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PostSubject: Toja Hagiwara   Toja Hagiwara Icon_minitime1Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:06 am

Name: Hagiwara Toja

Gender: Trap! (male)

Looks around ~16. Real age is rumored to be around 400


Personality: Having a certain charisma around him helps to hide his sometimes destructive temper. Toja has a very intense temper, but only regarding a few topics: his height, and... his appearance.
He looks very feminine, and even acts a bit girly at times, but mistaking him for a girl - or jokingly calling him one - will quickly lead to a destructive rage of Kido blasts and fire. Besides that, while he maybe seems grumpy and unlikeable at first, he is actually quite a deep character - he is good at listening, but not that great at giving actual advice. He can be a very caring and good friend, no matter to who, and likes to enjoy his time and laze around all day if he can.
In combat situations, Toja rarely even draws his sword. He is the best when he can simply use his Kido - as a Kido Corps member, he sees it as his duty to master all of it's ways, but he is better in Hadou than Bakudo. Even though he is a lazy individual, he still likes to train his Kido strength and the ways of it.

Appearance: Toja Hagiwara Hikariabaraisbleachocby

Zanpakutô Spirit: The spirit of Tojas blade is called 'Hotaru', which means firefly. it's manifestation is a female fairy-like creature, which stands almost as tall as he himself in his spirit world. The fire-fairy has butterfly-like, big wings, wears red skin-tight clothing over her body and has blue eyes, while the hair is a mixture of red and blue.
The inner world of Tojas spirit is said to look like the giant crater of an active vulcano. Small islands or rock float in a gigantic sea of lava and molten stone, while big walls encase it from all sides. In the middle of this sea is a big island, that, strangely enough, has a spring in the middle of it. The water of this spring is extremely hot, but never evaporates - this is the place where Hotaru appears.

Sealed Zanpakutô : In it's normal form, the sword is a rather normal katana. It's a bit longer than normal, and due to his small height, Toja carries it around on his back. The sheath is black, the handle crimson-red and the guard in a shiny silver, while the blade looks completely normal. Toja normally uses two hands when fighting with his sword.

Shikai Description: Toja Hagiwara Imagem20
The blade actually shrinks a bit in this form, so that Toja can use it with one hand again.

Shikai Abilities: The Shikai-powers are pretty basic stuff:
Flaming Blade: The blade is always on fire, so that blocking right infront of your face could still be a bad idea...
Hotaru no Hikari: Means Light of fireflies. With a swing from the blade, a fire-slicer is send on it's way, using Tojas Reiatsu. With complex swings, fire-whirls and circling flames to confuse the opponent are possible. Like with all Shinigami-skills, calling out the name of the technique makes it stronger.
Kido Boosting: While his sword is released, Tojas Kido when incarnated and when used without incarnation grows in strength.
Barrierbreaker: In Shikai, Toja is able to use higher level Kido than he should be able to.

Release: Light up the sky, Hotaru!

Bankai Description: The sword: Toja Hagiwara 200px-Olympusblade
Toja himself gets a now crimson-red Shinigami-kimono instead of the normal black one, also, a golden metal protector is now going down from his right shoulder over his complete arm, with which he holds the sword. The flames in it are so hot that it always burns blue, but during attacks, the flames turn white.
The new name of the sword is now Koasahi no Hotaru, meaning Fireflies Small Sun.

Bankai Abilities: The now always flaming blade is a force that can be deadly to hit head-on. Burning with the intense heat of condensed spiritual energy, it's fire burns body and soul like nothing else.
Koasahi no Hikari: Literally meaning Light of the little sun. Basicially, it's Hotaru no Hikari on a way larger scale, unleashing big fire slicers in many forms and directions at the same time, increasing the heat in the atmosphere around him and burning everything they touch with intense spiritual heat.
Enhanced Kido: A step up from the Kido Boost, Tojas Kido when not incarnated are now 80% of the normal strength, and 120% when incarnated.
Incarnation Skip: Normally, skipping the incarnation for the highest levels of Kido is very hard to do, but in Bankai, Toja can leave out up to 50% of a spell that is normally not even aviable for him to be used.
Sun Protector: The arm guard is not only for show, it can block any kind of fire even at point blank range. A normal Zanpaktou could also never cut through this Bankai-Metal.

History/Background: If Toja had a live on earth, he can't recall it by now. In fact, he was alive once - but died at a rather young age, his soul didn't get transfered into Soul Society right away, though...
In fact, he got eaten by a Hollow, thus turning him into one himself. He wasn't one for too long - a Shinigami slew him, releasing his soul into freedom and peace in the next world. He can't remember anything from that - it was a Kido Corps Member who released him back then.
His first real memories are from the Soul Society. While the most souls there didn't trust Shinigami - it wasn't exactly one of the good districts he grew up in - he always felt kinda drawn to the men and women in the black Kimonos. Enlisting into the Shinigami Academy with only 14 years, he was accepted because of one simple thing: he had heard an incarnation of a Kido from a Shinigami, and as he copied the saying, he actually unleashed a spell without any training.
It was no wonder that after being trained as a Shinigami, and meeting his spirit for the first time, he was recruited into the Kido Corps. As usual for them, he was recruited before actually finishing the academy officially, recieving the rest of his training with them, furthering his abilities in the demon magic.
During his training time, his dislike for his own feminine nature also surfaced, and he was soon known under other recruits, even older ones, to be able to become quite dangerous if called a girl, or girly boy. Or, to put it bluntly - Toja mutated from a rather shy recruit Shinigami into a tsundere kido-specialist.

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PostSubject: Re: Toja Hagiwara   Toja Hagiwara Icon_minitime1Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:11 am

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [Omit]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [Omit]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [Omit]

Tier: i say a good 2-3

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