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PostSubject: Heroism   Heroism Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:13 pm


Name: Heroism
Human Name: Kotomine, Kirei
Age: Unknown - most likely around 1000 years.
Gender: Male

Orientation: Hollow King

Heroism Kirei-fate

Heroism Kirei_kotomine_02_psd_jpgcopy

Heroism is a very tall individual, standing at nearly 2 meters height. His build is strong and muscular, leaving no room for possibly thinking that he might be vulnerable in combat. His movements and actions all seem very collected and calm.
His Hollow hole is directly above where a humans heart would be, hidden by his priest robes. His mask fragments take on the shape of a pendant around his neck, which is usually also hidden. He can't remove the pendant from his body, the chain is connected to his soul directly. He has a tattoo signalizing his position amongst the Hollows on the back of his right hand. Unlike a normal Espada tattoo, he can make his sign invisible if need be.
Heroism Symbol-complete

Aspect of Death: Pride
Personality: ~Calculating~
Heroism isn't one to act upon emotions. In fact, he never does that - he is always analytical, and thinks about all possible options and outcomes of each action or even step he takes. He has been known to lead possible Arrancar opposing him against each other with cold, sharp planning, without getting his own hands dirty. And for the times where he does need to get them dirty, he is just as tactical in fights, though way more brutal and seemingly impulsive - but even these impulses are calmly thought out strategy.

~Feelings for Others~
The Hollow King cares little for others. Those that gain his trust are excluded from this, but his normal soldiers, humans, Shinigami - he hates the latter two, and while approving the uses of the former, he clearly doesn't shed tears for them dying for his plans. He doesn't approve of suicide missions, however, seeing as they merit not enough profit for the loss.

If Heroism has a goal, he'll go through any means to achieve it. If he has to, he'll fight an army to the death alone, or sacrifice a close friend - it all is for his higher goals. His determination is admireable, but also a bit self-destructive, and dangerous for those around him - it's a strange case of own madness in that right.

Heroism is proud about being a Hollow. For him, their wild, savage race is the salvation of everyone, a cleansing darkness to wash away the madness of life. He takes great pride in his abilities as well, and will usually hate to drop a challenge to a fight unaccepted. Still, he is often forced to do so.

~Root of Evil~
In short, Heroisms whole behaviour is simply one thing: evil from the viewpoint of a normal human. He kills, he takes hostages, he is cruel and sadistic in combat, and he loves to twist people around with words alone. Once, a long time ago, Heroism found out that he was born with a soul that could only feel joy whenever he was evil - the good won't give him any joy. He follows his instinct to be evil from nature alone, a twisted mirage of a hero - the Dark Hero of the Hollow race.

Abilities: Heroism has a feared and strong ability without releasing - in fact, he can't use it in his released state. His mask fragment on the chain can break a Hollows mask by touching it, instantly turning them into near-perfect Arrancar, without the usual drawbacks of most natural Arrancar. This ability was achieved by him after studying the Hogyokus workings on other Hollows during the darkest days of the Espada War from the shadows. Rumor has it he can even grant the strongest Arrancar a bit of his power, as seen with Zefonse, who unlocked his Segunda Etapa thanks to it. That can only happen in very rare cases, and for natural Arrancar only.
His other ability is the reason for Heroisms strange knowing attitude. Every being can see 3D - we comprehend the world that way. But actually, the fourth dimension is always around us - time. Heroisms eyes are special - they can 'see' and 'comprehend' time in a strange way. He can see the possible future as fluctuations of time. For example, if one would throw a punch at him, and he was to dodge to the right, he could see if the enemy kicks for him with the knee before he even dodged to the right - and he could chose another action.
This ability is not instant, and it will never cover everything. Recklessness can break the times he sees, and strong or wide attacks can make it harder to figure out the corrent 'timeline' to follow in order to dodge. In other words, even with this knowledge of impending paths of time, Heroism is far from invincible, although he would like to believe that he is. He can, however, use this to more easily manipulate people by talking, since he has a bit more time to figure out what to say himself, compared to others.
As an Arrancar, he has augmented physical abilities - his bodily strength is quite amazing, as he knows multiple martial arts styles to enhance it even further. His favorite ones to use are Muay Thai and Bajiquan.
As the Hollow King, he is able to use Cero quite efficiently - his blasts have a golden color to them. He can also use Gran Rey Cero and Cero Oscuras, both with their regular charging time. His Gran Rey Cero is actually colored golden.

Sealed Zanpakutô: Heroisms Zanpakuto is called 'Black Key', and it's actually made out of six seperate swords, which he uses in a three blades per hand fashion.
Heroism Full_642401272
While he is skilled with the blades, he doesn't use them too much. He can throw the black keys like throwing knives, and as long as he holds onto one of them at least, he can call them back to his hands one post later. They don't 'fly' back, but rather disappear into black some and reappear in his hands.

Release: Time Judge All, Angra Mainyu.

Resurrección: The six black keys melt into him like wavering shadows or mist, as the darkness covers Heroisms entire body, before revealing his true form of power.
Heroism Sl1f1w

The white armor that forms enhances his durability, while the wings and tails give him better movements in the air. The structure is not unlike the bones that make up a Hollow Mask, just harder. The tail itself has razor-sharp saw-like parts, with both his hands and feet having their own set of claws that come with the natural armor.
Besides having those natural weapons now, his phyisical attributes improve quite a bit, making him stronger and faster, a general upgrade of his body. Furthermore, he can now charge a Cero more quickly, and even fire multiple ones, with one from each claw on his hands at maximum.
Furthermore, his view into the future becomes better - he can see a bit further, making him react better, but still not on the level where he sees EVERYTHING.
His most feared ability, though, is one that slowly charges up as time passes. After five posts after using Resurrección, the 'meter' on Heroisms chest is fully charged and glows yellow, allowing him to use his absolutely strongest attack - Worst Possibility.
This attack takes the shape of a yellow orb of energy, similliar looking to electricity. If it hits an enemy or object, they get struck with any injury and damage they could sustain during the next few moments up to next few minutes - hitting the ground in a city with it would devastate it, and an enemy will get high amounts of damage from it, too.
After using Worst Possibility, it has to be charged again for 5 posts, and it takes quite a bit of energy to use it each time he does so. Since the attack is spiritual, it can be deflected or destroyed if the sphere gets damaged enough before making contact with the body of someone.

History: (Life, death, and and progression to the Arrancar state .)

RP Sample: Heroism was born in japan, with his birth name being Kirei - Kotomine Kirei. His exact date of birth is unknown, but it seemingly was around 1000 years ago, rather young for a person who should later become a Vasto Lorde. His life was set out to be a harsh one from the start, as one of the five sons of a farmer.
Since he was a kid, his life felt empty, though. No single bit of happiness ever filled his thoughts, and even as a baby before he could even think, Kirei rarely smiled or laughed, as if he was devote of any feelings at all. However, that was not entirely true, as he found out at the age of 10.
On his way home with his father from the market, they somehow lost each other in a forest. That was not really a problem for Kirei, since both he and his father knew their way back. But on this way home, all alone, he suddenly stumbled over something - and that something was whimmering in pain. There, an injured man laid in his own blood, the wounds clearly speaking of an attack by a wild animal. Looking at the boy, begging for the mercy of a quicker death at his hands...
Kirei smiled, and sat down on the ground, watching the man suffer. A whole-heartedly, happy and content smile - he felt joy watching the pain of the other human, his struggle for life. This dark pleasure filling him, seeing a life vanish, the mans begging turned into cursing the boy, shouting different insults and names of demons as his last words.
As Heroism watched this, he slowly noticed that he knew what the man was going to say. As the mans voice turned into a whisper, growing weaker... the young Kirei said just what the man wanted to say, with an innocent, smiling "Right?" behind it. Turning from hate into pure fear, the man died with his last breath. Standing up again, Kirei made his way home.
Shortly before arriving at home, he felt this strange knowledge again, but only when thinking about those possiblities. So, the young farmer boy saw many possible outcomes of opening that door to his home - but they all seemed cold, unreal. As if he would lose that feeling he now had... that feeling of joy.
Sneaking behind his house, the boy snatched the nearest tool he could find, a simple axe. The next move he did, was to attack his oldest brother from behind - bringing the axe for wood-chopping down on the head of his 20 year old brother who was still working on the field alone in the evening. Leaving the dead body behind with a smile, he hid the axe and returned home, making his excuse that he got lost in the woods.
The next morning, he faked his surprise and terror at finding his oldest brother dead in his own blood, with the head cleaved in two. Nobody noticed the hidden smile on his face. That night, he would bring even more terror and death...
As everyone was sleeping, the still awake Kirei snuck into the kitchen, getting the only knife in the entire house. Sliding it through the throat of each of his brothers - after waking them up first and letting them slowly bleed and suffocate to death - he even moved on to his parents, cutting his fathers throat and stabbing his eyes out, after waking up his mother first, before he also killed the terified woman. And all along, the hazy image of possibliities before his eyes solidified - he had aquired the Mystic Eyes of Possibility.
From that point onward, Kirei was always alone during his life - he became a thief and murderer, using his child-like looks at first and his eyes later to become a feared man in ancient japan, before he was found out at the age of 25. Being driven into a corner, even his eyes couldn't save the maniac from being stabbed to death and torn to pieces.

When he next woke up, he was a lost soul in the human world. Unable to accept his demise, as he was still searching for the 'answer' to everything, especially why he was evil from birth on, his soul chain quickly eroded over the course of only one month, transforming him into a Hollow. Slaying the humans who killed him as a mad beast, he retreated into Hueco Mundo once the Shinigami arrived.
In his unbelievable hunger, he nearly immedeatly started consuming other Hollow. While he had lost much of his intelligence, his eyes remained with him.
Taking over the personality of the newly forming Menos his wild, savage self was a part of, Heroism slowly aquired the knowledge he searched for, or so he believed.
The answer to everything was this hunger. The desire to consume, to rule, to destroy - darkness was the true heart of humanity. And to make them realize - he would have to make them into Hollows themselves.
Consuming Hollows and other Gillian, as a Menos, it took Kirei nearly 200 years to ascend into the next level - to become an Adjuchas. His form from that time is unknown, but his eyes kept going with him, from hazy images to nearly clear pictures of possible futures flooding his mind, turning him into an even more efficient killer. And that killing was mostly done on other Adjuchas to consume them, furthering his own power. To bring darkness, he needed to be the ultimate darkness - a Vasto Lorde.
However, attaining that power could take aeons. Only very few Hollow ever reached that level. So, Kirei thought out a plan... he would find someone who already was a Vasto Lorde, and kill and eat him. Easier said than done.
Finding a Vasto Lorde, Kirei talked a group of other Adjuchas into attacking, making them believe he would help - but he actually stayed back until they were all dead, and the Vasto Lorde weakened. Using his eyes for a near-perfect sneak attack, Kirei managed to bite off an arm of the way stronger Hollow, and comsume it, instantly gaining more power with which he slaughtered his enemy. That was his ascension, roughly 500 years ago, to the ranks of the Vasto Lorde. He achieved the nearly impossible feat all in order to obtain his ultimate power, so that he could plunge humanity into insanity.
Collecting information in all worlds, he slowly found bits and pieces about the one thing able to grant his wish - the Holy Grail, but it was obstructed from his grasp by the dimensional barrier between Hueco Mundo and the Sugiura Dimension. As Aizens betrayers went through the desert lands, Kirei hid himself, and watched. How Aizen turned Hollow into Arrancar, gave them new powers. Made them sane enough to fight as an army. Analyzing how the breakdown sphere made a Hollows inner Shinigami come out, he still needed more data - so he found out who the first real Espada were, and tracked one of them down. Zefonse.
Fighting him without a word spoken between them at first, the fight stopped midway - and Kirei thanked his opponent for this chance to get more insight to an Arrancars workings. The Vasto Lordes developed a feeling of respect for each other on that day.
On the day Aizen was sealed, Heroisms technique was complete. Shattering his mask, he bound his ability into the mask fragment remaining, in order to break other Hollows masks with it. Claiming the throne of the vacant Las Noches as the new Hollow King, he gathered the new Espada, with Zefonse as his right-hand man. Using the old research data of Aizens personal mad scientist Snaizel, the new self-proclaimed King had a devilish plan...

Exactly one year after Ichigo lost his powers after defeating Aizen, the Hollow King went into action. With a new, once-useable, instable loading of energy, he would disrupt the dimensional barrier, and forever trap the Shinigami in Seireitei! With that, the Sugiura would have to come out of their hidings, and he would be able to get his hands onto the four artifacts.
Tricking the Shinigami with an attack of Arrancar on a different city, the Hollow King began his sheme.
Yamamoto realized that too late. The one arriving to stop the plan was Dai instead, and fighting to the near-death, Yamamoto appeared during the last moments of the fight to help his fellow Shinigami.
However, the Hollow tricked the two, trapping them inside of the world between, and sealed the gates seemingly forever. Saving Dai with his own life, Yamamoto perished.

With this feat done, Kirei assumed the name of Heroism. Even those that doubted their 'king' before now hailed his name, and his new rule over Hueco Mundo.

Now, as the gates open again, Heroism is even more desperate to finally find the four artifacts to end the war before it truely starts.

Heroism 1zg3jit
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PostSubject: Re: Heroism   Heroism Icon_minitime1Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:56 pm

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: That's an approved~ ;D
Tier: 0-2

Heroism Sig
Daigoro Ito - 0-2
David Nassau - 1-1+; 0-5
Mariyah Baishun-Otoko - 1-1-
Solas Foiche - 1-3
Arcueid Brunestud - 1-3
Subject AA - 2-1
Kasai Rain - 2-2
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