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PostSubject: Izumi Hina    Izumi Hina  Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:55 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Hina Izumi

Alias: Human Juggernaut.

Age: 18


Izumi Hina  330264

Hina=Girl with brown hair

Izumi Hina  330216

Izumi Hina  04c011f7c2a2cedcd890cdac10c19c3a

Izumi Hina  Sample_041e97a3bdb72cae36bf90fdf4108521

Izumi Hina  Tumblr_lo3hq9JoBA1qdytuuo1_500

Hina's Appearance appears to be relatively feminine and well-kept up. She favor's many sundress-type outfit's, along with a exuberant sun hat. Though this appearance is only frequent, during the summer. During the year, she is known to wear normal and casual clothing in order to blend in. Beside's her clothing, Hina has very long brown hair, which stop's right at the middle of her back. Along with her long brown hair, she has matching brown eye's giving off a very angelic and cute appearance at times. However, it's best that you don't let this fool you, if Hina is upset in any manner, or people near her is hurt, she will go into a "Berserker" State. This sort of state, earned her the name of human juggernaut, though she dislike's the name to some extent, and is quite embarrassed when it comes to her physical strength.

Height: 5"4

Weight: Average weight of 18 year old women

Hair Color: Brown/Black(Depending on you look at some of teh pictures)

Eye Color: brown


-Sweet Heart with the fist of steel-

This serve's as the basis for most of Hina's personality. She is very kind and loves helping out with anything she can, as long as it's within her power. She is frequently seen helping carry bags for elderly neighbor's or helping push car's 5 times her weight down to the car station for repair. Her friendly attitude is something most people admire, because Hina is someone they can count on to help them out of a large jam. Hina, is not very naive however, and will greatly reprimand people who try to trick her for their own self-benefit. She particularly enjoy's thing's that most tomboy's would like such as sport's. This play's into her amazing physical prowess, as she frequently practice's Judo and Wrestling. This allow's her to defend herself when robber's try to harass her. Before the hollow invasion, she had sent many robber's to the hospital with not so pretty injuries to boot. Incidentally she also tend's to hurt those around her without noticing it. A mere hug from Hina is enough to break people's back, as she had hurt the back of Eiji, hugging him in his transformed state as OOO. To simply put it into perspective, Hina's strength and cute attitude can become very destructive. Consciously and unconsciously. Despite this scary trait, Hina is very open-minded and great to get along with, as long as people exhibit the same amount of kindness that she does. However, there are time's where even she will get angry, though this is only when her brother or close friend's are concerned.

Hina is very fond of food, and love's cooking for her brother and his guest's. She will spend an innumerable amount of time, preparing a well deserved meal. She tend's to cook food of the spicy variety however, with dishes such as, Mabo Tofu, and other special spiced up meals. She also favor's poultry during cooking, as she attempted to force Ankh to eat some of her food, even though he is a bird guardian beast himself. She enjoy's cooking large banquet's and will stop at nothing in order to become a great chef. She is also frequently seen with one or two job's, and does her best to give her brother good income as well as herself. She is a hard-working individual and will even do heavy-lifting during a job, in order to get paid extra cash. So as long as it bring's in the cash, she would easily help carry an entire large bag of moving out gear. Hina appear's to be very close to Eiji and cares about his well-being, always hoping that he stay's out of harm's way, after he acquired the sacred cores that his mother passed down to him. She is frequently shown guiding him through the city, or wishing him and her brother good luck, as they both go to the same job and hang out with each other quite a bit.

Hina tries to help Eiji in any way and worries about her brother's wellbeing. She is interested in both professional wrestling and Judo, both relative to her strength. She is however a little embarrassed of her super human strength. Hina has shown a dislike towards Ankh, mainly for using her brother's body as a medium after he nearly died and the fact he needs to stay connected to Guardian beastin order to live. She goes to lengths to make sure her brother's body stays healthy, like forcing Ankh to stay at the Couscoussier and eat poultry (which is a problem for Ankh as he is a half hawk, Guardian beast). Despite her dislike, she has found herself becoming closer to Ankh, viewing him as a big-brother figure, just as she does with her brother who adopted her. She is seen teasing him on separate occasion's and loves poking fun at Eiji and Ankh whenever they clash with each other. Hina while not outwardly, is semi-oblivious to the feelings of love, unless someone outwardly state's to her, that they love her. Making Eiji's pursuit of Hina, quite the tenuous adventure.


This is a story from 10 years ago

Hina was born into a life of poverty from the beginning. So a life of luxury was not easy to come by for the young girl. Most of her life was spent taking care of her parent's and since she was an only child, this became harder and harder by the day. To put it subtly, Hina was a girl who had to grow up, before growing up. Despite this hard and impoverished life, She was always smiling, always looking for a blessing to be bestowed upon her from above. This girl was far too strange, she lived in such a horrid environment and kept on going along this dark road with a smile. If one had to laugh at this abnormality, then they would be far too cruel. However, Hina's life would take a unexpected turn in her later year's. Her father died of a incurable disease, on her eleventh birthday. Before his death, he gave the young girl a wonderful sunhat, he didn't have much money, but he spent his last on this wonderful hat and Hina kept that hat with her for the rest of her life. She was very indebted to her father for this gift and would keep it year's after his death. However, his death, also caused the workload of her mother to skyrocket, and Hina rarely ever got the chance to see her mother a lot. She hardly ever got to see her mother again, and was frequently placed in the care of a baby sitter or orphanage, waiting day by day to see her mother once again.

Life seemed hopeless by this point, any body would easily give up and become a low life due to such tragic condition's. However, Hina did nothing but smile. This smile was never forced, no one forced her to be happy or hope for a better future. She simply smiled and believed that one day, happiness would come to her. This was not a wish, she knew such things were impossible at the time, but she simply believed in it as if it were a dream. Nothing would break this girl's composure. She had always reassured herself, that an ounce of light would shine down on her. There was no need to shed tear's over her life. She had become accustomed to living at the bottom, so such thing's never quite got to her. Even when she seen richer children indulging in the finer thing's in life, she simply smiled and hoped that they would keep that good fortune. there was truly something unusual about Hina, at least that's how it appeared to other's. Most thought she was the type to hold thing's in, or always kept her emotions in. But those type of people never knew her. There was only one thing, that would break the heart of this adamant young girl, and she would experience that first hand during the terrible hollow invasion that would forever change Japan and the world, as she knew it. This is the first time, Hina experienced tragedy. All the thing's before that, were simply what could be called "Hard-life", but this tragedy devastated the young girl. The hollow invasion was something she wish she could have prevented, and instead of blaming the heroes that weren't able to fully save her town, she blamed herself for not being strong enough. Moreover, the girl had found what truly made her upset.


The Hollow invasion was absolutely brutal, and many people died in what could only be called a massacre. Hina, had experienced this first hand, as her mother's life was taken right in front of her. She couldn't discern what was killing her, but she had definitely knew somebody was hurting and devouring her mother badly. She had knew that soon, she herself would die as well. The moment she felt her body being grabbed, she perceived something for the first time. a bird-like warrior, with an ethereal appearance like that of a magical hawk had eradicated the hollow, which Hina herself could not see. His appearance was like that of a fallen angel, as feather's descended from above. This feather's did not hurt her, however, these feather's were indeed warm and welcoming. This was something that seemed like an illusion, but in Hina's heart everything was completely real. Hina could never properly thank him, because as soon as he killed it, he disappeared as though he were an illusion, but before leaving he told her one thing "if you wish to avoid this life, become stronger". Hina only remember's tear's flowing from her eye's. Cold, Uncontrollable, Tear's. She had experienced loss, and that alone was enough to break the young girl's heart. She had lost not only her father, but now her mother. Hina had realized that if there was only one thing in the world that could make her break down, then it was to lose her loved one's. That is what Hina's worst fear had became. While she had lost something, she had also found something. Hina's life would quickly take a turn in the right direction.

After the invasion was over, Hina walked through the desolate town in order to find a temporary solace. However, her health was beginning to deplete over the day's of travel. She had survived many day's without food, and could only drink small amount's of clean water, from a river. Her life seemed hopeless at this point, but just as she was about to faint and go into an eternal slumber, the glimmer of light, which had seemed so impossible had finally shined down on Hina. a young man, of around 22 year's of age, had grabbed her falling body and held her close. Hina, could only look up at him as she slowly fainted. However, this man would not allow her to die and quickly took her in. During the time of Hina's stay, she had found out the name of the man who had saved her - His name was Shingo Izumi. He was a kind and sweet man without a single ill intention in his heart. He had adopted Hina into his house hold and the two became like brother and sister. Her life had officially took a turn in the right direction and Hina could do nothing but smile as she did so many year's ago. She had enjoyed a life of happiness with Shingo and cared for him even when he became sick. She had took up cooking classes, a high school education, and many other job application's in order to support her bigger brother. She had become indebted to this man, and loved him as though he were the brother she had never had. Hina however began to notice that something was strange about herself.

During one day Hina noticed one unusual thing about herself, she had unusual strength. This was something very abnormal for a girl of her weight and age. She had been taken to doctor's and they had often tested her to see if she had acquired some sort of mutant-ability. However, they could find nothing, she was voted as one of the strongest children in japan at her age. She was capable of lifting car's, and thing's that were far beyond her weight. While embarrassed by her unusual ability, instead decided to improve upon this by learning wrestling, kenpo, and Judo. She had decided that she would use her strength in order to protect those around her, as well as self-defense. During her travel's, she had the pleasure of meeting a good friend, by the name of Eiji Hino. She met him during a time where he was trying to retrieve a coin from under a soda machine. Eiji did not want to burden her, and simply told her that it was something he himself could handle, but what she did in the next moment following that was something Eiji would not forget. She had lifted the soda-machine for him, allowing him to get the coin. Eiji was both frightened and amazed at the same time, and from that day the two became good friend's. Following her day's of meeting Eiji, she noticed something different in her brother, but she could not quite put her finger on it. Whatever the case was, her journey with Ankh and Eiji was soon to begin...

Birthplace: Tokyo Japan


Juggernaut: The Basis of Hina's abilities revolve around one thing, and one thing only, Super Human Strength. Not only is she capable of high level endurance, but her strength is absolutely abnormal and scary for the type of human that Hina appear's to be. She does not possess ki. Nor does she possess any type of ability, apart from spiritual perception, which allow's her to see spirit's such as shinigami or hollow. Hina is capable of lifting car's, Boulder's, and large Soda-machines without so much as a visual strain in her pretty features. This alone is intimidating. She possesses 360 tons of physical strength in her upper body per hit, such as fist's, elbow strike's and body slam's. while her lower body, such as the leg's possesses 40 tons for kick's. However, Her emotions tie in with her over all strength. If she is upset, or someone close to her is in harm's way, she is very weak and nimble as her age might present her as. But if she is happy, or angry, her strength and endurance is something to be weary of. If she is in a happy angry state, things can get out of hand for a city alone. As well as the people around her. It should be noted, that none of this strength ties in with Chi or spiritual energy, it is simply normal strength for her, which she luckily knows how to control, but if she's lost in emotion it's best to stay clear and hide from her wrath.

Extra Abilities:

Immense Strength: This is Perhaps the most scary and funny trait about Hina, it is her strength and her strength alone. She has been sent to doctor's, for her bizarre strength over the span of her life. her lower body is capable of 40 tons of force per kick, while her upper body is a high ranking 346 tons of force per hit. Mere hug's from this girl can break people's back's. She can lift boulders with ease, though throwing them tends to take alot out of her. she is able to push and lift car's out of her way and depending on the over all weight of the car stop it with her bare hand depending on momentum and speed. However, her emotions as stated before are what ties into her over all strength. if she is upset or harmed in any way, she becomes nimble and weak. If she's happy or angry, her strength truly becomes a devastating force. When she was younger, she was voted as the strongest child in japan. What happen's to be the scary fact, is that none of this is tied in with her Spiritual energy, Chi, or anything else, this is pure unbridled strength. Luckily, she know's how to control it, but when she loses herself in her emotions, things can get out of hand and it is probably best that one escape's from the area when she is truly pissed off. This is why most people consider her a "Human Juggernaut" and most bullies or thugs are scared to steal or cross path's with this woman.

Ki Usage: None, Srsly, would she really need it?

RP Sample: Bewbs.

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PostSubject: Re: Izumi Hina    Izumi Hina  Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:16 pm

No need for a checklist~

I approve with an tier of 3-1+

My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}
Izumi Hina  Image1

{Chosokabe Motochika}
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TIER 1-1+


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TIER 2-1+

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Shirou Emiya
Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Re: Izumi Hina    Izumi Hina  Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:17 pm

Giving this character off too....


MAMA-AMA, So i can have some EijixHina romancin'.

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PostSubject: Re: Izumi Hina    Izumi Hina  Icon_minitime1Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:36 am

I love it a lot, and the rp sample - priceless. XD
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Izumi Hina
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