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PostSubject: Chika Misaki   Chika Misaki Icon_minitime1Tue May 24, 2011 3:39 pm

Name: Misaki Chika

Age: 28

True Age: 565

Chika Misaki 5305617

Chika isn't the kind of person that would just throw you away, she would work with you with all that she is, help others whenever they need help with anything that is happening with them. She's the mother of all that is good, and none evil. Almost like mother nature looking after the children of the forest. She is only tainted when her hollow mask, that she has no control over is revealed upon her face, once that happens all hell breaks loose within her mind, basically making her emotions go numb and then bringing out a fighting amazon that hates all males that are around. The Hollow's name is AmayaChi, Literally meaning "Night Rain Blood".

When in battle, if Chika is herself this just means that she is less willing to finish anyone off, everything except for a hollow of any sorts, being that of a arrancar or anything else of those sorts. She is a kind and decent person, the littlest thing effects here though, because of her gentleness, this is the opposite if something about Ceon comes back into her head, basically if she saw Ceon or anything, her attitude might change depending on what was happening at that exact time.

Chika likes many different things, her natural surronding is that of nature, she loves the idea of potions, chemistry you could call it.


Zanpakuto Name:

Zanpakuto Spirit Apperance:
Chika Misaki ForestNymph

Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Like that of the mother nature, she is very motherly and will protect Chika whenever she can, be it through letting her borrow her power. Or helping with having nature protect her or anything like that but also whenever this situation isn’t urgent or anything like that Chika and Rinsei will always joke around with each other, because that is there relationship as well, being a master and a student, or two really great friends.

Zanpakuto Realm:
Chika Misaki Untouched_nature_mediated_animals_in_japanese_anime_2-2

Un-released State:
Chika Misaki Dualsword

Call out Phrase: "Mai, Rinsei!"

Shikai State:
Chika Misaki Ninja_sword_set_black_blades

Shikai Powers: Vines, Leafs, Trees. Anything that is part of nature really, she has been known to communicate with most of the animals that have ever been around her, meaning the birds and other things, she’s almost like snow white in that aspect, most of the trees and other things understand her. One of the man things that she can do is listen to the trees and animals, basically the forest is something of her home, when you fight her you don’t wanna be in the forest. She’s in constant communication with the forest.

When she speaks the call out phrase, two trees sprout behind her, basically they spawn anywhere, being as though they are in the air, or not. With these trees she is able to make the leafs fly off of them and then control them much like Senbonzakura, the leafs edges are sharp as well.

“Dome of Leafs” This is the technique to which she traps her and her opponent in a barrier of leafs that are sharp and if you get too close to them they come out and try to attack you, but that’s only if you get close enough, the only way out of it, is under or killing or knocking Chika out.

Bankai State: N/A

Bankai Powers: N/A


Hollow Mask:

Chika Misaki MyMask

Hollow Powers: Doesn’t have any control of hollow powers right now.

History: After one fateful day Ceon met a woman named Chika Misaki. She was beautiful and Ceon and her hit it off quite well. She had purple hair and brown eyes looking like someone he's known before.

Ceon and Chika spent a lot of time together comforting one another as well as working together. Chika graduated the Onmitsukido training school and joined Ceon's team in hopes of fighting with him. After about 6 months of being together, Ceon proposed to Chika in hopes she would become his bride. Chika accepted and the two kissed under the bright sunlight. Before the two could do anything else, Chika's inner hollow burst within her and Ceon fought the entire Gotei 13 defending Chika from them and herself. Before Ceon could do anything else, Veral appeared and used Ceon's weakness against him making Ceon's mind melt down and Chika was captured. Ceon faced Central 46 under court marshal and was to be executed along side with Chika. Ceon suddenly regained all his memories and burst from Central 46 to save Chika. As Ceon got Chika the two went to the forest where they were surrounded by the Vampires, Espada, Visoreds, Byukiyami, and Soul Society. The Visoreds took Chika as she was one of them now, and Ceon unleashed his full power. Ceon unlocked the MR power or known as Memory Rosary power. Ceon defeated all Org leaders in hopes of preventing a war and as all Org leaders retreated, Ceon killed Veral and exploded, ending his life. Veral left Soul Society in hopes of joining the Byukiyami and starting a whole new type of rule.

With this all happening, Chika was not to be found, she was totally lost in the forest and she had lost the resolve that she had once had with the fact to get Bankai up and running, with that now she is not able to use it anymore and is sealed for now. Now she lives in the forest ouside of Soul Society, trying to gain her strength back up to be able to do out and do things that she used to do.

In about 77 of those years, Ceon had led for 100% mission success, No Casualties, and extreme success upon the lives of all his people. Ceon was noted as one of the greatest leaders in Soul Society history. Meanwhile while doing a personal exercise, Ceon was roaming the forests on the outside of the Onmitsukido training grounds. While on this routine, he came across a small area that caught his eye. It was a beautiful area with a small clear pond, large waterfall, and the clearing from the trees really made it a wonderful spectacle. It was indeed beautiful, but before Ceon could inspect it any closer, there was someone approaching from the east! Ceon pulled a few Kunai and was at the ready for action. Before any violence took over, Ceon was met by a very stunning young woman who looked very familiar! She had long purple hair and tan eyes. She was wearing a wonderful red Kimono and Ceon was completely breath taken. She looked so familiar somehow, yet different. Ceon wasn't paying attention as the woman approached him with a smile. Ceon finally got back to his senses and jumped back on alert. He can't allow the General of the Onmitsukido be caught off guard. The woman presented herself with no intent of fighting and baring no arms. Ceon put away his Kunai and listened to the woman speak. Her name was Chika Misaki and she lived in the woods outside of his domain and was never spotted. She invited him in for some tea and Ceon nodded following her. Who was she exactly and why was she out in the woods in the first place, and what bothered Ceon even more was, why did she look so familiar?

Inside the cave, Chika presented some tea to Ceon and asked whom he was. She learned very fast that Ceon was a mute and couldn't speak. Chika not minding at all, decided to tell Ceon about her as to kill the moment of silence between them. Ceon listened as he learned that to keep herself safe she made a barrier that hid the presence of her and her home. The barrier however broke when Ceon entered the area, as his power was so intense the barrier crumbled. Chika also told Ceon that she had a Zanpaktou and a spirit to accompany her. The spirits name was Rinsei and was a manipulator of nature and life. This made Ceon very intrigued as her power was indeed a rare one. Ceon listened to Chika about her life, well being, and everything. He was really surprised on how she managed to live in that cave for a long time and make her own house inside. It was indeed very surprising, so Ceon being fair, introduced Chika to Kaizaken, his Zanpaktou spirit and translator. Kaizaken told Chika that Ceon is the General of the Onmitsukido, and that he was looking around when he came across her home. He didn't mean to disturb her, and apologized if he was any nascence at all. Chika blushing told them that Ceon was nothing of the sort and he was welcome whenever. Ceon liked this person, in not only that she looked so familiar, but she was nice! Ceon wanted to play a little game, and Kaizaken wasn't very fond of the situation. Ceon was literally at peak performance, following all rules of the Onmitsukido and doing so wonderfully! The most important rule of all was, no bonds, as they can hinder with performance.

Ceon was about to break his own rule, as Ceon requested to play a little hide and seek with Chika. Ceon began to count as Chika ran off and hid. This was quite the cute play between Shinigami, one the master ninja, and the other an unknown outcast. After 30 seconds, Chika hid well, and Ceon went off to find her. Being honorable, Ceon decided he wouldn't use tricks, but instead look for her the old fashioned way, using his survival skills. In no time, he noticed the broken twigs and sticks that lead Ceon to find Chika's location. Chika tried to run laughing, but Ceon ran after her, and as he did, he tripped. When he landed, his eyes opened to see his head in Chika's chest. Ceon's face was redder than anything as he didn't expect this to happen, but what made things worse was that Chika has been lonely for so long. Her response to Ceon was, "Ceon-kun, if you want, we can... Go back to my place... And..." Ceon didn't expect such a response that he jolted up and hid behind a tree. He was so shaken up he didn't know what to think fro that statement. He stood there for a moment, as veins began to wrap him around the tree. He just watched as he was now stuck to the tree, not knowing where it came from, as Chika came around the tree with red on her face but an innocent smile. Ceon almost forgot, she can manipulate nature, and she didn't want Ceon to leave her, at least not yet. Ceon understood her request and instead offered her a different idea, as Kaizaken spoke on Ceon's behalf to offer a home in Soul Society in the Onmitsukido. Chika was at first nervous, but she decided she wanted to follow Ceon. Ceon understood and went back with her to help her pack. Inside Ceon looked for something to carry her clothing, and went to the dresser not thinking, and when he opened the top drawer, he was introduced with her very scandalous underwear. Ceon didn't move, and he felt so embarrassed, and Chika thought Ceon was having perverted thoughts of her. Ceon again, received a statement he didn't expect when she said "If you want you can see me wear them..." Ceon immediately dropped everything and ran outside. Chika can pack her things, and Ceon would patiently wait, as this was already too awkward. After an hour, Chika was ready to go with Rinsei and they departed to the Onmitsukido.

In no time, Chika to used to the appearance of the Onmitsukido, and Ceon got her paperwork finished to become a real Shinigami under their code. Ceon personally trained the young woman in the ninja arts and within 3 months she managed to pass all training which really stunned Ceon. He was so proud that Chika's desires to follow Ceon made her do her best! The one thing Ceon would never forget was making Chika his assistant and Vice-Captain, and within no time, she was very respected. One night Ceon returned from a very challenging mission as he was scarred and torn up. Chika took him in and cleaned his wounds and cared for him the best she could. That night, she laid Ceon in his bed, and at one point, ended up sleeping with him, staying by his side all night. When Ceon awoke to see Chika he was startled, but didn't want to move for some reason, the fact she was so close made him feel warm, and because she looked so much like someone he once knew before. He however didn't notice the fact he was naked and only in bandages, and Chika slept without clothing. Ceon realized much when he felt her skin rub against him, and he freaked out, jumping out of bed and covering himself up. Chika awoke with a very blushed look, but didn't mind as she revealed to Ceon that day, she wanted to tell Ceon something. Ceon listened, but she said it needed to be later in front of her house. Ceon understood as he got dressed. That afternoon, Chika and Ceon met in the forest in front of her house, and Chika held her arms out with a very welcoming look on her face. She looked into Ceon's eyes and he looked back curious of what she was going to say. She then said to Ceon that she loved him, and when she did, a flash of someone ran through his head. The person had purple hair that was up in the back, held by a red ribbon, and tan eyes. Was it Chika or someone else? Ceon then looked back at Chika and smiled as he spoke to her for the first time in ages, saying he loved her too. But like all happy stories, they come an end at some point, as what happened next shook the world and made them realize the true power of the Memory Rosary...

At the moment where Chika and Ceon looked at each other in that forest, something unknown to Ceon had happened causing a mass burst of confusion. In Chika's heart, her inner hollow had risen and caused her to lose control of her body. It would seem that Chika was actually a Visard from the beginning, and had dormant hollow powers waiting for their moment to take control. When Chika said her feelings to Ceon, it caused her to be caught off guard and thus, her inner hollow sprung forward. The large burst of dark rietsu rose, causing a mass alert in Soul Society. All had come out to remove the Hollow threat, only to see Ceon and Chika. The orders were to remove Chika immediately, but Ceon refused to do so. Ceon summoned his Shikai state and defended Chika from anyone that got near, fighting even his own comrades. He didn't want anyone to disrupt her or cause any disturbance. Finally, one of Ceon's most hated enemies appeared. His name was Veral, and this man during Ceon's time had done nothing but ridicule Senna and Ceon whenever he was around. This caused Ceon to not like him at all, and when Veral appeared, a smirk wiped across his face, as he did research on the Memory Rosaries. It would appear that they suffer massive mind damage when introduced with information of their past. Veral didn't hesitate against the fastest shinigami as he knew if he did, Ceon would kill him. Veral activated something, as it projected into the bright sky images of Ceon and Senna during their last life. The image of Senna was seen into Ceon as he stared at her, in complete shock, and in no time, all the memories of everything flooded into his mind. He couldn't control it, as it was causing massive harm to his mind and body. His screams were heard everywhere, as Ceon's shikai deactivated, and Chika was contained and as was Ceon. Ceon was locked into the Maggots Nest as Chika was put on Sokyoku Hill to be executed via Central 46's orders. Chika was unconscious in the holding chamber as she was in a heated battle for control of her own body. Ceon was also unconscious due to his mind being under shock of his memories returning to him.

The next day, the execution was to go off. They were in a big hurry to remove Chika as they were unknown to the causes of a Visard and they didn't want to risk it's power spreading near any other Shinigami. It was planned to be that night, and during the day, Chika had regained consciousness as she had regained her right to control her body. She won over her Hollow persona and managed to take hold of the mask Visoreds wear. She was very unaware of what was going on, being locked in the Sokyoku hill and in a white robe. Was she suddenly to be killed? Chika's heart began to race, not knowing where Ceon was, or what was going on. Was he okay? On the other side of Soul Society in the Maggots Nest, Ceon awoke and regained consciousness as well. He was fortunate, as all the memories he took in nearly caused his mind to crumble in on it's self. Ceon remembered what happened to Chika and everything now. It was all going to be okay, as he knew what cell he was in. He just turned around and unleashed a mass blast of reitsu causing the wall in the back of his cell to crumble, opening up to the world of the Onmitsukido quarters. This was going to be very easy. As the alarms went off of Ceon's escape, Ceon was able to activate his radar and learned where the location of his Zanpaktou was. Ceon being the fastest known Shinigami in Soul Society took off, and retrieved Kaizaken without effort. He was then able to read the location of Chika, and ran passed Central 46 and all heading to her location. As he approached Sokyoku Hill he was confronted by 2 of the Gotei Captains. Ceon just smirked as he didn't even need to fight them. His Shikai was already inside of the tower, and he grabbed Chika, busting her out of there. Now in the fields of the Onmitsukido Training Grounds, where they first met, Ceon and Chika ran into their greatest challenge, and that was where they were face to face with the Visard Organization Leader, all their captains, and General Yamamoto with all his Captains, accompanied by Veral, the 12th Divisions lead scientist of Memory Rosaries. Ceon knew he didn't stand a chance against all of them all. It would be impossible for him to fight all of them, and he had to get Chika safely away. Ceon knew of one thing to do, and it was to release his memories, or in other words, become the weapon to destroy existence. Ceon pulled a Kunai out and looked at Chika with a smile. He then said one thing to Chika. "Get away from here...", and with that, Ceon took the Kunai and struck himself in the heart with it, causing a massive explosion of Rietsu that even caused General Yamamoto to be shocked.

As Chika scape goated away, all that was left where she was, stood Ceon with eyes of flashing white, and his hair flowing upwards. Surrounding him was 3 Pole Arms that in the shine of their blades reflected the faces of those they represented. One was Claire, his older sister, one was Chika, and the last was Senna. At that moment, Ceon and the Pole Arms took action, as one Pole arm went to the Org Leader of the Visoreds, one went to General Yamamoto, One went to one of the Captains in the Visards. Ceon however, went straight for Veral. Ceon's hate for Veral was too intense, and he had to be ended now. Ceon's speed was faster than anything in existence, as not even a second after being in that mode, Veral was seen being sliced in half, and Ceon standing right behind his cut up body. General Yamamoto had no time to wait, as he went Shikai immediately just to defend himself from Ceon's massive Pole Arm. It was learned that Ceon's very being can be moved between the Pole Arms and that the Pole Arms can control them selves. This power was too intense, as with no doubt, this was really a weapon to destroy Existence. Finally after 3 minutes, allowing Chika to escape with one of the Visored Captains, Ceon stood between both colliding forces, and the Pole Arms rotated around him at an extremely fast speed, as Ceon yelled out and exploded with raw energy. This power was impossible to contain as there was just too much of it. This caused all forces to retreat and therefore the battle was ended. Ceon managed to stop an all out battle while saving Chika from death from the Shinigami.

Roleplay Sample:

Agree to Terms: Chika Misaki

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Comments/Notes: Approved
Tier: 2-2-

Chika Misaki 2lvcuad

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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