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PostSubject: Misaka Mikoto   Misaka Mikoto Icon_minitime1Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:10 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Misaka Mikoto

Alias: Biribiri (called that by Touma), Railgun

Age: 16

Appearance: Misaka Mikoto 34dpo43

Height: 1,61m

Weight: lightweight

Hair Color: light brown

Eye Color: gold-brown


{The 411 on Misaka!}

To most people, Misaka is considered a 'proper lady' (ojou-sama or お嬢様), but in reality, she's short-tempered, prideful, and has an improper attitude with some slight tomboyish tendencies and insecurities- a fact few people know of. Despite this, she is generally friendly and easygoing, capable of making humorous joke's and teasing her closest friend's. Often times she shows a childish, competitive side and even slight tsundere tendencies along with confused affections when taunted by her rival, Touma. She has a keen sense of justice, demonstrated by her frequent involvement in the crime-fighting body, Judgment, and her resolve is unshakable almost to a point where she will endure any amount of punishment, in order to win. She is very adamant about protecting other's, though she will easily claim that she has no intention of doing so.

She isn't a girl known for admitting thing's easily and can be described as being a loose-cannon, though that is mostly around her rival and crush, Touma Kamijou. Despite how she appear's to hate him, she is quite fond of him, and jealous of the girl's that swarm around him or flirt with him. Despite her overbearing personality, she was deemed a child prodigy as a child and learned her power's at an early age. She is very capable of putting together various strategies in her mind at an amazing rate. She can come up with various plan's that can help her survive or win battles depending on her attitude. To put it subtly, if she's angry, her fighting skill is low. When she is calm and assimilates her anger into a far more serious emotion, she become's a fighting force to anyone who decide's to face her.

Though she doesn't admit it, her mother pointed out that Mikoto is bad with House work. She is not a great cook, nor a good cleaner and usually relies on the money that her father send's her to buy take out or pizza on a daily basis. She doesn't have any god-given talent's and can only clean up her room with relative ease. She is also very fond of hanging out with her father, any time he get's the chance. She is always worried about his well being, and would go to any length to keep him out of harm's way. This is the same for all of her close friend's. She will go and protect them, even if she put's her life on the line. Misaka certainly has alot of thing's to learn in her young life, but has enough friend's and a nice father, that will lead her down a righteous path if all goes well.


Misaka was born in Tokyo Japan, Year 2001. She was born as the daughter of Date Akira and Misaka Misuzu. Akira Date at his time, was a man who aspired to be a doctor, while the mother wanted to be a photographer. Mikoto lived her childhood out as a normal young girl, however her parent's began to notice that she was not just an ordinary girl, there was something special about her. She was a child prodigy, who learned and adapted at a young age. There was many thing's she could do around the age of 5, that surprised both her father and mother. She was however a bit defiant to say the least. Something that would mirror her personality to come in the future. Despite this defiance, Misaka still loved her mother and father and constantly followed them everywhere they went. Around the age of 10, her father started going overseas a lot more, after a few hidden conversation's between him and Misuzu. It wasn't a divorce, but she felt that Date needed to fulfil his dream's. She came to an agreement that he could travel overseas as long as he paid his daughter and wife a visit every few month's and on holiday's. He did it effortlessly and came earlier then his wife expected each time. Misaka considered the two to be fool's, but when they were together they were a perfect couple, something she yearned for at a young age. During a trip to Africa, a small tragedy arose. Misuzu caught new's from a doctor that Date had suffered a gunshot wound to the head. Having heard this mortifying new's, Misuzu flew over, leaving Misaka with her aunt until she could return. She didn't want her husband to die so she hired the greatest doctor's money could but, but the moment she arrived, Date was surprisingly in a critical condition and would recover within a few day's time.

Misuzu decided to stay with Date in africa, for four year's, while Misaka lived with her aunt. During this time, her aunt trained her in proper manner's and even enrolled her into a high school with a wonderful curriculum. During Misuzu and Date's stay, they gave birth to a second child, Misaka imouto. Though thank's to Date and misuzu's eccentric taste they decided to also give her the nickname Last order, as that would be the last child they would have. After six year's had passed, Misuzu returned, while Date once again went off to prepare himself for something big, which he kept a secret from Misuzu. Misaka was fifteen by now, and already a growing girl. Misuzu and her began to have an antagonistic relationship, but they still showed sign's of love and affection and were still a great mother and daughter team. Misaka dropped out of her high school, that she was originally enrolled in and moved to Karakura town with her mother. She enrolled at Karakura high, and would eventually meet a crush/rival. Kamijou Touma, was his name. She remember's that night vividly where she met him on a bridge, and he just so happened to tick her off, making her use her decisive electrical technique "Railgun". Just as she thought it was going to hit, Touma used his "Imagine breaker", outright negating her attack. From that day on, she vowed that she would defeat him. However, as day's went by, she started to feel strange affection's for the boy, though she did not know why. Even till this day, she still doesn't understand the feeling's.

So, just how will the path of this Scientific rail gun go? It's all up to destiny's play.

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan.

Powers: Misaka has a certain special ability that is fuelled by Reiatsu thanks to scientific enhancements, called 'Electromaster'.
This makes her able to emitt strong electrical currents from her body directly into the air to shoot out lightning bolts and the like at enemies, but that is not all. Her electric energy creates a constant field around her, which makes sneaking up on her impossible, since everything reflects electromagnetic waves in some way. It also causes discomfort to animals such as cats and dogs, though, who instinctively dislike her because of it.
However, control of electricity is only the core of her abilities, and not the full extent. She can sap out power from the network of a city and use it to refill her own energy, and furthermore, has a few techniques developed from control over electricity and with that, control over magnetism.
Railgun: The reason for her nickname, Misaka can charge up a metal object - more often than not an arcade coin - with electric energy and make it float over her hand, before shooting it at insane speeds like a high-energy gun. This can turn even a small coin into a deadly beam of destruction. However, the range of this is limited to around 50 meters with a normal coin, and her rate of fire is roughly 7 shots per minute. Larger objects fly for a longer time with the same speed, but at a lower rate of fire.
Remote Control: With her magnetism, Misaka can take control of mechanical devices and power up even dead machinery to make fearsome weapons. A giant-ass truck suddenly heading straight for you is going to hurt quite a lot.
Hacking: Manipulating electrical currents makes her able to gather information and crack through security easily. You'd better have more than a firewall to stop her attempts, or else your secrets will be exposed.
Flight: Using a static field of energy, Misaka can quite literally soar right through the skies at surprising speeds. She can also keep herself from hitting the ground hard by making a 'field' of electrostatic energy that catches whatever falls into it.
Electric Net: Said electromagnetic fields can also be used like a net to capture the enemy in them, akin to a binding Kido.
Sensory Overload: Using a large burst of electric energy, this can distort all senses of the enemy at once like an incredibly powerful flashbang, in addition to roasting whatever is in very close vicinity completely.

Extra Abilities: Very intelligent and a prodigy for most of her life.

Ki Usage: None, all of her abilities revolve around Reaitsu and science.

Misaka Mikoto AgitoSig

Misaka Mikoto Dancing
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PostSubject: Re: Misaka Mikoto   Misaka Mikoto Icon_minitime1Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:27 am

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]

Comments/Notes: Approved
Tier: I know you wanted 2-1, but I say 2-1+, because I CAN D<

Misaka Mikoto 2lvcuad

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Misaka Mikoto
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