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PostSubject: Gaia Memory   Gaia Memory Icon_minitime1Wed May 18, 2011 1:15 pm

Conceptual Weapon

Current Holder: Phillip AKA Memory Core

Name: Gaia Memory

Release-States: The Gaia Memory is always active, but the holder can actually manifest it in the form of 'Drivers' and 'Memories'. The owner himself can only wear the 'sending' Double Driver, and needs a partner that uses the second Double Driver, but can also create Lost Drivers which work with one Memory. The Memories look alot like USB-sticks, and are about the length of a normal mans hand-width. Without the proper driver, a purified Memory is useless.

Concept: Knowledge

Appearance: The Gaia Memory lacks any tangible form, as it is pure knowledge. Without a master, it is a glowing green ball of impossible to discern energy, and upon closer examination, it looks like a wild array of intersecting, floating, mixing and rewriting runes, and those are again made up from 0 and 1, binary code - from a time where computers were not even invented...
Once it has a master, the eyes of the master shine slightly green while using it, and if looking closely into the eyes, numbers and runes can be seen flowing down 'behind' their eyes, similliar to the code in the Matrix movies, in fact. Also, each user is known to use some sort of 'medium' through which his or her tranced body goes with their hands while using it. For Phillip, it is an empty, medium-sized book bound in black and brown leather, which has in turn a magnitude of intersecting runes, numbers, equations and similliar things on it. The sites of the book, though, are all perfectly blank and white, but Phillip can seemingly 'read' the info of the Gaia Memory in it.

Powers: The main use of Gaia Memory is simple, to expand the holders own memory. But not so that they know more of their own past, but rather - it grants access to the memory of the world itself. The users own memories often become corrupted or stashed away, and for everyone, accessing the Gaia Memory looks differently. For Phillip, once he enters the trance-like state of searching the Gaia Memory, floats in a white space with countless upon countless bookshelves and books, some of them sealed with chains, others open.
However, since this artifact holds all the memories of the present, past, and even future, finding a specific piece of information is hard. To access something, it has to be pinpointed down - 'keywords' are needed to lessen the amount of books possible. With enough keywords, the Gaia Memory could even tell one of Heroisms plans in full detail. Phillip has to 'store' the books he reads inside of his head after finding them, replacing his memory for a short time, and then keeps the important back and trades them away again for his real memory.
That said, it has one more limit. 'Closed off' or 'chained' books are those that tell of future events, since the future is ever-changing. Should the books of future ever become unchained, this is actually a hint to that the future itself is in danger. Furthermore, the memory is limited to everything that happens within known space: Earth, Hell, Soul Society, the Sugiura Lands, and Hueco Mundo. The spirit kings plane is closed off even from the strongest of the conceptuals.
Also, the user has to pay a dire price for the Gaia Memory - the inability to look up information about oneself, leading to a never-ending thirst for knowledge that can't be granted. All users of the Gaia Memory before Phillip comitted suicide out of desperation, since there is no way to deactivate the knowledge.

That is the first power of the Gaia Memory, but the second one is to 'materialize' the Drivers, as it was said before. Furthermore, to use the Drivers, the user can make small 'Gaia Memories' which hold one specific aspect of memory. Using it with a Lost Driver or Custom Driver will allow the user to change his body into what is known as a 'Kamen Rider', after the materialized memory is engraved into the USB-like sticks.
Currently, the known Kamen Rider memories are:
Joker, Metal, Trigger, Accel, Skull, Cyclone, Heat, Luna, Eternal, Fang
The memories are again divided between 'Body' and 'Soul' memories. The body ones enhance physical combat more, while Soul ones are for special ability based fighting. And finally, the last memory, is none other than...
Xtreme Memory
A memory normally in the form of a bird, it appears to Kamen Rider Double only in dire need of it's power, and only if complete trust is between both halves. Fusing the normally unconcious body of Phillip by turning it into data with the one being Double, Cyclone Joker Xtreme is born... and links up the users to the complete Gaia Memory for as long as the transformation stays. (More in Shoutaros app)

Guardian: The holder of the Memory is at the same time the Guardian, and Phillip is thus the second known human to be a Guardian.

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Gaia Memory
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