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PostSubject: Haseo   Haseo Icon_minitime1Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:38 pm


Name: Haseo
Former Human Name: Sora
Former Guardian Beast Name: Skeith
Element: Energy
Age: Exact age undetermined. Most likely around Ovans age, slightly younger.
Gender: Male
Rank: Black Ace
Orientation: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Describing Haseo can be done quickly with a few points: Easily annoyed, unfriendly, grumpy, and violent. He has tendencies to snap at people rather quickly, and has a loner type aura around him - he doesn't seem to like company too much. He goes from unfriendly to downright rude and even insulting if he feels annoyed enough, but the latter happens only rarely.
But deep underneath, Haseo is actually a very good guy. While he dislikes crowds and big collections of people, he can be quite social around fewer friends, if someone actually deals with him enough without dropping it out of annoyance to become his friend. While his caring nature nearly never shows normally, whenever someone is attacked around him or assaulted, his mindset switches - from that of a moody teenager who tries to be 'cool' to a strong-minded defender of the weak, the white clothed Undead can turn into a fierce warrior on a moments notice.
Unlike common belief, Haseo is also anything but dumb. He hates being betrayed, and is very cautious because of it - his first death was because of that, after all. He holds a deep hatred against the one who killed him, and his sworn goal is to find his old mentor and to stop his ambition. Not to kill him, but to shatter his dream and only leave shambles for him, like he did to Haseo when he killed the whole clan of the boy.
Not only to his ex-mentor, but in general, Haseo can be prone to holding grudges. It is hard to regain his trust once he loses it in someone, but it can be achieved. To those he actually trusts, he can also be a good leader instead of just protector or moody guy - in times of need, he is not afraid to take the charge right at the enemy, no matter who it is, and fight for what he believes in. He is obsessed with finding his former mentor, though, and after Ovan made the weapon called Tri-Edge, being actually called like the sword by some, Haseos most notable quote now is "Do you know Tri-Edge?", which may or may not be accompanied by a blade held close to someones throat.
Unlike many Undead, Haseo actually didn't lose his preference, so to speak. He is straight, and his body has not lost the 'natural functions' when he fused with Skeith.

Death/Awakening: Haseo was born into a clan of Quincy, being one himself, too, with the human name Sora. While he was an albino, and thus had to deal with having a weaker body, he still had great potential in the old arts of the monks of destruction. Under his own mentor at the age of 10, he began training, quickly seeing his mentor as a sort of an older brother.
During this time, he did not know about the dark ambitions of his mentor. Living a harsh, but also fulfilled life, Sora had everything he wanted. A family that loved him, good friends, and even a crush on one of the girls living with the clan, who, while not having Quincy powers, had the ability to heal wounds by using spiritual energy.
This lifestyle would only end when his mentor decided to betray them all in order to achieve his ambition. As his clan struggled against a large force of unexpectedly attacking Hollows, Sora was sent of to find his teacher - his strength could surely tip the battle in his favor. On his way to the storage rooms, he suddenly ran into his now-girlfriend, who had the strange feeling that something bad was about to happen. Together with her, the young Quincy managed to find Ovan - only to get stabbed. Literally.
His clan was crumbling, the mansion on fire - and in his chest, plunged deep through his heart and spine, pierced through his entire body - a katana.
"Wh...y...?" Before the boy could even finish his sentence, his life was ended. Falling to the ground, the sword still in his chest, the last thing he heard was the explosion that tore both him and his mentor apart, into pieces and ashes.
But there was an error in his mentors plans. Instead of going to see the Soul King, he was absorbed into the Sugiura Lands by the spiritual fluctuation the death of a whole clan of Quincy caused - and Sora with him. His surprise as a plus slowly changed into burning hatred as his soul flickered away into particles and got re-assembled in the world that was hazardous to him, hate, rage, unbound dark feelings towards the man he had seen as a teacher, mentor, and older brother. The man who had betrayed everything.

This feeling of hate attracted something. The first wave of the Cursed Wave, a group of eight Guardian Beasts. As his view changed into everlasting darkness, and only hate kept his soul together, the former Quincy heard a voice in his head.
"I have found you!"
Red eyes, and with them, two gigantic black hands seemingly crushing Sora between them. A fusion ensued that would seal Haseos fate, and turn him into the Terror of Death. On this day, the former Quincy became an Undead.

Coughing out the water of the sea he had re-appeared in, it took Sora some time to realize he was back in the real world. His body felt... strange. Thanks to his former living body being burned away to nothingness after his death at his former teachers hands, he didn't undergo the painfull 'Awakening' in it's fullest, but he still felt extremely sick and drained. His mind, now filled and seethed with hatred, knew that if he had survived this trip to hell and back, or rather, came back to life from it, that his former friend would also be back here somewhere.
Dusting off his strange new clothes, Sora vowed one thing - to find his former mentor, and crush his dream of seeing the spirit king. He would not just kill him, that would be way too nice and easygoing. Under the influence of the Terror of Death, his grudge for his mentor was something that would dictate the rest of his existance. As an Undead, Sora changed his name to Haseo.

Needing to blend in with the worlds, Haseo quickly found a place amongst the Quincy. While he lacked the abilities of them, unable to form bows anymore, he was able to use his own unusual Reiatsu for a similliar effect, but lacked a weapon. Thus, the Quincy he helped made weapons for him - at first, only two blades working similliar to the Seele Schneider, downward-facing dual daggers in glowing orange with complete hand-encasing handles.
Becoming a Hollow Hunter, he was sure that his ex-mentor wouldn't try to team up with Quincy again - they didn't help with his goals, after all. So he tried out to find more information about the whereabouts of the other Undead, fighting countless Hollows for the Quincy around the world during his time. He quickly became infamous as the 'Terror of Death', and a saying was that the true reaper feared him because of all the work he gave him each and every day. Over the course of this action, he learned how to use his Monster Form.
With the help of the German Clan, the Undead who swore eternal vengance upgraded his dual daggers. With new, experimental technology, they were turned into what they are now - spiritual dual guns. However, that was not all - with spiritual engineering, his naturally weaponless monster-form obtained two weapons which are now part of him.

When Haseo actually returned to Japan from his hunt for his former teacher, slowly settling down from the past, it only came back to haunt him even more. The Quincy War broke loose, a terrible massacre - and the Undead quickly decided to help the Clan he stayed with at first, the same clan that made a weapon for a man not unlike Haseo himself. Another Undead. The one he had always searched, yet never thought of.
Ovan, the Undead that was spawned from the mentor of Sora, betrayed the clan and led the Shinigami right into them. At the end of the day, only Haseo survived the onslaught, because he was no Quincy. Swearing vengance onto Ovan, the new name of his mentor, Haseo roams all realms on the search for him now.

Human Powers: In human form, Haseo has powers similliar to a Quincy. He can manipulate free Reishi, but unlike Quincy, he uses his own to manipulate their free flow in the air. He can use this mixture to walk on air, and to power his two weapons. Other than that, he has no special abilities, although his body is more resilent than a human one and takes way more punishment before dying. His skin feels unnaturally cold upon touch.
Haseo Haseo_Xth_Form_Weapons_by_EternalGamer
Looking like dual guns, this is just what they are. The glowing energy blades work similliar to Seele Schneider. While they lack vibrations, their unique makeup shakes the bindings between Reishi, making the hit object easier to cut and finally absorb with consecutive attacks. The bullets fired are generally half the strength of a Quincy arrow or Bala, and they are fired in semi-automatic blasts.

Monster Form: Haseo 1014441617_520cbc63e5
While the armor may look like steel at first, it's actually made out of very hard, black scales. The scythe is also organic, being able to connect to his hands for a better grip.
Monster Powers: In this stage, Haseos physical abilities drastically improve. His strength and speed are greatly enhanced, and his scythe can partially bend and twist according to his will, making both it and his claws a very unpredictable and sharp weapon. While they can still loosen the connection of Reishi to make them easier to cut, Haseo can't absorb free Reishi in this form, or use his guns. In fact, he has no single long-range attack in this form, and has to rely completely on brute strength and speed, since his scale armor offers only medium to slight protection.
As a secondary option, Haseo can turn his Scythe into a gigantic two-handed sword that not only looks like a chainsaw, but also works like one.
Haseo Hackgu1-1
He is also bound to close combat with this weapon, naturally. He has one special attack for each weapon, which is utilized by his Reiatsu.
Reapers Dance: Used with his scythe, Haseo 'flies' through the air, slashing at the enemy a grand total of ten times in quick succession, before driving his weapon down into the ground. Four blades rise out of the sky as the skill is used, and shoot into the four directions of north, east, south, and west. That is the only remotely 'ranged' attack of Haseos monster form.
Armor Break: Does what the name implies - Haseo flies at his enemy, slashing down with the sword at first to get more air by also crashing down into the earth, and then slashing away two times while in the air, with the last of the three slashes in total crashing down onto the ground with Haseos full physical strength. This move is made specially for breaking huge defenses.

Guardian Beast Form: Haseo Skeith3rd
This form is roughly 8 feet tall, with each of the energy-swords on the back having the same height. Skeiths body parts are held together by telekinesis, magnetism and magic, and this, can't be blown into different directions.
Incarnation: "Alright... Now come on, come on. I'm right here - SKEITH!"
Guardian Powers: Avatar Space: Once Skeith is active, the battlefield always changes. Haseo and his enemy or enemies are transported into an alternative realm, that looks like a giant sphere surrounded by a net-like structure of what could best be described as 'data'. Avatar space is a dark place, but strangely enough, you can always see in it. A giant sphere, like a sun, circles in the middle. There is no ground in the round sphere, but you can stand or float and fly through the space according to your own thoughts. The only thing besides the fighters are randomly scattered giant rocks or modern ruins, like a floating half skyscraper in terrible shape, for example. Haseo can chose not to activate Avatar Space, but normally he uses it.
Intense Speed: In Skeiths form, Haseos physical strength is still on his Monster-Form levels, but his speed gets another big upgrade. He has no flash-step like ability, but his normal movements are already like flash steps either way. He can do quick turns, rapid sidesteps and bursts from zero motion to full speed better than any army jet.
Metal Body: The body of Haseos Guardian Beast form is actually made out of strong metals. Underneath it, he still has a layer of flesh and blood, though.
Flashes of Reality: More like another ability of Avatar Space, both he and his enemy can sometimes see small images of the other one in their 'true' or most human-like form, for example, Haseos human form might sometimes appear like a static image for a second instead of Skeith. This is a purely cosmetic ability.
Rapid Shot: From his hands, Skeith is able to rapid-fire a nearly unlimited number of small, bala-like bullets, like a machine gun. He has a small delay after each shot, and can't release more than 1 bullet at a time, and thus these attacks are more like an actual gun than a Quincy bow. He can use both hands seperately as machine guns for double the fire-rate, though.
Lock-On: Skeith is able to register an enemy in Avatar-space into his mind, making it easier to stay on-target. This takes a short amount of time away in which he has to focus himself, and once locked on, it is hard to break sight-contact with the Avatar again. This move is required for:
Point Laser: On the tip of each wing-like sword on his back, Skeith charges up a red energy blast. Upon releasing them, they track down the locked on enemy to a certain extent, and their charge-time is about triple the time for a Cero, but Haseo can move at least a bit while charging. All together, the 8 lasers have the strength of a pretty damn big Gran Rey Cero.
Energy Scythe: Lacking a weapon, Skeith can fuse all eight energy swords on his back into a scythe with intense power. This scythe glows yellow to white, and is actually quite hot since it is made out of pure energy.
Core Drain: This move requires two posts of charging up. Upon release, Skeith fires a ball of golden, yellow and black energy from his hands, surrounded by 'rings' of weird symbols. Should this sphere hit an enemy - it moves very slowly compared to his other attacks - a giant 'eye' like symbol appears on Haseos/Skeiths hands, and he absorbs the energy of his target into himself. This move throws back enemies into their lowest release and heals Skeith.
Energy Drain: A weaker version of core drain, it requires only one post of charge time. The eye-like form appears, and Skeith turns into Haseos human form for a short time, surrounded by a golden glow, with the eye on his right hand. The energy ball released by this moves way faster, but upon contact, instead of draining the energy into himself, Haseo attempts to fluctuate the enemies energy out, mixes it with his own, and causes a massive harmfull explosion around the enemy. Here's a picture of it in use:
Haseo 3433

RP Sample: "I have found you!"

Haseo 1zg3jit

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Ready to be checked.

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  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [omit]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [omit]

Tier: 3-1 when in human and monster form and 2-2 when in GB form

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