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Ama Yariman

Ama Yariman

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PostSubject: Belphegor.    Belphegor.  Icon_minitime1Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:22 pm


Name: Belphegor
Age: 23
Gender: Male

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*Note - the fanart picture show his hair as gray-ish, but it is actually blonde & covers his eyes. Becuase of this, his eye color is unknown (but I will describe them as gray in rp because of this picture xD ).

Personality: Belphegor is known as a battle genius. He is a great strategist and knows his way around the battle field, and the importance of certain mistakes people can make. He loves to fight, but only does so when the opponents(s) deserve what is coming to them, he very rarely picks a fight with someone for no reason, only if he is in a really bad mood. All in all, Bel is not a guy you would want to mess

Powers: N/A

Strengths Knife skills: Belphegor uses throwing Knives and nearly invisible Wires to confuse and cut his enemies. While his enemies usually concentrate on the Knives, they are either being cut or trapped by the Wires.

■Cutting Knives Waltz (Special attack): This is one of Bel's more advanced knife techniques. He first sets up the battlefield with wires, and then uses his Knives in conjunction with the Wires to surround his opponent with countless knives, which then attacks his opponent from all directions, all at once.

Weakness Despite how tough and heartless this man may seem, everyone has a weakness. Bel's is quite simple - family. Since the muder of his brother, he has not been quite right, and his blood will boil with a fury if he meets someone similar to him, or if something like it is mentioned. After this, his abilities in battle will heigten and intensify with his anger.

Random Facts: *His signature laugh is "ushishishi."
*He is often a classification of one of the Seven Deadly Sins, representing the Sin of Sloth.
*His favorite meal is sushi
*Belphegor states that he killed his entire family as well as his brother. (Though it is unknown to others)

History: Bel was brought up with a father who was in the military and a mother who was... Well, a prostitute... But let's not think of her for now. Back as far as Bel can remember (which is about 5), he was brought up to believe the 'friend or foe' method. Which simply is, you must choose who you associate with wisely. You must be able to reconize friend and foe and determine which is which with precision, and make no mistakes with the information or things you do around either. Bel at a young age also learnt how to tell the difference between certain drugs and other bad substances and learned what to avoid for future peer pressuring events that his father wanted him to be aware of in case he was not around. This was a clever plan, because when Bel was 9, his father was shipped out to another country to help and fight in the trenches with his fellow soldiers. Bel always hoped and prayed his father would soon return to him, and if the case may be... He would die with honor. He would die like a man.

After a year of war, and several letters back and forth, Bel found out at the age of 11 that his father did not make it. However, a good friend of his, and ironically enough, their neighbor, did. He told Bel that his father killed many of the enemies men, and fought until the very end, but was soon surrounded and they took his life. But he died with honor. From that moment, something deep in Bel changed. He then realized what it took to really be a man... And he would do everything his father had taught him, and he would grow up to teach his children the same methods. He wanted to be just like his father. Now, let's move on to the mother...

As previously mentioned, yes, his mother was a prostitute. Unfortunantly for Bel's father, the only reason he agreed to marry her, was not out of love... But for financial support, or as his father said, for a 'favor to each other'. Bel never liked his mother at all. She had no soul, and any morales she had she threw on the floor with her clothes after each fucking customer she got. He was ashamed to call himself her son. He was only proud to know his dad was a man and accepted such a worthless thing to benefit a better cause. He was a noble man.

When Bel turned 18, his mother died, which did not really bother him to be honest. He moved out of his parents house and felt better about himself now that he was free from his mother. His missed his father greatly, but used the advice and knowledge his father gave him in his everyday life to be a good man. Bel had a few girlfriends here and there, btu love wasn't exactly what he was looking for. He just wanted to go out there and do something to prove to himself and to his father that he could be a man like no other. Bel would soon show them all and he would die fighting... Just like his dad.

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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor.    Belphegor.  Icon_minitime1Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:57 pm

350 is too old for a human without supernatural powers that somehow prolong their life. Also, the history is a blatant copy of the Hitman Reborn manga, which is not allowed to be done - even for re-used characters of other fandoms, you need to come up with your own history, or at least, make it Bleach. Also, the personality is too short.

For the record, I'm judging this app because it lacks the WIP in the title that every WIP app needs, even though it's in the WIP board. There's no way to tell wether or not it's one like this.

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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor.    Belphegor.  Icon_minitime1Sat May 14, 2011 1:01 pm

Approved 2-3
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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor.    Belphegor.  Icon_minitime1

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