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Sugiura Template


Name: Wataru Kurenai Sugiura
True Age: Apparently only slightly younger than Saeko, so around 4000 years old.
Gender: Male
Personality: Wataru is a very shy and kind person at first glance. One could clearly take him for a timid and maybe even scared individual, and wouldn't be too mistaken about it, although it can easily mislead one into calling him a coward - Something he definitely isn't. He is VERY protective of his family - namely, the royal Sugiura family and their close branches. While he is a crone-prince, he's also honest, humble and kind. While he is really uncomfortable talking to strangers most of the time, he never thinks negative of someone from the start, and is actually very well-loved by the subjects of the Sugiura Kingdom. This protectiveness usually doesn't seem to extend above what everyone of them would do for each other, though.
It is hard to get him to trust someone, sadly. The betrayal of his older sister Saeko hit him hard, as while he disliked Odyseus and the fact that his father was simply declared dead, he could never bring himself into hating his mother. During the first grail war of the Sugiura, he saw into the depths of the Holy Grail - and was terrified by what he saw within himself. He is frightened of his own darkness, to be frank. This, together with Saeko's betrayal, turned him into what some people call a 'whimp', and many believe he lost both any drive and ability to fight.
But those people are dead wrong. Wataru has an incredible willpower stored inside of him - while it takes time to decide on something for sure for him, once he does so, his determination and willpower is on legendary levels, and he can easily become almost obsessed with things. His protectiveness over his sisters and his brother, though, are legendary even beyond that.
Especially after Iori aparently died thanks to him not taking action - even though she came back - and Midori's disappearance, instead of breaking completely, it moreso seemed to restore the boy who was never able to act on his protective instincts. He is actually seen outside of his room now - and training, talking to people, and being there for them. However, he is still reluctant to use his powers, and to kill, but will do both if he has to. Endangering his sisters can now easily send him flying into a destructive rampage against whoever is at fault.
He also has a habit of helping people in need without any reward for himself, and will do whatever he can to help the innocent too. While he has a dislike of showing his power openly, he will do so if he has to to protect someone, often to the surprise of whoever sees him.
Also, like his father, Wataru is an avid musician and strives to make the worlds ultimate violin one day. His love for music has lead him to write multiple songs for his family, friends and even partially himself and his alter ego, 'Kiva'.

General Appearance

Appearance: Wataru is not very tall, not heavily muscled, or even remotely threatening at all in appearance. His hair has a 'boring' brown color, although it appears to shimmer slightly red in the right lighting. He has often been described as being very 'cute' for a man, not to say handsome as well. His gentle smile can easily thaw open even the coldest individuals. One special thing about him, though, is the mark on the back of his right hand - it is barely visible, and thus looks like a watered out tattoo, but it's actually a sign of his royal blood and destiny as 'Kiva'.
Wataru Kurenai Sugiura KingSymbol
The symbol shines brighter whenever Wataru is closer to accepting his destiny as the prince, too.
Usually, Wataru's clothing is of the kind that nobody notices in a crowd, although he always has a certain scarf on him, which was originally a present from his father in times long past. His prefered colors are black, white and red, and is often seen with a black jacket (normally open) and a white, simple shirt underneath, with pants and shoes being either deep red or black as well, as if he is trying to blend in more easily.
This all is sometimes dropped, however. Whenever Wataru shows up on a scene with a serious background in the mind from the start, he dons clothing far more fitting for his position. The majestic, black and rather long piece he wears on his upper body is adorned with a rather wide red collarpiece and deep 'cut' through it over part of his chest reveals a bit of the red inside, and two red bands are usually seen going over each of his shoulders (although those can be easily removed for easier movement, if need be). Consequentally, the not too tight, not too wide black pants and equally black boots accompanying it give the normally normal-looking Wataru a far more majestic, dignified, and imposing stature, making him able to stand besides the likes of Alexander the Great without seeming out of place anymore. Some might even whisper it makes him look a little sinister.
Another trait of note are the 'facial markings' that appear whenever he is extremely angry, about to release his powers, or using his Life Syphon ability.
Wataru Kurenai Sugiura 348ot9e


Animalistic Traits: Like his father, Wataru has slightly longer fangs, like a vampiric bat. Strangely enough, he didn't inherit any of the wolf traits of his mother.
Appearance Age: 18 at the most.
Height: 1,72m
Weight: Average
Reiatsu Color: A hazy, red 'fog' is the color and appearance of his Reiatsu, which surrounds him like a cloak whenever he is about to unleash his released form, and can be seen circling him during fighting in both transformed and untransformed versions.
Eye Color: Normally a deep purple, but in lower frequencies of light, they appear to be red. They begin to shine yellow when he uses his supernatural powers or when his Alter is in control.
Prefered Hand: Ambidextrous (trained) - formerly right-handed

Natural Abilities

High Reiatsu (Uncontrolled)
One wouldn't think so by looking at him or being around him normally, but Wataru is a considerably old and powerful Sugiura - his Reiatsu is quite high, and can 'spike' upwards whenever he is in a highly emotional shock or state. Respectively, his Reiatsu is lower while he is scared, relucant to fight or tired. This also directly translates into him being stronger the more determination he has.

Inhuman Power
Looks like a whimp, hates fighting, has to be weak! Right? No, not at all. Wataru has surprisingly high levels of physical strength - while he doesn't reach pure Juggernaut power without a full-on rage induced Reiatsu-peak, he is quite able to break armor with his fists, hurt enemies trough defenses, and lift/throw things far too heavy for any human of his stature.

Grandmaster Hand to Hand Specialist
Wataru, even while untransformed, has an amazing knowledge of the human body, and the talent to use it for fighting without a weapon. Adapting to his enemy being a Hollow or Shinigami is also easy for him. He can strike pressure points directly to knock the breath out of someone or numb a body part, and also has talent of killing strikes to vital organs and a magnitude of different, old fighting styles mixed into his own. One can easily compare it to the style used by Iori, but Wataru has less strength in his strikes, seeming more elegant and 'flowing'.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist
If it's a sword, expect Wataru to be able to wield it and use it effectively. Most likely a trait inherited from his mother, flawless skill and sometimes raw strength are the reason why he can use both the quick and nimble saber and large and strong claymore his powers give him to their maximum efficiency without any kind of drawback.

Master Hammerfighting Specialist
An art rarely employed in modern fighting, but one that should not be taken lightly - Wataru and a big, two-handed warhammer are a devastating combination, especially when his Reiatsu and strength peak and he can use it one-handed with full power. A single blow can crush the enemy, but it's generally a slower fighting style that relies on opening up the enemy to a strike first, before executing it and ending the battle.

Master Marksmanship Specialist
Wataru has shown exceptional skill with ranged weapons in the past. Both classic weapons like bows and modern guns are easy to use for him, and his aiming ability is considered legendary amongst many people. His shots are accurate, fast and deadly.

King's Body: Untouchable Field
Surrounding Wataru is a special force field. It overrides spiritual powers that aim to control Wataru's body, spirit, soul, or mind - and also everything that tries to interfere with his powers, or the force-field itself. While having no direct combat application, the field negates mind-control, body-control, and the usage of most of it - Wataru can expand the field out of his body to make the powers uneffective in a small radius around him, and bless other people for up to five posts at once so that they'll be immune as well.

Techinques: Life Syphon: Wataru can create transparent, but still visible flying fangs above him and throw them at the enemy. Should they hit skin or clothing, they will pierce it and absorb Reiatsu and life-force from the target until they are removed, and transfer it over to Wataru to strengthen himself. Should someone die from this, their body will turn into glass and eventually shatter. He has technicially no limit to how many of these fangs he can produce at once, however, directing them correctly can be difficult in high numbers.

Hand-to-Hand Techniques: This list contains the various manouvers and strike techniques Wataru posesses. He can freely modify these as he sees fit in a direct combat situation, using them as templates more than burned in must-follow-to-the-letter instructions.
  • Symphonic Break: Used to counter bladed attacks at Wataru from the front, he strikes the weapon from the side, where it can't cut them, with blinding speed, to redirect it away from himself. Instantly, he also strikes at the enemy with a short, burst-like strike of his fist while taking a single step forward, aiming to hit the opposer right in the gut.
  • Leaping Note: Wataru dashes towards his target, lowers his body to slide under the incoming attack, and shoots forth one of his arms with a burst of raw power and strength to knock the air out of the enemy and possibly shatter any bones in his way.
  • Erupting Melody: Wataru knocks away an incoming attack with one of his arms, taking any possible damage, before taking a step forward with the opposing leg and using the added force of movement to improve a palm-strike with the free hand.
  • Reprise: After getting close to the enemy, Wataru first performs a weak punch against the nearest possible danger to knock it off course, before raising up the opposing side's leg in a tremendously powerful kick against the chin of the enemy. Might not fully reach with very tall opponents. Afterwards, the leg is hurled downwards, the impact on the ground used for a jump and then Wataru kicks the enemy against the chest with both legs at once.
  • Hidden Second Strike: The strongest simple hand to hand technique Wataru knows. Using his inner energy to project his strength to the outside, he is engulfed in an aura with hazy violet and black colors circling around his fists. The next, blindingly fast strike will then be executed, and seemingly it is all that happens - the enemy will afterwards be mortally wounded if they did not jump away, as the dark energies seemingly eat into their bodies and destroy the heart of the victim.
    That is not what actually happens, though. The dark, hazy aura has two functions - at first, the strike seemingly penetrates all defenses put up, but the actual happenings are different - instead, the first strike never connects with the opponent, but simply puts the energy in a 'field' right before them - this field of his own energy makes it incredibly easy for Wataru to withdraw his fist faster than any eye can follow, and execute a second strike forward - rushing through his field of black and purple energy, it unleashes a shockwave of energy and power, even if not hitting the enemy directly, and assaults them around conventional defenses, right into their organs, to inflict heavy damage.

Magic: Wataru knows no magic spells apart from light healing and restoration.

Sacred Weapon: His Sacred is the same as his Guardian Beast - a sentient small bat-like creature with metal-hard wings which can turn sharp. He grows stronger when Wataru wishes to fight, and is very weak when not.

Other Weapons: Not really 'carried' by him, he is the wielder of the Imperial Demon Sword Zanvat, which is a part of his Kyuu Kyou. More details follow below.

Guardian Beast

Element: Darkness

Guardian Beast: Kivat the Third is his Sacred as well as his Guardian Beast. It is normally a cheerfull lover of music, and a guide and friend to Wataru in every situation. He does whatever he can to turn the boy into a true next king, which is really not easy at all. He is also a voice of reason and calmness, and quite wise.
Besides him, Wataru has the 'Arms Beast' and 'Release Key' inside of him. Garulu, Dogga and Bassha are detailed in their own NPC applications. The 'Key' is Tatsulot - a small 'dragon' that awakens only whenever Watarus heart burns with passion, hate, anger, love, desire, protectiveness or any other amazingly strong feeling, be it positive or negative. Tatsulot is neither good nor evil, and will change personality according to whatever feeling woke him up.
Wataru Kurenai Sugiura N1100199079_129015_4951

Guardian Beast's World: Wataru shares his inner world with his father, oddly enough, and it's also the home to the Arms Beasts, special 'secondary Guardian Beasts' that Wataru can summon to his side to help him. Now for the world itself... It is, quite literally, a flying dragon castle. And even more: in his Joushou, Wataru can call it into reality and existance, making it a giant artillery able to fire fireballs of enormous size. However, it is quite slow and sluggish, so it's more of a base than a true fighting companion. It is called 'Castle Doran'.

Sacred Unleashed

Joushou: To enter this form, Kivat has to 'bite' Wataru into an open part of skin, accompanied by his catchphrase "Let's go Kiva!" and the small sound 'Gabu' of a bite. Once that is done, a strange, stained-glass like symbol appears on Watarus body, together with a red belt materializing out of chains. Kivat then 'docks' into the belt, and accompanied by a strange sound before it, Wataru takes on the armor of the masked rider Kiva.

Wataru Kurenai Sugiura 2gxjupt
The flying castle in the background? Yep, THAT'S Castle Doran.

Turning into Kiva gives Wataru a strong spiritual armor, enhanced by his Reiatsu. His punches and kicks also grow in power by quite a lot, making the blunt impact of each of his attacks carry incredible force in them. He also obtains his own 'finishing' move of sorts, called...
Darkness Moon Break: Once used, day turns to night and a crescent moon on the sky, signifying that this is the 'awakening' Kiva in the maiden stage of power. The chains on his legs get broken by Kivat, and Wataru performs a flying side-kick, either standing or from a jump, right into the enemy, creating a tremendous amount of force while doing so, enough to carve out a crater in the shape of a bat, which is Kiva's insignia. (and totally not Batman's.) Darkness Moon Break has a force of 200 tons behind it.
  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 98 kg.
  • Punching power: 6 tons
  • Kicking power: 8 tons
    • Darkness Moon Break: 200 tons

  • Maximum jump height: 85 meters
  • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 6.5 seconds

Zenou: This stage is not apparent to be used right away - it is a stronger 'form change' use of the Arms Beasts, secondary Guardian Beasts living inside of Castle Doran. Calling them to him as weapons, Wataru takes on their color, weapon and fighting style. Even the properties of his armor change according to what whistle Kivat uses to change Kivas form. The first form is the Garuru Saber form:
Wataru Kurenai Sugiura 015816
In this form, Wataru uses speed over power and defense. His armor loses some of it's protective abilities, but he becomes more resistant to fire in this form, to the point of near-invulnerability from it. Magma/Lava is still a threat, as are extreme super-heated spiritual flames. This form has the super move Garuru Wake Up.
Garulu Howling Slash: Makes a full moon appear in a blood red sky, before doing a passing slash past the enemy, which twists space around the target and does thirty slashes created by one instead. Very hard to block off. The full moon is a hint to the 'werewolf' type powers behind this form.
  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 90 kg.
  • Punching power: 17 tons
  • Slashing power: 35 tons (on the edge)
    • Garulu Howling Slash: 210 tons (on the edge)

  • Kicking power: 23 tons
  • Maximum jump height: 85 meters
  • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 1.5 seconds

His second Zenou form is the Bassha Magnum form:
Wataru Kurenai Sugiura Kiva_as_kr_kiva_bassha_form_by_roxasthehedgehog12-d37eozs
In this form, Wataru uses supreme attack power and fast reflexes instead of moving speed or defense, lowering his armors protection. The gun in his hands fires of a rapid stream of hardened water bullets - each one strong enough to blast through iron and dent steel. Like a gatling gun, if he lets the 'spinning' part turn fast at first, he can shoot a more rapid stream. He can only fire in bursts, and not constantly. Each burst can be 5-20 shots. This form is nearly impossible to hurt with water or ice-based attacks. The super move of it is called Bassha Wake Up.
Bassha Wake Up: Spinning the gun rapidly, the Reiatsu of Wataru makes a thick layer of water appear on the ground, making moving on ground-level harder, besore his gun spins rapidly, the water responses, flies into the gun and gets released into one HUGE high-pressured blast of spiritual water. While performing this move, day changes to night and it shows a half moon, in reference to how it's phases change the tides.
  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 92 kg.
  • Punching power: 10 tons
  • Kicking power: 11 tons
  • Maximum jump height: 20 meters
  • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 6.0 seconds

The third and last Zenou form is the Dogga Hammer form:
Wataru Kurenai Sugiura Rw1d9l
This form sacrifices speed for incredible offensive and defensive power, making it the slowest Kiva. The giant hammer wielded by Dogga Form is charged with electricity and has very high amounts of crushing damage dealt to anything in it's way - a single swing produces enough force to draw enemies in the vicinity, but not in it's path, into it and hitting them anyway with the full power of the swing. Crashing the hammer onto the ground can create slight tremors, crack open rifts to destabilize the enemy and throw giant pieces of the landscape upwards to crush the enemy. And it shoots out lightning while doing so. It also has access to a finishing move...
Dogga Thunder Slap: Day turns to night with a hazy moon and a thunderbolt striking down into Dogga, before the hammer gets super-charged with his power. Seperating the hammer-head from the pyhsical connection, it grows to ten times the original size, before being directed, both in distance and velocity, with the handle of the hammer, in order to perform two horizontal swipes on the enemy before crashing it down onto the enemy or the ground. Either way will create an immense shockwave, sending lightning into the sky and the surrounding area, all colored in Dogga's trademark deep violet.
  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 150 kg.
  • Punching power: 35 tons
  • Kicking power: 30 tons
  • Hammer power: 60 tons
    • Dogga Thunder Slap: 450 tons

  • Maximum jump height: 20 meters
  • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 6.0 seconds

Kyuu Kyou: The perfect, final form of Kamen Rider Kiva, and also it's 'true form', refered to as Gold Kiva by the general public, it is nothing less than Emperor Kiva.
Emperor Form is superior to all other forms in every single way, naturally. It grants Wataru supreme protection, making it very hard to actually damage him instead of his armor until it has taken considerable damage - and it can be repaired by his own Reiatsu and life force he absorbs with Life Syphon. Even if a very strong attack cracks right through the armor, it can and will repair itself with time. Furthermore, it keeps any bleeding Wataru experiences to a minimum, and while bleeding in general is not a huge threat to a soul being, it lessens the weakening effect from it even further.
Furthermore, Emperor Kiva has the unique ability that time 'melts' around him, accepting the here and now as the only true state. All powers affecting time itself lose their function when used against him or directly around him, rendering such tactics useless in a direct assault. Using them in a large enough distance (usually around 2 times the reach of his punches and kicks is enough) still works.
Also, Wataru posesses the 'Emperor's Eyes' in this form, allowing him to see right through all illusions that don't affect every single sense at once, and even those are weakened against his mind. He can see illusions affecting other people, and break them with his power by touching them, if he so desires. His eyes also have the secondary effect of perfect sight in even complete, light-free darkness.
The final, and maybe strongest, ability of Emperor Kiva is a different one, however. Designed as the 'armor of the true king', Wataru's basic strength can never be below his opponent when using this form. In other words - his power tier is 'void', a wildcard, right until he focuses his main opponent to then copy the exact tier of said opponent, reaching the same levels of power for as long as the transformation lasts. This means that the only thing deciding victory or loss is now raw skill and performance in battle, as accumulating more and more energy to overpower Emperor Kiva simply doesn't work, as he grows in strength at the exact same rate.

These are the basics of what makes Emperor Kiva a force to behold, but with Tatsulot attached to his arm, Wataru also gains new 'modes' for each of his weapons. To unleash them - or their moves - Wataru pulls on the 'slot machine' of Tatsulot, which then choses whichever weapon he decides to use.
Wake Up Fever - Emperor's World End: Kiva's legs are surrounded by energy blades similar in shape to the "wings" of Kiva's insignia. With these blades, Kiva can hit a variety of kicks, including a bicycle kick with the blades stabbing through the target, an attack sometimes preceded by a front dropkick, and a jumping roundhouse kick. These sharp 'wings' each have the impact force of 180 tons per hit, and can strike up to 50 times in one usage. It usually leaves a large crater in the form of the Kivat insignia behind, should it be used on the ground.
Garulu Fever (ガルルフィーバー, Garuru Fībā): Summons the Garulu Saber as Tatsulot connects to the hilt, allowing it to form a double-bladed fire sword and granting Emperor Kiva nearly complete immunity to all fire-based attacks. He can also execute the Emperor Howling Slash (エンペラーハウリングスラッシュ, Enperā Hauringu Surasshu), a spinning overhead-slash to cut through the opponent up to 20 times and sear them to the bone.
Basshaa Fever (バッシャーフィーバー, Basshā Fībā): Summons the Basshaa Magnum as it connects to Tatsulot, initiating the maybe biggest change by creating an entirely new weapon type, a shoulder-mounted cannon.
Wataru Kurenai Sugiura Nebxc3
This cannon fires out charged blasts of Reiatsu and high-pressure water to pulverize the enemy with rapid streams of explosions, and is Kiva's main way of ranged attack. Being cought in one of the volleys of shots unleashed by this is quite deadly. Wataru can also use the Emperor Aqua Tornado (エンペラーアクアトルネード, Enperā Akua Torunēdo) attack, which unleashes a vortex of highly volitale and damaging energy and water against the opponent.
Dogga Fever (ドッガフィーバー, Dogga Fībā): Summons the Dogga Hammer as it connects to Tatsulot, allowing it to freely summon large balls of lighting and hurl them at the opponent with a swing of the hammer, causing burns and paralysis if they hit, to then crush the enemy with a swing downwards. The special move, Emperor Thunder Slap (エンペラーサンダースラップ, Enperā Sandā Surappu) , fires a total of ten lightning orbs at the opponent before coming down with a crushing three-hit combo of the heavy hammerhead.

It doesn't end there, however. Emperor Kiva also has it's own weapon - the Demon Imperial Sword Zanvat (魔皇剣ザンバットソード, Maōken Zanbatto Sōdo), a holy dark sword forged by the Kivat beasts. It takes the form of a long broadsword, and has a living hilt built into it, the 'Zanvat-Bat', which helps control the energies of the sword.
Wataru Kurenai Sugiura Emperor-kiva-2
Zanvat, by itself, is a mighty weapon, as it is modelled after the legendary Sacreds. It never dulls, cuts even the air with a singing sound and can be swung like a twig by Wataru, making it one dangerous weapon. However, it's true power lies within the hilt - by rocking one part of it over the entire blade forward and then grinding it over the enchanted metal, it engraves it with great magical power, so that the sword can then unleash a magnitude of energy slashes. Afterwards, the blade glows red, and one more grinding of the hilt-piece is needed to return the sword to normal. The only drawback to Zanvat is the time required to grind over the metal with the sharpening device.
A fully charged Zanvat Slash, released all at once, has the power to easily eradicate a mountain. The power can be compared to Excalibur, the sword of promised victory.

  • Rider height: 210 cm.
  • Rider weight: 100 kg.
  • Punching power: 130+ tons
  • Kicking power: 150+ tons
  • Maximum jump height: 380+ meters
  • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 0.5 seconds

Alter Form

Alter Appearance: Alter Wataru looks quite similliar, not to say, identical to the normal Wataru - besides having bright, slightly glowing yellow eyes, that is. Also, his skin sometimes 'glitters' in sunlight, revealing the markings which usually appear right before his transformation into Kiva.

Alter Personality: As the Alter to the kind and shy prince, Alter Wataru is not simply a destructive force. Instead, he's a rather manipulative, persuasive and charismatic individual - he is not outright evil by any stretch of the word, but also not a nice guy like the real Wataru. He doesn't pay much attention to the needs and worries of common folk, and thinks himself and his family to be better than anyone else. He often mocks people with words, but will usually not outright hurt them with it. His fixation onto his own family is even stronger than the one of the real Wataru - his fierce determination to always be there for them is just as incredible, too. He and Wataru usually get along - with his Alter being the one to make the harsher decisions that they both face in life. They usually don't fight for control either, as Alter Wataru can do what he does without direct control most of the time - being a royal pain in the ass for anyone that crosses his beloved family.
He is a lot more ruthless than the real Wataru, though. While mercy reigns with Wataru first and foremost, Alter Wataru knows no such feelings, and will outright crush and kill anyone that stands in his way. Also, he sees himself as the supreme next king and only true male heir to the Sugiura Throne, and will often make sure that Saga knows exactly that. Needless to say, he absolutely hates the king that replaced his father with a passion, while still loving the half-siblings he has through his existance, though. Alter Wataru has plans of killing Odysseus one day to prove that only a Kurenai has the right to be a king - the things he'd like to do to Gilgamesh are not mentioned for fear of a ten page rant about torture and slaughter.

Alter Powers: Alter Wataru posesses the exact same powers as the real Wataru, but when he uses Kiva, the eyes of the mask are not red, but moreso look like stained glass.

Past & Roleplay Sample

"Well then, let's begin a Fairy Tale."

Character Background: Wataru Kurenai Sugiura. Crown Prince of the Sugiura kingdom. Heir to the Kiva legacy. It all began over 4000 years ago, in a better time than the one we have now. In a time without a war knocking on the door every other day, he was the third child of Misaiko Sugiura and the first king - Otoya Kurenai, the man who had managed to become a king and warrior despite his reputation and former life as a scoundrel and good-for-nothing.
His older siblings were, in order, Saeko - the older and confident sister - and Taiga - the wise, if sometimes snarky, older brother. It was a good life to get born into - no hardship was yet to see on the horizon, and the people looked forward to the growth even inside of their just and dedicated rulers. So growing up was actually quite easy and nice for him - but even as a child, one clear thing showed itself. Wataru had no potential in any spiritual art, it seemed. Almost as if the former human nature of his father showed through, he was born powerless.
However, being powerless wasn't too bad on him. It wasn't like big things were expected of him, nor did anyone poke fun at it or the similliar - he simply could not summon a Sacred after his adolescent years, and so he spent his time learning the art of music instead of the art of war. Not exactly glorious, but also nothing terrible to be. After all, he had his older brother, and always believed that with Taiga and Saeko around, he had no reason to be strong himself. As long as they and his father were around, nobody would ever be able to hurt anyone close to him.

But this did not last forever. Wataru quickly found himself feeling somewhat empty, but did not know why. This was still long before his age reached any stage of adulthood, mind you, so he was still trying to find his own place. While his father was a great inspiration for him through music, it also meant that Wataru always found that he was not only a great man because of his amazing music, but also because of his amazing strength. Any attempts of him to aspire to strength quickly failed, though. Taiga and Saeko were naturally gifted with the sword more than he was, his magic ability was virtually non-existant, and he for sure was no Magus with such an aptitude for either blowing a spell up in his own hand or misfiring it.
So there was only one way intentionally - to follow his fathers footsteps once more, to learn the art of unarmed combat and master it. To make the own body into a weapon more fearsome than any sword, that was his goal - and surprisingly enough, it began to work. Wataru was a quick learner - he picked up even subtle hints and flaws, improving his very own style even in these young years. His focus and determination to not be a liability for his family made sure that Wataru changed from a pale weakling into a pale master of weaponless combat even before his destiny revealed itself...

...Which happened around the time where Wataru's appearance could be compared to someone in his late teenage years. During that time, the Kivat Clan - Guardian Beasts which had given his father his power, and were thus allowed to chose the next successor to the title of 'King' with their wisdom and knowledge of destiny - announced that they would reveal the next crone prince to the royal family, the one to bond with Kivat Bat the Third and turn into the next Kiva. Naturally, all expectations rested on Wataru's older brother, but he was there as well - for the 'loser' was to be awarded Sagarc, an ancient Kivat beast, to become the first and strongest knight of the next king. But nothing happened like it was supposed to...

Because on that day, he one that was bitten by Kivat Bat the Third and thus chosen to become Kiva, was Wataru - granting him the unyielding power of Kiva in a shock, unlocking his potential, it was like truely coming alive to him. The power of a Kivat beast is strong, as it unlocks all stages at once - the Alter forming in his mind, the other side of Wataru, had not yet fully gained conciousness when he was announced as the prince, and the mark of King appeared on his hand - making sure that one day, his own rule would come over the eastern Sugiura clan.
At first, Wataru felt... guilty. Guilty of stealing the power of Kiva from his older brother. However, Taiga quickly accepted that loss - and became Kamen Rider Saga, a mighty warrior in his own right, at the side of Wataru. Now, to fully releaize the potential of Kiva within him, Wataru first had to come to terms with his Alter - which was proven to be compareably easy. His Alter was not 'evil', per se - it simply lacked constraint and the 'holier' moral standards, being more of a realist and cynist than the original Wataru. It didn't even take him one entire year to come to terms with his other self, setting a new record while doing so, even - One that was only matched by Alexander the Great, who scared his Alter into being virtually non-existant in his day.

Now, as Wataru grew older during this time, his training intensified. Through an alliance his father had forged many years ago, Wataru gained access to the powers of Garulu, Bassha, and Dogga - three powerful Guardian Beasts, often called the Arms Beast Trio. Obtaining the power to fight with weaponry, he trained his body and soul to adapt to more and more combat situations - to fully understand his 'Gold Kiva' form, he'd have to be a masterful combatant in his own right before even transforming, or the wildcard power could potentially destroy him. Apart from weapons knowledge, he was also taught how to lead people - learning tactics from both Alexander the Great and his own father, and even partially Gilgamesh, a good friend of his father.

During one of these meetings with Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes made Wataru go through several, hidden tests of character and strength. In seemingly dangerous and almost lethal situations, Wataru chose, in order: To save his subordinates, no matter the cost. To never give in to his evil side. To never once give up a fight out of fear. To never once betray a friend. And to never once break his word. Approving of the strong heart of the prince, Gilgamesh revealed his little test, and gave Wataru an amazing reward...
The Imperial Demon Sword Zanvat. Having found the legendary blade many years before, the King of Heroes had kept it safe, to find the next real Kiva to grant it to, and chose Wataru as the wielder of this amazing dark blade.

A few years later, though, things began to change. Rumors of an amazing artifact surfaced - the Holy Grail, a wish-granting machine made by the ancient Guardian Beasts before their empire fell apart. Despite recieving multiple warnings by certain shady and not-so-shady Guardian Beasts, the grail got unlocked after a long, bloody struggle that would later be recorded as the first 'Holy Grail War'. After multiple different forces clashed, the 'way to the Heaven's Feel' was supposed to open...
But what truely opened was a gate to pure terror. Releasing the ancient shadow of the Guardian Beasts, Cubia, the Sugiura dubbed this monster 'Angra Mainyu', the evil spirit of the worlds. After overpowering Takuri, Wataru's aunt, Gilgamesh was thrown into the corrupting mass of eternal darkness, and only after a long struggle where they able to seal the grail again - but not before Wataru had a chance to take a deep look into the blackness of the Angra Mainyu. And within it, he saw his own darkness - what he could become if he ever lost control over himself. The evil lurking within his own heart.

That shook up his heart quite a bit, but what happened next was what truely threw him into depression. His father Otoya went off to search for Gilgamesh, who had disappeared after the unfortunate events during the end of the grail war. However... The old king never returned. All that was found was his cape, stained with red blood, and a devastated battlefield. Everything pointed to one horrible, finite conclusion... That the King of Heroes had turned traitor, and had slain the old king Otoya. The King of Musicians, the man that always had a smile for everyone and unbound love for his family, was... dead.

The depression that followed for Wataru was deep and all-consuming. Sealing off his own powers from himself and locking his mind away, he was deemed unworthy of becoming a King, especially at his young age - so his mother was forced to marry again. To find love again. Wataru never liked the new king - even after returning from the deepest depths of his own mind, after beating away his inner demons. However, he did respect him - and Wataru did not care who the father of his other siblings was.
During these times, one of his sisters - Iori Sugiura - sought out training in China. Not wanting to leave her up to herself alone, Wataru dragged himself out of his lethargy with willpower alone, and watched from the shadows - unable to face Li Shuwen himself to ask for training, he instead was only able to watch the shadows of what they did. But every single move their shadows performed, the young prince copied - his martial prowess was incredible, as he adapted the style of the legendary Li Shuwen in this unique way. However, unlike the legendary martial artist, Wataru developed a technique that was NOT designed to kill in one hit - a controllable move aimed to disable. That was the Hidden Second Strike.
During the time where Iori's apprenticeship was nearing it's end, Wataru and the old master finally met face-to-face, after the human had noticed him outside the dojo once. Belitteling Wataru for his refusal to kill or strike any mortal blows, and making a mockery out of him, an old fire awakened within the musician - and he called Li Shuwen out. On all the people he could've saved instead of killed, how much his art had brought misery to everyone, and that he, Wataru Kurenai Sugiura, was purifying that art instead of weakening it. Fighting the old master on the spot, neither Wataru nor Li Shuwen could strike a final blow to their opponent. But that alone was a loss for Li Shuwen - for a single strike had not been enough to annihilate this thin, sickly-looking youth with a fire in his heart.

After the assassination of Li Shuwen through his other student, Wataru and Iori returned to their own kingdom. It was during this time that Saeko and her resentment for her mother, the hate she now felt for betraying Otoya, shone through completely - and that she was banished from the Sugiura Kingdom. Ever since that day, Wataru remains one of the reasons why Saeko has never been officially hunted by Sugiura elites - he still believes that there is good in his sister. And that he and Taiga will find a way, one day, to bring her back.

Coming out of his depressions, Wataru, after losing himself in martial arts, began to understand one thing. As long as he kept discipline, he would be able to defeat his inner evil. Anger and hate were not evil by themselves - only the actions taken through it could be evil. But as fate would have it, his realizations came too late. Wataru only unleashed the seal on himself on the same day Iori was fated to meet her end - or so it seemed.
The prince was too late to save his dear, younger sister. But this time, he didn't break - he vowed to protect everyone he had ever cared about. To bring Saeko back into the líght, and if he had to drag a screaming and kicking one. To rule a fair land one day, where everyone could be happy and live together in harmony...

Because he was the one, true and only Emperor Kiva, King of Vampires.
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Wataru Kurenai Sugiura
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