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"Why do people fear death? Why do people laugh... and die? I don't understand..."
-Azure Flame Kite

"This power... I'll use it to protect the wishes and dreams of everyone!"
-Kite of the Azure Flame

Name: Kite of the Azure Flame, Azure Flame Kite or Azure Kite
Former Human Name: Kite
Former Guardian Beast Name: Azure
Element: Fire
Age: Death: 15, Current: Unknown, first sightings were around 1000 years ago.
Gender: Male
Orientation: Neutral
Appearance (Monster Form): Kite of the Azure Flame Tri_edge__Azure_Kite_by_RuwaLL
Quite frankly, Azure Kite looks a LOT like a Zombie, patched up, extremely pale, and moving like his body is already dead. However, he can float in mid-air, and during combat, he is insanely fierce.

Personality: It is hard to speak of a personality with Azure Kite at first. Quite frankly and easily said, he doesn't have human emotions, not at all - he can't understand them. Joy, friendship, love, hate, rage, fear, they are all unknown to him completely - his human memories are nothing but bleak pictures to him because of it, since he lacks the emotion belonging to them. In his standard Monster Form, Azure Kite is nearly unable to talk, only being able to say single words on rare occassions, and simply letting out sighs and strange, depressing sounding cries when in battle.
That said, he does have instincts, but his are fundamentally different from a humans. A human has instincts to protect oneself, however, Azure lacks those. He will still attack if he himself is attacked, though, but only because it would stop him from his 'mission'. He is 'programmed' to do only one thing, and that is to protect 'the World'. He punishes those that leave their everlasting scars in it, and heals it using his power.
The only one who was ever able to make Azure react almost like a feeling being was a long since vanished goddess of ancient times, called Aura. However, of course, there was a time before Kite became Kite of the Azure Flame - his time as a human. His human mind is actually still intact, but asleep - his body blocks it off to preserve itself, out of a strange emotion creeping into it - fear.
Azure Kite has grown terrified of humans, Arrancar, Sugiura and Shinigami alike. He evades contact with others, waiting between the worlds in his coffin made out of blue flames for the time he is needed to mend the world. He is indeed terrified enough to blindly attack someone attacking him with sheer malice, but every time he wins a fight, he becomes closer to once again being the original one - Kite.
Kite, the boy who fused with Azure, is a very bright person. He is helpful, headstrong and quite intelligent. In fact, he could be called a 'kid genius' of sorts, considering his mind is still the one of a 15 year old boy partially. While more experienced in life, he maintains his 'childish' image of a World he can create where everyone can be in harmony. He promised to Aura, right before he and Azure fused, that her dream would never need to end - that the world would forever go on.
Besides his quick wits, Kite is also a strategic and fast warrior, no matter his appearance - he takes risks for greater results, a daring and confident boy with a bright smile and fair blue eyes.

Death/Awakening: The story of Kite begins a long time ago in the past. Once, long before the Sugiura claimed the dimension they now share with their companions, the Guardian Beasts, said beasts had a culture and empire far surpassing the current time, a transcendent period in their dimension. But even so, in that time, war was still a constant thtreat, with the different tribes of the beasts, the 'humanoids' and 'ferals' fighting over the land, their own artifacts and more - sometimes in actual combat, sometimes in politics.
During this time, humanity was still far from what it is today. The exact time is unknown, but apparently, many millenia passed since then. The connection of the beasts dimension and Soul Society, Earth and Hueco Mundo was shaky at best, non-existant most of the time. Still, humans did exist - and even amongst the most primitive culture and community, those with incredible natural intelligence are born.
One such gifted human was a boy who would later be called 'Kite'. During his fifth year of life, though, he was forcefully removed from his world, never to return to it as a human... Because this was one of the few times when the worlds were indeed connected. Being in the wrong spot, at the wrong time, the opening rift between worlds swallowed the boy and spat him back out - but then, he was lucky.
Instead of appearing somewhere in the still existing wild lands of the empire, he landed in a beautiful cathedral, in the middle of a crystal-clear lake that seemingly constantly emitted mist - Without knowing where he was or what happened, he was now in the heart of the beasts empire, their secret seat of power.

Here, he was found by a strange 'girl in white'. Scared and lost, she took on the task of keeping him safe. Thanks to his incredibly fast spirit, he was able to speak the language of the girl partially after only two weeks - and it was revealed to him that her name was 'Aura'.

Growing up in the Guardian Beasts world was not easy for Kite, but being exposed to a world that full of raw spiritual energy made him able to use it himself. Being a transcended human to begin with, he adapted into the world he was now a part of, becoming sort of Auras 'son'. She was the one who gave him the Hero Blades as a gift, and tought him how to use the elemental magic of their kind - which greatly enhanced his own spiritual power of the Azure Flame.
Around the time when Kite was 14 years old - he had gotten his name from Aura herself - another war broke out in the Guardian Beast realms. But this time, not against each other, but rather, against the 'Cursed Wave'. Morganna, the 'mother' of Aura, send out her minions to destroy the world her daughter, the goddess of life, was protecting. Allying himself with Helba, the queen of darkness, and Lios, the king of light, Kite became one of the champions of Aura, and recieved the title 'Kite of the Azure Flame', while two of his companions got the titles 'Azure Sky' and 'Azure Sea', though their fate is unknown in todays time.
Fighting the Cursed Wave, though, was a nearly impossible task. The Cursed Wave were Guardian Beasts of nearly unlimited strength, beings that defied the logic of life and death. To combat them, Aura granted the power of the Bracelet of Twilight onto the Azure Sea, but he was killed by the first phase before he was able to use it. Swearing vengence for his friend, Kite took on the power forcefully, a power far to great for a human body to handle. He turned into a monster to combat monsters, and beat them with their own reality-defying powers.

The war waged on for nearly two years. In the final battle against the last Phase, Corbenik, Kite managed to seal away the final one of the Cursed Wave, and with that, also destroy Morgannas powers. However, the young warrior was deeply wounded from the battle, he was suddenly attacked by Morgannas final act of malice - the anti-existance of his bracelet. Asking his dearest friend, a female warrior called BlackRose, to destroy it, Kite sacrificed his own life to safe the worlds from the strongest being in existance - the first one to carry the title 'Cubia'. Without the Bracelet, Cubia stopped existing all-together.

However, Kite was still human, even if he had transcended their whole nature. His soul, a plus, was unable to survive the hazardous environment of the Guardian Beasts world - Aura, though, put his soul to rest by sealing him inside of a crystal, granting him peace. That was when the first of the last two wars ended, with the death of many great heroes, and Kite to be asleep for thousands of years...
With the phases sealed, the chains that bound Aura to the Hulle Granz Cathedral were gone. The power of Morganna, which once held the entire world in fear, was broken, and the inscribtion of the altar telling of the demise of the empire was withering away.

The story of the boy only continued during the final hours of the empire. Something... dark and throughoutly evil and bad was happening, and he was feeling it even in his peace in the crystal, feeling unrest in his eased heart all of the sudden - and it should prove to be true.
Aura was faced by the greatest enemy of them all, and thus, tried to recreate a miracle. From her memories and heart, with the final bit of power she had, Azure was created. Designed to be a copy of Kite himself, he would've been a perfect one, but the enemy interfered during his creation, making him damaged and incomplete.
Still, his power was amazing for his time. Driving back the enemy, Azure lacked any emotions, and only acted as Aura told him to, a being made out of azure blue flames and energy. Still, even this seemingly emotionless being wanted to be 'complete'. When Aura was resting to restore her power, Azure broke into the resting place of Kite.
As soon as it happened, Aura woke up from her rest and rushed to the site. To her surprise, though, she found both Azure and Kite awaiting her with a smile.

"I'll protect this world, Aura. Don't worry, I promise!"

In that moment, he and Azure fused together, forming one of the first known Undead - Azure Flame Kite. Retaining his human mind and monster body, he was one of the major forces in sealing away the great evil, but in the end, was tainted by it's darkness. To preserve its sanity, the Undead sealed off its humanity, thus making the taint disappear without causing damage. But Kites heart was now sealed off from all feelings, and thus, he became Azure Flame Kite completely. As Aura was fading from the world, having lost most of her power forever, the warrior of fire rested between the worlds, waiting for the time he was needed.

Over the millenia, he was first seen one thousand years ago. After that, sightings of the zombie-like creature are shady rumors at best, but recently, after the sealing of Soul Society, he has appeared far more often...

Monster Form: Refer to appearance. Kite uses the Empty Skyes, a triple-edged double sword, making him a six-blade user. Each of the blades is a part of him, and will return to his hands if they are disarmed from him.
Monster Powers: Azure Kite is unique, in that his Monster-Form is actually his weakest and standard form. He is unable to change into his Human Form, which is superior to his Monster Form, until he starts to understand human emotion once more. His Guardian Beast Form, though, can be accessed either way, but it will be stronger should Azure Kite gain his emotions back.

Azure Flame
As his title implies, Azure Flame Kite is able to conjure blue flames around his body and weapons to use for his attacks. More than simply an element around him, it almost seems like he himself is made out of blue flames, able to violently burst flames from his very skin. He is able to turn himself into a soccer-ball sized sphere of condensed fire to travel fast and between the worlds if he so desires, and when returning to his monster form from this, releases flames that burn everything around him for a short moment.
His 'special attack' of sorts is to slash through thin air with his triple-edged blades to send out multiple fire blades at once, and it is his only known ranged attack besides his ultimate special move...

Data Drain
Azure Kite wears the Bracelet of Twilight around his right arm, an invisible weapon of great force. Once he uses it, it becomes visible, as an array of circling 'petals' around his arm, folded inwards. They extend to being a three-pieced large circling ring around his arm, and a 'cannon' like structure expands from the arm, which then fires four rays of energy. Should they hit the enemy, the Data Drain will severly screw with their powers, throwing them back in the release-stage, and Kite effectively absorbs part of the victims thoughts and self, but nothing that can't be recovered.
However, besides combat applications, the Twilight Bracelet also allows Azure Kite to do his 'work'. He can fix damage done to 'reality' or the 'boundaries', meaning that warping reality in the form of portals or by altering reality can be easily destroyed simply by him touching them with his gloved hand. He is even able to close a Senkaimon-Gate and doing so will block it from being opened for a short time.
Another ability is to 'sever' reality, allowing him to phase between dimensions as a ball of flame.

Human Appearance:
Kite of the Azure Flame HackKite2jpg
Human Powers: As a human, Kite is still able to either use the Empty Skies, or change his weapon to the dual-blade called 'Hero Blade', which, while being only a single double-edged blade each, is a lot faster and easier to use than the triple edged swords. Naturally, his speed is higher in this form, and his Azure Flames grow stronger. He is able to talk in this form like a human, without the disabilities of his monster body.
Furthermore, he can turn into the ball of blue flame and back without scorching everything around him now. As a human, he is able to use old Guardian Beast magic in addition to his swordplay, which is the main ability this form grants in addition. Channeling a spell takes a short charging time, and a ring of energy appears underneath Kite while using them, together with him needing to lift one hand to his head to channel it. Each spell has multiple stages, dependant on what small sillable is added before it. No pre-phrase is the most basic level, obviously. Higher levels need longer cast-time and more Reiatsu to use.

Gi/Or/PhaRue Kruz: Raises high-pressured water from below the enemy out of nowhere in an attempt to crush with high pressure, or make the enemy suffocate or swallow a lot of water to hinder them. Higher levels create more and faster water to make dodging harder. The water is, obviously, deep blue.
Gi/Ra/PhaVak Don: Rains down fireballs from the sky on the enemy. Higher levels more resemble a small shower of flaming meteors than fireballs. This fire, unlike the Azure Flame, is burning red.
Ra/Or/PhaJuk Zot: Raises a mass of leaves, thorn vines and earth clumps from underneath the enemy to strangle and trap him, and inflict minor injuries. The highest level creates a hybrid of tree and thorn bush all together with beautiful but also slightly poisonous flowers. Starting from Or-level, these flowers appear, and their poison, should their sharp petals cut someone, cause minor blurry vision or slight dizzyness.
Me/Om/PhaRai Kruz: Shoots yellow lightning bolts from a seal underneath the enemy, which may appear under the earth if used on ground, making it shatter the uppermost layer of stone, ground etc. This lightning can shock and cause minor to strong paralysis, depending on level and duration of exposure. Complete paralysis would need a full PhaRai Kruz to hit the enemy, so it's very unlikely.
Ol/Pha/La Repth: A healing spell, which shoots a ball of concentrated regenerative energy at the target. The highest level has 1 post charge-time, though. Halved effect if used on Kite himself.

Ghost Falcon

Guardian Beast Form:
Kite of the Azure Flame Azureflamegod
Azure Flame God
Guardian Powers: As Azure Flame God, Kite is unable to use his magic of the human form anymore. Instead, his size grows quite a bit - his entire 'wingspan', so to speak, is easily 15 meters and can grow until up to 40 if he so desires. He is constantly shrouded in the Azure Flames, unless he gets too weak to keep them up. Even parts of his body are now made out of fire, and it is nearly impossible to hurt him with any kind of fire attack now.
Instead of spells, Azure Flame God gets an array of improved fire techniques, and even an improved version of Data Drain. Also, he loses some of his defense, but gets much quicker and stronger in offense, trading his survivability for raw offense and speed.

Drain Heart
"That's... Drain Heart...!"
-Kite, during the battle against Corbenik

Once the strongest attack of the Cursed Wave, now a technique of the improved Bracelet of Twilight. Fired like a cannon, this beam from the main body part of the Azure Flame god can seperate to hit multiple targets with the normal Data Drain attack, or can be a collected ball of energy that moves quite fast. If it hits the enemy, a giant drain of energy will occur towards Kite, loading him with the information inside of the victims brain, most likely causing a short blank out for them. This technique also heals Kite for the amount of damage he does.
Another thing about it is that at the beginning of each fight in God form, Azure Kite uses the move on the battlefield itself, but in a changed manner. He regenerates some energy, but mainly disorts the battlefield in a similliar manner to the Avatar Space. Short flashes of ones real form can be seen like statics, the ground can either exist or not, depending on the people inside, and in the center, a pulsatin 'core' of the space can be seen, while it is surrounded by octagon shaped matrix like arrays. After exiting Azure Flame God form, the area normalizes again. It is more like a twisting of space and time itself for the duration of the fight, to keep the surroundings from getting trashed. People can enter the space, but leaving is more difficult.

Azure Claw

Kite throws his burning flame claws at the enemy like sharp disks of raw cutting power, and grows a new pair out of his arms.

Azure Slash

A simple, more powerful fire-wave in the form of multiple sword-slashes fly at the opponent to burn everything to ashes.

Azure Destiny

Azure Kite will create two clones of himself made purely out of flame, and they are easy to distinguish from the original. Until a strong energy attacks destroys them, they float right besides him and mimick his every move and attack besides Drain Heart. Takes a great deal of energy to maintain over long periods of time.

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