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PostSubject: Hikari Hiraku   Hikari Hiraku Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:32 pm

Name: Hikari Hiraku

Age: 17

Hikari Hiraku Hikari


Hikari Hiraku, from an early age had been exposed to some violence and tragedy; she never knew her mother nor her father at that matter. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father died when she was just three years old, protecting her and her older brother, Itsuki (Who was 6 at the time) from some thugs that tried to invade their home.

The night their father died they heard a gun shot coming from across the street, startled Mr. Hiraku went to the window to check it out there he saw three adolescents dressed in all black running across the street towards their house. Acting on instinct, he quickly hurried Itsuki and Hikari to the basement for safety while calling 911 at the same time. The kids didn’t know what happened to their father; all they knew is that one of the thugs shot him through the chest and left him to die. The didn’t get to look through the house because the police had arrived by that time.
Mr. Hiraku left behind his children with no one; all their family had moved to the western world and they weren’t a very rich family. Itsuki was very smart for a six year old, of course they were placed in a foster home. Hikari was too young to understand what had happened all she knew at that time was that she no longer had a father, only a brother to look up to.

About three weeks after entering the foster home, a couple adopted both of them, they mainly wanted to adopt Hikari but Itsuki refused to let anyone separate him and his sister. Plus Hikari was completely dependent of her brother; she was almost never more than two meters away from him. The family that took them in were very kind to them, when Itsuki turned nine their foster parents took him scuba diving in the Caribbean, of course Hikari couldn’t go because she was too young. Hikari tried everything to let their step father take her with them too, but both step parents refused to let her go. Itsuki was a very strong swimmer so they had no problem with him going. That was the last day Hikari saw her older brother alive, a tiger shark had attacked Itsuki, it didn’t eat him alive but it let him bleed to death. Since then Hikari had always been afraid of deep or large open bodies of water.

Hikari didn’t eat, talk or even attempted to communicate to anyone after that day. She had lost the last bit of blood family she ever knew. Her foster parents became greatly worried about her, they would sometimes see her talking to the air, but she claimed that it was Itsuki she was talking to. Besides times like that (when they asked her whom she was speaking to) she pretty much never talked. Despite her lack of communication she was a very sweet girl. At the age of 10 her foster parents decided to send her to the rural part of Japan to live with priestesses and monks, hoping that it would help her. Hikari began to slowly talk to people but not very many, only a handful of people who she deemed worthy to talk to. Hikari became very spiritual and soon began to see spirits and eventually had conversations with them. At the age of 13 Hikari learned that her foster parents had been killed by a random shooting in a mall that they were in, by now Hikari almost felt no pain, she had lost the people she cared most about, she thought there was nothing more for her to loose. She had turned to the comfort of the spirits and the priestesses.
Hikari learned to hate fighting, because of the deaths of her loved ones she devoted her life to helping others. At the age of 15 though, Hikari found that she was able to transform into a feline, she kept this new found power to herself and began to develop them in secret. At times she would go to the city and wonder about, she would get stared at and whistled at by many males but she played no attention to them. She would seek out helpless, lost spirits and tried to comfort them or at least try. Now at the age of sixteen Hikari stays in the temples of the monks, sometimes teen boys that were around her age would hike up looking for the ‘Cherry Blossom Princess’ which they were recurring to Hikari. She got the nickname by appearing in town, and disappearing with cherry blossom petals, rumors began to spring up and soon people were looking for her, but when the arrived the priestesses and monks would hide her.

Personality: Hikari is very light hearted, she usually doesn’t let things bother her; it usually takes a lot or something substantially bad for it to bother her. She usually doesn’t talk to people; when first meeting someone she introduces herself and that’s about it, she prefers not to talk to people, fearing that if she gets close to them she will inevitably lose them (That coming from her past, as seen in history) Hikari would go out of her way to protect the young and wounded, if there were someone in battle that is strong and loosing and someone else weaker than their opponent, she would help the weaker person. Hikari’s very shy and usually blushes quite a bit. Only when she’s fighting does she get a bit edgy, other than that she is usually contented.

Likes: Hikari likes to help people, especially children in need.

Dislikes: Hikari really dislikes when school kids complain about their lives, when there are clearly people out there that have it MUCH worse than them. She hates everyone who abuse kids est. Hikari dislikes 'preps'.

Fear: Hikari really doesn’t fear all too much, she does however have a fear of deep water(Explained in history). She also has a strange fear of bugs and worms but isn’t afraid of snakes and such, things that she ‘should’ be afraid of she isn’t.


Snowflake touch: This is one of Hikari’s healing abilities, mainly used for minor injuries such as cuts, and shallow wounds. When healing the person (or herself) a faint blue light appears and a couple of fluffy snowflakes seem to appear floating down to the wound.

Billiard-Tornado: Another one of her healing abilities, used for far more serious wounds, such as large puncture wounds that go through and through, broken bones, est. This ability acts as a shield when Hikari is healing. When Hikari goes to heal someone and summons this blizzard like tornado, it starts off as a few light flurries falling from the sky then picks up quite dramatically as it swirls around Hikari and the wounded. Once it hits the ground, the ‘blizzard’ itself acts as a powerful shield that protects her and her patient until the healings complete. This blizzard actually amplifies Hikari’s healing abilities by a substantial amount; seeing that she’s dealing with a life or death injury.

Shield: Besides the blizzard tornado, Hikari is able to create shields to protect herself or someone else that’s around 20 meters away from her.

Flash freeze: Though she is a healer, she does have an offensive ability. Flash freeze is pretty much what it sounds like; Hikari is able to summon up a powerful blizzard that freezes her op[opponents just long enough for her to get at a good distance away from them, its not permanent it lasts up to 5-10 minutes (1 Post)

Snow cat transformation: When Hikari is in a substantial amount of danger, the snow cat within her come though and she turns into a four story by three and a ½ story feline with snow white fur and pricing yellow eyes. This form protects her human form until she is able to get away.


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PostSubject: Re: Hikari Hiraku   Hikari Hiraku Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:37 pm

approved for 3-1+

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