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Gryphons Theme Song
(Within Temptation: Angels)

Name: Gryphon Daichi
Age: 66666
Gender: Female



Gryphon Daichi Gryphon


Gryphon is very, very laied back, she could care less on whats happening and could honestly care less if one of her comrads died, or rather anyone for that matter. She dosent bother holding people close to her, she thinks its a waist of time and a waist of emotion. Gryphon is very stubborn and will argue with her supiriors or who ever opposes her until the other person is complety fed up. She is a bit lazy and dosent really have much of a work ethic, not to mention she can be a bit of a procrastinator. Gryphon usually likes to relax and take things easy she hates when people desturb her quiet time and she hates it when she's told what to do (Though she does what shes told bu her supiriors)

Gryphon hates:
- Being told what to do/ getting attitude from people
-Men who think they rule the world/ have huge ego's
-The blazing heat and Freesing cold[/list]
-When people intupt her when she's thinking

Gryphon likes/loves:
- Having time to just think and be alone
- Walking on beaches under the full moon
- Chocolate
- Watching/hearing her prey scream for their lives


Arrancar Abilities:

Bala (虚弾 (バラ), bara; Spanish for "Bullet," Japanese for "Hollow Bullet") Bala is an Arrancar alternative to Cero. The technique hardens the user's Spiritual Pressure and fires it like a bullet. Although it is weaker than a normal Cero, it moves about twenty times faster and can be fired at a much higher rate, but the damage is much the same. Stronger Arrancar can also fire a more powerful Bala, while retaining its twenty-fold speed.

Cero (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero," Japanese for "Hollow Flash," "Doom Blast" in the Viz translation) are high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers. Only Gillians, Adjuchas, Arrancar, and the Vizard have so far been shown to use Cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently. Various Arrancar and Hollow characters display variants of the technique, such as the Espada-exclusive Gran Rey Cero, the Cero Oscuras that Ulquiorra Cifer can use only in his released form, as well as the Cero Sincrético performed by Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Bilstin.

Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), garuganta; Spanish for "Throat," Japanese for "Black Cavity") is how Arrancar and Menos-class Hollows move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tōsen, Kisuke Urahara and Mayuri Kurotsuchi have also demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), iero; Spanish for "Iron," Japanese for "Steel Skin") refers to the hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakutō bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar generally have proportionally stronger skin than usual.
Negación (反膜 (ネガシオン), negashion; Spanish for "Negation," Japanese for "Anti-Membrane") are energy fields are used to rescue fellow Hollows. Only the Gillian-class Menos have shown the ability to use it. Negación fields surround a target in a square beam of light that isolates the target from the dimension they are currently in, making it impossible to harm them. The field then pulls the target towards the Menos that created the field. Espada have a special cube-shaped device called Caja Negación (反膜の匪 (カハ・ネガシオン), kaha negashion; Spanish for "Negation Box," Japanese for "Anti-Membrane of Negation") meant to simulate Negación fields, which are used to punish their subordinates if necessary. The cube, when used on a subject, traps them in an alternate dimension from which there is no escape; however, this assumes it is being used as intended. More powerful Arrancar, namely the Espada themselves, can escape given enough time.
Pesquisa (探査回路 (ペスキス), pesukisa; Spanish for "Inquiry," Japanese for "Probe Circuit") is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions very similarly to sonar.

Resurrección (帰刃 (レスレクシオン), resurekushion; Spanish for "Resurrection," Japanese for "Returning Blade") Most Arrancar have the ability to seal their power within a Zanpakutō. Upon releasing their Zanpakutō, they gain all of their former unique Hollow abilities back, essentially 'resurrecting' their old selves. When using this ability, they essentially combine their human form and their Hollow form, incidentally increasing their power considerably. As another note, when an Arrancar uses his or her Resurrección, it heals all minor wounds.

Sonído (響転 (ソニード), sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound," Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami Flash Steps and the Quincy Hirenkyaku; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of Sonído is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound caused by Flash Steps.

Element: Earth

Gryphon Daichi 200px-Earth_shield

Similar to the shields that 'Earthbenders' use in Avatar the Last Airbender, Gryphon is able to create shields that look like the image above, the shields can very in sizes and thickness. Gryphon is able to take this one step further and create a shild made of metal.

(7.0-10+ can only be used once every three posts)

2.0-2.9- (Minor) Generally not felt, but recorded. About 1,000 per day
3.0-3.9- Often felt, but rarely causes damage. 49,000 per year (est.)
4.0-4.9- Light Noticeable shaking of indoor items, rattling noises. Significant damage unlikely. 6,200 per year (est.)
5.0-5.9- Moderate Can cause major damage to poorly constructed buildings over small regions. At most slight damage to well-designed buildings. 800 per year
6.0-6.9- Strong Can be destructive in areas up to about 160 kilometres (100 mi) across in populated areas. 120 per year
7.0-7.9 -Major Can cause serious damage over larger areas. 18 per year
8.0-8.9- Great Can cause serious damage in areas several hundred miles across. 1 per year
9.0-9.9- Devastating in areas several thousand miles across.
1 per 20 years
10.0+ -Epic Never recorded; see below for equivalent seismic energy yield.
Extremely rare (Unknown)

Earth Manipulation

Gryphon can manipulate earth (sand, rock, metal, gems[Diamonds, crystal est], vines est) to a high degree. She is able to create shield (like the one above) with any material that is earth bound/based, uses them as a weapond or to trap her opponents (again in any earth based mideum). She can also change the earth she is using to something stronger ie: If she's using regular rocks to attack she can 'manipulate' the rock to fourm into a wedge (with a pointy end:P ) and as it's hurrling towards her opponent, she can change it to solid diamond or metal est. She is also able to time these changes to a high degree, as in being able to change the form of the earth at the last minute; right before it strikes her oppenet. The same concept goes for traping her oppened; she can enclose them in earth (she'd usually leave their head exposed), she'll change the rock to metal or diamonds. All in all, Gryphon usually gets a little crafty when using her earth abilities.

Sealed Zanpakutô:
Gryphon Daichi Sword3

Release: Koudo

Gryphon Daichi Gryphon2


Gryphons memory of her life is something she rather forget but saddly she's been cursed with haveing them.
Gryphon was born into a very wealthy family and she was an only child. Her father was the Kings best friend so her family got treated like royalty, they got invited to every royal event imaginable. But being the daughter of the Kings best friend had its dissadvantages, she was expected to be a proper 'lady' and pretty much give up her childhood in the name of her fathers and Kings friendship/ her fathers work. Her father was given some politial job (I dont know the first thing when it comes to lets just say his job had to do with politics). She never spoke unless she was spoken to, she never moved unless she was told other wise, and she was never in the way; as long as she did all that, she was given whatever she wanted.

She was pretty much taught to feel nothing, not happiness, not saddness, nothing and for a long time, she tried to surpress her emotions. At the age of 17 though, she was out in the guardens, just taking a small walk to get some fresh air when she realised that the guyards were training their newest recruites; men that ranged from 17-20 years old. Almost imidiatly she noticed one in particular, his name was Sendo and he was 20 years old. Gryphone couldnt understand the feelings she were having towards him, because all her life she was practicing hiding them that now when an emotion like lust/ love happens, she dosent know what to make of it. She was extremly confused but it tunred out that she caught his eye aswell. Sendo started to sneak away to see her and soon they became very close, they had to hide their romance from everyone though just for the time being. He had to earn his spot in the army before comming out and telling their families about their relationship, so he told her. Gryphon never felt love before, not even from her parents, now that she's tasted it she didnt know the hidden dangers to it.

Sendo was finished his training and was now free to go back to his family, he told her that he would be back for her in a few days, he just had to get things sorted out with his family first; Gryphon trusted him completly and took his word for it. Days turned into weeks...and still no sign of him, she kept telling herself that he was being held back and that he would come back, she tried to ignor the sharp pain that was going though her heart she tried to ignor the dought she was beginning to have.

Soon she had to see for herself, she arranged for a little trip, she told her parents she just wanted to go to their beach house, which was on the way to Sendo's village. As she rode though the village, she heald her breath, she was afraid of what she might find...and sure enough she found what she didnt want to see, there he was the man that promised her marriage, promised her that nothing would ever happen to them, promised her that they would have a wonderful life together...and he was kissing someone else, he was kissing her with a lot of passion...

Gryphons heart sank, shattered and tears started streaming down her cheeks she hid a dagger inside her kimono sleeve and got out of the carriage. She called to him and he turned, the look on his face as he saw her walking towards him was priceless, he was shocked, sprised, almost afraid of the anger that consumed her. Her first love, her first shread of emotion and he destryoed her, he destroyed her heart and everything he made her beleive. As she grew closer, he tried to 'explain' himself, he tried to calm her down though she didnt say anything, the hate in her eyes was enough to make everyone back away. He began to promis her things, promises she now knew were just empty words. She placed her hand on his chest as she finally closed he gap between them, everyone now was confused, even Gryphon. Not because she had her hand on his chest but because she didnt know what to do with this anger. So she did what the nature side of her told her to do, she drew her dagger and with one easy jab, she struch his heart, cut open his chest and tore his heart out of his chest, just as he did to her....

She knew killing someone was wrong, but she did it anyways, she had no control over what she was doing at this point, the beast in her was out. Knowing that the punishment for murder was death, she flead to the woods, no one dared go after her for a while, they were all stunned and still prossesing what just happened.

She didnt last long in the woods though, she tried her best to live off what the land had to offer but it was all too much for her, it was too much of a sudden change. She died from starvation, passing travelers saw her body and desided to barry it right where they found her. Gryphon had been 'turned' into a hollow, she spend much time just wondering around aimlessly, unsure of what to do or make of this 'new' life. Gryphon visited her family once in a while and would rain terror on anyone that tried to harm them. Though most of the time they were already being protected; she still watched out for them. She did everything she could to stay away from shinigami's and such and was quite sucessful with that. After years of being a hollow after death, Gryphon became an Arrancar. She was far more in control of her emotions now but chose to keep them to a bare minimun, she never trusted anyone after recalling everything she went though again and again and again. her transition to an Arrancar was easy for her, she was use to diffent changes so this she saw as no different. She was very much withdrawn form the others however; they seemed too cocky and for some odd reason remind her of the monster that tore her heart out. She wondered the white desert for some time. She took that time to test out any abilities that she thought she might have; she learned that she had earth abilities and desided to train herself. She trained many days and nights to get better at her skills and with time and a lot of practice she was able to master her ability. Gryphon eventually found her way to the Espada's and now she was trying to become Fraccion; there she kicked her training and her abilities into overdrive. Her position is yet to be named.


Kitty's Characters
Yoruichi Shihouin: 0-3
Kitty Yuudai: 0-5
Sapphire Yuudai: 1-1
Aries Senka: 1-2+
Yang Korekuta: 1-3+
Gryphon Daich: 1-3-
Kesha Sugiura: 2-1+
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Sakura Emiko Shihouin: 2-1+
Kamira Hinote: 2-1
Orihime Inoue: 2-1+
Tsukiyome Akio: 2-3
Andromeda: 2-3-
Hikari Hiraku: 3-1+

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approved 1-3-

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Gryphon Daichi Image1

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