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Name: Michael Goff

Gender: Male

Real Age: 643
Appearance: 28


Michael considers himself to be a kind person. He does his best to make sure that everyone around him benefits whenever he can, and he does his best to make sure that he doesn't push anyone around too much. There is only one glaring flaw when it comes to the way that he treats people. He knows he was a noble in life, and he acts like it. He knows he can fight very well, that he is born from greatness, and he will make sure that he is treated accordingly. Nobles, at least in his mind, should be treated better than anyone else.

That doesn't mean he won't treat anyone else with respect. He is somebody who also believes that it is his role to show everyone how they should act. This is something that he does by being as kind as possible, though he would still take down anyone who he thought of as a threat. That is something that helped to build his giant ego, his self-worth possibly being a little too high for somebody who isn't actually god. There is another thing about being a noble, which he might not actually be, that affects the way he behaves.

He has to be a professional.

It doesn't matter if he wants to do something; he just has to do it. It's good and all if he likes to, such as fighting some huge threat to the Soul Society, but even the task of sending out invites to a party must be done with gusto. Now, for the final aspect, for the reason he wanted to become the captain of the eleventh squad. It is the role of the Noble, at least in his mind, to look out for everyone. He pushes himself daily to become stronger, to be the best, and that was something that drove him to the squad in the first place. His heighted sense of self-importance pushed him further, making him push for the role of leader.

After all, he was better than the others.


Appearance: Here he is[/i]

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 218 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black


Zanpakutô Spirit:


The best way to describe his appearance is to look at his name. This is a person who loved the truth, who is rather impartial when it comes to most things. When Michael is doing well, that’s great. When Michael is doing poorly, he will make sure that the Shinigami is aware of what is perceived as a giant mistake. This isn’t something that is limited to fighting, however. Imagine there was somebody who was supposed to be your friend, and they showed it by making sure that you were aware when you were doing anything wrong at all.

That is how Shinzebi acts.

He never actually claimed to be Michael’s friend in the first place. This is a spirit who knows he will outlive Michael, and he knows he will outlive most. As such, he has prepared himself accordingly. He will help as much as he can, that much is obvious. There isn’t as close of a bond between Michael and the spirit, however, due to the knowledge that Michael will likely die in battle at some point. The spirit guards itself, with that being the only real fear that it has.

It is also the one truth that will never be freely admitted.

Zanpakutô Realm:

Just as Michael lived in a castle, the spirit of the Zanpakuto does as well. The walls are a white stone, never being dirtied by anything around it. Even combat within the realm, when it happens, doesn’t seem to affect the walls, floors, or even ceilings. The walls are easily three hundred feet tall, and the inner castle is several stories high. The interior of the castle is elegant as well, tapestries depicting the battles in England showing off what Michael used to consider his life.

Now it serves as a reminder of what happened.

In the exact center, there lies a throne room. The throne is made of gold, and the spirit is found there whenever he is able to be.

Sealed Zanpakutô :
The sword

Shikai Description:

The NEW sword

Shikai Abilities:

When activated, and after the sword takes on the new appearance, the ability is rather straightforward. Michael is able to do a few things that he was unable to do before, all of them capable via the reishi that collects on the blade. A few things can be done with this. When higher amount collect than an attack that is used against it, as reishi based attack, he can actually cut through it. This normally causes the attack to spill over on both sides. Another thing that can be done is that this can be used to ensure that the sword cuts things easier. And, finally, he is able to force the reishi into his limbs. This can be used to cause a short-duration increase in his speed and strength, though it will wear him down if he uses it for too long.

Release: "Let's show him his place." -Shikai
Bankai Description:


Michael’s appearance barely changes, his black outfit changing to a more pleasing white one. Other than that, he remains the same.

(The appearance of you and the sword, assuming it still is a sword)

Bankai Abilities:

This is the perfected form, and the abilities show this. Michael is able to do more with the reishi, and even collect it quicker at the edge of the blade. Most attacks can be cut with ease, and cutting his enemies with the increasingly sharpened blade becomes a lot easier as well. There is another trick that was learned, however, and it was absorption. Michael is able to actually take a reishi-based attack into the sword, and use it for his own abilities. One thing that comes with bankai, along with the much improved and easier to use abilities from shikai, is the ability to actually use the reishi as a shield. He can focus outward, stopping any of the other effects currently being used, to actually cause all of the reishi to harden his skin. The best comparison would be hierro.


It was a time when nothing good ever happened. Michael was born in Wales during a time of almost constant struggle. England was at war with France, trying to take their land. This wasn’t the only thing that was happening, though. He was born to a local noble, one who wished to be King. That was what made his father love the idea of a son. This person, Michael, was one of the people who could be trained to become a General. Who else would make a better General than the son of a Noble? He was going to be educated, and he was going to be taught to fight using the best instructor that gold could buy. Several types of sword-fighting, wrestling, and even archery were on the list of things that were going to be taught to him. This would ensure that there would be a competent General to lead the armies against the present King.

Life wasn’t fin when it was focused on fighting, learning how to lead, and only being praised when you do something the no child should be forced to do. Michael didn’t know any better, though, and so he continued through his lessons with a gusto that was unseen by the Knights under his father’s command. When he did well, he got the affection that parents normally gave their children. This was something that pushed him to become one of the greatest swordsmen in the Kingdom. When he was twenty-three, his father pushed for him to attack one of the nearby villages. His father wanted there to be a message sent, and sacking the defenseless town sent the message clearly.

It just didn’t end well.

Michael led the troops to some victories, and it seemed as though the War with France was going to ensure that everything went well for the rebellion. There was only one problem, however. The war wouldn’t last forever, nor did it always require all of the troops. There came a time when one third of the troops were able to be recalled. After there had been a few battles, the obvious conclusion came. It didn’t matter if you were skilled if you were outnumbered twenty to one. That truth didn’t dishearten anyone, though. Each and every one of them died, including the General. His father didn’t fare any better, soon being killed for rebelling against the King. There were a few things that a spirit could do after they died. They could go straight to the Soul Society, they could become hollows, or they could simply try to stay on the planet forever.

Michael didn’t get to choose, however.

It was around a week later that everything went wrong. Michael had hoped that it would be a party, something that he hadn’t been able to have while he was alive, but he didn’t account for the hollows. He didn’t even know anything about them, but they knew about him. Three of them were soon chasing the man down the street. If it wasn’t for a Shinigami saving him, something bad would have definitely happened. The fight was one of the greatest things that Michael had ever seen. It was almost like an art, with the bizarre creatures being destroyed by the swordsman with little effort. After that was done, it was time for him to fear for himself. If somebody could kill those three things, those giant things, then there was no chance that he would be able to do anything about it. All of his fear was taken away, though, when a stamp was placed on his head. He was told that everything would be better when he finally saw the other side.

That turned out to be a lie.

Michael’s new life started off bad, seeing people kill each other in a broken down neighborhood. This didn’t seem any different than before, possibly even worse. If it hadn’t been for a group of people who helped make sure that he stayed alive, and was fed, he wouldn’t have survived. It didn’t happen through stealing, merely the buying, selling, and trading of goods that ensured that everyone there had enough food to eat. There was one thing that was different from his life in the World of the Living, though, and that was the circumstances that he lived in. He had to fight during his life, the one before he had been killed in battle, but he was a noble. His needs were met, and his wants were mostly met. He had lived a life that a lot of people wanted, and that wasn’t something that translated to the Soul Society. His everyday life, while not a complete struggle, was something that wasn’t easy in the slightest. People wanted what he had, despite the fact that he didn’t have much. Things were only even halfway good; however, as the people who were helping him had thought they were good enough to make it in the Zaraki district.

They weren’t.

After that, years passed with Michael being forced to fight for everything that he got. It wasn’t simple theft, the growing soul actually sought to earn everything that he had. This happened with a stick, a large stick that was used to smack people around. It was used in the way that he had been taught to use a sword when he had been alive, and it was the thing that eventually helped to make sure that he was able to go into the academy. This was when he was able to show his skill with a blade, and the fact that he had been educated as a living being. It wasn’t easy, even with his past experience, but Michael’s life had come full circle. He could pretend he was a noble again, that he was alive again, and that he was able to protect his men again. He had failed them the first time, and now the man had another chance to live his life again. Years of that went by, and he was able to graduate. Afterwards, he was able to acquire his actual Zanpakuto.

Only when he thought he was strong did he finally realize how weak he was.

This realization came when he was sent with a squad to go track down a single Menos. It should have been easy; it should have been something that any of them could have taken on. Michael had seen a single Shinigami take on three, he was sure he was ready. When the fight ended with a lot of pain on their side, and them spending a month with the fourth squad, it was slightly depressing. This was something that pushed him to try to improve on his abilities, and actually pushed him to push to become part of the eleventh squad. He couldn’t become a seated, of course, but it was something that would help motivate him. Even without being seated, he would still be among people who would challenge his abilities daily. This would also give him the chance to do something about the fact that he didn’t know anything about his Zanpakuto. He had seen others use this ability that made them stronger, and he had heard about them talking to the spirits within their weapons.

Michael didn’t even know anything about his weapon having a particular spirit; he had been under the impression that it was an extension of his own spirit.

Even with the help of the Captain, however, Michael wasn’t able to commune with his spirit. It was almost as if the spirit didn’t want to talk to him, and every small snippet of conversation ended with the reminder that he would die. It was depressing, and it was something that caused him to not want to try. After a few years of trying, however, the spirit slightly warmed up to him. Instead of fighting against him, Michael got some help in a fight against a hollow. The sword changed, and the dumbfounded man was soon aided with instructions on how to destroy the creature. With the help of the spirit, he was able to actually win. This was something that helped him, something that ensured that he didn’t die. This was the thing that actually helped make sure that the Zanpakuto spirit didn’t stop talking to him. Instead, their bond became an actual bond. This was something that ensured that he would start to push to himself to try to become one of the seated members of the squad.

For once during his life, or afterlife being the better way of putting it, things started to look up on him. He was able to do something important, become the valued fifth seat. This meant that he would be able to go out on missions to fight against some of the strongest. Michael would be able to protect the people below him, just as he had tried in life. Once again, he did his best to push himself to become stronger. He had to make sure that there was nobody who could kill his subordinates. Even when they were sent against Adjuchas, more than one of them, he was able to ensure that there were no casualties. It was around this time that he had seen that what the captain was capable of. This wasn’t the Shikai that he knew, this was something called Bankai. This was something that his spirit didn’t want to actually tell him about, the knowledge that he would die was something that he didn’t like. It was almost as if the spirit had actually formed that connection, as if there was something about him that knew that Bankai would bring about the stronger battles that would eventually lead to his death.

Hundreds of years of that followed, with Michael eventually getting tired of the situation. One of the times when he was talking to the spirit, without the spirit even realizing something was wrong; the Shinigami actually grabbed hold of the spirit and pulled him out of his realm. This wasn’t something that anybody liked, but it was something that ensured that there would be a fight. Either Michael would come out on top, and he would have the power that he needed, or he would get smacked down by the spirit that was within his Zanpakuto. It took a long time, and eventually it was ended with the spirit being forced to surrender. Michael didn’t realize how weak he was, at least not until he nearly lost, the Shikai being the thing that helped him to defeat many opponents. If it wasn’t for the spirit, he would have died. Now, however, he had another weapon to add to his arsenal. He was now able to start his ascent, able to make his seated number lower until he was lieutenant. This wasn’t the end of his journey, however, as he was now able to stand toe-to-toe with his Captain.

He took the opportunity to try to take that position from the man, knowing that he would be able to protect everyone in the squad. It was only with the help of his Bankai that he was able to do anything at all, the heightened powers helping him cut through the Captain’s own Bankai attacks. It was almost as if he was the perfect person to fight against his captain, and almost as if his abilities were suited best for this squad. Maybe that was because of the fact that he had tailored his training to be the best. Michael was now the person who could ensure that his squad didn’t fall victim to the death that his Zanpakuto had ensured him would happen to them all eventually.

Extra Abilites:

-High Pain Tolerance

Roleplay Sample: (Show us your stuff!)

-Captain fight-
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