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PostSubject: Shaoni Atrevimiento > ARRANCAR   Shaoni Atrevimiento > ARRANCAR Icon_minitime1Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:38 am

PREWORD: I've always liked the concept of manipulating gravity in anime RPs, so I've modelled my character after that ability. I've placed a lot of limitations on the abilities so it's not abusable, so please let me know if any of it is going overboard. : P

Shaoni Atrevimiento > ARRANCAR Arrancar___Opuesto_by_ExoLevi


Name: Shaoni Atrevimiento
Age: 595 [Physical: 24]
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Spanish

Orientation: Freelancing

Shaoni is a silent and calculating Arrancar. He prefers going solo, and as such doesn't see himself bound to any master. He likes it better in the shadows, where he can take in his environment and use it to complete his mission as fast as he can. Despite his sinister looks, he is quite honorable, and wouldn't attack the innocent. This makes him different from many other Arrancars, who started searching for revenge right after they regained their sanity.

Shaoni is very good at keeping his calm in battle, and uses his opponents emotions to his advantage. A cocky opponent won't as much make him angry and take risks as it'll convince him his opponent has been put into a corner where he has to use such tricks. He is very intelligent, and as of such appreciates science and logic, and uses them as his greates weapon while fighting. Since he's always calm, it's hard to say if he has any real fears, but one thing that can make him uneasy is the sight of lizards and amphibians such as snakes or toads.

Teoría de la Esfera (lit. Sphere Theory)
Shaoni is capable of light control of the gravity around him, in order to do simple tasks like causing rocks around him to hover or reversing the poles of magnets. He cannot focus this effect in a small area, and as of such has little control over the objects affected - everything in a small, basketball sized sphere around the target will be affected by the graivity changing.

Dejar de Gravedad (lit. Gravity Stop)
Due to his calculating and predicting personality, he has permanently installed a thin shield around his skin, strongly amplifying the gravity there. This causes physical objects such as rocks or bullets to be pushed slightly away from his skin when it makes contact, lessening the impact and damage. However, this shield is far from powerful enough to keep kidou or reiatsu infused weapons such as a zanpakutou off of him.

Sin Límite (lit. No Limit)
Even in his sealed state, Shaoni is powerful enough to weaken the gravity around him when needed, allowing him much easier mobility than others. This allows him to jump higher and run faster, and if he's forced into close combat, make his melee attacks stronger. However, while this ability is active, he cannot at the same time focus his Dejar de Gravedad, and is of such vulnerable to regular attacks again.

Movimiento (lit. Wave)
Shaoni can expand his Dejar de Gravedad briefly, causing it to push out in a ball of strong gravity around him for a second or so. This pushes away pretty much any opponent weaker than him, and is enough to stop a stronger opponent in his tracks. However, using this too much will completely drain Shaoni of energy and keep him from using his sealed powers for some time.

Cero Inversión (lit. Reverse Cero)
Shaoni's unique Cero while in his sealed state. He raises his hand, and fires a black Cero with insane mass from his hand, at the same time as another, completely white Cero with unbelievably little mass is launched out of the air from right above the target, so that the two Ceros will connect at a perfect 90 degrees angle. When the Ceros connect, preferrably on the target, a gravitional shockwave is released, damaging everyone around where the Ceros made contact and stunning them briefly (not longer than two seconds).

Sealed Zanpakutô:
Shaoni's Zanpakutou is a small, black scythe with a golden handle. The blade if very rough, so it's not very good at cutting with, but it's made of reiatsu infused iron alloy making it useful in several gravity techniques. He can amplify most of his sealed techniques through the scythe.

Zanpakutô Name:

"Flip the dimension of earth and the heavens - Atlas!"

In Shaoni's Resurrección form, his body becomes taller and all his features and clothes fades away. His whole body also turns completely white, giving him a blank, mannequin-like look. He has a black metal sphere made of the same reiatsu infused iron alloy as his zanpakutou hovering inches over the skin in his right hand.


Punto de la Teoría (lit. Point Theory)
A much stronger version of Teoría de la Esfera. He can now focus his ability into a small point, allowing him to select his targets very precisely. He can also lift very large objects without touching them. In general, this ability allows him very powerful control of his surroundings, though it is possible to break the effect with massive amounts of reiatsu.

Invertir los Polos (lit. Reversal of Poles)
A powerful ability which switches the ground and sky in a small area around him. Normal gravity will still keep everything down, giving the impression of everything happening upside down. While maintaining this ability, Shaoni cannot use any of his other attacks.

La Seriedad Cero (lit. Zero Gravity)
Shaoni completely nullifies the gravity around his black orb, and throws it with insane speed at the targe, followed by a swift, black cero. As the sphere rips apart the gravity of the air it passes through, the cero is able to keep up. When the sphere hits the target and is forced to a standstill, the insane change in gravity mass around it causes a shockwave that stuns and damages everything around it, which is then progressed further as the Cero itself hits it. The stun effect can be broken early if the target concentrates a lot of reiatsu in a body part and releases it.

Fuerza de la Naturaleza (lit. Force of Nature)
A powerful gravity field activates around Shaoni, making it much heavier for others around him to move. This power takes a lot of concentration to use, so it's near impossible for Shaoni to attack while having this effect activated. It's mainly used for exhausting the opponent as they try to get back up.

Crecimiento Urbano (lit. CRUSH)
Shaoni focuses a huge amount of power around the opponent, creating a thick gravity barrier around them, not unlike a powerful version of Dejar de Gravedad in his sealed form. Shaoni can tighten the gravity in the shield to a such point that it effectively crushes his opponent from the pressure. He is however rendered completely immobile while using this technique, and it is possible to break it with significant reiatsu usage. If the ability is kept up for too long, Shaoni will instead revert from his Resurrección form and suffer great damage.

Forma Invertida:
When heavily damaged, Shaoni has the ability to, not unlike Segunda Etapa, enter a new form. In this form, Shaoni and the sphere's colors become inverted, giving Shaoni the look of a completely black mannequin with a white sphere in his hand. He doesn't get any new abilities through doing this, but his speed and offensive powers are greatly increased at the cost of some defense.


Human arc

Shaoni used to be a quite regular human, who had just graduated from college in the city of Madrid, Spain. He had always been acknowledged as very smart among his superiors, and was sure that he would get a good profession without much trouble. It was therefore obvious that he was eager to start, and had arranged several job interviews the day after. It had been a week since the first one now, and he felt he'd done reasonably well. Still, he didn't want to risk being without a job with his talent, so he went to the second one after all. It was a late night interview, which seemed a bit shady, but he wanted to check it out anyways.

He got on a taxi to the city, where his interview should be. It was in an area he'd never visited before, but it would just have to do. If any trouble came up he could just call his friends to pick him up, after all. He paid the taxi driver and went out on the street - it was a cold night despite is being summer. He looked down on the map he'd gotten from his possibly soon-to-be boss - he wasn't far away. Right down the street was all he'd have to go to get inside. He put away the map, and started walking, slightly faster than before, towards the end of the street. As he passed a street leading towards the main road, however, he felt something hard hit his side.

Shaoni was knocked over, and looked around himself bewildered. There wasn't anyone near him. He tried moving, but it felt like one of his ribs had broken. He tried to lay still, wondering if he should call for help. But before he'd taken his decision, a new blow came from above, knocking the air out of him. The invisible thing kept pressing down on his chest. Shaoni thought he saw a faint shimmer of something huge in front of him, but before he had time to take in what kind of creature he was being mauled by, he got a blow to his head, knocking him out.

Hollow arc

Shaoni never remembered what happened that day - nobody knew he was dead, for the matter. Not even himself - but hollows usually don't remember anything from their past life. The only thing he knew was that he needed food - and that he wasn't alone. He was laying in the bottom of a forest, surrounded by odd sounds and moving, colorful shapes. As he looked around on his company, he noticed they were all different shaped creatures, with vivid, white skulls worn over their heads. He suddenly felt an unresistable urge to lunge at one of them, and before he knew of it, he was fighting the other hollows for the body of one of their own.


Many years had passed since Shaoni's death. Without noticing it himself, he had grown - he was no longer one of the weak, little hollows he had been fighting with before. He was one of the Menos, a Gillian, one of the tall ravagers haunting the forest he had to come to find his home. He didn't look like the other Gillians, though - Shaoni was both taller than the others, and had a different looking mask. He obviously didn't realize it himself, mindless as he was, but his special, skull-shaped mask was the sign of the Adjuchas he would come to join one day. He silently mowed through crowds of small hollows on the ground, looking for something worthy to absorb, when he felt an insane presence somewhere in the horizon. The other gillians seemed to have felt it, too, and they all walked towards the light so far away...

Negación - a powerful hollow was in danger, and it was the job of the gillians, also known as Menos Grande, to save their "superior" when needed. Shaoni and the rest of the hollows approached the large, purple rift in the air and broke through it, into the world of light they had all lived in many years ago. Shaoni felt an odd flicker inside his brain. Almost without noticing it, he released the Negación they all needed to keep up, cancelling the effect. He smashed through the other Gillians and fell through the sky after the falling Hollow - it looked strong, though injured. Shaoni's jaws snapped around the humanoid creature as it fell...


The Adjuchas had been delighted when the foolish gillian jumped from the Negación - losing a Vasto Lorde was worth that show. They had not been as happy, however, as the same gillian that had jumped had reappeared a few days after, as an Adjuchas. And a strong one at that. He had his sanity back. He remembered. The second he'd has that flicker in his brain he remembered how he died - the temptation to cannibalize the hollow that had killed him hundreds of years ago was too strong. The power of the Vasto Lorde gave enough strength to proceed to the Adjuchas stage, and he lived it well.

A large, black elephant in appearance, half the size of the biggest gillian, he traversed the Menos Forest looking for more hollows worthy of absorption. He had several times travelled to the human world through the Garganta, but the souls there were far from powerful enough. His habit was to hunt down every Adjuchas in the forest, and if a gillian had potential, that one too. His mask was still that large, skull-like mask - it hadn't changed one bit from when he was a newborn hollow. As he broke apart a few tall trees with his trunk to see if there were any victims close by, he noticed something.

A cluster of gillians were preparing a Negación. That could only mean that a powerful hollow had been injured, and was being brought back to Hueco Mundo by its servants. He slung his trunk through the Negación and grabbed the hollow before it got in. It was just another Adjucha. He engulfed it, figured he might as well take the small, extra power it gave him, before turning to the gillians. None of them were strong enough to become Adjuchas. Furious at the lack of food, he stomped the ground with his foreleg. The ground gave an almighty crack, and broke to bits, that flew into the sky and hovered around him. He didn't know how he did it, but he somehow ordered the large bits of rock against the gillians, and watched as they were all pierced and cut down, their Ceros doing no damage to his Hierro.

He noticed another light in the horizon and knew that it was another Negación. If it worked the first time, why wouldn't it work again?


550 years ago, a college graduate with immense potential was murdered by the Adjuchas Faranosa. The murder victim took his revenge. The Vasto Lorde Shaoni jumped through his Garganta portal and hit the streets in the human world. He didn't actually expect to find anybody strong there, but it was worth trying. There was nearly nothing in Hueco Mundo that was worth it. Shaoni was a completely white humanoid, looking a lot like a mannequin. His appearance had been feared by Adjuchas and Gillians alike for over a hundred years, now.

As Shaoni stood on top of the citys biggest building, however, he felt power not too far from his own - 3 of them. He could probably handle one, but not three. He was curious to see if a human could really be that powerful, though, and jumped in the direction of the reiatsu he sensed.

He jumped down from a building and hit a street. In front of him were three humans - or, they looked like humans, but with something inhuman about them. One of them exclaimed something in a language Shaoni had long forgotten, and they all drew their swords. Shaoni wasn't one to leave a fight like a coward, but before he got into a fighting position, he was struck hard in the head by a blade edge. He heard a crack.

Arrancar arc

Those Shinigami didn't survive. This is where the Arrancar Shaoni's life starts (If I'm approved, of course.)

RP Sample:
Shaoni strolled through the sandy barrens of Hueco Mundo, his Zanpakutou, Atlas, safely by his hips. It was a long time ago he'd had something useful to do, and he was honestly bored. There wasn't much to do in a desert. With decent intervals a burrowing hollow would break through the ground and lunge at him, but he didn't even need to draw his Zanpakutou before it was repelled by his gravity shield. He sighed, flicking his fingers in the air in front of him. A small, purple rift appeared in the air, just large enough for him to pass through. He walked through the Garganta into the human world - hopefully it would bring some purpose to his day.

As he walked through, he nearly immediately sensed three rapidly changing reiatsu. Like a fight. Shaoni walked past the corner of the building he'd landed by, and saw two Shinigami in a fight with an Adjuchas. "Fernandez," Shaoni said softly as he recognized the Adjuchas. Fernandez looked over his shoulder as he dodged a swipe from one of the Shinigami. They were visibly still trainees. "...Isn't it Shaoni," the Adjuchas asked as he dodged another slash. "Haven't seen you in years...Some time since you visited the Menos Forest." Shaoni didn't reply. He lifted his right hand, causing a piece of concrete to burst from the ground and hit one of the Shinigami on the chin. He looked like he was knocked out in one hit. "You know I have no business there," he finally replied, with a cold undertone. "Even if I had, I have better things to do."

This was obviously not true. The real reason he had left the Menos Forest was that he didn't feel on the same level as the other hollows anymore. He also knew he didn't look like them, either - he was much more human like than before. He still had a bit of his cracked skull-mask, however, covering part of his face. "Why are you fighting these rookies?" he then asked, when Fernandez couldn't come with a reply. The Adjuchas clawed down the second Shinigami. The Shinigami hit the floor with a soft bump, and lay unmoving. "I'm not anymore," he said. "Was looking for a few trainees to absorb, you know? Thanks for the help..." Shaoni sighed, kicking the unconscious body of the Shinigami he knocked out. "Good luck with it," he then replied in a bored voice, kicking off from the ground, once again completely without anything interesting to do.

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Approved, 1-3+

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Shaoni Atrevimiento > ARRANCAR Richar10
Moved to Inactive~ :3


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
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Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

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