Ite!

Bankai Description:

Bankai Name: Surudoi Ite Wo Kanseishi Nasai (Perfect Sharpshooter)

Chisei's entire body is covered in an armor that looks heavy, but is actually very light and flexible. Despite it's light weight, it has an amazing defense, able to block a cero without effort.

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] Karas

His sword does not change per se, but instead clones itself, making two identical gunblades that Chisei can put to his use.

In bankai, all of his physical attributes are increased fivefold, and all shikai abilities double in power. On top of that, all abilities can now be used twice as much, because of the now TWO gunblades under his control.

Bankai Abilities:

Besides his vastly multiplied shikai abilities, he gains a few more abilities to use.

Defense Breaker: A one-use-per-fight bullet that breaks through any defense, no matter how strong, and continues through to the opponent. However, the bullet is easily stoppable by any reiatsu-nulling abilities.

The Drain: A bullet usable only twice-per-fight. The Drain is fired by Chisei pumping twice the spiritual power into his gunblades. When he fires it, it releases "tentacles" of reiatsu out in every direction, draining life from any non-humanoid beings on its path to the enemy. For each thing drained, the bullet doubles in size and speed.

Explosive Shots: A passive ability, all of Chisei's reiatsu bullets now explode on contact with anything they hit. The explosion works sort of like a flashbang, while also causing an extra cero's worth of damage per bullet.

Vizard powers:

Power Augmentation: While masked, Chisei's Hollow powers supplement his Shinigami powers, giving him a vast increase in both strength and speed.

Enhanced Strength: While wearing his hollow mask, Chisei has greater strength, as do his attacks, this doubling the power of his abilities.

Enhanced Speed: While masked, Chisei's shunpo is greatly augmented, allowing for faster movement in a shorter time-frame.

Bala: While masked, Chisei has the option of using bala, firing it by swinging his blade, or stabbing towards the opponent from a distance.

Cero: While masked, Chisei can charge an ACTUAL cero on the end of his blade, firing it with intense speed and strength. Chisei's cero is acid green in coloration.

Hollow form:

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] Blue_Eyes_White_Dragon

Hollow mask:

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] Vizard_Mask_Request_by_Dark_Shenlong

Roleplay Sample: (Excerpt from a fight back on PH, kenny'll know :P)

Izueo simply stared at the ground, he was giving the captain time to think, more than anything.

He himself had a lot to think about. He had been a shinigami for years now. Sure he had been exiled, but that didn't stop him from joining the Special Human Task Force under a new identity and coming back, did it? Sure he joined the Kokuryuteishi, did it stop him from staying in soul society as a spy? Really, sometimes he wondered why he was even here. Was it simply for power? Maybe. Was it for the adrenaline he felt being a spy? Possibly. Was it for the feeling that any second he could be discovered and executed? Also a possibility. He felt the breeze coming in and sighed, the weather was a bit too perfect for his liking.

"Yes I have researched, but only the concept of it, not attaining it. As far as attaining it goes, I have made progress, but I have not had formal training." Izueo said, a bit amused at the fact that the captain seemed to think he was stupid or something.

He smirked as the captain summoned what appeared to be a mirror and powered up, here we go. "With my power? If you insist."

Izueo let his white reiatsu flow around him, instantly, the reiatsu tinted a slight purple.

"Jio, Koe, you there?" He said inside his head.

"Yeah, I'm here kid" one voice, a deep twisted one, responded.

"Of course I'm here, dumbass, whaddya you want?" Another voice, feminine, called out.

"Listen, I'm going to need both of you in this fight. I'll need you too, Koori." He spoke softly, addressing his usually silent zanpakuto spirit with the last name.

"No problem, kid." "Yeah, we'll help ya."

Izueo closed his eyes, his pesquisa activating as he felt not only his and Jio's, but Koe's reiatsu flowing through him. He felt out the spiritual pressure in the area, and felt the disturbance in the air and the burst of it as the captain commander appeared behind him. Izueo raised his zanpakuto, blocking the strike and flinching as his arm was pushed down. He knew the captain commander had been holding back with that strike. If he had made that strike at full strength, Izueo would be dead, more than likely.

Izueo opened his eyes again, turning to face the captain commander as the bakudo came down on him. He squinted, no one would fire an attack from that sort of distance and make it obvious like that.. not unless...

The mirror appeared, Izueo knew it! Izueo quickly felt out the area once more, feeling the spiritual force of the kido appear in front of him this time. He waited until the chains were dangerously close to him, and then sonidoed up into the air above them, hoping that the arrancar-used technique would surprise the captain commander, if the three sources of spiritual energy that would be emitted from him weren't already. He felt the kido appear again, behind him this time, and simply sonidoed again.

"Interesting technique you have there, Captain Commander." It was Izueo speaking, but it was not his voice. It was twisted, deformed, ancient. Like a demon from the highest ranks of evil.

Izueo raised his zanpakuto, pointing it to the sky, "You said for me to show you with my power, so that is what I'll do." His twisted voice rang out across the forest as he looked up at his zanpakuto.

"Shiver, Koori No Chou" Izueo says, the words ringing in his ears as he speaks them. Izueo's sword dissolves into white particles, the particles forming themselves into a fragile looking white butterfly. The butterfly flies around Izueo a few times, white, snow-like particles falling from it before it sits on Izueo's shoulder, freezing his entire body. The ice starts to melt after only a second, and Izueo's shikai form is revealed.

He has streaks of white in his hair, his eyes have turned a violently bright shade of silver, and the remaining ice merges into a long staff, pointed on both ends. Izueo smirks, grabbing the staff from the air and twirling it as his reiatsu tints a deeper purple and flares around him more violently now, his hair growing out in the back and the entirety of his eyes, pupils, corneas, and irises, turning the bright silver, along with the rest of his hair.

Izueo tilts his head to the side, cracking his neck before swinging both ends of the staff at the captain commander, large and lightning-fast blasts of water heading straight towards him. If they hit, they would instantly freeze on contact. Izueo wasn't done there, immediately afterward, he would position the middle fingernail of his right hand against the inside of his thumb, making an "o". He pointed the nail at Kohaku and made a flicking motion. With the motion came a gigantic blast of black energy, as tall as Izueo and as fast as lightning. The blast carried the power of a strong cero, and was directly en route to the captain commander. Izueo smiled, chuckling sadistically, and watched to see what happened.

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] 2lvcuad

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] FQRoKv5HpE
Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] Shuufuckthisshit

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Approved as the leader of the Vizard Corps!

0-3 Normally. 0-2 with mask.

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Changes made to abilities, changes underlined, awaiting re-approval.

Chisei Koukateki [Vizard] 2lvcuad

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Works for me~


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