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Sugiura Template


Name: Nero Chaos
True Age: unknown
Gender: Male?

Nero is an clam individual, even in circumstances where others would be anything but. He is quiet, to the point people wonder if he is mute. Nero however has a habit to view those who failed to accomplish what they were tasked to do as trash and even refused to help those he deemed unfit to receive it. He can be bested as summed up as hungry, to reach his goal of the 999th power that shall make him a "god" and by any means. He shall reach it. But is not above using others to get to that means, even if he has to work with others to reach there goals first. Nero is also best known to be easily angered and enraged but his calm shell makes it hard to notice, till he snaps and goes on a unstoppable rampage.

People like to call Nero a mere legend for the simple fact he not only killed and fused with 666 different beings, but is able to keep them in check thou sheer will power.

General Appearance


As himself, and most used form

As Izanagi

As Jin


Unique physiology: Due to the fact his body and organs are made up of 666 different beast, making him getting hit in vitals parts nearly impossible. Nero blood is nothing more than dark mater, when cut open it shall show nothing inside the wounds itself. Nero body at lest on the outside is nearly completely immune to heat and cold. to the point there they are useless on him and suffers no drawbacks when fighting in very hot/cold areas. However inside is a different story, since he is weak towards both if they happen on the inside of his body, he shall weaken, but heal faster than one would think.

Enraged Mass: As his body is made up of 666 beast, the more angry he becomes, the more powerful he becomes. In simple terms only his strength speed and endurance, shall keep getting stronger and stronger the more rage he feels and experience. but becomes of this, it causes his powers to go wild and attack everything in sight.

Aspect Manifestation: Once something is absorbed in this fashion, Nero can manifest any aspect of them at will, including their physical form from his body thanks to his bodily manipulation . A total of 666 different beast he can make with this. He has there memories and powers. As if he was them.

Bodily Manipulation: Nero has the unique ability of manipulating the anatomy and physiology of his body. He usually elongates his finger(s), which can be used to grab, or stab, his opponent. He can also transform any part of his body into an edged weapon. He can even transform parts of his body into beast for combat. Additionally, he is able to freely relocate any of his internal and external organs around and inside his body, being able to avoid a lethal damage to his body, which made killing him virtually impossible. He could even liquefy his body if he wanted to. A related ability to this is his extraordinary regenerative abilities. There are ways to counter this however such as mystic eyes of death, but its a rare power. If one where to hit all the death points on Nero he shall die.

    Claws are Nero primary anti-personnel power and the first offensive form to use. When activated,Nero shifts his mass in his arms into three-fingered, one-thumbed talon-like appendages that he can use to shred flesh and bone, with which he can tear through human-sized enemies with ease, however it is very effective against armor and larger creatures. He can shift his mass from the claws are channeled into the ground to erupt and impale a targeted enemy of a group.

    Hammerfists are Nero "anti-vehicle" weapon form. Large amount of his mass shifted into his fists, Nero can then create massive, hammer-like hands which can be brought down to crush his enemies.Nero has a move called Smackdown which is devastating of it's own kind. Capable of destroying armored vehicles with a single move, but at the cost of movement. While charging the power, Nero is unprotected and prone to attack from the opponent.

    Musclemass, hile active, it boosts Nero vast strength to immense proportions, increasing the damage done in close combat and the damage and distance of thrown objects.Musclemass increases Nero melee damage tenfold and increases the speed at which he strikes. At its base level, a normal attack will turn any human enemy it strikes into bloody chunks; Objects thrown with Musclemass will hit harder, fly further, and move faster than objects thrown at Nero normal strength; all of Nero Combat abilities, save for the Devastators, will be enhanced by Musclemass. This facet of Musclemass makes it one of the most damaging powers in his use.

    Shield, Nero donates a large amount of his mass into his arm using the same process as the Blade but molding it into a black-biomass shield made of near impenetrable materials. It is normally not seen while Nero is standing still, and only as a mass on his shoulder, but is clearly shown when he is sprinting, targeting, or other more active moves. While running with the shield you basically become a living battering ram. Shield, unlike the Armor, completely nullifies damage instead of merely reducing it, though only against attacks directed to the front of Nero. It will block all incoming fire until its damage threshold is reached, at which point the Shield will shatter and require time to "recharge" before it can be deployed again. It will also automatically regenerate to full effectiveness during periods of inactivity. It can withstand rifle fire almost indefinitely and block several grenades, but will crack if hit by a missile. Unlike the Armor, Alex's mobility is not hindered when the Shield is active. When sprinting with the Shield on, the Shield will be deployed in front of Nero as a battering ram to push away cars and human-sized enemies, killing the latter instantly in most cases. Since the Shield is a defensive power, Nero may use it in conjunction with an offensive power to attack his enemies while staying protected, and the shield only comes into view in the case of running or being attacked.

    Whipfist is one of many abilities Nero has at his disposal, consisting of a tentacle with a blade at the end. Given its unique status as a ranged attack. The Whipfist is an extremely useful or clearing out large groups of enemies when Nero is surrounded. The Whipfist can be used to grab enemies, civilians and vehicles from a great distance away. The Whipfist has an alternate attack known as the "Street Sweeper". This cuts human-class enemies around Alex in half with one shot, which can kill 15 enemies in 1 swipe.However the damage done by whip-fist is jokingly weak, but its fast, has a long range and good for surprise attacks.

    Blade, When the power is activated, they grow an elongated double ended blade from their elbow downward, turning their arms into a giant razor sharp cutting machine. Though not as fast as the Claws, or as powerful as the Hammerfists, it provides a balance of these traits. The Blade is a strong close-combat weapon, excellent for taking down opponents that are hard to kill. While not as fast as the Claws, the Blade still has a high attack speed and only loses to the Hammerfists in terms of damage output. It is effective against both living targets and defense.

    Armor. While in this form, Nero takes less damage, but the added density results in loss of movement speed. It also disables his flight and dodging abilities. He can still climb buildings, but while sprinting he will smash through anything in his path, be it cars, humans, hollow's. or other small obstacles. Larger objects like tanks and heavier barriers will block his path. In addition, Nero will most likely crush any human enemy he jumps on while the Armor is active, as if they were hit by Musclemass.The Armor provides an alternative to the Shield. Unlike the Shield, which completely negates damage at the cost of having a finite ability to absorb punishment, the Armor significantly reduces the damage taken by Nero without losing effectiveness. It also reduces damages from all attacks, whereas the Shield will only negate damage from attacks that impact the Shield itself. It is ideal for close combat, allowing Nero to go toe to toe with the strongest foes without taking large amounts of damage. Conversely, running from a fight is somewhat more difficult, and Nero's ability to dodge attacks is hampered. The Armor is very effective against fighting powerful enemies because it never breaks, but it does not completely negate damage like the shield, instead reducing it to a fraction of what he would normally experience. While using the armor power, it can clear a path through enemies and vehicles. The drawback to the Armor is its decreased mobility. Movement speed and jump height are reduced while it is active, making it more difficult to escape enemies

    Devastator attacks are Nero "superweapons"; they inflict massive area damage to his surrounding at the cost of using up a portion of his health to execute, making each use risky, as well dangerous to his own being. The Tendril Barrage causes spikes made of hard, fibrous tissue to erupt from Nero's body in every direction, impaling everything around him for a fair distance. It will wipe out entire crowds of humans and cause extreme damage. The Groundspike Graveyard is similar to the Groundspike power granted by the Claws. When used, it causes massive spikes of biomass to erupt from the ground, creating a deadly circle of spikes in close proximity to Nero. It is highly effective against hardened targets like hollows and tanks, but less effective than the Tendril Barrage against living enemies due to its shorter range and smaller amount of spikes. This Devastator can usually destroy a military base in a single go.

Use of Kido: Since he ate a former captain known as Jin Hōsō, he knows Bakudō kido up to 75, and up to 88. Making him a large threat, since he can fire them from basically anywhere from his body. truly a fearsome monster.


Hoi: Designates a person as the target of the spell.

Joso: Designates an area as the target of the spell. Needs a high focus (Sacred drawn) and more Reiatsu.

Ketsu: Creates a barrier around the target enemy or area. The barrier can be used as a defensive messure around oneself, or to trap enemies for a short period of time. Enemies of the same or higher strength can break the barrier with a bit of effort. With a drawn Sacred, the barrier gets stronger.

Kai: Releases the barrier without causing damage.

Metsu: Collapses the barrier inwards, damaging all trapped inside. The more Reiatsu is used, the more devastating the explosion inside the collapsing barrier is. Can be used without a Sacred, the sword makes it stronger, however.

Tenketsu: Opens a dimensional rift in the barrier, disorting the Reiatsu of the one trapped inside, weakening the victim with time. Enemies that are far weaker than the user can be killed by this effect. Can only be used with a Sacred.

Zekkai: Using negative energy, the Suigara fires out an energy attack at the enemy, or repells an attack. A dark aura circles around the user of this technique. It does not require the use of a barrier beforehand, but a Sacred is needed. Since this increases negative feelings inside the user, frequent use is not recommoned, since it can cause depressions, destructive bloodrages or even suicidical thoughts.

Shinkai: Often called the strongest of the Suigara magics, this either creates a huge energy shield in front of the user to not only block, but reflect incoming attacks, or fires out many energy blades onto the target. This technique drains a huge amount of Reiatsu from the user, but has extreme force. If a target gets specified with the weaker spells, the attack has homing abilities. Without a Sacred, it can be deadly to even attempt to use it. Weaker Suigara would kill themselves by casting this.

Nenshi: Another way of binding, this creates a glowing energy thread in the collor of the Reiatsu of the user. It can be used to bind an enemy in place, struggle or torture him. It is connected directly to the palm of the user. This can be used without a Sacred.

Sekkai: Developed to be used against Suigara techniques and Bakudo, this can disrupt barriers by quite a bit, making it easier to break free.

Shuufuku: A healing spell that heals wounds and restores damaged objects. It first creates a weak barrier around the object or person, and then restoring Reiatsu is funeled into the barrier.

Shikigami: This creates small paper dolls that the user can use as measures of spying on enemies, since the user sees everything the small papercut does.

Musou: A technique to highten the body of the user. Pumping Reiatsu into the muscles, they get faster, react better and stronger, but give up capabilities with magic casting at the same time. Lasts for about 20 minutes

Boundary Field of Alert: A basic spell not suited for combat. It can be erricted around a rather large area and will alert the user of anyone entering, unless they can completely mask both Reiatsu and visibility, since the field checks for both things. Nearly all Sugiura are able to at least protect their own home with one of those. If the user is asleep, he/she will instantly wake up once someone intrudes the field.

Boundary Field of Hiding: Another basic shielding spell, this renders an object or person inside a seal on the ground, drawn out of Reiatsu of the user, invisible to the naked eye. However, Reiatsu can still be sensed, and the object/person is still there - noises can be heard, and the objects can still be touched. The largest recorded Boundary Field of Hiding at one time was big enough to fit Shimuras mountain into it completely. It needs a constant supply of spiritual energy to stay active.

Sacred Weapon:

Lair of the Beast King- due to Nero making a few which allows him to merge with the beasts and transform his body into its present state. Because it is only being deployed within his own body and never superimposes over the external space, it is capable of avoiding the corrective impulse by the world and can be sustained almost indefinitely as long as he possesses enough energy. Whether Nero himself was ever he displays similar feeding habits as he constantly needs to consume living matter in order to absorb the energy required both for the sustaining of this Reality Marble and the regeneration of the destroyed parts. His beasts consume the entirety of their preys’ bodies, not just their blood. So in short everything Nero eats becomes his scared, so all 666 beast are his weapon. The beasts that compose him range from mundane animals like dogs, to giant creatures such as elephants and even mystic beasts like unicorns. The animals within him aren’t merely controlled by him, but are in fact an extension of his own self. The entire collective is only one being which is capable of manifesting into the form of any of the six hundred and sixty six beasts if necessary and act separately from the collective, though always mentally and spiritually united as one.The body may even act without his prompt to defend him from external attacks. When destroyed, the beasts return to the chaos and are regenerated, making him virtually immortal unless all 666 lives are obliterated at once before they have the chance to revive. or by the eyes of death.

Sakkuruddo(Sacred): This was Izanagi's scared, but due to Nero devouring him, he has gained Sakkuruddo takes the form of a traditional spiritualists staff. Izanagi's Sakkuruddo had two weapons to it. Somewhat concealed, Nero also has a short sword, a support form to his main Sakkuruddo. Although not as powerful as the staff, it is perfect for quicker attacks and to surprise the opponent. Nero will even use both weapons at the same time while fighting, a hard feat to accomplish. Nero in order to summon this pulls it out of his body.

Other Weapons: None

Guardian Beast


Poison-Due to having so many poison based guardian beast in his body, Nero's body has developed its own poison that is stronger than anything any animal or guardian beast can produce. However, he does have a limit on the amount of poison he can produce. He can only produce 15 liters, as the poison is made by converting his body fluids into poison, thus making too much would result in severe dehydration. This poison can be secreted from any part of his body and he can control the concentration and effect of it, however, its main weakness is that the poison can be easy to dodge at times. Nero's poison also becomes darker when he increases its lethality. By analyzing the symptoms of the poison injected, Nero can determine its components and produce antibodies for poisons he is not immune to. When it effects another being, all sense of pain are increased greatly, slowly stopping there movements. On humans however it can lead to them suffering heart attacks if exposed to the poison to long, its been known to be able to become a very strong acid as well, useful more melting down walls or a better attack, its a still a slow move to use, but otherwise easy to dodge.

Izanagi's element: Izanagi was known as the "god of Flames", is powers of fire include the ability to conjure up a vast amount of flames; although Nero can control how fierce the flames are. The flames Nero creates are also different than your standard fire. They are dark, and hard to put out, and are able to turn water into steam, or increase the heat of the area.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
Roleplay Sample: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences minimum)

My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}
Nero/Nrvnqsr Chaos ~WIP~ Image1

{Chosokabe Motochika}
Nero/Nrvnqsr Chaos ~WIP~ 2vxndbc
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Nero/Nrvnqsr Chaos ~WIP~ Richar10
Moved to Inactive~ :3


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
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Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

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