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"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 
"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 
Shirou Emiya
"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 
"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 
"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 
"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 
"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 
"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 
"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_lcap"How Not To Make A Character" I_voting_bar"How Not To Make A Character" I_vote_rcap 

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Roy Sosuke

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PostSubject: "How Not To Make A Character"   "How Not To Make A Character" Icon_minitime1Thu May 26, 2011 11:28 pm

Name: Roy Sosuke

Gender: Male

Age: 2000 (appears in his mid to late 20’s)

Personality: Roy is a complex person. He's different from alot of other Soul Reapers. He doesn't care much for the rules, or authority. He's not close to many people, but the people he is close to he's very loyal to. He's very strong willed. Once he starts something it's hard to stop him. Roy will do almost anything to get his mission done, unless doing so hurts his friends. It takes alot to piss Roy off, but once you do, it's not pretty.

Appearance: Roy doesn’t dress like normal Shinigami, He Wears Armor that is Blue and Gold in Color. He wears a Headband that is Gold and Blue in color that keeps his hair out of his eyes. His Zanpakuto is Placed On his left side at a Slight Angle for easy Drawing. Roy is about 6 feet tall, and is kid of skinny, and at first glance probably doesn’t look like much, but he’s actually quite muscular.

Background/History: My name is Roy Sosuke.
When Aizen actually left the Soul Society, Roy was crushed. He was too young to understand it back then. All he knew was that Daddy was leaving...After years of training, however he obtained the position of Squad five Captain. Roy was so happy, he wanted to be just like his father. However, when his mother found out Roy was the new Squad five Captain, she thought then would be the best time to tell him why Aizen had actually left. Roy was utterly destroyed. He quit my position as Squad five Captain and went off into seclusion for about a year. When he finally returned, he rejoind the Gotei 13, but not in Squad five. This time they decided to make him the Captain of Squad Nine. Around this time was when the Arrancars first started their assult. During one of their invasions, Roy was approached by Kaname Tousen. The former Captain of Squad Nine. He came to Roy because he wore his old Haori. He wanted to test Roy’s abilities, and at the time he was easily defeated by Tousen. Instead of killing Roy, however he spared him because he was Aizen's son. He told Roy that one day he would also realize how corrupt the Soul Society was, and would leave. About a year later though, Roy realized that he was right...And he did leave the Soul Society, but didn't join Aizen. Roy was still too mad at him for leaving him, for leaving his mother. Then Roy ran into Yuri Kasumioji. He was on his was to join the Gotei 13 as a Captain, and Roy soon convinced him otherwise. Together Roy and Yuri formed a group called The Disciples of Order. Roy was named the Head Captain. However, The Gotei saw this as a threat against the Soul Society, and attacked them. During this war the Order was losing...drastically. Roy franticly searched for a way to get more powerful. Aizen came to Roy and offered him a way. He didn't say what it was he just said he would become more powerful. Of course Roy took the opportunity, he couldn't let his people die. Later Roy realized that he had given him hollow powers...Eventually The Order gave in and disbanded. For many years after that Roy wondered the Soul Society, not really belonging to it. After a while it became too much, and that's when Roy gave in and left for Las Noches...When he got there his father told him something that he never expected to hear. He told him "Son, I never left you. I know you would have followed me blindly if I told you that I was leaving, and I know you would have believed anything I said as to why, but i couldn't have that. I wanted you to see for yourself, and make your choice. Like your Mother did" And for a while Roy lived with him in Las Noches, but after Aizen had given him an order to kill one of his only friends, he helped him escape and never returned to Hueco Mundo.

Zanpakutô Spirit: Ragnarok looks a Samurai from medieval Japan with all the armor she wears, but actually Ragnarok is a women. When she’s in her manifested form, she always carries her Bankai on her back. She’s never seen without it.

Sealed Zanpakutô : When sealed, Ragnarok looks like a Normal Katana with a Black Sheathe with a Flame Design, That has a White Ribbon Tied Around it. The Blade Also has a red flame shaped Guard and a black Handle with dragon designs on it.

Shikai Description: Ragnarok transforms into two blades, both made of flames. The hilts are made of bones, and the hilt guards are small skulls. Connecting both blades at their hilts is a flaming chain. The chain is retractable, so Roy can have either two separate blades, or he can have one dual sided blade.

Shikai Special Ability: Ragnarok is One of the Strongest Fire Type Zanpakuto Below Ryujin Jakka. It Has The Ability to Munipulate Flame Based Attacks, such as Create Fire Walls that Block Attacks or Create Shockwaves That Are Released in the Wake of a Swing with the Command "Blaze", It has the same shape and form as a Getsuga Tenshou and can be used the same way as well.

First Ougi - ファイアストーム
(Fire Storm; Faiasutoomu)
-The Fire Storm is a technique that shoots a spiraling blast of flames out of the tip of the blades, Its Range Can go as Far as 1.5 Km's.

Second Ougi
( Flare Twister)
- The chain on the blades retracts and Roy begins to spin the blades above his head rapidly, causing the winds to pick up forming a tornado. Roy then fires off a blast of flames into the twister to set it ablaze

Release: Bring About The End

Bankai Description: Zetsumei Ragnarok; In Bankai, Ragnarok is a white dual sided trident. In Bankai, Ragnarok is able to use all the abilities of his Shikai, but more powerful then they would be in Shikai. In Bankai, Ragnarok has other abilities as well, but it's mostly used for close combat Along with Being able to Merge his flames with his Vizard Moves.

Bankai Special Ability: Zetsumei Ragnarok is Now Imbued with the Very power of Crimson Flames within the Blade. He can Now Create Black Flames that are 2 Times Stronger then Normal Flame. His shockwave Capabilities Have grown being able to move at higher speeds, Higher destructive Capabilities and one shockwave can split into 2.

First Hi Ougi - 竜低気圧
(Ryū Tei kiatsu; Dragon Twister)
- When the attack is used, the user jumps while spinning, making flames follow him. After that, he raises his sword before slamming it at the ground. At the contact, fire sprouts out from the area affected by the sword's touch Before Several Hell Dragons Come up from the Cracks in the ground Surrounding him before Exploding in a Massive range with Black Flames.

Secong Hi Ougi -火山性溶岩
(Kazan-sei yōgan; Bolganone)
- This technique can only be used in Bankai form. Roy uses his trident to impale into the ground. Then the ground beneath the enemy then cracks and falls apart as lava begins to Pool up around him and 6 Pillars surround them and converger upon them. Once the Pillars meet, It then Begins to Rain Lava from the dissipated pillars in a Range of 500 Feet.

Third Hi Ougi
(Black Hell Flames)
- Black Hell Flames is a three part attack. First a Black Flame prison forms around Roy and his opponant, canceling out his opponents zanpaktou abilities. Second Roy's trident turns black and shoots out a massive blast of black flames from the tip. The third part is the most deadly, but it also hurts Roy, so he tends not to use it unless he has to. The ground below Roy and his opponant within the prison cracks as black flames shoot out from the ground burning everything within the prison.

Vizard powers:
Black Cero:
-A Cero is a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast that can be fired from Either one of his Hands. Cero also requires some time to be used effectively with the exception of a few Cero techniques and users. Additionally, there exists quite a number of variations of Cero, which are usually unique to the Vizard/ Arrancar Using it. Roy has Mastered the Arte of Cero to a Great Degree and Has Created some Moves of his own.

Black Cero Sheild: Part One
-This is the only a Defensive ability known to the vizards and Arrancar. It Manipulates the Energy from a Cero to Create a Shield that Blocks incoming attacks, If Made contact by A human Object it gets inciderated.

Black Cero Pulse: Part Two
-From within the shield, One can Contract the Shield Rapidly then Expand it at the right time to Create a Pulse Like wave that Shoots outward to about 2km, Destroying Everything in its wake with its Destructive Power.

Black Bala:
-A exclusive technique that hardens the user's Reiatsu and releases it like a swift blast of spiritual energy. While the technique is not nearly as powerful as a Cero, its speed is 20 times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick repetition. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a Cero does. Roy's Bala is capable of blasting large holes in enemies. he fires Balas from His Fist.

Cero Explosion:
-A Cero Based Move that he made. It is a Black Cero with a red outline to it, which Roy states it to be on Par to that of a Gran Rey Cero if not Stronger. Charges a Cero but then Condenses it in a Bala Like Blast he then Fires it into the ground. Once that Happened, It Begins Firing up 100 Ceros from the ground.

Blazing Phoenix Cero: A Cero created by Roy. He can only use this Cero after he's released his zanpaktou. He mixes the flames of his zanpaktou with the energy of a Cero blast. This Cero grows more powerful when Roy is in Bankai getting as powerful as the Cero Oscura if not more powerful. In Shikai its power is that of a Gran Rey Cero

Cero Boukyaku: This is Roy's most powerful Cero. Roy has never used it battle before simply because of it's sheer destructive force. First Roy charges a Cero in each hand, making it look like he's just going to fire off two different Cero blasts, however once the two Cero's have been fully charged, he cups his hands together, combining the two Cero's. Roy then mixes his own Reiatsu into the Cero all but doubling its already immense power. Once the Cero is fired, it is nearly impossible to avoid completely. Even if one was able to dodge the beam, the explosion is massive.

Hollow form: When Roy loses control over his Hollowfication, his Hollow form looks much like Ulquiorra’s second release form, but more demonic, or dragon like then bat like. He has horns, tail, and wings that look like a dragons, and demonic looking red eyes. His tail is actually a weapon in this form, it has a crescent blade on the tip of it.

Hollow mask: Roy can keep on his make about 3 hours or so depending on how much reiatsu he’s using up. (link for picture of Roy’s mask)

Roleplay Sample: ‎:A wall of flames shoots up from the ground to block the acid: You want to see fire? :Roy held his blade out infront of him as it began to glow red: Bring About The End, Ragnarok! :An explosion of flames occurred, shooting flames in all directions, the heat intense. Roy walks out of the fire holding his two blades made of flames. Their hilts were made of bone, and their hilt guards were shulls. Connecting the two blades at their hilts was a flaming chain: Now this is a fire! :Roy laughed. His laugh sounded a lot like Kenpatchi during a battle. Roy then swiftly appeared behind his enemy swinging both blades down at his back, while simultaneously shooting off flames from their tips:
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PostSubject: Re: "How Not To Make A Character"   "How Not To Make A Character" Icon_minitime1Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:45 pm

Byakuya Kuchiki, current head of the esteemed Kuchiki clan, walked gracefully into the room, carrying his powerful figure behind a sternum-high podium and resting his elbows on it. Delicately, he linked his fingers together, staring over his hands out into the room and making sure he had everyone's attention before continuing.

"Hello, and welcome one and all to Byakuya Kuchiki's "How Not To Make a Character" I will kindly ask the three gentlemen at the back to stop sleeping on their desks and pay attention, or I will be forced to ensure some disciplinary action is taken." The noble coughed once before gesturing to the blackboard behind him where there was writing in the form of a Vizard character application. "Let's look at each section individually, starting with name."

Byakuya let out a small sigh, shaking his head as if he couldn't believe he was doing this. "Here, we see our first problem. This character's last name is "Sosuke", and judging by the rest of the app, the creator of this application is trying to tell us that this is Aizen's son." Byakuya scowled slightly, picking up a small piece of chalk and drawing a line through the name section, followed by gender, and age, before turning back to the class. "Setting aside my feelings of hatred towards his claimed father, the third section of this application, Age, invalidates the name, as if this boy was really two-thousand years old, that'd make him older than Aizen himself, a definite failure in continuity."

Byakuya raised a hand, slapping it against his forehead and shaking his head slowly, "Next, we have personality, if you can even call it that. Not only does it NOT meet the ten-sentence requirement that the site rules have set, it also tells us almost nothing about the character himself. From this, it says he's a complex person, but doesn't go into any semblance of detail on that claim. It says he's loyal, and again, no detail. Lastly, it says that it's "not pretty" if you make him angry, and yet again, no detail." Byakuya stopped for a moment, breathing slowly, apparent to all that his anger was slowly building. "This is a huge NO in making a character. You want people to know how your character feels about certain things, what their goals are, what their fears are, how they act in different situations, and you definitely want your personality to meet the ten-sentence requirement. A character's personality is supposed to be thought out, if you can't get at least ten sentences for it, you don't need to be roleplaying, it's that simple." With a sigh, Byakuya turned back to the board, crossing out "Personality" with another bit of chalk.

Once again turning to face the class, his irritation evident on his face, Byakuya pointed to the next section, "Appearance". Byakuya nodded towards the board, and then began, "Appearance should be self-explanatory. You need to write how your character looks in two paragraphs, or substitute a picture. Should be simple, correct? Getting two paragraphs, at least, on someone's appearance should be child's play, seeing as how there are so many aspects to one's physical form." Byakuya looked out over the class, running a hand through his black hair, "And, while not everyone is as devilishly handsome as myself.." He bragged over the podium, warranting a couple of snickers from the back of the classroom, "..It still shouldn't be hard to describe your character in ten-sentences, or even find a picture. From this application, we see that he wears armor and a head band, is six feet tall, kind of skinny and yet somehow muscular. This is unacceptable." Byakuya gave a huff, turning back to the board and crossing out "Appearance".

The Kuchiki head turned back to the podium, reaching under it and producing a small bottle of water. He unscrewed the cap and took a long drink from it to calm his nerves before putting the bottle on the podium and continuing. "Next, we have history, if you can even call it that. This jumbled mess of first and third person has weird time jumps, no conceivable order, and not only that, it goes against show continuity and even this site's continuity. Beyond that, however, it starts way too late in the person's life, not chronicling anything from his human life, or even his time as a spirit before being purified. History should be a detailed account of all the major events in your characters life, from birth to present time, it can include tragedy, heart-break, promotion, happy memories, anything. And.. one more thing." Byakuya shook his head, "No first person histories, it's tacky." With that, Byakuya turned back to the board, crossing "History" off with a bit of chalk.

The nobleman turned back to the class, "Alright, we're getting close to the end here, so if Raiki would stop eating his desk in rage and if Agito would stop drawing futas on the wall, we could conti--" Byakuya sighed, "Silim, I know you're drunk, but please make an effort to stay awake." After shaking his head once more, Byakuya continued, "For zanpakuto spirit, it needs to have a name, personality, appearance, and inner world, the last three need to be described with a paragraph or two each, or pictures used for the last two." Byakuya nodded, "While zanpakuto spirit information doesn't have to be as detailed as the character itself, seeing creativity and effort here shows the staff that you're capable of handling more responsibility in roleplay, and it shows them that you can take on event roleplay and similar things." Byakuya picked up the bottle of water, taking another drink before continuing, "About the sealed zanpakuto section. There is no such thing as an "average katana". Each katana's tsuba, blade, hilt, size, and decorations are unique to the character." Byakuya looked up, gazing longingly at the clock before sighing and turning his attention back to the class. "Now, onto shikai. Shikai appearance should be fairly detailed, or a picture substituted, saying you have blades with a flame chain, a skull on the hilt, and things like that give us a basic outline of the appearance, but you could do better." Suddenly, a paper-airplane thrown from the back of the room glided onto the podium. Byakuya raised an eyebrow before picking it up, unfolding it and reading the contents. "Ah, before I start on abilities, Raiki would like to note.. in bold.. with underlines.. that you NEVER say that your zanpakuto, no matter what, is one of the strongest in its element without consulting the admins first.. Uh.. there appears to be a picture of Raiki eating Roy Sosuke's soul.. and another picture of.. is that a sloth? Why is it saying "What the fuck man"..? I don't understand this.." Byakuya blinked a few times in confusion before tossing the piece of paper to the side, "Anyway, where was I.. Oh yes, powers. First off, 1.5km is too far for pretty much any ability to go. We're talking miles here. Even the Cero Espada needs to be in Segunda Etapa to blow up a mile, much less throwing fire 1.5km in shikai. Uh.. I have another note here from Æro saying that this is dangerously close to god mod and.. you will find yourself missing all reproductive organs if you try this in your application.. oh dear.."

"Moving on to bankai... oh.. it seems my bankai notes have been eaten by Raiki in his rage... I have nothing on the vizard powers either... Uh.. just note that pretty much every ability that Roy Sosuke has makes Raiki want to kill things, so.. try to avoid being this stupid." Byakuya looked up at Raiki nervously before blinking back down at his notes. "Ah, lastly, we have Roleplay Sample. This is important because this shows the staff how well you handle the core activity of the site, roleplaying. This should be detailed, it should be decent length, and it should be clear when someone's speaking, thinking, taking action, and other things like that. The staff should not have to search through to find when the writer has their character talking, this is an example of bad roleplay."

Byakuya nodded to the class, standing upright and facing the board, frantically crossing out all remaining topics, "New roleplayers are encouraged to read the rules, as well as all racial information. If you're making a character for a specific race, try reading a few approved characters first, might help you out." Byakuya turned back towards the class, picking up the small bottle of water and downing the rest of it before smiling, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go call Raiki's therapist and re-stock the staff room fridge because Silim apparently drank all the beer before coming into class today. Goodbye." And with that, the nobleman strode out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

"How Not To Make A Character" 2lvcuad

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I lust for everything about you.

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"How Not To Make A Character"
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