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Ama Yariman

Ama Yariman

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PostSubject: Ama Yariman. ~    Ama Yariman. ~  Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:18 pm


Name: Ama Yariman~
Age: 550
Gender: Female

Orientation: Yumesade Shiride


Personality: Ama, much as her name states, is flirtatious and knows what she wants. She can be assertive at points and is not one to be messed with. Ama loves to play and if she finds the right person to play with, can be possesive of that person. She is a very good dancer and has many hidden talents she only shows to specific people. When confronted, Ama is never afraid of her sexuality and is always comfortable being who she is, a bisexual.

Ama often acts tough and is actually quite stronger than she looks. She does show off at times, but knows her limits. She is always on the hunt for a practice dummy to hone her fighting skills, so watch out. When she is near someone she likes, you will know because she seems to change entirely, the flirtatiousness strengthens and she shows off more to impress the significant other, like most would. All in all, Ama can get hard to handle, so if you are to get close to her, make sure you have a high tolerance for bullshit.

Abilities: Pre-Resurrección:[/color] Ama usually stifles her powers until she really needs them to provide a much harder blow later. However, she can simply whip you with her whip for her own sadistic enjoyment and cause damage in a rather normal way.

Sealed Zanpakutô: Her whip.

Release: And you will fall... Fall under my power...Apenar! [pain/suffering]

Resurrección: Being such a sadist, Ama's ressurection relies mostly on pain and the obvious sadistic pleasure. The strike from the whip will increase the sensitivity of the nerve endings under the skin. This helps with feeling and her dominance over you. If her whip does not hit you, you will feel fine and unchanged. However, if Ama sucessfully strike you, you feel feel the pain from the whip itself, and then it will be doubled. If she is not fully satisfied (reaction wise), then she will whip you once more, and, if you are cut by the whip, the pain you are feeling strengthen more and you will become hers even faster. After awhile, if she is either still not satisfied, in an evil mood, or simply done with you, she will then whip you harder than before, using even more force and cutting them once more. Once she strikes you one last time, she will either leave you for dead or whatever she feel suitable at that given time. If you are lucky enough, Ama might decide to keep you.

Resurrección Appearance: When she has her whip out, her appearance changes her apperance entirely, including her clothes. Her whip will emit purple flames when it is fully charged, but by this time her appearance will have changed to suit her nicely. The fire and whip simply becomes purple, and her hair turns a jet black and shorter so it won't be in her way during battle; after the whip is activated. Her clothes become leathery and more comfortable and suited for battle, making her ready for hits with her tough leather.

History: Ama was a slut in school, let's not sugarcoat it. She had a bad reputation for being a whore and grabbed the attentions of males everywhere. She barely noticed them anymore, they all wanted the same thing, and she was hapy to oblidge, who cares about rumours and bullshit. As long as you aren't pregnant, there wasn't anything wrong with what you are doing was her motto in school, and everywhere. She got top grades and was always smart unlike the typicial school whore, she never was one to be normal or follow rules. Or, to care, even. She led a good life dispite the rumours and bullshit she never worried about, and was overly pleased with everything she had done. Ama was involved in many clubs and prgrams that helped her greatly, as said before, she was a smart slut.

She lived in a time where education was rare and many could hardly read or write. Ama herself was an avid reader and loved writing, she decided to become a tutor. However, there were many who only wanted her to be her teacher because of her flirtatious nature and often got many come-ons, which she accepted only because she saw no reason not to.

Years later after she graduated, did her life change; two years, to be exact. Ama was living a normal life on her own and was quite sucessful in the fashion world. She had always been quite fashionable and loved designing clothes, and eventually opened her own buisness in her home, it was a cosy place that she absolutely loved. Ama loved striving with what she did best and got many benefits from it, one being new people. She met a man that made her quite happy. They even went as far to actually go out before the began to get serious. Ama, being quite new to getting this serious was not sure how to take it, and was rather insensative by mistake about it a lot.

They began to progress further and further, and Ama began to get uneasy, not about him, but about what was may happen next, it was so odd for her. Finally, it happened, he proposed. She was shocked, and simply was weirded out now. Ama told him how she felt and felt bad for doing it, but refused. Turns out she did not know him as well as she thought - which may explain her uneasyness. He almost immediately snapped when she told him she had always felt uneasy. Apparently, he really was insane, because that day, with nothing but a butcher knive and a few moves, he killed her mercilessly. Or so they thought.

Without him realising, she and them both found at that day, she could not, nor would ever be killed by something as pathetic as a human without a fight. All her life she thought she was normal, until some instincts she never knew she had kicked in and took over her. Without any delay, she began ripping him apart at once and devouring his useless soul. She cackled and then froze. What had she done, and why? It progressed like this for years, not knowing why she was doing this, but she had to, otherwise she felt starved and hungry. Like... she craved souls.

She never did understand what happened after that day, and it took a long time before she finally did. One day after consuming someone else's soul, she turned into a beast. A beast that she never before understood... and now it was her life. The only life she could live, and she could control herself better now that she was used to it. Her new forms kept improving and yet getting weirder, at one point she resembled a cat, and with her purple hair she looked like a Chesire. Rather amusing, really.

After what seemed like a lifestime, Ama grew old of the act. She wanted it all to end, and felt it never would. She didn't seem to be aging, and it was rather scary, but in a way, great. However, the constant hunger for souls was beginning to get to her. She hated it and wanted it to end. Ama ripped off her mask and fell to the ground, she was out cold for hours, almost until morning. When she awoke, she ran to a mirror at once and wondered if she was still a monster. Ama now looked human, but only changed on the outside, she was still a monoster, but now she was in control, and knew how to live her life. She was ready for anything. To face the world... As an Arrancar.

RP Sample: Ama had a lovely long jog that day and felt quite refresh, as always. She usually jogged three times a week to stay fit and did other various activities for pleasure to stay in shape. Ama liked her shape and how she looked, and was very good at keeping it attractive and overall nice. After her nice, relaxing shower, Ama got out and dressed herself. She fixed her hair and put her glasses back on and casually glanced at her clock. It was 5 in the afternoon, and she was invited to a club this evening at 7. She decided now was a great time to get herself ready.

Her first task was an easy one; blow drying her long hair. This process took about half an hour because she has so much hair. Next, she walked into her bedroom and picked out an outfit appropriate for going to a night club. Being a very provocative person, Ama went with a sleevless, black and pink coctail dress that exposed most of her chest and accessorized it with a small red arm band on her right arm to match the red bow around her neck. For footwear she wore knee-high black leather boots that she really liked. She put it on and walked over to her full-length mirror to see how it looked. Perfect. She smiled to herself and then put her hair up nicely with a red headband. Ama felt good about how she looked. So good, she had lost track of time. She looked over at the clock and noticed it was 6:50. Time to go!

Smiling widely to herself, she looked back at the mirror one more time and winked at her reflexion before leaving her room. She never took anything to clubs or bars, all that mattered to her was what she brought home anyway. Ama then set off for the club and arrived just a few minutes after 7, not that being on time really mattered here. She took an additional five minutes or so flirting with some guys in the line before she was told she could go right in - ah, the advantages of being sexy, she thought evilly to herself. When she walked in the usual males glued their eyes to her and others continued pumping their fists or chugging their drinks. There were still the few lonely ones trying to have a decent conversation over the defening music - nice try. She looked on and walked to the bar just to sit down for a moment or two, her usual routine. Ama looked more closely at the people, they were all so predictable, all the sluts were grinding and teasing the easy, brainless guys and the rest were getting so wasted they will never remember it. Anyone else was either here because they were forced or had no social life. You may notice the contradiction with Ama thinking this, but, know that Ama was no mindless slut. She knew exactly why she was here, she had an actual plan besides getting laid or wasted or both. However, she would take this plan to the grave.

In the corner of her eye, something grabbed her attention. She looked over to find some guy nursing a glass of alcohol. He looked deep in thought, or perhaps just lonely. Ama wondered whether she should even try, but it appaeared he had only just got there and hadn't had much to drink. She thought what the hell and got up, her hair flipping about as she did so. She walked over slowly and sat down with a seat between them. Ama leaned on the counter coolly and looked at him casually. "You new here or just plain bored?" she asked conversationally because he looked so cut off from everyone else, it was almost amusing the expression on his face. She fingered the counter slightly out of boredum and awaited his response with her legs crossed sexily.

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PostSubject: Re: Ama Yariman. ~    Ama Yariman. ~  Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:29 pm

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Very Nice~ Maryiah approves this app~
Tier: 2-3

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Daigoro Ito - 0-2
David Nassau - 1-1+; 0-5
Mariyah Baishun-Otoko - 1-1-
Solas Foiche - 1-3
Arcueid Brunestud - 1-3
Subject AA - 2-1
Kasai Rain - 2-2
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Ama Yariman

Ama Yariman

Posts : 135
Join date : 2011-03-26
Age : 40
Location : In your pants c:

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PostSubject: Re: Ama Yariman. ~    Ama Yariman. ~  Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:32 pm

Thank you ^^
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