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PostSubject: Tohno SHIKI/Roa   Tohno SHIKI/Roa Icon_minitime1Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:07 am


Real Name: Tohno SHIKI (same sound as the normal Shiki - written in different japanese signs)

Alias: Serpent of Akasha, Roa, Inverted One, Murderer

Age: 18

Appearance: Tohno SHIKI/Roa 25utunr

Background: SHIKI was born as the first child of his father - the leader of the Tohno Clan. Thus, he was destined to become the one to inhert the title of the clan leader once he was old enough. As a result, from early child-age onward, he was trained in both body and mind - because to lead the clan, one would have to master the evil in their blood.

The Tohno clan was always a cursed one - their blood had been tainted centuries ago. What exactly caused this taint was not known, but it prevented anyone in the clan from having a normal life. Supernatural abilities were normal for them - moving things with the power of their mind, controlling elements, superhuman strength, it all was possible to them thanks to a Reiatsu that was surpassing that of normal humans. But this power came at a great price.
"We of the Tohno Clan have to go through life alone... and die alone, SHIKI."
Every single member of the Tohno clan with exceeding supernatural powers held a strong 'inversion impulse' in them. A collection of dark emotions, evil intentions, never subsiding and always increasing. Surpressing this feeling was the eternal struggle of each and every Tohno, and that was told to SHIKI since he was a kid.
Thus, he fought his own inversion impulse even as a kid. He had a little sister called Akiha, but she didn't have the intense amounts of evil powers that were dormant in her big brother, and both didn't know about the raid on the Nanaya Clan when their father attacked them.
Only a day or so after his father wasn't at home at night, he introduced a new boy to the family - as an adoptive son. SHIKI was sceptical at first, but quickly took a liking to the boy with the same name as him, accepting him as his little brother, and slowly but steadily breaking him out of his emotionless shell. All the time with his own, confident and nice grin.
But at the same time, dark urges started rising up in SHIKI. Hate for Shiki - the burning desire to rip his head off, to tear him apart.
However, SHIKI knew the cause of this. His own inversion impulse was growing strong - his demonic half was not an ancient, strong pool, but rather a raging, young torrent of emotions. Unlike many other Leaders of the clan, however, SHIKI was able to surpress these emotions rather easily, and live his life normally. But even that should not stay the same once his father took in two girls that had lost their family - twin sisters, Kohaku and Hisui. Synchronizers, as they were called.
Naturally, SHIKI was a lot more aware of those things than his two siblings, since he already started to develop spiritual senses. Researching and sneaking about, he found out the horrible truth about how his father was using the elder sister, Kohaku, to surpress his growing demonic self - and with that, SHIKI started to develop an incredible hatred for his own father, and the horrible crime he was forcing upon that innocent girl. So he promised to himself, before she broke completely, he would obtain his own Red Vermillion powers, slay his father for inverting and become the head of the clan - even if it meant killing his father, even of it meant being the head of the clan at such a young age. SHIKI was unable to bare the injustice. But during all that time, he was smiling, and playing the carefree, slightly silly older brother to Shiki and Akiha, whom he wanted to protect at all costs. But of course, the boy was also aware of something - that he could go off the slippery slope, and end up being just as bad or worse than his old man.
"Hey... if that time comes... you'll kill me, right? Nanaya..."
"... I don't like 'what if's."

One summer day, The two boys who were like brothers had that conversation on the rooftop of the Tohno Mansion, climbing up to it against his fathers wishes - because SHIKI felt that it wouldn't be much longer. The sole reason why his father adopted a Nanaya - was so that he wouldn't have to deal with killing his own son himself. That cruel truth didn't make life any easier for SHIKI.

It was only a few days later... It truely happened. On a normal summer day, on that clearing in the small forest on the Tohno Estate - the inversion impulse attacked SHIKI. But not only his impulse - something entered his mind. Something absolutely evil, a being born in a time long forgotten. That thing was...
Roa, the Serpent of Akasha. Infecting his mind and fusing with him, this being was more close to a Guardian Beast mixed with a Hollow than anything else, as it corrupted and twisted the gentle and fun-loving boys personality further. Having to deal with the inversion impulse AND Roa at the same time proved too much, and the ancient spirit turned and twisted SHIKI completely into a monster.

But then, he died. As he attacked his sister and slew his friend, Shiki, in a blind rage... his own father killed him. At that final moment, with his sanity slightly returning, he used his own demonic ability and the new eyes that being near death awarded him, and absorbed part of Shikis life-force, in order to return to life.
As his father could now no longer kill him without also killing the adopted Nanaya and the other way around, he was forced to lock SHIKI away for eight years, during which the already corrupted sanity of his son only degenerated. Letting him 'use' Kohaku, SHIKI now was forced to commit the same sins he had once sworn to end.
As his father was close to inverting himself during a checkup on SHIKI, he was sloppy. One moment of carelessness, and SHIKI killed his own father, disappearing afterwards. Stalking the nights, he is a silent 'vampire killer' in Karakura Town.
A monster, obsessed with killing Shiki, having a mad lust for his own sister, and seeing the maids as little more than tools.

But deep inside, he's not insane...

Personality: SHIKI is a very twisted and sadistic individual. Thanks to being 'inverted', he had originally lost his mind, but after stealing some of Shikis life, he gained back his sanity at least a bit. While he may seem crazy and uncontrollable at first, he is actually very cunning and calm when he needs to be, playing his enemies against each other and sneaking up on victims in the darkest of nights.
Whenever something doesn't follow his plans, though, he gets angry very easily, often resulting in destructive rage-outbursts, thanks to his enhanced physical body. This can often nearly be compared to a kid becoming angry at things not going his way - just with way more devastating effects.
Thanks to the influence of 'Roa', the ancient being that made him invert as a kid, he can even act noble and understanding at times, and be quite the gentleman. His conflicting personas sometimes cause him to have sudden outbursts of burning headaches, similliar to Shikis case of anemia, just with less chance of SHIKI passing out. Most times, he just suffers greater pain during these phases.
As a side-effect of his eyes being incredibly sensible to light, he hates sunlight out of a simple reflex, often being seen only at night-time.
All of SHIKIs actions aim at one thing - to kill Shiki, and reclaim his position as a Tohno, even though that is completely impossible, since his own sister, Akiha, would have to kill him the moment she saw him - since SHIKI gave in to his inversion impulse, he is seen as a danger to the family.
Since he is a natural born killer, he doesn't comprehend fear of death, or death itself, since Roa inside of him defies the logic of death and lives on each generation by switching bodies. This leads to rather reckless behaviour, but is also the reason why SHIKI never obtained the full Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.
Roa itself doesn't have much of a personality. Since it lived for more than 10 centuries by now, the only desire of Roa is to continue the reincarnation-process by living inside of a host, corrupting the mind of said host, and moving on.

Likes: Akiha, Shiki

Dislikes: Daytime, sunlight, Shiki, his father

Fear: Shikis eyes, sunlight, his father

Strengths: Enhanced body, Mystic Eyes

Weakness: Sunlight, emontional instability, can't regenerate Reiatsu on his own


Powers: Mystic Eyes of Life Perception: SHIKIs eyes are quite similliar to those of Shiki - at least it looks like that for others, but they actually are complete opposites. SHIKI can see the 'life' of things, thanks to his near-death experience, as black lines travelling through each human or soul. When traced with a sharp object, like a knife or his own, claw-like fingernails, he saps away the 'life' of the person cut, causing them to slowly weaken down. This weakness will become greater and greater the more lines are traced, until they lead to the death of the attacked person.
Those stronger than SHIKI can shrug off the effects with some time, those on or under his level take longer to recover from it. If someone is killed by the life-sapping cut of the knife, they will be cleanly cut along the lines, an unhealable wound that splatters quite a bit of blood.
The last thing the eyes allow is to see the 'point' of life on someone, a point that usually resides in the heart or head of someone as a large, black dot for SHIKI. Stabbing the point of life will drastically affect the enemy, more so than being cut along the lines.
Finally, SHIKI doesn't need to conceal his 'Mystic Eyes of Life Perception', since seeing life in humans, animals and souls is something the human brain can comprehend. As the downside, though, he is unable to affect the surrounding world by cutting it, and can't 'kill' what's not even alive for him in the first place. Plants, however, do have life, but focusing on cutting it will cause headaches for SHIKI not unlike those Shiki experiences when he uses his eyes.
Another thing about the eyes is that, since everyone has them, SHIKI can fight in complete darkness by following the lines of whatever attacks him. This doesn't work for energy attacks, though, since those don't have 'life'.

Vampiric Desire: Every single being has 'life' in them, mostly described by Reiatsu, the pressure of spirit particles making up their core or soul. SHIKI lacks the ability to regenerate his own Reishi or life without outside help - he needs to consume the blood of the living or of souls to regenerate his own power. This has both negative and positive effects - while he can't usually regenerate in fights, as long as he gets enough blood afterwards, he could even re-attach - not regenerate - lost limbs. As an alternative, he can use the life he 'saps' from enemies using his eyes to refill his own, but that refill is only small and minor compared to drinking blood.
This affliction of his body caused his fangs to develop similliar to those of a vampire, and his blood-red eyes don't react to sunlight very well.

Inversed Body: Thanks to his inversion, SHIKIs body is stronger than a normal humans, and faster. The more Reiatsu he has, the stronger his body gets - he can't use his Reiatsu for any special moves (yet), so it is completely channeled into his body. While using this ability, his hands can turn into claws, and his muscles on the shoulders and arms sometimes start to bulge out a bit, depending on his emotional state.

Help me please... help me...

Tohno SHIKI/Roa 1zg3jit

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Posts : 326
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PostSubject: Re: Tohno SHIKI/Roa   Tohno SHIKI/Roa Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:26 am

Finished. Anyone wanting to check?

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PostSubject: Re: Tohno SHIKI/Roa   Tohno SHIKI/Roa Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:41 am

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