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Sir Magis Regulux TopRegulux2
Bais Info

Name: Sir Magis Regulux (Sirempse Magister Regulus Lux)
Former Human Name: Magis Regulus
Former Guardian Beast Name: Zirempses Potentis
Element: Dimension
Age: Death: 32, Current Age: 895
Gender: Male
Rank: ----
Orientation: Mainly chaotic neutral.


Sir Magis Regulux ReguluxBleach2klein
Regulux is quite a tall “human” having a size of 195cm (76.77 inches). His hair has either a shiny-silver color or an old grey and is very thick. Similar to the fur of a cat, Regulux’s hair seems to reflect his current emotions (The way it falls; can change immediately), mental(the way it feels; seems to be the averageof serveral weeks) and physical status (color; takes a few days for a change). If he suffers hunger his hair usually turns more grey, feeling all good and being happy it would fall smoothly down his back. In the case he is possessed by wrath the hair becomes stiff and raises a bit making him overall looking more aggressive.

The color of his skin is bright, sometimes almost white while his eyes have an almost permanent, terrible strong blue color that could be called “ultramarine”. Even though as long as he wears full clothes he looks human alike, when undressing it becomes obvious that he is not. Regulux has a different muscle and skeleton structure. His legs are longer than an average human and his feet have a very reptile-like look. Both, his feet and hands have claws instead of nails and due to their stability he can´t cut those either. Besides of that his teeth also have a different structure and his tongue’s color is a bright purplish blue. It also is thinner, way more flexible and longer than usual human tongues. Many long and short scars decorate his back, shoulders and the backside of his arms. Regulux is lacking of hairs on his body. The only hairs so far are his small eye brown and the silver hair. More over his left hand does not have any flesh. Even thought the gloves hide his hand well he still has to be very careful. If somebody would touch his left hand they would notice in an instant that there is nothing more than bones and his whole disguise would be ruined.
One of his main problems when it comes to disguise is the fact that his visible age seems to change sometimes. In general, it can be said that his normal outer appearance always look 30years. Sometimes though, he seems to be a bit younger especially when acting like a happy child and sometimes his face appears to be that of a 60 year old man with a seriously bad mood.
In human world he is used to wear a sort of formal clothes. Almost every pair of clothes he has is white with purple features. Only a few shirts are dark grey.
If he wanders around in meaning to kill some Hollows though, he usually wears an unique outfit he created himself.


No one can say what his true face looks like. Regulux personalities vary like the clothes people wear, but it can be said that his standard personality without any kind of influence is a cold and calm mind with slightly sarcastic humor as well as the bad habit to act somewhat too calm for the most serious situations. Humans can die next to him and the only thing he mentions is, “What a waste.” He doesn’t mind drinking tea while watching how others die on a battlefield when showing this quite nihilistic personality. One thing is for sure; from all the different personalities he has, this one is the best for the fights he is involved in due to the best mental condition of clear, strategic thinking.

Adult child
Once Regulux meets a new person, he decides what personality should be chosen. Most of the time he likes to test people and find out about them before making a final decision how to treat them. His foolish site that never is taken serious by anyone does the best job to find out about a person’s nature. Carrying a bright smile the whole time, Regulux is just friendly in person. He jumps around happily, tries to make people talk with him and he laughs when good jokes are told. If there are no humorous people he tries to make them laugh anyway, – even when he has to fall down some stairs. When being his laid-back and horribly childish self, Regulux seems to enjoy candies as well as ice-cream, stuffed animals and does not take it negatively when others think it is embarrassing. To him the human life has to be happy, bright and good humor is necessary in such an existence even though his own life wasn’t merry for long.
After all, he seems to prefer to keep his mask as that playful childish man who never grows up rather than ever let that mask fall down and make people notice that he is not what he seems. When a fight starts somewhere, Regulux always thinks first if his help is needed – because if not, he´ll just keep his child-self and run hysterically away or bother others in their fights with cheer-calls rather than fighting himself. Luckily he can hide his spiritual pressure well enough so almost nobody ever noticed that he is stronger than he tells.

Next to the fool who tries to make people laugh it can be noticed that he is a really friendly person who tries to help other humans as well as possible. Especially women, children and animals get a nice treatment from him. That doesn´t mean he wouldn´t act nice to men too though. After all he treats the people around him with respect, stays friendly and never raises his voice. Unfortunately this acting doesn’t belong to his true nature unless he really likes a person. The only part of this behavior that is ‘real’ is his desire to help people who can’t stand up without help anymore. After all, he was a very friendly person in his earlier life but due the fact he still haven´t rebuilt is entire mind many of these good traits are lost.

Even when he acts cold, heartless, and sometimes for fun he plays the fool in the human world Regulux is a very frustrated person. Very often he seems to start thinking that his whole existence is nonsense. He is lacking of a real goal for life and unlike most other people who were blessed with super natural skills Regulux never wished to become an Undead and have to fight for someone or something. He preferred to help humans with his speeches rather than having to murder others in meaning to help. His believe in god died in the moment he realized there was an ´afterlife´ that was different from what the churches told the people. Since it has been his believe that kept him alive all the years long and gave him a sense in existing without this believe he feels empty. Without a goal, a reason to fight for, he believes his life is unnecessary and would be better to end soon. Only his instinctive drives force him to keep on wandering, trying to find the remaining body part and destroy it. More over Regulux is afraid that there still might be a god who would send him to hell if he´d commit suicide while being a monster. He wants his human body back before dying which is the main reason why he´ll fight with all his powers back and try to survive even though he actually wishes to die.

Violent Priest
Regulux doesn´t enjoy violence or blood in most cases. He may even hate those things, but it is obvious that once his cold mind starts to become more cruel and due to his unstable self starting to break completely, another more psychopathic side appears. This state reminds a lot of the state of an Undead before destroying their body. Regulux still has enough intelligence to fight effectively, but his mind is distorted, corrupted and during some moments even completely instinct driven. He doesn´t see any difference between women, men, hollow, human, foe or friend – not even the children who make him smile are safe when he starts acting in a way he never should. Even then he does not kill just for fun though. But any kind of provocation is highly inadvisable – he´ll possible just become more ´amused´ and ends up having some bloody thoughts which will be possible come true once he just found a good reason to can bypass his own rules.

Fight behavior
Regulux avoids real fights as much as he can. Especially fights against someone on the same or even stronger level than him, are highly unwished. He doesn't see a problem in losing when the opponent’s gain is only honor. To him, fights for honor are ridiculous. He only fights when necessary and when he can win something that he really needs. Honor as well as pride are something Regulux usually doesn't fight for – he prefers to give up before the fight has started and refuses to take any action when he gets attacked by a fool who just wants to prove how great he is. His thoughts are always the same when he meets someone who talks about fighting like they’re the most important thing. Those people just don´t have anything to fight for and no reason to exist so they just start to fight for nonsense. What´s wrong about losing when you don´t lose anything at all? He doesn't understand and this whole fight-topic is one that pisses him off quite easily

There is one exeption though: Whenever a Hollow crosses his way it'll be torn apart. Regulux has a strong hate against every supernatural being, especially if they plan to change the world he once loved so much.

Behavior Towards Others
No matter who you ask, almost nobody will know the name “Regulux”. He prefers to avoid all fame and popularity. The less people know him, the easier it is for him to live onward without being dragged into conflicts. However, this is a high disadvantage too. He never cared about the happenings in the world meaning that he can remember the name “Ichigo” but he won’t even be able to remember what was so special about him. While the most people have a high knowledge about special techniques and abilities Regulux’s knowledge for other people’s attacks is pretty empty. He’d rather read romance books before collecting information on how others are fighting. However – fights against non-Hollows are unnecessary to him so there is no reason at all to collect information.

Those who try to become friends with him hardly ever suggest. Regulux enjoyed making friends in the human world where he can have that nice personality and all of that fun but there never have been friends who stand on his side no matter where he goes. In opposite to most Undead he doesn’t have a positive feeling about his own species either but feels awkward around them, knowing he is incomplete and not like them. However this feeling he gets when facing another Undead turn him insane easily. He lacks of the ability to get along with unknown feelings and if there is no way to get rid of such beings who causes it he´ll bite back like a scared dog. After all he is and possibly will always be an unwished loner.

Relationships and sexual behavior
Thanks to his age and the Undead status Regulux has quiet a strong immunity against any kind of physical attractions on other peoples bodies. He hardly ever enjoys looking after women and if he really dare to stare their chest then it is perhaps just because he can´t believe how embarrassing humans from nowadays can dress up themselves showing too much skin. He doesn´t support that either. Regulux supports women and men who hide much skin instead. And those who have an original clothes style and don´t care about the thoughts of other is something he really adores. But even if he says “that one looks attractive!” he hardly ever has any naughty thoughts. After all he is a very pure person when it comes to sexual behaviors.
However, in the case that his cold, more prideful mind comes up it can happen that he harasses a person in meaning to make sure the other one understands who the master is and what place the person in front of him belongs to. Physical actions could happen in this case as well.

For physical attention itself it can be said that he adores long hairs, a bit skinny body and a few visible muscles as well as long legs. Eye colors can be dangerous though. While he loves strong eye color anything that is not brown, green or blue is rated by him as unnatural and demonic. Regulux acts like a hysterical medieval priest who has to burn every witch down when it comes to demonic things.

Of course drugs, much alcohol or any kind of special abilities that block the better mind can change this behavior. But those who have seduce skills without knowing him get themselves in a pretty dangerous situation. Remember that he is not human and instincts usually can't be influenced by skills.



The Artifact
Sir Magis Regulux ArtefaktSheet
When the guardian Beast became one with him its armor separated and created a weapon; a staff. (It is able to change its shape in order to wrap around his arm though and will turn into a scythe when necessary.)
This staff is able to combine the free Reishi with Regulux’s own Reiatsu transforming it into a strange purple and half transparent illiquid substance that can take every kind of shape and simply seems to be out of all laws of physics since it is based on spiritual energy. Sometimes you can reach through it and just feel something cold or sometimes it disappears when something touches it. Sometimes it is very elastic and sometimes it is hard as diamond and/or has a similar crystal appearance. After all, there seems to be not any physical rule it has to follow. Heaviest weight still can float but can also fall down and crush everything under it. So the possibilities to attack with this material are high. The only disadvantage that is worth to be mentioned is that as long as Regulux concentrates to move this material around he can´t do much else. Basically this means; once he has to dodge an attack, he loses control and all of that mass just becomes horribly slow, stops completely or even disappears, wasting all Reiatsu he used to create it. When he uses too much of it like making a half sea of purple illiquid, he possibly couldn´t even notice when he gets attacked because he’d have to close his eyes which would sink his mind down into some depths. In other words; small purple spears that appear fast from the ground are easy to control – he could even run around while doing that but as more of it appears, the slower he and the material's movement becomes. In a one-on-one fight, he loves to use this ability and it can drive the enemy insane but once there are many enemies, he´ll just fail trying to control such a huge amount of it.
Besides of that the possibilities to use it in a defensive way are limited as well. It is very vulnerable against powerful energy attacks; such as a cero that would be fired by an Espada. No matter how thick the wall of this material would be and no matter how hard he’d make it; such a cero would always break it.
The material also can’t absorb energy/damage or reflect it. It simply works as a common wall. Either it blocks the attack or it doesn’t.

Scythe Shape:
Sir Magis Regulux ArtifactScythe
When changing into the scythe mode artifact becomes a close combat weapon. Between each ornament the amount of chain links can vary to make the scythe very flexible in length. During the fight he always can transform the purple material into more chain links and make the scythe longer. This way he has a huge range and is able to hit more than one enemy at once. In opposite to most typical weapon the forward strike is not as dangerous as the moment he draws his weapon back. The many blades at the ornaments make it dangerously to stand next to the stretched weapon as it draws back to its owner.

Human Powers
Regulux isn’t complete human yet due to this his physical strength is a lot higher than the one of usual humans. As natural weapons it can be said that he has very stable teeth and claws. Thanks to his leg structure he is also able to jump higher and run faster than humans can. But besides of these abilities he doesn’t have any special natural powers.

Availablen Skills in Human Form

Around Regulux, no matter if it is in the middle of the air or the ground in
front him, appears a purple hole from which one or more crystal looking sharp spears are growing. After they grow, he can shoot them with a very high speed just by moving either the staff or even only his hand when the artifact has changed its shape and is attached to his arm. The crystal’s material is not the most stable one but sharp enough to cut a Hollow in two parts if it hits at a good speed.

Just as it happens with the spears, a purple hole opens – this time in most cases somewhere in the middle of the air. Out of that hole a strange asymmetrical chain is flown and hunts the enemy. At the top of the chain as well as on some other parts, spikes from the same stability as the spears are grown and are meant to either cut the followed enemy or to stab the victim. The chain itself seems not to have an end. During the hunt, the gate stays open and the chain gets longer and longer. (The longer it becomes the more concentration is needed though.)
Maximal number of chains: 3

Crystallinus Solum
Staff shape only
Regulux smashes the tip of the staff on the ground and just in a few seconds the whole ground in a circle shape of at least 500 meters (1640Feet) transforms into a purplish ice type substance where the sharp spears start to grow with a high speed.
Lasts forever unless it is destroyed or he removes it. The spikes start to break after 5 posts. Can only be used twice per thread/battle.

Crystallinus Cvarcer
A large amount of small purple crystals similar to spikes grow from the bottom and build a cage around the enemy. Once caught, Regulux can decide if any spears grow in the cage to injure the enemy or just build a roof top and keep them trapped. The bars have the same consistence as the spears just with better stability, they have the same sharp edges and cut through flesh quite easily.
Lasts forever unless it is destroyed or he removes it.

Scythe shape only
Releases a white energy blade by swinging the scythe. This attack usually is strong enough to cut a minor Hollow into two halfes but can be blocked very easily by using Reaitsu to harden the skin.

Monster Form

Sir Magis Regulux 001
Regulux takes shape of a monster’s skeleton. The amount of flesh that is left on the bones can vary throughout. The bones that aren´t attached to each other with flesh or muscle structures are kept on shape by a purple shining light. Inside of Regulux's torso purple mass gathers and builds four thick tentacle similar shapes. They can extend(Max.8 meters/26 feet), become thicker and as all the material usually does it also can change its hardness. They also can grow crystal spears to pierce an enemy with it.
When shape shifting he keeps the clothes he wore before. They don#t change their shape though so usually they are ruined after the transformation.

  • When being in this shape the ability to feel pain is highly reduced.
  • Since there are no physicals eyes Regulux sees the “inner self” of the world instead. He can see lines of objects as well as auras for things that are alive, and the amount of strength a person has in the form of Reiryoku.
  • His physical strength increases greatly.
  • He is able make a cry that can destroy the ear of a human when standing next to them.
  • No weakness against temperatures.
  • He is able to collect blood to rebuild his body. Once he rebuild his wings he can use them to fly.

  • No physical eye. Fast moving objects like many cars on a street or flying leaves can confuse him.
  • Can't stand in the air as spiritual beings usually do it.
  • Personality suffers under this transformation; he usually becomes very aggressive.
  • As long as muscles don't get rebuilt he is slower than in his human shape.
  • The transformation back to the human shape causes strong pain and usually will make him unable to continue the fight.

Available Skills in Monster Form
Regulux can still use all the powers of the human shape and gets access to even more.

Languidus Ensis
Scythe shape only
Regulux unleashes an energy blade as he swings the scythe. This energy blade is able to cut Reiatsu based attacks off but doesn´t cause much damage.

╬ Potentis Lactus ╬
Regulux opens his jaw and charges a purple energy ball in it. When fired the blast creates a magnetic field which draw magnetic objects to it. Enemies with a metal armor will have a hard time to try to dodge it.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Opulentus lactus
This one needs more time to charge, is faster and far more powerful as well as larger, but Regulux can use it only when he doesn’t have to release any other moves. Once he wants to use this improved version of the blast he has to stop all current actions and is more vulnerable.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Potentis Ensis
Scythe shape only
Again he unleashes an energy blade as he swings the scythe. This time the energy cannot cut off attacks but will cause a huge explosion as it meets a Reiatsu based attack. The attack can also be used as a very effective way to fight enemies who harden their skin with the help of Reiatsu. Even then the blade will cause an explosion and cause massive damage on the target. Since the blade will always fly the same direction it isn't hard to dodge it when it is released from a far distance though. Enemies should try to get away from him if they are in close combat and notice he is about to release such an attack.
Cooldown: 1 post

╬ Spineus
Scythe shape only
Slamming the scythe to ground many spikes of the typical crystal-similar material grow from the ground ready to impale his enemies. Similar to the Lancea attacks the spikes have a weak stability but can cut even very hard hollow skin.
The spikes start to break after 4 posts.
Cooldown: 2 posts

╬ Nimbatus
A large amount of thick purplish mist starts to spread over the whole battlefield. The mist is not poisonous but common humans would loose consciousness after a few minutes from the inability to breath due to lack of oxygen. Regulux uses his 'inner eyes' as advantage to see through it and tries to hide from his enemy in the mist. The mist can be blown away by strong wind though but will return to its position after a while.
Lasts for 3 posts.
Can only be used twice in a thread/battle

Guardian Beast Form

Sir Magis Regulux PotentisZirempses
In opposite to complete Undeads Regulux never got a 'real Guardian Best Form' instead of that his last evolution step is nothing else than an exact copy of the original guardian beast. The worst part might be that he looses his personality and common human mind during this transformation and will get the same weird mind as the guardian beast once had.

When transforming to this shape the artifact splits and changes its shape to build an armor. Regulux ‘s body transforms into the same material as the purple material he uses for all of the artifact attacks. However, in this shape he doesn’t have any blood, organs, flesh or nerves that could be hurt. This means he feels no pain nor sustains injuries. Just like the material behaves when using it as attacks, the “flesh and skin” can change its properties too. It can be soft, hard, or act like floating water. It could even change its shape like building another arm (This does not include the armor!) Strong energy attacks (a cero for example) can damage him hardly and reduce the time he can stay in this shape. Physical attacks can only reach his inner self when hit one of the bigger crystals (The 'eyes' count too.) or cut the hairs. (Note: Opposed to his normal shape, the hairs don't seem to be normal hairs but work more like metal strings. They won´t be cut down that easily BUT just hitting them will cause damage.)
One of most dangerous traits of this creature is that it hardly makes any sounds when moving or reacting. This way, most opponents will focus on cutting off limbs without realizing that they are reforming elsewhere. As such, area effect attacks are recommended since they don't need the knowledge where to hit him but will still be effective. If a direct, focused and really strong attack would hit one of the crystals it could be that it breaks and will cause him to loose the control about the dimensional material. In opposite to most transformations the crystal breaks are permanent and won't heal. He'll have the control back over the material during the next fight though but through the broken crystals it will be even easier to damage him.

The 13 spikes that are floating around it without being attached can be moved individually. They are made from the same material as the artifact and can be used for physical attacks just like 13 individual moving blades. They can rotate in every direction at different speeds and are his best defense as well as best offensive for close combat. The spikes also can be shot at the enemy but won't return before Regulux gets close enough to them. They also don't follow him in the same speed all the time. When he dashes froward himself, they will follow, but if he is thrown back by a blast attack for example the spikes will follow much slower, loose the contact and finally just fall down to the ground where they stay until he floats near to them again.
(Contact range is about 10 meters / 32 feet)

Unlike in any other shape this is the only one with the ability to fly without assistance.

  • Extreme highly increased physical power.
  • Can fly without wings.
  • High increased movement speed.
  • The purple material recovers fast.
  • Almost unlimited control to the purple material
  • Is 100% immune against mind controls

  • No human intelligence.
  • Can´t talk/communicate.
  • Can´t understand any sort of language.
  • Has the bad habit to float over the ground instead of standing and will be blown away by attacks easily.
  • Sometimes it lacks of the ability to see a difference in friend and foe.
  • He can NOT transform back into a human by will but has to wait until he runs out of energy.

Since this shape doens´t have a brain it is not able to think in a direct way. Many abilities as talking/understanding language and even some types of thinking in general are lost. It even can happen that he/it doesn´t understand some sort of attacks and can´t evade. Thanks to this mind controls are nonsense though and won't work on him.

However it´d be a mistake to think that this shape is an easy enemy because of this. It definitely has some sort of intelligence even if it isn´t human. The intelligence and types of reactions seem to depend on the state Regulux was when he transformed. When all he felt was hate and the desire to destroy everything, then this shape will cause only destruction. When his wish was to protect something then this creature will do everything to protect the target. (Beware the uncommon mind again! Don't even think it is nice to be protected by this weird monster.)

Available Skills in Guardian Beast Form
Since in this shape the artifact and the scythe are lost all powers that can only be unleashed with those two aren't available anymore. All others can still be used though.

Changes in the attacks
In general it can be said that the disadvantage of losing the speed disappear completely. Regulux does not have a biological brain anymore. In this shape it can´t be said if he is able to think or not, but he acts often logical/strategically enough to think that he has something similar to intelligence. Furthermore, while in this shape he can use more than one big attack at once without any complications. Every move that will create purple material or even is a pure energy based attack will reduce the time this shape will last.

╬ Apricatio ╬
A tiny purple energy ball loads inside every crystal of his body. When fired, all of them are the size of a laser pointer, but has immense speed and destructive power. However, this is one of the few attacks that cannot be used while moving.
Cooldown: 3 posts

╬ Unguis ╬
On top of his hands, hard, purple, ice-like claws appear that explode in a purple light when they come in contact with any kind of object. However, the explosion only causes minor damage to him since the hands has no big crystals. Only enemies who have either a second soul or a second kind of source they use (Similar to Shinigamis who have their Zanpakutō) can feel the power of this attack since it only targets that second inner source.

╬ Sacrum ╬
A selected amount of the 13 spikes are surrounded with the same energy as in “Unguis”. They lose their ability to cut skin but can cut instantly into the soul (when a second one/split one does exist) of the one who gets hit by the blade. (It is still possible to parry the attacks with a weapon. The energy does only works when there is a direct skin-blade contact.)

╬ Pervigilatio ╬
The purple material of his body suddenly explodes and causes not only a powerful explosion that can cause massive damage on enemies who were close to him but also releases a giant electric shockwave which has a magnetic effect to draw enemies with magnetic armors towards it. After the attack only the armor is left. He has to regenerate for 3 posts and cannot move during this process. However, all attacks that doesn’t require any movement can still be used. The armored creature will often try to defend itself with the help of chains.
If he suffers massive damage by powerful attacks the regeneration process will take longer though.
Cooldown after regeneration: 2 posts

If he'd just walk/float around without attacking or being attacked this shape would stay almost for 9 hours. However every time he creates dimension material this time will be slightly reduced. The attacks that waste the most energy are all attacks that aren't based on the material but rather on pure energy. If he'd fight against low skilled Hollows and only protects an object he'd most likely still stay in this shape for at least 7 hours. However, if attacks that damage his 'inner energy source' greatly are used one after another and he goes a very fast and destructive way in this shape it could be that he wouldn't even say in this shape for longer than 10 minutes. It really depends on how a fight goes on.

Other Information
*He is an exotherm. Since he needs a warm enviroment to survive attacks that cool down the battlefield weaken him very effectively.
*He can´t swim.
*He is very talented with traditional instruments but lacks the ability to sing completely.
*He has strict traditonal manners.
*Regulux collects parfumes.
*He loves the good smells in general but prefers vanilla over everything.
*He has a weakness for cute furred animals.
*He usually refuses to change his shape and tries to fight in his human shape as long as possible.
*Even when he's in his most serious and cold mood he likes romantic but usually doesn´t admit it.
*Besides humans and animals his favorite partner for long talks are objects.
*He can´t stand servants who raise their voice.
*When being in an unserious mood he seems not to know any sort of manly pride.
*He hates people who abuse the word ´love´.
*He wastes his time reading a lot of romance/drama and even erotic books instead of training.
*Regulux usually hides his horns under a high hat, wears gloves and uses special shoes to make it more comfortable when trying to stand and walk like a complete human.
*He is on the search for someone who knows how to create permanent illusions so he could show some skin someday as well.
*On some parts of the body he has black markings which remind of tattoos.


Regulux was born in the middle of 10th century in the city London; England. The first four years of his life he stayed with his mother who was homeless since her spouse was killed through the inquisition. She couldn´t give him much but was a good mother to him during these years. Unfortunately she was known as a heretic who spread the word of her already executed brother. When the inquisition reacted on her last public speech she hurried up and hided her son well enough nobody would find him before she returns. At least that was what she thought when she even hided the key of the room in the ground in front of a nearby tree.
Weeks later she was found dead in her prison.
During this time Regulux kept himself alive eating the few apples and drinking the water she left for him. But since he was a young child with less intellect he didn´t knew he had to live with those goods for weeks and wasted them in days. He didn´t understood why his mother didn´t return and why he was caught in the dark room all alone so he cried for her in vain.
One day a priest of the nearby cathedral heard his crying, but continued his way since crying children weren´t unusual. Two days later, though, he chose the same way, hearing a very softly whimper on the same street again and this time he searched for the cause. When getting closer to an old house which windows were obscured by wooden boards he realized the sound came from the inside of one of the rooms. He tried to open the door but it was enclosed. With a thoughtful expression on his face he returned to the cathedral thinking he should keep an eye on this. When watching the house the following day and noticing nobody went in or out he decided to break in.
After finding the emaciated child the priest took him to the cathedral. The following days over the man took care that the young boy went back to full health before starting to search for his parents. Every day they went out and asked in the village if somebody knew this boy and his parents. It took weeks before the priest found an old woman who indeed knew about Regulux parents but it was not helpful at all. The man was even shocked about the truth. Imagining the child standing next to him was giving life through a crime and sin was inacceptable. However he still didn’t get rid of the child but rather raised the boy by himself. Regulux often was watched with suspicious looks due his grey hairs but the priest was actually glad that the missing hair color was the only visible difference from normal children who had better origins.

Living along with the priests of the church Regulux grew up with a strong catholic belief and wanted to become a high member of the church. However shortly after he turned twenty-two years and gaining the deacon status the man who raised him like an own son deceased due his age. Trying to beat his deep sorrow Regulux studied the bible more, went out every day to help people and prayed in the church when there were no other duties to fulfill. After all he loved doing these things. The church was his life and nothing made him happier than seeing the positive results of his work. Regardless his age Regulux was what you´d expect from a priest: a person who didn´t care about himself but felt happy through other people’s hearts. These times were most likely the happiest of his entire existence.
However during the following years another church member found out about Regulux´s ´origins´ and reported it to the archdeacon of the church. He even almost lost his rank as a deacon but could keep it as he was showing real despair and proving he was pure in another unofficial exam. With one sudden his great life seemed to have been turned into a pathetic existence. It was not the contempt of the people that drive him into despair but rather his own self-doubt. His entire life long he thought he was made for this. He thought he was a child of god, sent here to help the people. Now they told him he was a creation of pure sin? Regulux entire self-esteem and believe in himself was crushed. He wished to forget about the truth but couldn´t and saw his only chance in becoming pure by receive punishment. He blamed his sinful body for never being able to become the person he wanted to be and started to make a difference between his mind and his body. Physical pain felt right for him, believing it could wash off the sins his parents dared to transfer into him.
However the archdeacon reacted surprised when Regulux asked for the punishment but allowed it after he couldn´t stand his begging anymore. The second youngest priest of the church Deorwine Veland was chosen to fulfill this duty as he was known for his cold nature. Regulux had to admin he would have thought this thing twice if he would have known that it would be Deorwine who will punish him. At least it made him feel better from inside but didn´t change the fact the people avoided him after the rumors were spread which turned him upset.
Often he asked Deorwine to stay after the punishment and talked to him. He was his main information source when it came to the thoughts of the archdeacon. After all Regulux still wished to become a priest and later even the next archdeacon regardless the fact his chances were small. The leader of their church have always said he see great potential in him and Regulux hoped the fact he was a child born through incest of two heretics didn´t change his opinions.
Their talks became more private during the times though and didn´t stayed on a common formal level. Regulux soon treated the other priest as a friend but had to realize fast that it was a mistake to get closer to him. To Deorwine there was no friendship but rather a relationship between a sadist and his masochist. Or otherwise said a master and his pet he could order around and treat however he wishes. If it would have just stayed on this level he could have accepted his treatment but soon Deorwine started to try moves Regulux totally rejected; even reminding him about the celibacy didn´t help.
When Regulux started to try to get rid of him, asking the archdeacon for someone else to receive punishment from Deorwine started to follow him to many places. His sadistic stare made the him shiver. Even Regulux realized that this whole situation started become dangerous and soon he avoided the common routes and rather appeared to very late times in the cathedral, stayed there all the night before returning home in the morning.

In one of the nights he crossed ways with a young girl who seemed to be in panic. She grabbed his rope and begged for help. Confused but willing to help he told her to go to the cathedral since she´d be safe there. Regulux himself searched for the cause of her panics first since the girl refused to answer his questions what has happened. As soon as he got closer to one of the houses a hand suddenly grabbed him and pulled the deacon into the house. A silent cry slipped off his mouth as he fall down to bottom and a knee hit his stomach. When opening his eyes again he gazed up in fear at Deorwine´s dark shaded face. In panic he kicked the man off him but couldn´t get up before he was already pushed down by him again. The black haired man hissed into his face as Regulux tried to shout for help and pressed his left hand against the deacon´s throat. “You was not there today to continue our game. What is wrong with you? Have you suddenly lost the eager to try to become the next archdeacon?” There was no answer from the gray haired man who preferred fighting against the pressure and trying to breath. “I will become the Archdeacon after that old geezer died, not you. You know I wish nothing more than this but still you try to catch his attention? Do not even dare to try to get into my way. You will leave the church tomorrow. If you do not …” He pulled back his hand from the man’s neck and stroke softly over his cheek. “You will regret it.”
As soon as he could Regulux left that house in panic and hurried up to reach the cathedral fast. Now it was proven. Deorwine was insane. Completely insane.
The girl he sent to the church earlier was waiting for him and looked worried when she noticed his nervous looks. Without an answer he entered the huge building, taking her with him and closed the doors again in hope the black priest wouldn´t show up here.

“What happened between him and you?” The deacon reached a bottle of water to the girl but again she preferred to be silent. “Well you don´t have to tell me but I´m sure it´ll help you.” Regulux sat down next to her, trying to focus his thought on what Deorwine could have done to her instead of thinking of what he said to him. Every now and then he shivered slightly. Was he about to catch a cold? Most likely. He felt horrible sick right then. “Could I stay here for a day?” Regulux was a little bit surprised hearing her request but agreed. Even though he didn’t slept well this night, being hunted by weird abstract dreams and feeling like something was haunting him he still woke up early in the morning. Not early enough though, the girl sat already at a chair and was staring him. As he saw the deep shadows under her eyes he decided he’d take care of her for a while. It must have had a reason why she didn’t want to go home.
They didn’t do anything special this day though. Regulux mainly tried to teach her reading for a while, went with her to the daily ceremony, went to the marked and bought some breed and returned to the cathedral to help cleaning the hall. He felt a bit bad about the fact she didn’t smile a single time though, but it was okay. Maybe she suffered something horrible the day before. She still didn’t told him anything about it. But to him it seemed like she wasn’t any talkative anyways.
As he cleaned the bottom an orange color filled the hall and created a warm atmosphere. “The sun sets…” Regulux looked up and smiled at her when seeing her emotionless face as she stared the sun at the horizon. “Yes. But don’t worry, tomorrow will be another day. The light always returns.” Just now he noticed she was holding a strange wooden box with golden elements. Was that a music box? “The light won’t return for you though.” Now the church member stopped to move the wet cloth and rather paid attention to her. “What do you mean by that?” Even if he didn’t want to he automatically had to remember Deorwine’s words. He said he should leave the church today but it was ridiculous. There wasn’t another place Regulux could live. His place was here and nowhere else, he’d never leave. What would Deorwine do anyways? Regulux could always report his actions if he’d try to harm him. “You aren’t leaving the church, are you?” The girl’s gaze gave Regulux a weird feeling but still he nodded. “This is my home. I’d never leave.” It was strange, why did he feel like this child was dangerous? “Then it is settled. This was your last sunset.” Slowly Regulux moved his legs as he attempted to stand up. “Why are you saying such things? The sun will always rise and s-“ In shock he had to realize that some power seemed to force him back to the bottom. “What-?!” The little Box the girl carried in her arms opened itself as a silent music started to play. Regulux would have described it as beautiful if he wouldn’t have been busy fighting against the invisible power.

“Burn, burn in the flames of eternity.”

As the young girl said those words flames rushed out of the old music Box wandering over the ground like shadows and filled the entire room. They climbed up the walls, kindled all the wood in the hall and reached the roof where it started to burn even stronger.
Soon the cathedral burned ablaze. “Don’t worry. I don’t kill anybody who doesn’t have to die. The cathedral is empty right now. You’ll be the only one who dies.” Pain took over his mind as he stared up to the little girl, who was still holding the box that set the flames free. “Why?” It was more a whisper than a question as he started to scream in pain. The flames burned everything of him, but there was more. It felt like something was trying to rip his soul apart. He didn’t want to die, yet there was nothing he could do about it. An incredible weight pushed him down at the bottom and before his eye sight vanished, he still could see how the flames in front of him built something like a clawed feet which grabbed his face. “It was a deal. But it doesn’t matter anymore if I’d tell it to you or not. There won’t be anything left of you anyways, not even your soul will survive.” The child watched how the monster shaped flames swallowed him.
Regulux couldn’t tell anymore what happened after that. The pain, the flames caused as they burned his body and the even more painful feeling inside his chest outweighed everything else.
The sounds of the burning building, the strange roaring and hissing of the flames and the voice of the girl, all vanished. Yet he didn’t seemed to die. There still was some kind of feeling. Even after everything vanished he could feel how some power still hold his left hand and tried to pull him back but soon even that feeling vanished and only pain reminded.

╬After Death╬
A cold wind blew over his face as he slowly opened his eyes. He was able to see again. Why? Was he death and this was heaven? Slowly he forced himself to go up to his knees and looked around. It was a weird place. He sat on a purple ground which seemed to change the color depending on the angle you looked at it. Sometimes it seemed more pink, sometimes more blue and when you touched it, it turned turquoise for a moment.
A while he looked around like this before realizing that his left hand still hurt. When he wanted to look for it he was shocked. In opposite to the rest of his body, his hand wasn’t fine at all. In fact it were only bones, yet they didn't fell apart but stuck together for some reason.
Regulux was trying to find out how his skeleton hand works, when he suddenly heard a strange sound behind him. Turning around he saw a purple creature, standing on two legs and wearing a silver armor. Two crystals gazed down at him as he stood up. What was it? An Angel? He imagined them quite different. But whatever it was, it wasn’t friendly. The moment Regulux opened his mouth to speak to it; it suddenly smashed him away with its armored hand.
His back hit one of the purple stones. “I tried to get rid of my sins, I tried everything. Wasn’t it enough to pass to heaven?” Of course the creature didn’t understood Regulux, it only wanted to get rid of the intruder. So it continued to attack. It pushed him, kicked, threw him around garbage and finally stabbed him with the blades that were floating around it.
And again the world around him turned dark. Why? Why was this happening? Was there really no place he could go? Wasn’t there at least a place in Death his soul could exist? But soon his thoughts vanished completely.
It wasn’t only his existence that took an end in this moment, also the guardian beast that attacked him suffered the same destiny.

Nowadays Regulux couldn’t say anymore when he was able to build his first memories. As every Undead he wandered around in real world, searching for his dead body, driven just by instincts. However, actually his body burned down to ashes the day he died. But something went terribly wrong. The moment when he was drawn into the other dimension the fire monster kept on trying to pull his soul back and in the end he seemed to have lost the connection to his body at this point. Even thought his body was already destroyed a part of him still desired to find it… and destroy it. His instincts here stronger than his mind but as more time passed as more human he became.
Even thought Regulux can’t remember his past anymore, his skeleton hand tells him that something is wrong and he has to fix it. Somehow. His instincts still desire to search for the dead body.

However. Regulux was used to live among humans in his further existence. He was completely aware of his powers, since he started to protect the villages from super natural beings, such as Hollows, but yet he never felt the desire to practice them.
Someday though, earth was invaded by Hollows who started to fight against the human race. Places he liked to visit where now empty and silent. Nature took back what once belonged to it and humans only had a few cities left where they could try to survive.
Regulux had always been the one who avoided fights and who didn’t like violence but the moment he stood in front of the good old England and saw what Hollows did to it his wrath grew eternal. It was the day he decided that somehow his powers might have been made for this. The desire to wander around and search for something faded and was replaced by the desire to destroy.

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