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Name: Volgana Hyubasa

Alias: Has yet to be known by anything else

Age Of Death:22

Age Of Appearance: 27

Real Age: 285

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Pink

Reiatsu Flavor: Burning Wood


Zanpakuto- A weapon formed while he was in the academy.

Throwing Stars- Small
stars he keeps hidden in his clothing shaped like sakura blossoms with rounded

Chefs knife-
He keeps it tied to his back with a pink sash

Fighting Style: Falling Blossom- A style he created using
Hakkyokuen (Bajiquan) Hakkesho (Baguazhang) Chaquan (Changquan) and Capoera.

Proper and respectful when his superiors are around but normally a
laid back, and jokey person when he is with his friends. He smiles every
chance he can and has a positive outlook on life no matter the
circumstance. In public he can make himself known while keeping himself
on a calm note. Caring to others and a bit of a flirt when it came to
the girls of the society. He tends to be smug to those that cross him
and can sometimes make cruel jokes to show his anger but it is rare to
see him fully angry.

When he is cooking he is serious but with a
light side. He will be focused on his work but will casually chat as
well. He finds cooking to be comforting. A bit of a workaholic when it
comes to training or getting stronger which can lead to obsession on a
occasion. He has a tiny habit of correcting others when they are
speaking but he has control of that now. Well somewhat of control but
its control none the less.

Physical Appearance:

build is lean and athletic, only weighing 158 pounds. He is 5'10 and
has long black hair. His eyes are emerald green and his skin is lightly
tanned. He wears the traditional shingami clothes with a pair of black
glasses. He also wears a sakura flower tattoo on his right cheek.


Childhood to College

A meeting of chefs from around the world. Masters of the
culinary arts. His mother a well known chef in japan and his father a culinary master
at a university in the United states. Both met at the conference and it was
love. Soon after his father moved to Japan a restaurant was opened between the
two in the urban area of Tokyo.

Not only known in the city and country areas of Japan it was
also known world wide for the mixture of Japanese and American cuisine. Soon a
wedding was planed and with the wedding came the birth of a child. Taking on
the image of his father even tho he has a Japanese background. A young boy who
grew in the kitchens of his parents restaurant. At a young age his
understanding in the culinary world was that of a master. Running his parents
restaurant at the age of 8 he mastered his skills. Not only was he brilliant in
the back of a kitchen, his social skills in the upper class was known
throughout the area.

Even though his brilliance excelled him at a young age there
were still things that he couldn't explain. How he was able to learn so much at
such a young age. His mind was like a sponge. His speed with a blade was
unmatched. He could chop, dice, Julianna, and mince faster than even his
parents. His parents decided to enroll him into a martial arts class at a young
age. With only the intention of their son to be able to protect himself turned
into another obsession. When he wasn't in the kitchen or out in public he was
in the dojo. His skills increased due to his headstrong attitude and his
unmatched ability of learning.

School was a challenge all his own as he struggled to
balance classes, his culinary career, his connections in the social world and
his martial arts skills. When stressed he would view the cherry blossoms in the
spring time and grew to love them. Soon his love of the blossoms intertwined
into his cooking. Not only did he adorn his parents restaurant with the symbol
of sakura he also wore clothes with the symbol as well.

Attending a private school in japan. A playground for the
children of the wealthy he grew in popularity. He put together events, party's
and banquets so grand that even the dean recognized who he was.He excelled in
the culinary club, the martial arts club and even the young host club. Soon
fame grew too much for the young culinary master. He found that instead of
spending time in the kitchen he was spending time with other tasks. By his 8th
grade year he was worn from the long days and sleepless nights. He couldn't
walk down the road without running into people who knew him. People stopping to
take pictures, to talk, to have him sign photographs. When he started High
school he became almost a recluse. Not reaching out to his friends and staying
in solitude. He spent hours in the kitchen and in the gym. High school was a
blur and graduation came to quick.

A letter came in the mail one day as he graduated from his
High school. It was hidden in the pile of College acceptance letters. As he
read through letter after letter he stopped to stare not at the contents but
the letter itself. Slipping it into his pocket he packed a light bag, his knife
kit and the keys to his motorcycle. A gift from his parents and a beauty all
its own. Top Chef written on the sides adored with cherry blossoms. The sleek
black body glittered in the moonlight. He wrote a letter to his parents
explaining his reasons for leaving. He rode off into the night in search for a easier life.

Restaurant after restaurant he traveled. Only managing to
stay in one place for sometimes even a week because of how quick the news of
his disappearance traveled. He worked enough to make money to fuel his
motorcycle and his stomach. As his funds diminished he though of pulling money
out of his account. As he struggled between the choice he noticed a fast food
restaurant across the street displaying burgers for a dollar. He had never
heard of such a absurd price. Food that cheap couldn't be good or have any
nutritional value. He pondered on the ingredients as he ordered a burger. He
ate it in haste since his stomach was grumbling and realized it was quite good.
Not gourmet as he was use too but still tasted good.

He started to travel to various fast food stores and cheap
restaurants discovering that a meal could be good without being expensive. As
the fall approached his reached into his jacket and pulled out the letter. He
had often looked at it but never opened it. With a sigh he broke the seal and
read the contents. His eyes glowed as he read the letter. A school where he
could be with people like himself.. Where he wouldn't be known and could live
in peace. Also the chance to experience another kind of cuisine. He returned
home after almost a year of disappearance and explained to his parents his
story. After a week his bags were packed, his motorcycle in a container heading
to airport of his arrival and his mind set on new goals he smiled and slipped
into a light sleep on the flight before it even took off.

As the plane landed he woke with a start. He was in a new
setting. Soon after gathering his bags and arranging all but his knife kit to
be taken to the school he jumped on his motorcycle with directions to the
school and drove off into the sun.

College to Death

Volgana spent his freshman year excelling in his courses.
Not only did he excel in the classroom but his reputation as a cook and as a
fighter grew. By his sophomore year he was already the president of not only
the schools culinary team but also the schools Mixed Martial Arts team. By his
senior year he was known throughout most of culinary world as well as the
martial arts world. He surpassed even
the teachers at his school in the culinary arts and put the school the
top of the news.

Martial arts or Culinary in every tournament he took first
place but in his heart something was missing. Each day passed and he gained
nothing. Even though he was the main event all the time he felt like he wasn't
even on the radar. He smiled and kept his head high but on the inside he felt
empty. One night he couldn't sleep. His school days were ending. He only had a
few months left and he would leave this school. This thought didn't terrify
him. It didn't comfort him. It was just another place and a different time. His
foot steps thudded down an empty hall as
he walked to the schools kitchen and tied on his apron. As he went through the
motions of getting the kitchen set up he looked at the time. 3am his clock
said. He filled the triple sinks, adding the needed chemicals. He turned on the
gas and opened the coolers letting the cold envelope over his skin. He smiled
as the familiar smells of food washed over his face. He slowly plucked items
from the shelves and placed them on one of the stainless steel tables. He
walked over to the spice rack as he mulled over his life and how it had been
going so far.

His knife flashed as it moved across the cutting board. The
sizzle of a pain full of hot oil and the smell of spices blending filled the
kitchen. Unknown to Volgana the hiss of gas fell silent to the crackling of the
pan as the room slowly filled. Volgana's nose did not detect the gas because
his nose was filled with the aroma of food. As he slowly plated his food,
shaping his creation he though of his accomplishments in life. His
understanding of food and the ancient techniques he had learned. His skills in
the social world. His mind drifted over his parents as he removed his apron and
sat down to eat.

His fork clanked against ceramic as he savored each bite. As
he finished he stood slowly and listened to sounds of the kitchen. He pulled
his phone out and looked at the time. It was morning in Japan and he knew his
parents would be up. He pulled out his phone but decided against it. He knew
that his parents would be busy right now so he would call them later. As he put
away his dishes he noticed the flame from one of the burners flickering higher
than normal. Licks of flame kissed the air as he walked closer. He sighed and
turned the burner down and walked to the dish pit. As he scrubbed his dishes
the sound of wind being sucked from a room filled his head. Flames exploded
showering the room in flame. Volgana was knocked into the sinks and fell to the
floor. As he struggled to open his eyes he could feel the unbarring heat on his
skin. He slipped in and out of reality as he watched the flames flood the

He laughed softly as he laid on the ceramic floor. He
couldn't reach the gas cutoff from where he was and he was in no condition to
move. He could feel blood flowing from his head as he slowly slipped away. He
grasped the floor as the sprinklers kicked in washing the flame away as well as
the blood on his forehead. His funeral followed as his parents grieved his
death. As Volgana rested peacefully in his coffin his spirit was being sent to
another place by a man in a black uniform.

Rukongai Years

As long as Volgana could remember he had been in Rukongai.
He couldn't remember much about his past or his childhood but somehow being
here felt right. He worked for a small restaurant in the upper district. He
worked the kitchens making food and plating his creations. He was unmatched in
his culinary skills in the surrounding area. Sometimes he would peek out from
the kitchen to view his patrons. Every now and then he would see people dressed
similar sitting down with swords strapped to their bodies. He would wonder who
they were as he turned meat on the grill and plated food drizzled with sauces
that would dance on your tongue leaving you refreshed.

When he wasn't cooking he was in the fields of the
surrounding area practicing his fighting style. Using the falling petals as the
grounds for his movements he slowly practiced his moves until he had a basic
understanding of his own style. He dreamed of becoming a cook for one of the
Head houses but he had never met anyone from the head house. He had just heard
rumors of the head houses. One name he heard more than any other was the
Kuchiki house. Byakuya Kuchiki was a name he had heard before but what the man
looked like was a mystery to Volgana.

One day while he was training in the fields next to small
stream he pondered on the name. He had heard stories about his power. Rumors
circled around the Rukonagai whenever he asked about the man. Some refereed to
him as Kuchiki-Taicho. Volgana knew Taicho meant captain but captain of what.
He rested briefly and drank from the stream as he wondered what kind of man he
was. As he rested briefly he noticed a figure in the distance. Before Volgana
could say anything the figure was gone.

On his way to work Volgana was stopped by his boss. The man
seemed excited as he told Volgana to put on his finest uniform. Volgana was
perplexed as to why he had to. He normally put it on when someone of great
importance visited his restaurant. As Volgana put on his uniform and tightened
the apron around his waist he wonderer who was visiting his work. Who could he
be cooking for.

Stepping into the kitchen he instantly began cooking. His
knife flashed over the cutting board as he heard the door to the kitchen open.
Seeing his boss standing over his shoulder he grew the courage to ask who he
was cooking for. One of the head houses he was told. When he asked exactly who
he was told Byakuya Kuchiki. In excitement Volgana begged to be the one to
serve the meal to the table. Sweat poured from his face as he plated each meal
with precision and certainty that his hard work would finally be rewarded.

As he carried the meal to the table he saw a man in a white
coat. Ceramic pieces rested on his head, long raven black hair fell over his
shoulders. Volgana felt a presence of power and respect as he silently placed
his creation in front of the man he knew as Byakuya Kuchiki.

He bowed slightly and
walked back to the kitchen. As he entered he turned and peeked through a crack
at the man. He watched as his meal was slowly devoured. Thoughts ran through
his head as he wondered if his meal was good, had anything been undercooked or
overcooked. Was the sauce to his liking. Were the vegetables fresh enough. As
the meal was finished Volgana walked back out and removed the plate from in
front of the man. He turned to walk away but a hand was placed on his shoulder.
Volgana turned slowly to find that even though he was slightly taller he
presence was minuscule compared to the man before him. Silence filled the room
as Volgana started to shake. What did he want. Why had he stopped him from

Volgana smiled and bowed before speaking. "I hope you
enjoyed your meal Kuchiki-Taicho." He said slowly before bowing again.
"I hope everything was to your liking." "Yes, Yes it was."
Volgana heard him say. "And I think you should take the entrance exams to
the shinigami academy." Shinigami Academy. What was that. Volgana
wondered. "Yes sir I will." Volgana said with another bow "Thank
you for your complements sir." As Volgana turned a smile formed on his
lips. Days later he stood in front of the academy wearing a different uniform
than he was accustom too. His exams had been hard but he managed to pass.

Shinigami Academy Years

Volgana's first year at the academy was over before he could
blink. He was being taught the basics of kido, hand to hand fighting and sword
fighting. He also learned the meaning of being a Shinigami. He learned the true
task a shinigami holds. To help souls from the real world pass over peacefully.
To keep souls from being devoured by hollows. Hollows he learned were souls
that turned evil and formed into monsters over time

He cooked in his spare time so his skills wouldn't become
rusty. When he wasn't learning about the proper ways to kill hollows he was
learning combat skills. His second year was just as fast but twice as hard. He
started to learn about the weapon most shinigami used. A zanpakuto which was
the materialized form of one's soul. Volgana started to wonder about his soul.
What kind of zanpakuto would he receive. What was his soul like. Cooking in the
kitchens of the academy brought him to believe that he needed to search his
soul. To look for the voice that would be his soul.

Days pasted as he trained harder and entered his third year
at the academy. He spent more time devoted to sharpening his skills with a
sword and using kido in succession. He joked around some by telling others that
combining Kido was like combining ingredients. Sometimes it works out and
sometimes it goes wrong. At night he would sit in the kitchen cooking while
listening for his soul.

One night while sleeping he had a dream. A voice was calling
him from a field of trees. Light pink, red and white blossoms fluttered around
as Volgana walked down the rows of trees. He kept on hearing the voice calling
his name. He still couldn't figure where the voice was coming from. Finally he
spotted a figure in the distance and started to run towards the figure. As he
grew closer a branch seemed to lower and knocked Volgana to the ground. His
head filled with a voice as he layed on the ground dazed. "Not yet you Baka."
The voice was that of a young girl. Sweet and innocent but with a noticable
bite. "You do not have the right to see me yet. Maybe after a while longer
I might allow you too but now you will learn my name and only that."
Volgana tried to turn his head to look but the tree was in his way. "My
name is Ohanami." Volgana let the name flow from his mouth as he stood
slowly and closed his eyes. When he opened them he was in bed holding a sword
tightly in his arms.

His zanpakuto had been revealed. Was that his spirit he had
spoken too in his dream. "Ohanami" The name seemed so familiar yet he
had never heard it before. And the voice of his spirit belonged to that of a
child. He was suprised by the size of his zanpakuto. It was smaller than most but it was a good weapon.
The rest of his third year went faster as he studied to try
and reveal his shikai. The next three years crawled by as he continued to
train. The proper way to kill a hollow or the proper way to engage in a fight.
Everything was formal. Formality overtook him. He knew that when you’re in the
heat of battle formality meant nothing. He knew that in the midst of battle
mercy was useless.

As he struggled under this realization he dwelled deeper in
the arts of flash stepping. He started trying to increase his distance and
speed. Pushing himself to the limit until he would pass out from
exhaustion. After years of training
leading up until his 6th year in the academy he finally managed to increase his speed.
Years of training in his style of fighting
had lead him to grow comfortable fighting without his zanpakuto .

He spent the next year resting, letting his body recover
from the intensity he had placed upon it. He also spent more time meditating
and touching up on his cooking skill while he reflected on all his years of
hard work. He still trained but not as hard. He continued to work on his flash
step, using that as the base of his work. He worked on quickening his step,
moving from point A to B the fastest. He wanted to be able to be anywhere and
everywhere at once, launching blows so fast that his opponent wouldn’t be able
to see where his strikes were coming from.
He worked on being able to shunpo in the air, pushing off of built up
reiatsu in his feet.

Soon he fell back into his extensive training regiment,
forgetting about his rest and relaxation. He used weighted clothing to increase
his speed since flash stepping was just moving a certain distance in the least
number of steps possible. At first he could only push off once in the air and
shunpo down but after six years of heavy training he mastered the ability to
leave his image for three seconds. He was able to appear in several places at
once. Striking blows from any direction and confusing his opponent.

Once again he tried to rest, forcing himself to just walk
around the soul society and actually learn his surroundings. The more he
thought of it he realized that it had been almost a decade and a half since he
had graduated. He had blown the better part of 15 years training. He still
didn’t even have the basics of his shikai. After a month into his relaxation he
was back training. But instead of breaking wood and rock he was meditating in
the forest, kitchen, his room, or around the soul society. He searched for his
soul once more. Trying to reach the same place he had been the night he
received his zanpakuto. He looked for
the little girl, he searched for her voice. Once more he found himself in the
forest of white, pink, and red but this time it was hot. Heat scorched his skin
as he realized that the entire forest was on fire and the flicker of flames
appeared to be falling petals. The crackleing of the flames hid a voice that
whispered to Volgana as he walked into the forest. Soon he found himself in the same clearing,
facing the same girl but this time she was facing him. “Ohanami” he said slowly
while looking at the person in front of him. “Your right Baka, that’s my name.
Don’t you forget it. Now about this situation your in. All this strength, speed
and power but your unable to even release your shikai. Now your going to have
to pay. Suddenly a circle of blossoms enveloped his body and he was surrounded
by a cyclone of flame. They scorched his skin as he screamed in pain. “See baka
what happens when you don’t listen to me. Now the flames aren’t really hurting
you. You just think they are because its what your mind registers. Stop and see
how you really feel.” Volgana stopped and realized that she was right. The
flames didn’t burn at all. Insead he was warm and comfortable inside the flame.
His pain and panic disappeared as the flames dispersed around him. He realized
that she was right, the flames just felt right. Volgana drew on the flames and
they started to change color. Swirling pink, orange and red covered the

“Okay idiot. Its time to learn about your shikai.” Over a
period of what seemed like forever he watched each of the powers his shikai
held. He smiled as he woke from his
meditation and slept on what he had seen. The next day he was back into full
training mode with his shikai fresh in his mind. He trained for two decades to fully master his
shikai until he knew it in and out. He
continued on his training of increasing his power. Spending time increasing the
power of his reiatsu while sitting under a water fall trying to split the flow
of water. Sword, and hand and kido
together on a scale of beauty. Over the period of his entire time out
of the academy he spent a total 35 years training and he had yet to
settle into a squad. He then realized that it was time to serve his duty
in the Gotei 13.



Sealed form: A black katana with a pink strap tied to his waist, dragons swirling among blossoms decorate the hilt and the sheath.


Name: Ohanami

Spirit Description:

Inner World:

Type: Kido

Call Out Phrase: Float and Burn, Swiftly

Shikai Appearance:
Four swirling petals of fire form behind him during his shikai. All
petals can be controlled in a group or separately of each other. THey
are roughly the size of a dinner plate and can expand to the size of a
car hood.

Shikai Abilities:

Paladin Form- In this form the shields shatter and form 250 hundred
smaller shields that can go from the size of a quarter to the size of a
small soup saucer. These can be controlled individually or as a group.
These small shields swirl around Volgana and give the appearance of
cherry blossoms. Is this form Volgana's defense is increased, if needed
this shield can form all around his body and block out attacks.
2 level below Volgana- Attack is blocked by 70%
1levels Below Volgana- Attack is blocked by 65%
Level Even with Volgana- Attack Blocked by 60%.
1 level above Volgana- Attack is blocked by55%
2 levels above Volgana- Attack is blocked by 50%
3 Levels above Volgana- Attack is blocked by 45% with shield dispersal on attacks of high caliber
4 Levels Above Volgana- Attack breaks shield, No percentage is blocked

Angel Form-The four shields attach to each other tip to tip and
converge with the inner tips touching on Volgana's back. He is then able
to fly into the air and increase his speed. While in this form all his attacks cause fire damage, AKA the Afterburn effect.

in AfterBurn Angel Form- (These attacks are all not shikai bases.
Because of the time he spent mastering his shikai he has added his own
personal attacks while using his shikai.)

Crescent Flame Cut-
Using flash step Volgana is able to move in straight lines at a sever
increase of speed. Able to close distances of 60 feet in a mere second
but only once ever 3 posts. During this flash Volgana makes a single
crescent cut following left to right, right to left, down to up, up to
down, or both diagonal ways. The speed at which he moves and the fire
that carries him causes the would to caulderize upon impact depending on
the depth of the wound.

Blazing Scorpion Form- The four shields
shatter into multiple shards and form four chains. A chain runs down
each arm and is controlled by the hands. The other two chains wrap
around his zanpakuto's hilt and attach to his back creating a free
moving "stinger. At the tip of the left chain is a pink shard shaped
like a crescent moon with a black blade, the right chain is a black ball
the size of a softball. These chains can reach distances of 30 feet
each but the four chains can combine to reach a grand total of 120 feet.

Flame, At the center of the four chains is a focal point on which power
flows. Inside this focal point rests reiatsu ready to be poured into
once of the four chains. Only one chain at a time may have the reiatsu
charge inside. The reiatsu needs time to travel in between chains.
Current travel time is 1 post.

1st Chain- Crescent Blade- Fire Overload- This causes the blade to erupt into flame , causing burn damage upon impact.

Chain- Blunt Ball- Fire Burst- two impacts per 3 posts the ball can
send out a explosive charge causing burn damage, explosive damage and
possible hearing lost.

Third Chain- Hilt of zanpakuto- Pillar of
Fire- once ever 5 posts of charge time can a piller of fire erupt from
the end of Volgana's zanpakuto. THe diameter of the piller is only a
foot and a half but it is a piller of condensed flame.

Chain- Tip of zanpakuto- Final Sting- Four spears of fire form around Volgana and can be controlled at his will. Each spear is five feet long with a foot long blade.



Call Out Phrase:

Bankai Control:

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities: [/s]
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