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Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Likbu11
"This is why I still fight...This is my new resolve"
Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Koutet11
"Nothing shall stand in my way...Absolutely nothing, not even you kid..."
(Place Byouteki kikyuu nikki here)


Koutetsu Nagare


"Twilight Incarnate"



No One


His Own Man


10,000- Looks about 18
(Explained in History)




165 lbs

Eye Color:
(Red: Baal Influence)

Hair Color:
Clean Blonde Hair

Reiastu Color:

Cyan Blue
Baal Influence)

Koutetsu Nagare: Normal Appearance
Koutetsu Nagare: Baal Influence


||Little Koutetsu||
Koutetsu is one of the prime examples of a Bi-Polar Person- In a Sense. He Literally has two Distinct personalities that he Crosses between on Fortuitous Situations. One of his Personalities is that of kindness and compassion. When his eyes are rendered green, He is the Soft spoken Koutetsu Nagare. He is very shy when around new people and won't really engage with anything around him. He loved to practice with swords when he was younger thus has a Expert mastery of it so far- Along with his enthrallment with the Blacksmith craft men. He enjoys the little things in life, Taking walks in the fresh Air, Planting flowers, Drawing little Characters that he made up and Cooking. Even though he has a Enthrallment for Swords, Koutetsu hates to fight- More or less, He was afraid of it. He doesn't like to see Anguish of any caliber, Thus trying to help in ways other then Brandishing a Sword. Violence in his eyes is nothing but wasted Energy and time, He Tries to Avoid conflicts at all costs while Normal Until pushed to the edge.

||Baal Influence||
Once Koutetsu has been Angered beyond Belief, has been Pushed to the edge or in a certain situation, The Chaotic energy that surrounds the Spirit of Baal then Releases within his Body. This Energy is extremely Strong, Giving Baal Control over Koutetsu's Body, Speech, and Mannerisms. He is now a completely different person that is nothing like the calm and timid Koutetsu Nagare. While under the Influence of the "Baal Assimilation", The Young man speaks very rude, Arrogant and completely Blood thirsty. Nothing can stop his rage except The Koutetsu within. He now uses everything within his power to Destroy, And nothing else. Koutetsu's Alternate personality has an abrasive and arrogant personality focused on only his goals. He sweeps aside all he considers weak, including his alternate self, and responds with derision when forced to interact with those he believes to be beneath him. Anyone who gets in his way is mercilessly crushed, even if they were at one point allies. Koutetsu's Chaotic Self dislikes the inhabitants of the current world due to the fact that There all just a waste.

Natural Abilities:

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:

Koutetsu's skill with his sword was honed to a master level, due to the added skill of Baal himself. Letting him strike multiple times with changes of attack type (from slash to pierce) without any difficulty. His unpolished skills, Unusual Type of Sword and strength with his sword make it so he always fights with one hand free. He is one of the most, if not the most, proficient swordsmen in all of Soul Society. Koutetsu is a strong, front-line swordsman who can hit fast and hard, similar to Most Captains within the Gotei even in there Bankai. Unlike them, he has an unrefined sword style as he tends to swing more wildly than the other swordsmen and is a lot more brutal with his attacks in comparison. Koutetsu Fights with Two different Fighting styles, Each one an extreme of the other.

"Sheathed Blade Style Techniques"
(帯刀技 Taitouwaza

Dai Ni: Rekkujin (第二
烈空刃, "The Second: "Intense Empty Blade"):
This Advance Technique enabling its use while his sword is held within its scabbard. This attack is unique from others within the same style because Koutetsu draws his blade to execute the attack. Koutetsu Unsheathes his Sword, slashing with his sword rapidly in all directions, creating a rush of strikes with such speed that wind accompanies each slash to deal additional damage. After completing the Technique, he returns the sword to its sheath, allowing him to continue within the sheathed blade style without requiring a Style Shift Making the Movement Seamless.

Dai San: Zankuujin Mujinshou
(斬空刃無塵衝, "The Third: "Slash Sky Blade Negative Ash Rush")
When this Technique is used, Koutetsu thrusts his sheathed sword into his foes, slashes them into the air, kicks them back to the ground, then kicks them once more knocking them back. After, he charges towards the enemies, then unleashes his sword from its scabbard, forming thousands of slashes while Koutetsu cuts three times before Returning his Sword to his Sheathe; Even If Some of the Attacks Miss the target, Koutetsu Will continue with the Assault with Shunpos to Keep up.

"Drawn Blade Burst Style Techniques"
(抜刀術 Battoujutsu

Senmaioroshi (千枚卸, "Thousand-Page Wholesale"):
A technique where multiple blade movements take place so fast that they can literally shred a target into pieces.

Number One: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "The First: Killing Stroke"):

This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.

Number Four: Kamishini (神キラー, "God Killer" or "Cutting down God with a Single Slash"):

By swinging the user's sword across, they can make a sweeping motion that cuts everything within 4 m of the user. The force behind this technique is great enough to defeat even Adjuchas-level Hollow with little effort.

Number Six: Gyaku Karasu (逆烏, Reverse Raven):
The user uses shunpo to quickly get behind their opponent and then quickly doing a reverse spin hitting their opponent with the back edge of edge sword, slicing into them with an accurate and rapid slash.

Number Seven: Tsubame Gaeshi (燕返し, "Swallow Reversal" or "Turning Swallow Cut"):
A technique that mimics the motion of a swallow's tail during flight as observed. This cut was reputedly so quick and precise that it could strike down a bird in mid-flight. There are no direct descriptions of the technique. Hence, the "Turning Swallow Cut" has been reconstructed as a technique involving striking downward from above and then instantly striking again in an upward motion from below. The strike's second phase could be from below toward the rear and then upward at an angle, like an eagle climbing again after swooping down on its prey.

Kido Knowledge:

Never Entering the Shino Academy, Koutetsu has never used any Kido of his own Volition.

Suguira Magic:
(Baal's Influence)
Due to Baal's Soul being hosted within Koutetsu, Whenever Baal assumes control over Koutetsu, He is able to use about 35% of the Suguira Magic- Obviously not at full power.

Enhanced Speed:

Even before learning Flash Step, Koutetsu has repeatedly shown himself to be a very agile fighter. he has demonstrated great reflexes in battle, able to quickly dodge a strike with no wasted effort and he can instantly counterattack right after. His ability to strike quickly without warning and in rapid succession. His speed also allows him to follow the movements of faster opponents to better analyze their movements or blocking difficult and otherwise fatal strikes.

Zanpakuto Name:
閃光断; Flash Light Failure)

Zanpakuto Personality:
Senkoudan is an easygoing and cheerful person but, his personality can turn serious every time his friends, especially Koutetsu, is in need. Senkoudan is also a persistent person, as it is proven by his action to Try and retrieve Koutetsu's Independence from Baal. He's also a selfless person when it comes to other; he doesn't care what happens to him as long his friends are safe. Due to his curiosity and personal experience, he lacks delicacy in his speech and conduct. He notices his mistakes, and is able to properly reflect upon them.

Zanpakutô Spirits; Human Manifestations:
Zanpakuto Spirits; Animal Manifestations:
Radiant light form:

Tenebrous light form:

Zanpakutô Realm:

Sealed Zanpakutô:


Shikai Description:
Once Released, Koutetsu Sheathes his Zanpakuto as his Reiatsu begins to fluctuate around him Wildly. It changes from Cyan Blue to Black Randomly depending on who is in control at the time. With an Explosion of Power, Koutetsu's Unrefined sword Transforms into a Double Ended Blade. It Looks Exactly like the Weapon that his Human form Zanpakuto Spirit Wields. The weapon may look massive to some, But, Koutetsu is given the Inert ability to wield it as if it was a light as a feather. At The End of each blade, There is a small Blue Jewel that also Changes color if Baal or Koutetsu is in control- Thus Giving him a Different Power altogether. The Color of the orb changes in unison with his reiastu Color.

Shikai Abilities:
Senkoudan is a Unique Zanpakuto that Varies depending on who ever is in Control of Koutetsu's Body- Thus, Having Two Main Attributes: Radiant Light and Tenebrous Light. Obviously, Whenever Koutetsu himself is in Control, He may only Harness the Radiant Light. In Response, Koutetsu Under the control of Baal is only able to Manifest Tenebrous Light. The Radiant Light and Tenebrous Light are Suppose to be One in the same- Although, They have different Statistics and Power. The Radiant Light is Gold in Appearance that surrounds his Blades with a Golden Veil That seems almost holy. The Tenebrous Light However, Appears over his hands as well as the Edge of his Blades. The Tenebrous Light has a ominous Purple light, But the More Control Baal has over Koutetsu, The more the purple changes into a Black. Each Light has its own Specifics and Unique Abilities.

Radiant Light Abilities:
Tenebrous Light Abilities:
***Having Two States for a Zanpakuto also requires a new invoking Command when Baal or Koutetsu is in control.

Shizukana hōyō
(静かな抱擁; Tranquil Embrace)

Kou no Hason
(光破損; Corruption of Light)

Bankai Name:

Majin Senkoudan
(魔神閃光断; Demon God Flash Light Failure)

Bankai Description:

Before Releasing his Bankai, Koutetsu tosses his Zanpakuto into the Air as his Reiatsu begins to fluctuate around him Wildly with a Light show of both Energies- The Radiant Light and Tenebrous Light. It changes from a Swirl of Color into a Single Stream of Majestic Silver even if Baal's Influence is active. With an Explosion of his former shikai Weapon, the Glimmering Fragments Reside on his Body, Transforming into Two Swords- One with an Angelic Embrace, The other with the powers of Pure Darkness. The Surrounding Fragments create two Set of Wings that reside on his back- Demonic and Angelic, The Two woven within each other for a Signal of harmony. Behind his newly found wings, There is Four Floating orbs of Twilight Energy can be used for Projectile uses as well as Harnessing surrounding light.

Bankai Abilities:
Senkoudan was a Unique Zanpakuto that Varies depending on who ever is in Control of Koutetsu's Body- Thus, Having Two Main Attributes: Radiant Light and Tenebrous Light. Obviously, Whenever Koutetsu himself is in Control, He may only Harness the Radiant Light. In Response, Koutetsu Under the control of Baal is only able to Manifest Tenebrous Light- However, Now that he is in Bankai, His Zanpakuto has control over a gestalt of The Radiant Light and Tenebrous Light, Thus Forming Twilight Energy. Twilight Energy is suppose to be almost Limitless in Potential, Extremely Powerful and Above all else, Extremely deadly. The Twilight Energy has a More Increased Speed and Destructive Capabilities then Tenebrous and Radiant Light. Koutetsu himself as States that his Bankai is something he Rues to Use due to its Extreme Destructive Capabilities- In response, Whenever Baal's Influence is over him, He Loves to Exploit his Bankai's Abilities to show the Enemy no mercy- TO show what True Power is. The Twilight Energy is Able to Create various Projectiles like Tenebrous, Manifest Shields and Barriers like Radiant and now, able to Harness the Twilight Energy to Osmose the Light around him.

||He is Capable of using his Shikai abilities, Now with the Twilight Energy instead of there Respected Lights||

Twilight Abilities:

||Baal Influence: Another Force...Another Form||
This Form is Activated when Koutetsu's Enraged Emotions get the better of him. It unleashes the Spirit of Baal- The Former Legendary Swordsmen of Sugiura. Although he was legendary, He was completely and utterly evil. Him and his Brothers were Feared through out the land- Tiamat and Largo were older then Baal, Although, Baal's Mastery of the sword was honed to an unearthly level along with his Crushing Reiatsu/Sacred Power. After Baal was killed by Gilgamesh, his Spirit was Felt Lingering for Thousands of years. It was then, Baal felt a Compatible host for his soul, One He thought he could handle his crushing power, One that could harness the power properly...One he could eventually Take over completely for his revenge against Gilgamesh. However, Koutetsu's light proved to be indeed strong and couldn't take over his body completely- Only on instances where his Emotions got the better of himself or When Koutetsu Himself Calls of Baal, Which has never been seen. Baal's Influence over Koutetsu Increases Every Aspect of his Fighting Abilities to Insane Piques of Power- At least Three times better then what it was before. People Fighting Koutetsu Comment when the change happens due to the increased Ferociousness of his style. If Koutetsu is under Baal's Influence for over Ten Posts, Koutetsu begins to lose Fragment of Control over Baal- Leading to insanity and Eventually Baal's Ultimate goal of complete Assimilation of the Two Souls. Baal's Influence has an incredible hold over Koutetsu Soul due to the fact that His Zanpakuto even changes Element and gains different abilities Specializing in Offensive purpose. There is one Ability that is Strictly Baal's- But then Projected out of Koutetsu.

Baal's Techniques:
Majin Messatsuen (魔人滅殺闇; "Demon Human Destruction Shooting Darkness)
Using his Tainted power, Baal is able to conjure an incorrigible amount of Evil Energy around the vicinity of ten feet. Hardening the Pure Darkness around himself into forged Double edged Blades- The total being about 1000. Beginning to spin around Baal with Intense speed, The barrier of swords begin to Fluctuate with daunting power. The vortex then vanishes as Baal is seen with Five floating swords behind himself- Each of the swords having the Damage capabilities of Cutting through an Espada's Hierro like butter. While using this Technique, Baal is able to control these Swords with a Mild form of Telekinesis. These Swords Are Virtually Unbreakable to Normal Attacks and Fly with a Simple Gesture. The Swords last about Four Posts before being Unavailable for the rest of a Fight- Due to it's Extreme Power Capabilities.

Part one: Baal- The Swordsman of Suguira.

It all stated with a dream. Baal wanted to be one of the most feared Suguira that ever walked the land at the time. With his brothers, Tiamat and Largo, Baal walked the Suguira Lands honing his Swordsmanship to higher pinnacles- Every person that tried to get in his way was cut down with no mercy. Deep inside Baal, Was this waning light that he always tried to Suppress. His brother Tiamat and Largo used to always say that Baal was weak for having the light in his heart; Ultimate Darkness, The goal the brothers had in mind. How could someone be Ultimate darkness with Light in his Heart- Thus, Giving him a Perplexing situation, and the only logical solution was to stomp out the light...Completely Obliterate it. Trying to conquer someone or something was easy to Baal, It was the internal Battle that he fought with himself that was incredibly difficult. Roaming the Suguira lands for days on end, Baal and his brothers came across this Small Village- The perfect target for a pillage and maybe a challenge. Baal himself however, Was getting tired of killing Innocent people and wanted a real Challenge- One that was actually worth to hold a Blade. Once again, The pillage was a complete waste of time in Baal's eyes. Killing endless people doesn't create Ultimate Darkness he thought to himself.

Although, Not a soul listened to Baal. He then created a plan, a plan that would allow the dimension of Sugiura to know the Names of Baal, Tiamat and Largo- Fight and Decimate the Strongest Suguira in the land. Baal from there on end trained endlessly, Improving day by day, Until the Unthinkable. Sleeping after another night of Training, Baal, Tiamat and Largo resided in an undisclosed part of the very large forest that laid about 1000 feet from the castle grounds. It was a very cold night as Baal was fast asleep, Completely exhausted. With a yawn, Baal opened his eyes to see his two brothers, Killed in their Sleep- He was completely Verklempt at the situation that was before him. Crawling towards Tiamat, His right hand ran over his face in a calming manner before a massive scream escaped his lungs. He was now alone, No one beside that shared his ambition. His scared energy then grew increasingly cold and darkness- At that moment, The light within his heart fading into the abysmal Darkness that was formed. The price for completing a mission...Something he didn't expect to lose. Although, This was the thing that made Baal grow cold, heartless, no compassion for anything... or anyone.

It has been about 3,000 years and Baal has evolved into an Amazingly Feared man. His name was far and wide through out the land- Taking down a man that was Five feet taller then him with a Single Sword Strike, Killing four Well known Guardian beasts. Though he had accomplished getting his name out there, He didn't seem fulfilled nor Satisfied. Baal was then taking it easy around a small village when from hear say, Overheard a couple of men talking about a Man in Gold Armour- One with eyes so crimson it's like looking into a sea of flame. He seems like a worthy adversary, But just hearing his appearance isn't going to really find him- A name is what he was looking for. He then Entered the Village looking for the Name of this warrior.

Killing a couple of people in search of this Mysterious man's Name it finally Surfaced- Gilgamesh. It was then he Issued a World wide Challenge to this man as Weeks and Weeks on end pass on. Baal thought to himself that this Gilgamesh was just all talk, Until His eyes were then fixated on a Man in Large Golden Armour. It was the man himself, Baal didn't waste any words as he Swiftly unsheathed his Sword. Gilgamesh then summoned his Sacred, The Gate of Babylon; Baal has never seen such a Brilliant Display of Power before. This didn't Derail him from his path, But only made it more fortuitous. Fighting with Gilgamesh on Equal Footing for what seemed to be Hours on end, Baal was beginning to get fatigued; Gilgamesh however, Didn't even seem tired in the slightest- A deep burning hatred could then be seen within his eyes as Baal Lunged at him, Attacking wildly. The Fight raged on until the sunfell before Baal was Impaled by Caladbolg and Executor King- Bringing an End to the fight. As Blood spilled from his body, He felt at... peace for once, It wasn't normal for him to be like loathe in the tranquil embrace that awaited him; Rest is all that anyone wants when They have Perished, Baal however was fueled by rage...Thus, Giving his Spirit a way to move on in an almost Purgatory state for Thousands of Years, Until finding him....Koutetsu Nagare.

Part Two: Koutetsu Nagare- Twilight's Incarnation.
Ever since a Little child, Koutetsu Nagare has always been picked on. It didn't matter what it was about, or who was doing it- He would always get the shit end of the stick. Koutetsu was a very unusual boy in the terms of his radiance. Even as a human, Koutetsu's Light shined brighter and anything. People who could actually see Koutetsu's Aura were completely Flabbergasted at the fact its massive for his young age of 8- Koutetsu however, Didn't know what people were talking about, Thus being completely Ignorant of his gift. Time passes and Koutetsu is now a Sixteen year old boy, He has gotten over the people making fun of him and focuses on his hobbies and loves. Over the course of the 8 years, Koutetsu has slightly grown a bit of confidence- Although, He still acts like a baby when things get a bit too rough. Koutetsu, Now that he was old enough now began to realize what people were saying about his Radiant light. His Spirit energy, His Ki as it were. Wanting to Harness the power within himself, Koutetsu had to give up on that dream; This Dream would only connect to another, Like the interweaving stands of a Spider web. It was about 3 am and Koutetsu was at home relaxing, Listening to his favorite song by UVERworld- A Japanese pop band that he loved to no end. Rocking out with the Music blasting into his ear drums, Koutetsu wasn't paying attention to much beside his music. He lived in an area to which Most people would hear a break in or a Disturbance- Except this time. As he tapped his fingers along he table, a Cold Breeze entered the house and Around him; The windows were closed Shut due to the rain storm that accompanied outside. Koutetsu shivered slightly but didn't pay attention to it much, continuing to rock out Until BAM. He Suddenly slammed upon the surface of the table in Pain as it felt like another person was taking over his body, his Soul, his heart- It was Baal. The Lingering soul from 1000's upon 1000's of Years has finally found a suitable host for his seemingly "Infinite Darkness". Koutetsu tried to fight it, But Failed in a matter of moments- His heart however, With its beaming Radiance trapped Baal and made him stagnate.... For the time being.

Weeks Pass after that faithful night as Koutetsu's Personality has definatly changed into that of a slightly Passive asshole. It was due to Baal, That he was changing that way. Trying his go back to the kid he once was, Koutetsu tried to go to Buddhist temple to see what was wrong with him. It was there They found that Koutetsu was being a Vessel for an Extremely Evil Spirit. The Buddhists decided to try and exercise the demon out of Koutetsu- He agreed wholeheartedly. It was a Long and Monotonous ritual until, a Breakthrough- Or so they thought. Beginning to actually gain a grip on the soul, Baal's Powers Projected outward in an Explosion of Darkness. It was ridiculous on how bad it was, Destroying the Temple in the process. Standing tall within the rubble, Kputetsu's Normally Green eyes have shifted into this crimson red. Laughing Manically, Koutetsu was then Stabbed with a Piece of glass from a Surviving monk- This Glass however had a binding spell imbued inside, Allowing the complete Gestalt of the host and the soul; Saving everyone or one person...That was the thought that ran through his head as he stabbed him, Knowing the outcome of what would happen if he did. Koutetsu then Died here....16 Years old- A Fated ending for a new beginning.

Part Three: Shinigami life- A Being with Two souls...
He was now alone. In this strange new place, though it was beautiful, It was very dangerous. Koutetsu couldn't even recall what happened to him, Or how he even got there. This was bad...Was he tossed out into some forest left to die ? Then, A flashback hit him. Stabbed...To death. Falling to his knees, Koutetsu cried out loud as he realized what happened, how he came to be here. A Loud voice from within himself said aloud- That being very Arrogance and not sympathetic at all

"For Fuck Sakes...Will you stop crying ? What the Hell is Crying going to do for us in this situation"

It was...him. Baal. The man who started this whole problem in the first place. He then screamed at him, telling him how much he hated him for doing this to him. Baal scoffs it off before trying to reason with the enraged boy. Baal tries to explain that He is in another world, Far from what he could ever imagine- The afterlife. Koutetsu, completely verklempt at his situation blindly listens to what Baal had to say. After a long debate, Koutetsu finally agrees to do this as a team with Baal; Little did he know, Baal was just moving his own plans into action. Baal explained to Koutetsu that his reiatsu is Extremely powerful and vast- Thus, He needs to be able to control it. It was here that Koutetsu would begin training his body for complete dominance of his reiastu. It must of felt like Days, Months, Even Years as Koutetsu spend most of his days harnessing and suppressing his reiatsu- Until one day. It was a bright day as Koutetsu was meditating with Baal in the same forest he awoke in. Baal then felt a sensation of warm light, Which made him shutter; The Light was his Zanpakuto, Calling out to him. Baal knew this was it, The perfect time to insert another part of him in his soul. Baal instructed Koutetsu to Reach for the light before him- Easier said then done. Koutetsu's reiatsu around him begun to Ravage, Knocking branches down- Fluctuating from Golden to Ominous Purple. Just as he grabbed a hold of the weapon, His reiatsu Settled and calmed around him with a soft manner. Koutetsu had done it with the help of Baal in Gaining his Zanpakuto- The final step for Baal in exacting his revenge.

Part Four: Present-
New Resolve; Koutetsu vs Baal.
After thousands of Years with Baal in seclusion, Training to the pinnacle of strength, Koutetsu had become the seasoned fight- Though, he continued to have doubts about certain battles that he had to endure with Baal. Having gained Shikai and Bankai, Koutetsu was ready to be into the world of the shinigami- Baal however had other plans. Just getting into the districts 50, Koutetsu looks around as he smiles at the people around him. Baal within his soul then choose this time to get him while his guard was down, Asserting himself into Koutetsu's head- Thus Gaining control. It was here, Baal would make his mark in Soul Society. Having control of a Perfectly trained and healthy Body, Baal used Koutetsu's Powers and decimated 30 of the Districts within the Rukongai. Koutetsu, Seemingly trapped by his dark Suppression, Screams at him, Telling his Zanpakuto and his Body to Stop- They complied. Baal, Completely astonished that Koutetsu had to willpower to resist any longer, Fights him off within Koutetsu's soul to see who was more dominate.

After a grueling battle for Two Hours, Koutetsu Emerges victorious- Which a stain on his name, The Destruction of 30 districts fall on his head. Doesn't matter what he said, People wouldn't listen to him, Only calling him a killer. With that, Koutetsu had new resolve to protect anyone...But himself from him the most.


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
Yuri Tsukuyomi:1-2+
Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Vrq35u10

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Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Empty
PostSubject: Re: Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only   Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Icon_minitime1Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:16 pm

Finally done! Waiting Approval =3


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
Yuri Tsukuyomi:1-2+
Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Vrq35u10
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Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Empty
PostSubject: Re: Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only   Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Icon_minitime1Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:11 pm

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [omit]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [omit]

Comments/Notes: approving in agito place

1-1+ normally

0-4 in bankai

My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}
Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Image1

{Chosokabe Motochika}
Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only 2vxndbc
TIER 1-1+


Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only 2wqqwj9]
TIER 2-1+

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Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Empty
PostSubject: Re: Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only   Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only Icon_minitime1

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Koutetsu Nagare: Agito Only
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