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Ama Yariman

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PostSubject: Alex Hatsune    Alex Hatsune  Icon_minitime1Tue May 03, 2011 5:58 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Alex Hatsune

Age: 23

Alex Hatsune  332w2zc

Personality: Alex is the type who knows what she wants, and only really tries to get it when she sees fit. Alex usually disregardes emotions for her own personal gain when she begins trying, but when she is in her neutral state, Alex is a rather pleasant and bubbly person. She is fun to be with, and you will find yourself having some of the best conversations with her. She likes to be alone usually and if you disturb her while she is by herself in mid-thought, she will tell you where to go, and show you why you shouldn't come back. Alex likes to fight and knows how to do so quite well, but often uses her sex against the opponent. She will act innocent and weak, until you've done something to throughtly deserve an ass-kicking, then the gloves come off... And her innocence disappears in every possible way.

Red Fury: Being what most would call an 'emo' kid on the inside, or, 'secretly', Alex can often get very upset at the term emo because she finds it offensive in every possible way. When hearing it, even if not directed at her, her eyes will glow a dark red, and she will claw the speaker, making them bleed a scary amount of blood for an entire post.

Silencing: Alex is the type who likes to be alone, and liked peace and quiet when in deep thought, or just to calm herself. So, if it is too loud, she will make a high pitched noise to basically pierce through the noise, and the area around her through her ears will be completely peaceful.

"Bite me": A phrase that Alex loves to hear. If she hears someone say this, she will immediately concentrate her power, making her already vampiric fangs grow about an inch longer before rushing after the person and doing as the 'commanded'.

Symbols: The one thing she enherited from her sister, was that she can also draw/form symbols in the air in a shiny yellow coloration by drawing them in the air with her finger. She can form just about anything in the air with this. This has no purpose in combat, but it's incredibly entertaining and has a few useful applications.

Strengths: *Flexibilty
*Leg power

Weakness: *Untrusting of others
*Hates being around others (for the most part)
*Very suicidle


History: Having somewhat of an abnormal childhood, Alex was always looked down upon growing up, but this oddly enough... Made her happy - in a sort. Alex was born into a family of depressed, bipolar, and downright screwed up people, with morales most would find plain wrong - or even illegal to some sense. She was raised to believe that those who look down on you are only jealous and simply have suckish lives to spit on the lower levelled people. From this, people who spoke down to her, belittled her, or just plain bullied her, made her laugh because she knew they were worthless. Eventually, nobody bothered her because they knew no one would care at all. All through middle school, she was untouchable.

Then, the time came. She was now finished middle school and was off to high school, she was excited. Upon entering high school, she realized how different everything was. More and more people there looked down on her, but she held her head high... But no one stopped. she laughed at those who looked down at her, but they were much more persistant than the kids in her middle school. It seemed they wouldn't stop, and Alex was getting more and more upset by this. Why would they not back down? She asked her family, and she said they were far too stupid to simply come back from it, and they were just too far deep into that mindset. So, after hearing that, she tried a new approach... Ignoring it instead of laughing at it. Still nothing.

By the end of her third year, Alex was at the point of suicide. Depression built up and up because the kids would simply not give up on her here. With much adivse from her family that was just NOT helpful, Alex continued to walk the hallways blind to her sister, who often roamed the hallways. Her sister was and Alex herself were actually well known in school because of their father who was often well known because he was a well known Record Company CEO.

After Miku's thirteenth birthday, in 2011, the hollows attacked. The sheer masses of their spiritual pressure caused Miku to develop powers based off of what she loved. Music, and Technology. Ironic seeing as how she didn't like the indoors at all anymore. The attack also resulted in the death of her parents. Alex was always upset by this, with the powers Alex herself got, it seemed so lame to what her kid sister had won. Alex got a bit of power and was always outshined by her sister, which is hard on someone when you are older. So, enraged and hurt by her younger sister's sudden uprising in popularity, she stopped speaking to Miku and simply told her she was taking a vacation. She 'lost' communication with her family and virtually had no contact with anyone close to her, or on the outside world. There was no one she looked forward to seeing anymore.

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Alex Hatsune
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