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PostSubject: Aries Senka   Aries Senka Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:40 pm


Name Aries Senka (Senka meaning War)

Age 666 Looks 16
Gender Female

Natural or Artificial

Aries Senka Aries

Personality Aries Senka is a very temperamental girl, she’s not a spoiled brat though, she just gets annoyed with people. Aries likes to fight, not for the sake of fighting but she finds it amusing and looks for ways to improve her skills further. She does however have a soft side, for kids anyways; she takes pity on them because they can’t defend themselves. She does get jealous at times but doesn’t take it to any extremes; usually she just shrugs it off and moves on. When Aries is in a fight, she becomes focused and won’t stop until she knows she has won even if it means killing there person off. She tends to stray from killing her prey off, she usually leaves them badly injured and clinging to life. Aries doesn’t trust people easily; even fellow Arrancar’s, she prefers to distant herself from other Arrancar’s the most.


Poison Diamond shards (Weakest attack): Aries can create about 100-200 diamond shards (that are about 2 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter) The shards are poisons, but the concentration of poison is not as strong as her other attacks. The poison injected into her opponents body, upon contact with their skin slows their reaction time down a little bit. Aries uses this attack mainly to get a good idea on what her opponents techniques are; giving her a slight advantage so that she could come up with a counter. The poison shards are blood red in colour.

Diamond Shards: Diamond shards are different from her poison ones because of the obvious fact that they are not poisons. The shards are the same length and width as her poison ones only difference is, these ‘regular ones’ are a blueish colour. Her shards can penetrate ALMOST anything if contact is made.

Diamond Mirror: A wall of diamond- like mirror quickly forms around Aries; the mirror can absorb her opponents attack and send it back towards them. This defense can only be used once every three posts.

Poison Blade: Her blade becomes highly concentrated with poison; once her opponent has been struck with her blade, they become infected with the poison, it works in three stages. First stage(after victims second post when this attack has been made): Opponent begins to become slower, reaction time delayed. Stage two: Loss of breath and strength (After opponents post upon entering first stage, three posts until second stage kicks in) Third stage: Death (Only if Aries strikes her opponent in the exact same spot as she made the initial wound)

Diamond Spikes: Aries is able to make giant diamond spikes shoot up from the ground; she can make about 10 at a time shoot up; one at a time though. The spikes are poison free.

Poison needles: Aries can create as many needles as she wants; all of them are diamonds; the needles have a good amount of poison in them. Aries is able to strike them in her opponents pressure points, ore easily that her diamond shards, this attack is more useful to her because her opponents usually don’t see them coming; being small and thin as they are it usually catches them by surprise. The strike of the needle not only causes her victims pain (especially if she hits their pressure points) but the poison that is released into their bodies decreases their stamina. The poison doesn’t start kicking in until her next move. (After she uses this attack, her next post is when its affect stats kicking in).

Unnamed ability: Aries is able to strengthen her sword, making it harder and less likely to break, more likely to cut through things easier. Her blade goes from a clear-ish blue (ßwhich is when its at its normal state) to a tinted blood red.

Hand to hand: Aries is a master at hand to hand

Standard Arrancar Abilities:

Cero are high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers. Only Menos, Arrancar, and the Vizards have so far been shown to use Cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently

Bala is an arrancar alternative to the cero. The technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from their fist. Though weaker than a cero blast, it moves about twenty times faster and can be fired at a much higher rate. This technique was first demonstrated by Wonderwice Margera against Kisuke Urahara, and elaborated upon by Yammy during the same battle.

Garganta is how arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname T¨¬sen and Kisuke Urahara have also demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Hierro refers to the hardened skin of the arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released zanpakut¨¬ bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger arrancar have proportionally stronger skin. Nnoitra Jiruga claims his hierro is toughest amongst the Espada.

Pesquisa is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions similar to a sonar. Using pesquisa requires most Espada to enter a meditative state; however, Nnoitra Jiruga has a variation of this technique that involves placing his fingers to the ground to determine an opponent's approximate location as well as the amount of Spiritual Pressure an opponent has.

Sonido is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami flash steps and the Quincy hirenkyaku; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of son¨ªdo is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound used for flash steps. Zommari Leroux claims that his sonido is the fastest amongst the Espada.

Sealed Zanpakutoō
Aries Senka Blade_of_Lost_Gods

Aries Senka Aries_by_StormFedeR


Aries was born into a samurai family; she was always kept in hiding from the outside world. Her mother died giving birth to her and she was an only child. Aries’ father was a much respected samurai in their village. In her toddler years her father kept her inside; at that time there have been massive amounts of murders, kidnappings, rapes, est. It was a very dark time for the people of her village.

Being a Samurai’s daughter she was always protected. Her father taught young men mainly to protect her; she had nannies upon nannies when she was growing up. Her father hired many tortures; he didn’t want her to be an air head pretty much. Aries learned a lot, everything from English to math to philosophy and more and she was a quick learner too. But Aries soon grew tiered of the same things over and over again…she soon began to develop an interest in swordsmanship and poison; her father learned of her interest and only isolated her even more. At the age of ten Aries grew tiered of being treated like a princess that could do nothing at all…Aries snuck away from home in search of adventure, because she was always kept locked up, Aries didn’t know much about the street life and how people would react/behaved. Of course once her father learned of her running away, he sent his students into town in search of her. Aries was well aware that her father sent people out to look for her, she was quick to get out of the village and take refuge in a small hut; cared for by an old woman and man who were glad to take her in. To her surprise the old woman was a master of mixing poison and such. Aries old interest began to resurface and soon asked the woman if she could teach her about poison. Aries offered to do many course around their little home in exchange for the old woman’s knowledge. The woman named Sena gladly agreed to teach Aries; during Aries’s lessons the woman would tell Aries about her past and why she got interesting in poison, turned out that the woman’s daughter was killed by one of her best friends, out of jealousy. In turn Sena killed her daughter’s friend using the same poison she used to kill Sena’s daughter. The old man, Kazu apparently was taught under Aries’s grandfather; Kazu feeling that Aries was deprived of her right to learn how to defend herself with a sword was offered lessons by Kazu. Aries of course jumped to the chance in a heartbeat.

Sena and Kazu began to look at Aries as if she was their daughter, surprisingly Aries’s father didn’t find her, one year passed, then two, then three, four, five…

Aries was now 15, there were many young travelers that passed by Sena’s and Kazu’s house, many of which were young men about Aries’s age. Almost all of them had asked for her hand in marriage. But being Aries foster parents (in a way) they couldn’t allow that… Not yet anyways. One day a samurai passed by and stayed over the night, he had been traveling a great distance and was heading home. Aries recognized him immediately; he was one of her father students. The boy recognized Aries as well, he told her how her father almost went mad when he couldn’t find her and that her father took another wife and Aries now had a baby brother. He also told her that her father secretly leaves the house still trying to look for her. Aries heart throbbed…
She didn’t mean to cause her father pain…And now she had a step mother and brother…

Sena and Kazu were very understanding and let her go, to see her father and new family. Aries had a hard time leaving the two old couple…they were very old and could die at any time…she didn’t want them to…though she knew that was the way of life…She promised them she would be back as soon as she could and with that Aries had left the old couple with the Samurai.

Her father was ecstatic to see her, she met her step mother and her little brother…Her brother she loved immediately, and he was so sweet and innocent not to mention he began to cling to her after a few hours. Aries didn’t like the way her step mother looked at her…but she shrugged it off…who knew maybe her father kept her locked up too and she was frustrated…She wasn’t going to ask until later…or see for herself. Her father insisted on her living with them again and if she wanted he would allow Sena and Kazu to live with them seeing that they kept his gem safe. Sena and Kazu agreed to live with them, Aries was quite pleased that they were; now she could make sure that they were living well and healthy.
A year passed after Aries returned home and got Sena and Kazu to live with them, Aries’s brother, Gemini (her father likes the zodiac signs D:<<<<) grew up close to her, everywhere she went he would follow (almost everywhere^^ Sena continued teaching Aries all she needed to know about poison and now Kazu and her father were both teaching her how to use a sword. Her step mother never talked to her…maybe the one or two odd words but nothing to make Aries think that she liked her.

One of the samurais that got a along very well with Aries requested her hand in marriage, her father gladly agreed to the marriage; knowing that the boy that wants his daughter is his finest student and could protect her. Their marriage was scheduled for Aries’s birthday; everyone was excited about it…even Gemini who eventually found out that her marrying would mean she would be leaving…and he began to cry his little heart out and clung to her for long periods of time.

The day before the wedding, her step mother, Ai, came into her room and brought her, her dinner; which Aries thought was odd…She seemed happy though, and not so bitter…Aries took it as a good bye gesture, she wanted the last note with her step mother to be a good one. Aries ate…then drank the wine…Her throat began to close in on her, her heart speed up; Aries tried to reach for her step mother…but all she saw was Ai smirking evilly down at her as she watched Aries die.

Aries soul stayed in her household, her father was devastated, he had berried her body next to her mothers. Little Gemini visited her grave every single day, and talked to her tomb stone…often times cried… Sena and Kazu would visit as well…Sena thought her death was all to suspicious…and looked into it more…though she was old, she was wise.
A few months after her death Sena presented evidence to her father; showing him that it was his step wife that killed his beloved daughter. Outraged, Aries father kicked her out of their house, keeping Gemini though. Sena took her revenge though…Killing Ai with the same poison that she killed Aries with…A few days after Sena’s revenge crime, her and Kazu died, naturally.

Aries continued to look after her brother…her almost as his guardian angel…Soon her soul began to wonder though…and eventually turned into a hollow. Not too long after she was given the opportunity to become an Arrancar…she took it…she wanted to be strong and be able to look over her brother’s family…since her brother had died already from old age…


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approved 1-2+

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