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PostSubject: Milla Kyu Miyato (Admins Only)   Milla Kyu Miyato (Admins Only) Icon_minitime1Wed May 11, 2011 6:48 pm

||Milla Kyu Miyato||
||Zero Division's Pink Lotus||

Back to Basics||

Race: Shinigami

Alias: "The Fleeting Lotus"

Affiliation: Spirit King/Zero Division

Base of Operations: Spirit King's Realm

Martial Status: Single

Previous Position: Taichou; Captain

Previous Squad: Sanbantai; Third Division

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Gender: Female

Age: 646- But, looks about 25

Height: Five foot Six

One hundred and Twenty-three pounds

Eye Color: Pink

Hair Color:
Long Blonde Hair with a Piece of her Bangs Streaked Green

Reiatsu Color: Blue/Pink Hue


She appears to be one of the more mysterious, mature and rational members of Zero Division. She is gentle-looking, perceptive, composed, receptive, and often acts without explaining her actions, thus she cannot get an impression of the current situation. She is also decisive, persistent, witty, somewhat impulsive, and quite bold, apparently preferring to wear several revealing outfits. Milla is determined, concentrated and independent. Initially, she is cold and stand-offish to others. She can be mischievous and teasing, though through it all, she has a large heart who cares for all those she considers a friend. Her playful exterior also masks a surprisingly thoughtful and sharp mind. She is a kind and caring person with a great sense of justice and a desire to do good- Though her mannerisms say different. In the face of the enemy, she is instead ruthless and unforgiving, driven by vengeance from a Prior event. There are times, however, when Milla can be a bit thick headed. Milla enjoys the little things in life that people take for granted, Like the ability to take in the nature around herself and take it in- See the world for what it can be...not what it is. She has an Interest in horticulture and Plants her own Flowers when ever she gets the time. Her Favorite Flower would have to be the Lotus Flower from when she was still a Human- Her father used to say when they sat down at the pond, Looking at the Floating lotus flowers

"Your Beautiful Milla, Just like these Lotus petals...Dancing in the wind before sending there radiance somewhere else...You will shine brightly...My Fleeting Lotus"


||Zanpakutô Spirit:||

Hana no Yūgure
(花の夕暮れ; Flowers of Dusk)

||Zanpakuto Personaility:||

Hana No Yugure is a Definately a jovial, fair, insightful old man, but also somewhat personifies the "dirty old man" stereotype, as his reason to choose Milla as his mistress is because he prefers young, beautiful girls. He is a slightly odd individual, easily recognized by his lazy, slang-ridden speech and overly friendly, nonchalant demeanor. He's talkative, and is prone to teasing and melodramatic complaining, which easily grates on the nerves of others. This sometimes subjects him to brutal reprimanded by Milla. He's also kind, hardly ever showing anger to anyone but his enemies, and he serves to try and maintain a lighthearted atmosphere in there partnership when things get tense. He does, however, display occasional perverted behavior, cracking jokes with innuendo and lightly flirting with Milla, as well as with several women they may come across on their journey. The behavior is usually not taken well by his peers. Oddly enough he avoids seriously involving himself with women and will gently turn them down if ever any interest beyond a casual attraction seems to be directed at him. He also complains about various things, his age being the most prominent, as he frequently claims that he is too old to be doing the things he does despite him not actually being very old.

||Zanpakuto Manifestation Appearance:||

Milla Kyu Miyato (Admins Only) Kazuya10

||Zanpakutô Realm:||

Milla Kyu Miyato (Admins Only) Img_5384-800x600

||Sealed Zanpakutô:||

In its sealed form, Hana no Yūgure is a normal katana with a rectangular tsuba with inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade and a series of curved lines embossed on either side of the blade. Her Zanpakuto is 78 cm in length With a red and Gold Handle and a Black Sheathe, The Guard of the blade is Gold. On the Sheathe, There is an Engravement with the word "Lotus" in Kanji. The Blade itself is an Unusual Transparent Surface- Though It is still an Extremely Sharp blade. The Blade itself is able to refract and Reflect light towards enemies. On the end of the hilt, There is a String with a Blue and Purple Gem woven into it as a braid.

||Shikai Description:||

Holding Her Zanpakuto in front of herself, Blade upward, Milla Grazes her hand along the blade as Her Reiatsu begins to Expel outward in the form of Blue Lotus Petals Everywhere. Surrounding herself in what seems to be a Whirlwind of Lotus Petals for about Ten seconds, Milla then Dissipates the Hurricane with a silent but audiable snapping of her fingers. Appearing out of Cloud of Petals with a Sword and Shield- Her Sword in her Right hand and The shield being held in her left. Her Sword has Gained about another 30 Cm's which gives it a total length of 108 cms- The Guard of her Weapon is now a Blossomed Lotus flower. Her Shield has a Diameter of 50 cms with a Lotus Flower Emblem on the Face of it. Her reiatsu is now in the form of Lotus Petals that Swirl around her aimlessly with no destructive capabilities without Envoking an actual attack- But In the same Instance, They could be used for Blinding and further Protection.

||Shikai Abilities:||

Hana no Yūgure is the Zanpakuto with the Ability of Water manipulation- As well as being able to Form her Reiatsu in Form of 500,000 Lotus Petals at Full Potential of her shikai. These lotus flowers do not have the same properties as Byakuya's Senbonzakura- In the Terms that They are Not Blades, But Little explosives. This explosion Property is Only for when Milla uses a "Seasons Ability". For the Lotus petals to actually take flight around her, each and every little petal needs a tiny bed of water to rest on- Which would take about 25% of her Water Manifesting ability; I.E: Two Posts to charge once released Shikai. In the Beginning of the Fight, Her zanpakuto must begin gathering the moisture in the surrounding air for about Four posts- Which would be at 50% of its Destructive and Manifestation abilities; I.E: Being able to increase the speed of the Lotus Stream By Two Fold, The ability to evoke actually Destructive abilities at Half power. It would take another four posts to Gain full potential of the Water manifestation. Her Abilities are Labeled by "Seasons".

||First Season:||

(次元斬; Distortion Blade):
Grazing her blade along the ground quickly In a Circle Twice, She begins to Collect a Cavalcade of Lotus petals that start to Swirl around Her Blade in a Vicious manner; The amount of petals used in this attack would be 60,000. With the water alined with the Whirlpool of Petals, And the Second follow through of spin, She Releases a Deadly Wave of Water, explosive petals and Reiatsu towards the Foe. The Energy attack range is very Narrow, But Extremely long and fast. The Width of the attack is Three Inches. In Retrospect, That would be bad, But the Fact that it Can Travel a length of One City Block at Ease within Five seconds of flight; The Impact from this is Vicious due from the speed.

Second Season:
Dankuuken" (熱破断空剣; Searing Empty Wind):
Allowing the lotus petals to surround her sword once again, The petals take on explosive properties. Jumping into the air about five Feet swiftly, Milla Swings her sword downward at her foe- In the wake of the swing Releasing a plethora of Lotus Petals that Surround the enemy and Stick into the ground In a diameter range of 15 feet; A plethora being about 100 at 25%, 200 at 50%, and 400 at 100%. The explosion doesn't happen on Impact, It must be activated By Touching The Hilt of Her Weapon onto the face of her Shield.

Third Season:
"Shugohoujin" (守護方陣; Guardian Field)
Holding her shield in front of herself and with her Sword at her side, Her Lotus Petals begin to Swirl around her in a menacing manner. As this is happening her eyes have shut closed in concentration. With a Mass Majority of her Lotus stream revolving around her, They Begin to Take form to her Body and Create a Suit of Reiatsu-like Armour that has the Defensive Properties above that of a adjuchas-level arrancar. While in this Form, She isn't able to use Any of previous abilities- Although, On the Repeating of the Commands name, The Armour is able to Expel itself in a 360 Dome of Water and Hardened Lotus Petals to deactivate the ability.

Fourth Season:
" (氷牙連斬;Water Fang Ream Slash)
Milla slashes into the air as she begins spinning her sword in a seamless manner. Water then begins to Manifest around the tip of the blade but Quickly becomes a Rushing Torrent of water. As long as she continues to spin her blade it is continuously flowing and Gathering the surround moisture. When Ready, Milla would then Grip the handle and plunge the Sword into the ground as the Water Flows through the ground. It will then Erupt from Underneath the enemy like a Geyser of rushing water with a Diameter of 3 Feet.

Eien no hanabira, Hana no Yūgure!"
(Petals of Eternity, Flowers of Dusk)

Bankai Name:
Kōzui hana no Yūgure
(洪水花の夕暮れ; Flood Flowers of Dusk)

Bankai Description:
Once again, Her Lotus Petals then Surround her once she activates her Bankai. Water then Begins to seep around the bottom of the Whirling Vortex around Milla as a Massive expelling of Reiatsu is then pushed out into the surroundings. The Lotus flowers once again dissipate to Reveal Her Zanpakutos True Form and Power. She emerges to be seen with Her Crimson eyes Changed to a eerie Silver, she no longer walks but floats on a Seamless mount of water that extends outward for about four feet- And In the Center of it Is a Blue Lotus flower That reigns as the Throne of her Bankai. Her Attire changes slightly. She gains Lotus petal cuffs and anklets as well as a Those eyes. The Flower resting under her now is the source of the Lotus petals...and Her Weapon. When Wanted, She can call upon the Lotus flower under her and Summon it into a Form of a Sword; It has a close resemblance to her Shikai, But its made out of a Reaistu-Flower- Meaning The Blade is just as if not sharper then her Shikai weaponry. Her abilities are now Called "Equinoxes". Her Bankai is Said to be One of the Most Beautiful Displays of Power and sheer Radiance.

Bankai Abilities:
Kōzui hana no Yūgure now has the ability to manifest and control a Plethora of Lotus Petals with enhanced destructive capabilities. Now that her power has reached the maximum Potential, Her Lotus Petal Limit has increased Drastically to a Total of 10,000,000 Petals in form of reiatsu. These Explosions are now slightly mid-sized as The Volume of water has also Increased. When in Bankai, Her Lotus Petal Stream can flow freely with guidance via her Hands for a Projectile attack. Her Bankai is activated, Her petals fly at full speed and Impact. When Wanted, She can call upon the Lotus flower under her and Summon it into a Form of a Sword; It has a close resemblance to her Shikai, But its made out of her Bankai-Flower- Meaning The Blade is just as if not sharper then her Shikai weaponry. Her abilities are now Called "Equinoxes".

***Note: Seasons abilities are enhanced with Further Destructive capabilities***

First Equinox:
"Kuuha Zeppuugeki" (空破絶風撃; Sonic Blast)
***Note: Can only be activated when her Bankai Manifestation is in the Flower Form.
Beginning to summon a cornucopia of Petals around herself they instantly gain their explosion Properties. Lifting her right hand above her head, They begin to Gather in into this Ball that seems to get bigger and bigger with a Ending circumference of 4 Feet wide; With a Total of 500,000 Petals manifested inside- The explosion radius of this attack is devastating due to its Condensed origin, It would Decimate a Football Fields length with Ease. But then, she seemingly condenses the ball of Petals into that of a Human Tennis Ball when She closed her hand shut. She would then proceed to Whip the bomb towards the enemy or Near. This attack is strictly one of utter importance.

Second Equinox: "
Senretsuha" (千裂破;Thousand Fissure wave)
***Note: Can only be activated when her Bankai Manifestation is in it's Saber form.
Upon activating this equinox, Milla points her Saber into the air to charge it Surrounding Petals and Reiatsu- an Expulsion of reiatsu before Launching herself in the air About 6 Feet. As she falls back to the ground, she surrounds herself with a spiral of Petals as she thrusts her sword into the ground. It would then Trigger the Zanpakuto to send a wave of Explosive Petals Through the ground- Creating a Net of Land mines for an area of 20 Feet Underground. Finally, she somersaults into the air and slams back into the Swords Hilt, creating a massive eruption of Petals and explosion under the Enemy.


Part One: Way to understanding

"Your Beautiful Milla, Just like these Lotus petals...Dancing in the wind
before sending there radiance somewhere else...You will shine brightly...My Fleeting Lotus"
- Raven Miyato

Her Journey of battle started long before she ever died and went to Soul society. Milla was the youngest child out of six kids within the Miyato Family- Three of Each Gender. Her mother and father, Yuki and Raven Miyato lived in Nagasaki for pretty much their whole lives- As did Milla. Milla's Family wasn't the wealthiest people around but they had there lives alright.
Ever since she was born she was always known for her beaming radiance of Beauty, Mainly her Beautiful long hair and Strikingly Unusual Pink eyes. Her female siblings begun to gang up on Milla for thinking that she was hogging all of the attention, But Milla's Brothers would protect her from time to time. She was only Seven years old when the Unthinkable happens. Living in nagasaki, Japan, It was a Beautiful night. Milla was out at a Friends house having a sleepover for the night. Raven, Yuki, and their Five children were out coming home after having some dinner- The Sky was clear and the roads were dry. They then pull up to a red light await the change, Raven takes it upon himself to Spark up a Cigarette in impatiences. The light changes green and He begins to proceed through the intersection...But, A drunk driver flew through on the left hand side and T-Boned the Car with The Miyato Family. It was a Vicious crash and by the time cops and paramedics came, It was too late- But Her father, Still clinging on to life within the Twisted metal wreckage survives. Milla then gets woken up in the middle of the night and must hear the Devastating news. Crying in sorrow, Milla gets a ride to the hospital to see her Surviving dad. She breaks into tears the moment she sees him and walks towards him. Under all the tears and snot, Milla says softly.

"I love you dad...I'll help you...somehow...someway I'll help you..."

Raven Smiles softly towards his daughter. Seeing the wisdom in her words, The determination she now has found, Inspired him to continue fighting for his life. Milla's father was discharged from the hospital about a month after the Accident, But He has gained more mobility then he ever would have thought. They then resided back to their house in Nagasaki as Milla had to Drop out of school and watch over her father. Though that did not stop her from doing the two things she loved, Swordsmenship and Studying. Milla always had a fascination with Swords and Swordplay- Even though, Not many people were into the same style as her. She liked to use a somewhat Free style Approach instead of the Typical Kendo strikes; Though they are strong, Its not what she had in mind. Swordplay was more like a dance to her. One day where raven was home, He was seeb the backyard looking at the Lotus flower pond- Looking in the translucence water for Pictures of this Deceased family. Milla then walks up behind him slowly before taking a seat beside him. Milla always loved Lotus flowers, Especially the Blue and Pink ones. She reached out into the pond and held on inside her palms- The water slipping through the cracks of her fingers when she picked it up. She giggled as she smiled towards the Flower; Raven however, Looked over towards her and with no hesitation or reason, He begins to mutter.

"Your Beautiful Milla, Just like these Lotus petals...Dancing on the glimmering Surface of life,
before sending there radiance somewhere else...You will shine brightly...My Fleeting Lotus"

Milla then looked towards her father in awestruck before Lunging towards him and hugging him tightly. No one has ever said something so profound to her before and it just made her melt. Milla knew that she would go places in life...or even the after life.

Part Two: Eleven Years Later...

Milla was now eighteen years old continuing to live with her father. Now that she was older, She had to provide for herself and her father. It was hard working two jobs while continuing to take care of her father, Continuing to Study for a Doctors degree and trying to keep her fascination of swords. Walking home from work one night, It was about 1 am in the morning and she was about Fifteen minutes away. But Literally out of nowhere, She felt a being. Something that defiantly wasn't normal, And it felt like it was getting closer and closer. Though She never talked about it at all, Milla has an Innate ability to see spirits, Or at least feel their presence. She didn't think to much into this power until then. She began to step up the pace of her walk, But it didn't seem to matter. It was coming faster and faster. Although she was now five minutes away, Milla was then violently Smacked to the side by an Invisible force- Hitting a Lamp post with Intense impact; Making her motionless, and rupturing several vertebrae in her spine. Milla was scared stiff and was in extraordinary pain before the unthinkable. The being dissipated before her eyes after releasing a massive scream at the top of its lungs. With her vision blurry from a sever concussion, Milla saw a man that looked closely reminiscence of her father; But, how would he be walking, How would he be so able ? and His attire was defiantly not normal, Along with the sword in his hand. Milla tried to focus her line of sight before hearing- Her will to live slightly slipping from her hands.

"Milla...It's Your time to go...I love you my Fleeting Lotus, But this world isn't for you"

Who was this man ? He knew the nickname her father gave to her. It didn't make much sense but, Nothing really mattered right now. She felt like she was being liberated from this world. The world where her father was a paraplegic, The rest of her family killed and a place where she wasn't really happy unless for her father. The man then walked up slowly and performed a Konso on Milla as her Spirit was whisked away to a lovely place. That one would like to call, Soul Society.

Part Three: Soul Society...Now what ?

From what seemed to be years, Milla woke up in the most fitting setting to her own life- Laying in a bed of Lotus flowers. She took a deep smell of the surrounding area and smiled softly, Yet thinking of where she was, or how she got here. Standing up from the bed, Milla Kyu Miyato was in no position to try and Lollygag around. She had to figure out how she got here...and where "here" was. Walking out of the meadow range, It seemed to look like a Village up ahead- Unbeknownst to Milla, That was actually District One of the Rukongai. Better than then District 80. Milla walked into the town with all of her ragged clothes- Everyone looked at her like she was an outsider, Though Technically she is. Walking around and trying to gain some intelligence on her situation, Someone shed some light and what she was going through. This Cavalcade of information swirled through mind like a Blender, This was honestly too much for her to handle right now. Walking away after saying thank you, Milla then tried to figure out what she should do; She then Constantly begun to hear a Voice call her name.

"Milla...Milla...Milla....Hear my voice"

The voice beginning to be more then she could handle, She went back to the man to hear what he had to say about this. He then began to explain the concept of "zanpakuto" and where to actually hone one's skills if they were gifted with a Zanpakuto. The Shino Academy.
she then Entered the Shino Academy and Past with almost no Problems- It took about Four Years for her to graduate the school. She joined the 3rd Squad once she graduated; Gaining her shikai in the second year. After her completion of the Shino, Milla was appointed to the Third Squad Captain after Gin defected.

Part Four: Captaincy and Promotion:

This was one of the large moments in the life of Milla Kyu Miyato. A promotion to Zero Division. she had been captain of the third Division for plenty of years, but it had all changed that instant. Once the late Captain Commander Yamamoto Died, The new So-taichou named Daigoro Ito was in power. Noticing her Great Potential and the Way she presents itself, Kohaku, The leader of Zero Division Recommended her for a Zero Division for Rikushou.He then would Speak to Daigoro of the Recommendation from himself and the potenial promotion of Zero Division. He wanted see if she could do as well in Zero Division as she could in Gotei. Milla accepted the Chance for Zero Division and hasnt looked back since. She was working under the Royal Family, being a member of Zero Division. They were elite Shinigami in charge of protecting the Royal Family, and other duties of course. Said to be stronger than majority of the Soul Society's Captains. That must mean something. So. As Milla was promoted, time passed as she studied under him, becoming stronger and stronger each day. she was in training of becoming a Member of Zero Division. Finally completing the studies instructed by him, she had moved onto being the same as her. Not as strong, but having a Different Title. Rikushou. It has a considerable amount of fighting, organizational, and executive power compared to other organizations. They also given over to protecting the Spirit King, the Royal Family and the Royal Palace. They are also charged with slaying Menos Grande, though the circumstances under which they do so are unknown. Milla is now the Commander of the Rikushou Sector.

Extra Abilites:

Enhanced Speed: Even before learning Flash Step, Milla has repeatedly shown herself to be a very agile fighter. She has demonstrated great reflexes in battle, able to quickly dodge a strike with no wasted effort and she can instantly counterattack right after. Her ability to strike quickly without warning and in rapid succession. Her speed also allows her to follow the movements of faster opponents to better analyze their movements or blocking difficult and otherwise fatal strikes.

Shunpo Master:
she is perceived to be so fast that one cannot discern even being attacked by her until after it has taken place. She is capable of effortlessly dodging simultaneous attacks at close range and the evasion of Bankai level techniques. The only way that one could distinguish her shunpo action is the expelling of Lotus petals. she moves so fast that opponents commonly do not know her movements until after she has made them and is skilled enough in her movements to evade at high speeds even when being attacked from behind, Making her Probably one of the fastest Zero Division members in history.

Roleplay Sample: N/A


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
Yuri Tsukuyomi:1-2+
Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

Milla Kyu Miyato (Admins Only) Vrq35u10

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