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PostSubject: Raize (Raze) Sagakuru   Raize (Raze) Sagakuru Icon_minitime1Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:40 pm

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General Information

 Girls Dead Monster - Thousand Enemies .mp3
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Name: Raize (Or Raze) Sagakuru

Alias: Rai Saga

Age: 17

Appearance: Raize (Raze) Sagakuru Profiles_AnimeGothGuy_3525_578079

Height: 6'2

Weight: 150

Hair Color: Red-ish Brown

Eye Color: Right: Brown-ish Orange, Left: Brown

Raze is a very friendly and versatile person. He may seem a bit shy at first but once he sees something he likes, He’ll talk anyone to death. But he’s not a “loud-mouth” just a very social person that enjoys the simpler & finer things in life. He is unable to say that he truly cares for anyone else’s problem but he’ll still be nice enough to talk with you about it.

Unless he’s in battle, Almost nothing he says can be taken seriously. On the battle field he goes into survival mode, he calls over drive. During that time hes able to think several steps ahead of the game. He plans on spending his energy on keeping his evasion high, while at the same time being able to launch attacks steadily. When fighting in groups he focuses on provoking the target/foe to attack him instead of others, sacrificing himself. He keeps himself in motion, trying to keep up his evasion & defenses.

History: ~Up till his birth. His mother was living with her boyfriend in Karakura Town. They were only 27 and planned on raising a wonderful child. A child that was playful, quiet and that would listen to their parents, regardless of the situation. They had 2 children already. 7, Spike and Maria,6. The two got along perfectly. They had never fought. They kept each other busy. They would always listen to their parents. They asked not one question as to why. Due to this behavior The mother and father had high expectations for the 3rd child. They wanted it to be another girl. A quiet, responsible, and well-behaved girl. After 3 months into pregnancy, the children thought their mother was just slowly becoming fat. So they asked her what was wrong. She simply smiled with her hand covering her mouth. “You two almost never ask me anything.” She stated continuing her explanation of pregnancy. “So I might have a baby sister?” Spike questioned. “Or a baby brother?” Maria added on. “Yes. But we don’t know which one it’ll be. But we’re hoping it’s another girl.” She informed. After being told this the children looked quite gloomy and miserable.

~They didnt understand why...Why must another character come into their life. They were happy with mommy, daddy, and each other. Why did their mom get pregnant. As the months passed Maria and Spike slowly lost Their mother and father's attention. After a while The 2 began to despise everything but each other. By the 8th month Maria and Spike began to plot their mother and soon-to-be-dead-brother's death. Many times through out that month they randomly pushed their beloved mommy down the stairs, mixed random things into her food that were sure to kill the baby at least, and when they hugged her they would tackle her stomach, trying to ram the baby's head or anything that would kill really. Due to their failure they awoke to a new baby brother not to long later.

~"I'm home you two. And guess who i brought with me?" Their father said seeing their babysitter out. "That woman..." The 2 said in union with a distant feeling staring at their mother. "And that child..." They added on. "Now don't say that. You two aren't so easy to deal with yourself, you know." He replied. Their mom simply stood there wondering if they should have waited to have a 3rd child or not have 1 at all. Raze was still crying from being popped by the doctor. "shut up you stupid weasel..." Maria said to their mother. "Don't talk to your mother like that Maria!" Their father snapped. "You can't talk to her like that...It's not our fault we didn't want that thing to exist." Spike replied in place of Maria. "You two better stop! Right now!" Their mother whipped out. "I don't care if you don't want a brother. You have one. Now deal with it." She finished. "Fine...We will." Spike said pacing back to the kitchen. "You should have died falling..." Maria said following behind Spike. "What on Earth has gotten into you two? You tried to push me down the stairs? You to are going to be punished for this." She exclaimed. As the happy couple headed further into the house, reaching the living room, they sat onto their couch and turned the tv off. "Now that we're alone how about a kiss for daddy?"
~The boyfriend said slyly. Little did the couple know, Maria was behind the couch next to the glass lamp that sat on top of a nice little night stand. "I'm worried about the kids and you want a kiss? Of all the times to ask me for that." She said turning her head in disappointment. (Shatter!) "What the--" Her husband said getting up. "Maria what are you doing?" "I didnt do that. Honest I didnt." She pleaded for belief. "It was the ghost thingy that did it." "Enough. Go to you're room." He yelled. She said nothing after that. She suddenly looked down. The lamp pieces began floating, as she lifted her head once more. "It's not me. Don't you see the ghost." She pleaded once again. The sharp pieces then flew at her father. "Maria!" He said ducking. "What is going on?" Her mother questioned. "I don't care...If you won't believe me, fine." Maria said levitating.
~Hearing the loud noise Spike rushed out from the kitchen. What happened?" He questioned. "I don't even know" Their father admitted. "Did you kill the child Maria?" Spike asked in deeper, more frightening tone of voice. "What the--" Their father stopped. Suddenly Spike charged at his father. POW Right in the kisser! His punch landed in the center of his father's stomach, knocking him unconscious. "Spike what are you doing?" His mother interrogated. "I forgot that was this boy's name." "Wait a ghost?" The woman asked. "The correct term is hollow." Spike said. "No.No.No!" Their mother said getting more nervous with each step the children took closer to her.

"Wake up Raize!" A voice called in the distance. "Raize, do you hear me? I said wake up!" It pierced his ears. Raize pounced from his seat. "Hollows!" The entire class bust out laughing. "Mr.Sagakuru, please step out for a moment." The teacher pleaded. "It may be your birthday but that doesnt mean its not a school day. You still have to do your work & carry yourself appropriately. You cant slack off over a personal holiday. Do you understand?" The teacher lectured. "My apologies." Raize said with a smile.

That day after school, his father took him out to eat. They went to a festival that was in town. They took part in the fun games & rides availible. His father even bought him some new clothes. All was well for now. Raize saw a few friends from school & asked his father if he could run off with them into the night & live it up a bit more at the festival. He pleaded for minutes until his father had finally lightened up. He had one condition, stay at the fair. Around 11 p.m he was going to come back so they could head home. Raize rushed off to hang out with his friend. They had been friends for quite some time now, seeing her made his dad more comfortable with leaving his side. She was with to strangely familiar figures. The figures were quite shady and didnt speak at all. As hi father watched them fade into the general crowd, he nearly panicked noticing who the shady figures were.

"Raize!" He cryed out. Unfortunately it was too late. He couldnt call him by yelling, the noise of everyone else would drown out the sound of his voice. He chased after Raize, watching him disobey his direct orders as they left the festival. They were heading to a classic scene of misfortune, a dark parking lot with few cars than expected. They were all just walking until the figures stopped. Suddenly the coats & hoods fell off behind them. Raize & his friend had stopped & stared them both in the eyes. He remembered those detached, emotionless expressions from years ago. He told his friend to go back towards the festival. She cried while doing so.

"This ends here." His father announced clearing the gap between him & the group. He lauched himself over 10 feet, just enough to clear the girl, as she ran back franticly. He stared at Spike & Maria. As soon as the brawl began, down the side of his face tears ran.

"Its been a year, and I still cant remember it all." Raize said waking from the nightmare. It had been one year since the last incedent. His dad trained him to the best of his abilities, before it happened. "I thank you again father."

Birthplace: Karakura.


Materialization: By focusing his spiritual energy, he can create melee range weapons from spiritual energy or change the shape of his current weapon. However he only has a choice of 4 weapons: A sword, halberd, scythe, and set of tonfas. The size can only grow a foot foot per post. The weapons completely generate in one post & can be used as soon as generated. The shape can be changed every 3 posts.

Divine Aura: By focusing his spiritual energy, he's able to create an orange-red colored aura that engulfs him and can fire off into the sky, being used as a signal for others. The aura increases his defenses, momentarily.(3 post max) It makes him nearly invincible for 5 seconds, then slowly weakens until it is no more. Unless he stops it himself, the aura will drain him of all his spiritual energy temporarily. After it has dispersed, he will pass out, or simply become slowed down.

Flames of Faith: When fighting in critical condition, his forehead, knees, feet, hands, and elbow will become engulfed in a small, spiritual orange flame that slightly increases the damage of his physical attacks. The flames only last a max of 2 posts. Because they activate in critical condition, when they have burnt out he has run out of spiritual energy.

Extra Abilities:
Slightly Enhanced Speed: He moves faster than the average human.
Tactics: By analyzing the situation in a matter of seconds, he is able to come up with quick solutions & answers.
Friendliness: When meeting people Raize has a smile that makes people almost instantly warm up to him. Animals are also nice and have a tendency to cling to him without him even speaking.

-Quick Tactical Thinking
-Strong Resolve
-Being Resourceful

-Talkative Personality
-Multiple Fears

RP Sample:
"Do I have to ?" Raize pouted. "Yes! If I have to, so do you!" The girl replied. "But I dont wanna !" Raize whined. "Too bad!" The girl exclaimed. She picked up her chop sticks, held them tightly together, neither could slip from in between her palms. "Haa !" She cried, stabbing the meatball. "Here goes nothing." She built herself up. Seconds after she jammed the meat into her mouth. Raize gazed in amazement. "Is it--" "Ahh !" The girl cried breathing flames from her mouth into the air. After about 2 minutes of Rai staring awkwardly, she stopped breathing the flames, closed her mouth, and tilted her head to see Rai in the corners of her eyes. "Its delicious!" She exclaimed. "Well, my turn then." Rai panicked. He took her plate of 5 meatballs & sat it down in front of him. He closed his eyes, leaned back, and prepared for tasting. He slung forward, his head hitting the plate as he began chomping & gulping down the things. She looked at him awkwardly as his head came back up. "You didnt have to do that." She said hesitantly. "Actually, it wasnt that--" His cheeks inflated. He began to scream franticly while running in circles, spewing flames like a dragon. The girls just giggled until she couldnt hold back her laughter & enjoyment. She crescendoed for "tee hee" to "HAHAHAHA" . She couldnt help but be amused by his pain. "Told ya so."
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PostSubject: Re: Raize (Raze) Sagakuru   Raize (Raze) Sagakuru Icon_minitime1Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:56 pm

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  • Appropriate Age [x]
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  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
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  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

[b]Tier: 3-2[/b

My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}
Raize (Raze) Sagakuru Image1

{Chosokabe Motochika}
Raize (Raze) Sagakuru 2vxndbc
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Raize (Raze) Sagakuru 2wqqwj9]
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My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}
Raize (Raze) Sagakuru Image1

{Chosokabe Motochika}
Raize (Raze) Sagakuru 2vxndbc
TIER 1-1+


Raize (Raze) Sagakuru 2wqqwj9]
TIER 2-1+

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