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Name: Tohno Shiki

Age: 16


-Tohno Shiki-

Tohno Shiki ShikiTohno_mbaa


-Nanaya Shiki-

Tohno Shiki SP2-Nanaya



Shiki was originally born into the family, of a somewhat infamous clan of demon-slaying killers known as the Nanaya. Hollows ere no exception, in the modern area. However, back in their own long lineage, there was a time where demonic beast like monster's and humans with demonic properties existed. The Nanaya clan was always hired to take out these monster's, whilst some who hadn't fell victim to their blood, could live in peace with the normal world. Those who became rabid monster's, were simply exterminated without much of a trace. During the modern day, they had a new line that specialized in crime fighting, they handled many cases with relative ease. They had complete knowledge of the human anatomy, and could be considered pure murderers, by the standards of the people they were hired to kill. Shiki was born into this clan at a young age, under the line of his father, Kiri Nanaya, and his mother Shizume Nanaya. Both of them were talented in their work, and when they were hired with crimes together, there was nearly no mistake they made, when getting the job done. They stilll managed to keep Shiki's life normal, while keeping their life separate from his. Kiri nanaya was a man who found killing exciting, but he never enjoyed it very much. It was something that ultimately led him to his death. His mother was someone who enjoyed it, but kept things to a minimum. They still taught him many ways of assassination and left him with an infinitely large amount of knowledge on how to kill, Shiki was still relatively young, so whatever he learned he probably kept in the back of his mind, for a time where he believed he would truly need it. This was how he acquired the personality of a killer, locking up all the knowledge along with becoming a Nanaya.

At the age of 8 years old, his life turned upside down, or at least to others it might have seemed so. Almost his entire clan was murdered, in a massacre, due to two men, Kishima Kouma and Tohno Makihisa. His mother was no where to be found, Kiri had nearly succeeded in killing Kouma, but hesitated simply because he did not find thrill in killing the still relatively young man. Shiki had tried to look for both of his parents, and ended up walking into them. He would've surely died that day, but luckily the Nanaya clan's connections had payed off, they sent in a branch clan, known as the Ryougi. They specialized in personalities, more so then killing. However, they still retained much of the same skill as Nanaya. The savior of Shiki, was a woman known as Kyoukai Mitsurugi. She didn't kill Kouma, but makihisa was fatally killed, using much of her inhuman skill. She quickly grabbed as many survivors as she could, and escaped from that day, it was the end of the Nanaya clan, but the start of a new life for Shiki. During the months where he was 8 years old, he lived with a few adopted children from the Tohno clan. One went by the name of Tohno SHIKI. While the sister was named Akiha. He surely enjoyed much of his time with the both of them, until a fatal accident nearly sent Shiki into death. The brother, SHIKi had fell victim to his demon blood, and nearly killed Shiki. This would later cause him to have anemia, growing up. Kyoukai was forced to kill him, and come up with an accident, since the ryougi clan did not want such knowledge to flow out into Karakura, so she was ultimately forced to send Shiki off, while sending the other Shiki to the hospital, making Akiha the only one next in line, in leading the clan. Both were sent into hospitals far off.

Shiki went into a coma for a time, he was still eight years old, and didn't really have much to go back too, however he would be allowed to come back to the Ryougi, once things were settled with the situation, However that good luck did not go for SHIKI. The tohno clan, cut all ties with him, and Kyoukai couldn't do much about it. So he had nowhere to go, for a very long time. Shiki on the other hand, survived and simply lived with the arima branch for a long time within his life, learning a few hardships, while enjoying his time with his new family. However while he was in the hospital, Shiki started to begin seeing lines. Various lines. Not only that he had suffered anemia, and headache pain, from the accident. He wanted to run away from the hospital, but soon before he tried he bumped into a woman, who went by the name of Aozaki. She was an accomplished magi, of the sugiuras. Aozaki was quite smitten with the boy, and decided to visit him for a while, since she had some time before she had to move to another country. Shiki had showed her what he could do with lines, when he traced an object across something, however she quickly reprimanded him saying that what he did, was unjust. After that, she hugged him and told him, that his eyes were special, and were granted to only a few, in life. After doing so, she gave him a set of powerful glasses that could subside, mystic eyes. After doing so, she left leaving him knowledge about life, and how fragile it was. As well as life lessons, that Shiki took with him.

Pretty soon, after he grew up, at about sixteen, he was offered by his adopted parent, Kyoukai, and his now fully grown sister, Akiha, to return to the tohno house hold. It took some time for Shiki to think about it, but after a long week, he decided nothing bad could come of it, and decided to go and live with his family, once he returned. He was welcomed back with open arms, and even given a special relic, that kyoukai had found, during her search for living nanaya clan people. It was a dagger, with a few special abilities, but Shiki did not think he would have to use it as he wanted to live a normal life from here on out...

But....Fate has something else in store for him.


Shiki is a fairly normal high school student most of the time. Due to his close brush with death, he is not overly concerned about dying, and instead seeks to cherish every moment of his life - 'just living is enough' is his perspective on life. He is not a person who jumps head first into many situations, and instead opts to live his life, avoiding as much danger as possible, but no matter what he does, it always tends to follow him, everywhere he goes. He's quite the sarcastic individual, but this is only to the people he loves and cherishes the most. He's described as a person who'll act kind to almost any stranger, but exchange jibes with his friends numerous times. He deems it as his way of "tough love' and he always has good intentions, when hanging around his friends. He can be quite easy to approach, for people who he doesn't quite know, and people that he's just met. So it's usually easy to talk with him, unless he's having a bad day.

He is entirely capable of being serious in a serious situation, and just as often flustered or embarrassed. When Shiki is being serious, he usually deducts situations piece by piece, then goes with those pieces, and works off of what his thoughts lead him too. He can be flustered quite a bit, when it comes to hanging around women, as he does have normal hormones like any young teenage boy. He can be relatively shy, as well. Which often makes him easy to prank. Shiki enjoys living a normal life, as he believes it brings him the most enjoyment, instead of ending up in a situation, you shouldn't have been to begin with. However lately he finds himself having strange dreams of a killer, who walks the streets at night. One who resembles him down to the deepest pore. As far as this goes, it is revealed that Shiki has a second personality, one of his bloodline, the Nanaya Clan. They were once a powerful demon hunting clan, with something known as jougan. Pure eye, abilities that granted them telekinesis and other abilities. His Nanaya blood, is nothing more then a pure killer, who finds the enjoyment of the kill. He is the side of Shiki, that parades around at night killing people as if it were a daily occurrence. Unlike Shiki, he handles life and death in a suave and calm manner, as he always loves the challenge, the next kill, the taste of blood, over his knife. It often goes as far as him deriving sexual pleasure from the thrill of killing.

However, Shiki has a middle personality, where he is only filled with nothing more then a desire to kill, and possesses a knowledge of how to do so. This side, is usually brought out into open, when a friend of his is in dire danger, as the nanaya blood does not fully take over, unless he goes through too much mental stress. He enjoys cooking and cleaning, though definitely not on the level of shirou, he is no push over, to say the least.

There exist's a side of him, that's a blood thirsty assassin, who can mostly be called Nanaya. He regards death in a calm manner, unlike Shiki. He ultimately becomes a strong reason for Shiki's bad luck, and is said to be a mass murderer, who has been dubbed satsujinki. A killer who strolls the streets at night, killing the people of karakura town.

Likes: Shiki enjoys living life to the fullest, so he has many likes, such as food, tv, and anything else the normal teenage boy would enjoy.

Dislikes: People dying, Abnormalities, any one who plays with his glasses.

Fear: He fears, things that are abnormal, and any of his relatives or closest friends getting hurt.


Although outwardly, Shiki seems to be a particularly frail high school student with a weak constitution, however this cannot be further from the truth, Shiki possesses excellent physical ability, capable of feats comparable to at least an olympic-level athlete. Along with his nanaya personality, who has inhuman speed, that can at least keep up with a normal seated officer of the gotei thirteen. He possesses two skills, as a result of his nanaya clan blood. Nanaya: Flash Sheath (閃鞘 Sensa?), the ability to attack extraordinarily quickly (ex: His Seventeen Divisions move is likely a result of this ability), and Flash Run (閃走 Sensou?), the ability to essentially "teleport", or move so quickly that one loses sight of him in an instant. Shiki is primarily an instinctual fighter, using and relying on subconscious knowledge of assassination techniques, as well as possessing a detailed knowledge of the human anatomy. Though this is mostly likely the result of his child hood, as a nanaya.

Perhaps as a result of his training, Shiki possesses a rather amazing endurance, and an ability to survive near-death blows. When he is under enough mental strain, or is in dangerously close proximity to death, a "second persona" will take over, filling him with nothing more than the desire to kill that which threatens him (or whatever has earned his ire), shutting down his emotions, and even his reaction to pain, becoming a highly focused assassin. In this phase, it seems that he is even more difficult to kill than usual; however, this is merely an illusion. All he does is ignore any sense of pain or threat to his life in order to kill his target through sheer force of will; this creates the illusion that he is somehow capable of delaying his death for as long as he needs to.


Besides, his Nanaya arts and techniques, Shiki possesses a set of mystic eyes, these are known as the mystic eyes of death. He does not know it, but these eyes are legendary, and are blessed to only a few, who have a scratch with death, or a near death experience. With these eyes, he possesses the ability to trace an object over that line, the ability granted to him by the mystic eyes allows him to slowly peck away at a person's life, by cutting their reaitsu, in the form of lines, superimposed over the individuals bodies. The more lines he is able to cut, the more of the reaitsu, is taken away, until they reach death. Main points can cause major damage, such as being stabbed at the head, or even the heart. It can even bypass techniques that need reaitsu, as well as stopping objects that are filled with reaitsu. However, these eyes are not infallible, Shiki has a limit where he can not keep the glasses which negates his eye's ability, off for too long. If he does reach the limit, the blood vessels in his brain shall explode from the usage. Even as a side effect, they can cause massive headaches, as the eyes are rare. However, those with large amounts of reaitsu are the hardest, and often take much more effort to bring down. This, becomes the hardest task for Shiki, as the eyes do not grant any other abilities that enhance his physical prowess. Against opponents who are far beyond his level such as Misaiko or heroism, or even Shimura, they could ultimately shrug off the damage of the mystic eyes, no matter what point Shiki has cut.

Eye color: Bright Blue

Limit of the eyes: 3 post's before he suffer's small headaches, extra 2 before he has to put his glasses back on.

Weapon: Nanatsu-Yoru(七夜 lit. Seventh Night): This is Shiki's relic, passed down to him from his adopted mother, Kyoukai. it is a tantou(dagger) styled blade, and when the urge to kill is great, the blade can essentially work off of that urge, which in turn, enhances it's density and cutting power, by a fear some amount. The blade alone, is usually very sharp, and has enough power to cut through dense wood, it is a conceptual weapon, which feeds off of the urge to kill, or at least the instinct, however it can also feed from the desire to live, as well as adrenaline.

Nanaya Arts:

Juushichi Bunkatsu(十七分割 lit. Seventeen Divisions): This Nanaya technique, targets seventeen spots over the opponent's body, most are the most vital area's and cause the most blood loss, but depending on the weapon in question, one can completely sever the opponent apart, with a powerful foray of seventeen slashes, which can be used with a sword, or in shiki's case his dagger.

Hattenshou(閃鞘: 八点衝 lit. Flash Sheath: Eight Point Piercer): Nanaya or Shiki takes a firm stance, and perform a series of 21 quick slashes, that can reach the level of flash step, the reason that the name is dubbed, "Eight Point piercer" is that these 21 ferocious slashes, target eight points of the opponent's body, the thighs, the arms, and the deep part of the rib/stomach area. Sometimes, Nanaya is sadistic and will even slash with the knife, while it's still inside of the opponent's body.

Kyokushi Nanaya (極死・七夜 Lit. Extreme Death Seven Nights ): Nanaya's Ultimate technique, Nanaya throws the Nanatsu yoru with a almost unfathomable speed and motion, often raising it up and slashing it back down, like he's cutting something, when he's actually throwing it forward, after doing this, he starts moving at the speed of the knife, depending on the opponent's speed and reaction time, Nanaya will snap their neck, the minute they catch the knife, and if they try to attack him, the knife will rip through their vital organs, damaging them greatly.

1. They catch the knife but Nanaya snaps their neck.

2. They block Nanaya but allows the knife to rip through their vital organs.

Weakness: Due to having anemia, this is only a weakness, that affects him in his daily life, to the point where he tends to faint, as well as experience sickness. Other wising that, his only weakness is he's hesitant to kill, due to the way he has lived his entire life.

RP Sample: Do i really?

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