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Ama Yariman

Ama Yariman

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PostSubject: Celeste   Celeste Icon_minitime1Fri May 06, 2011 2:30 pm


Name: Celeste {Last name unknown to most}

Age: 700

Gender: Female

Orientation: Freelancing~

Celeste Rldnkh

Personality: Celste is a sadistic, twisted, and all around fucked up person. She, like her mate Kuroi, has no real 'good' morals because really, she has seen and done it all. Being sane or 'good' is a bore and she prefers to live on the wild side. Some of her favorite activities are illegal in many places and often, she commits these 'crimes' for pleasure anyway. She always loves a good joke and sometimes tends to get carried away with some things, and, this can get quite out of hand due to her lack of morals. Celeste is always quite the character, with his thousands of different personalities to match a certain mood, she is not one to forget easily after meeting. If you survive, that is.

Abilities: N/A

Sealed Zanpakutô: A small knife she keeps hidden in her boot when not in use

Release: "And I know, I know it's not your time... Sin embargo, bye bye (But bye bye)."

Resurrección: Having taught Kuroi, she helped him learn the ressurection she uses, which is rather simple, but useful. Whenever Celeste stabs or slices with his blade, a phantom weapon made of her reiatsu makes the exact same motion directly in front of the opponent. This would be
relatively difficult to dodge, but not impossible. It can be medium, long, or short range
(depending on the situation and his concentration) and potentially deadly. Example; slashing at them from 50 meters and the blade will slash at them from directly in front.

History: Celeste led a normal childhood. Wake up, eat, school, boredom, repeat. Nothing much to it. Slowly, she began to really hate it, loathe it, even. She wanted more, she wanted excitement. But no one would play with lonesome little Celeste. She began to seek out a playmate, and prayed they would not move this time or not speak to her anymore. Try number 65, Celeste could not help but think as she looked around for a new friend. Poor Celeste.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Celeste had made many friends, all who moved, left, began to hate her, and so on. She could never keep a friend, and it stung her heart to know it. Celeste did not belong here, no one wanted her. She began to think she was just completely useless after all. But was she?

When Celeste was 17, she was proud to be graduating from high school. She was almost done. Her heart sank slightly when realising, she was now ending high school utterly alone. This made her a bit sad, but she soldiered on. Celeste was one thing – and that was determined; very determined. She waded past the jeers and titters, and past everything she hated, knowing the end was near. Her birthday was also just around the corner. Nobody knew. Or so she thought.

For years, Celeste had a boy in her class during her high school years that never seemed to age, but was always in the back of the class. He got good grades, and rarely spoke; she did not even know his name. She thought about him one day when passing him in the hall, who was he? She knew he must feel terrible. Like… her. She gasped under her breath, how had she not noticed him? Later that week she went to speak to him but lost her words, something about him was seemingly unapproachable, even the teachers acted this way with him. Celeste over time put him out of her mind.

Graduation day: an overall picture. Everyone is happy and nervous, but are all with their friends and parents, so proud. On either end you have the mysterious boy, and Celeste on the other, alone, but still proud inside. The end was near, and Celeste secretly celebrated her birthday with herself. Finally, after a few hours, it was over, it was all over. She was now 18 and an adult, ready to face the world. Little to her knowledge, she would remain 18 forever.

The boy was not normal, he had been studying her for ages, and she stuck out to him the most. She was a gorgeous girl and an excellent vessel for him. For years he debated on how to strike a deal with her without making himself known, he decided to wait. Now school was done, he had to make a move now so she did not leave and he would have to track her. Celeste had begun walking to her car to drive home, and got in it. The backseat was on fire, a fellow classmate threw a cigarette in her back window, but the fire was so small she hadn’t noticed. It grew in a little amount of time, and melted her seat belt, making it really hard for her to move. She screamed, no one heard her, everyone was gone. The boy saw her, and ran to her, ripping off the door with his strength. Celeste gasped; no human could be so strong. He pulled her out, tearing the seat belt off as he did so. Before she got to ask what had happened or who he was; he made his move and struck her the deal. She was still dumfounded, but gladly accepted, and was 18 forever; a new girl, a powerful girl, never again to be picked on. Celeste lived in confusion... She was told she could no longer die... And would look 18 forever. To some, this was a dream come true, but she was never certain, even after many years, how she felt about it specifically.

After one hundred years of living like this, in the endless confusion. She honed and learned more about her powers, and figured it out mostly all by herself. She was quite proud, and eventually decided on visiting the human world. She found a boy who was quite like her, he had this sort of pleasant insanity about him, and she liked it. She moved in with a fellow arrancar friend of hers. She wondered if this boy knew what he was, she found out from her friend that he didn't, and did not know that all this time. She kept it from him and wanted to wait until he was ready for it. However, he only ended up taking a wrong turn and trying to avoid contact with anyone.

Time passed as they grew up together, and on her mock 18th birthday, Kuroi began to change... Getting closer, it would seem. A week after her "birthday", he proposed to her and handed her his heart, in hopes she would accept. However, she did not want him wuite like that just yet. She knew what he was. Surprised by this, he stood there gazing blankly at her - and she laughed, she could not help it. She went to tell him, but something happened inside of him. His eyes flashed with a rage of a thousand suns as he grabbed a knife and her. He murdered he cruelly and without mercy, and later on pretended she had never said no, though she had only passed out from the shock. He took her body and danced with her, holding her close, before later taking her into his room for their... 'honeymoon'. It was then he found out that she had only passed out, and not died. She was really not human. He stood there once more staring blankly before she grabbed the knife he had used on her and cackled hysterically before chasing him around and murdering him, she was going to take the easy route and tell him... But now it was her time to have a bit of fun. He thought it was all over... Until an hour later... He woke up. He and Celeste talked and argued about leaving each other and not wanting to see each other again... Until something struck Kuroi that Celeste assumed to be clarification of his feelings. She forgave him for everything on that night, but she also told him something else. She told him from the moment she met him, she knew what he was, she sensed him. Being totally confused, he asked what she meant. Celeste then told him he was an arrancar, and explained everything. For the next few weeks, she stayed and coped him through his confusion, but as his strength grew... She changed and so did he.

They, over time, decided it would be best if they simply stayed seperate for a bit to simply have some space to breathe and to ready themselves further for a commitment. Then and only then would they return to embrace each other once more. Then and only then would she find him again, and come to him. Until then, Kuroi was now facing the world on his own... And from that moment... Leaving him changed Celeste. For the worst or better, it can be controversial. Nonetheless, she changed too. And hoped she would someday return to him and they could live together forever. Until then... sh hid this secret from everyone in case it were to come back and be used in wrong ways she would not like somehow. After years of being without him, she began to break from the longing and pain, virtually torturing herself cruelly and making her insanity heighten with each passing day. She began to look for him, and would be reminded of him every few moments, to the point it would hurt her, but she NEEDED him now. So she continued her search in hopes she would find him, to tell him how much she really needed him, but revealed it to no one her true intentions. She mostly told others that he was just a relative she longed to find, and would have several breakdowns from her insanity with the search, to which most though this man was a close brother of some sort, so they often sympathized with her. She never gave up, and to this day she searches far and wide for her lover... Kuroi had no idea, and she wondered if he ever would. Though one would never know or ask this woman. Would you?

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Ama Yariman

Ama Yariman

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PostSubject: Re: Celeste   Celeste Icon_minitime1Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:16 pm

*Now belongs to Agito* :3
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