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PostSubject: Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P)   Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) Icon_minitime1Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:57 pm

Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) _truth10

Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) Cless_10
"Nothing can hold the Jikuu Senshi..."
Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) Cless_11Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) 9f3e7f10Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) C73bea10

Cless Delques

||True Age:||

||Appearance of Age:||



Shunō De Louge Roi/Himself


Jikuu Senshi


Neutral Good

||Eye Color:||

||Hair Color:||

The Temporal Watchmen
Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) Thfigh10


Cless is a man of complete and Utter honor. He shall fight for any reason he deems Necessary for the Protection of the very Honor. He is a very kind man in retrospect through, very respectable to pretty much everyone and anyone. Cless is a kind and caring person with a great sense of justice and a desire to do good. In the face of the enemy, especially Dhaos, who murdered his family as well as the villagers of his hometown, he is instead ruthless and unforgiving, driven by vengeance. There are times, however, when Cless can be a bit thick. Cless kept to himself most of the time when he was a child, but when it comes to the death of his family, he'll get defensive. He also hates being called Les, which the nickname that his Sword Trainer had given him, and because of this, he's always had short temper as a young child. Nonetheless, he's always managed to keep his cool when needed, and will always end up mumbling with anger instead of snapping almost immediately as he normally would. Around People He Loves and Cares about, Cless is a completely Selfless Person. He would do anything for someone he loves, Even Die for them. If Cless meets someone new, He is quite interested in the other persons "Story", Thus asking them to explain. When Shuno is around, He is quite protective due to Shuno's very carefree attitude. Cless also tends to show his more peaceful side whenever he is with Shuno. He can be seen smiling, laughing and even making some jokes. Although he still tries to maintain some of that serious persona from before, but it's more laid-back then before. Like he is truly at peace. Whenever Shuno makes Vanilla pudding around Cless, He gets very kiddish due to his Enormous sweet tooth.


||Animalistic Traits:||
Under his forearm guards, Cless has white feathers that resemble that of a phoenix.


180 lbs

Natural Abilities:


||Gaze of Chronos:||

This ring was found in the burnt remains of his house after Cless came back from Mastering his Jikuu Kengi. It was located in his mothers room, Resting upon the charred remains of what use to be a dresser. The ring itself is silver in color, Although, It was actually made out of Platinum. On the face of the ring rests four sapphires that are situated in a "Y" formation. The jewels itself has a eerie purple hue shines when brought under the certain requirements. Cless himself has never even seen his mother wear this ring when she was alive, Thus, Not knowing its Origin until he picked it up. This ring, Well, Artifact has the ability to see the "Past" in conjunction with the Powers of the Jikuu Kengi. The power requires Cless to have physical contact on that target he wishes to sort through their past. The Hero can mentally examine a person, item, or specific site's history as the Targets Point of View. As such, it only reveals factors that somehow affected the target. The clarity of the vision isn't always top notch, depending on the Object, the energy around it, Cless's mental state, and/or his Sacred level. The amount of time Cless can look into the past is limited depending on the about of Energy he fuels into the Harnessing process. If he uses a Modicum of Sacred into the ring to see a prior event, He can only access events about a 3 months, If he uses 25% of his entire Sacred, He can access memories that have laid dormant for 50 Years. When using 50% of his Total Sacred into his ring, Cless is able to see as far as 100 years of the objects history- Which is useful in the utmost degree. With an Astonishing 75% of his Scared, Cless is able to a Two Centuries into the past. Cless has been told by Orion and Zodiak never to use his 100% of his Sacred for looking into the past, This would cause him to enter a coma- However, If he pumps a astonishing total of 90% of his Sacred, Cless, although being extremely tired, Is able to Dive as far as 450 Years into a person's past. This ring is extremely useful, But, It is extremely damaging to his own body in terms of power level. Also, When looking into the past, Cless only retains the knowledge for about Two days (I.E: 2 Threads)- He would obviously retain a vague memory of the target, Just not in depth as the Precognition would perceive.

||Jikuu Kengi:||
This is a rod given to Cless by his guardian beasts Orion and Zodiak. Orion was reluctant to giving it to Cless the Jikuu Kengi so early in their relationship, Zodiak however, Trusted Cless and knew that he would be able to manifest the full potential of the Guardian beast's Treasure. Taking the form of a tiny crystal ball the size of a Golf ball, The Jikuu Kengi's appearance is only thing about this item that isn't Dangerous- Quite beautiful actually. The Jikuu Kengi has the Inert ability infused by Orion and Zodiak to have clairvoyance to a degree due to his space/time regression. To be able to use this item, Cless must be in total state of calm- His scared leveled and in harmony. Fueling about 10% of his over all Sacred into the Jikuu Kengi, It allows Cless to "see" Distant sights without directly seeing it with his eyes. Cless receives a visual simulation of what he would see if he were actually present at the scene. If Cless has seen the place before, It makes it Easier for the Power of the Jikuu Kengi to be clearer and more precise. With a power this great, It comes disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the Jikuu kengi is that prolonged use of the orb places a seal upon the users body, Restricting the usage of Magic that are usual innate in suguira. The Second disadvantage about the Jikuu Kengi is that on rare instances it functions automatically. This can be the result of improper control at the time, Interference, or be triggered by a sudden, dramatic events occurring to someone whom Cless shares an Emotional Bond with.

||Kūkan Sōseiji Seal:||
After Cless gained the gaze of chronos, Cless looked into the memory of the ring itself. Using 90% of his total sacred at the time, Cless dived 300 Years into the rings past. It was ridiculous the amount of imagery Cless was given in the short amount to process. Through the entire trip was more then he ever wanted to see, He gained a piece of valuable information. With the ring on his mother finger, Cless got to see an ability of his mothers when she was fighting Dhaos.

Due to the manipulation of the Jikuu Kengi upon his body, Cless is unable to use magic at all- The nodes within his body that harness and manipulate the scared to create Spells are sealed.

||Sacred Weapon||
Will of the Universe:

Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) Cless_11
The will of the Universe was forged in the center of the Big Bang; Orion and Zodiak were two helping hands that were responsible for creating the Universe. After it was harnessed, Orion and Zodiak Infused More then 90% of their Energy into the form of a Long Sword; Being about 130 Cm's Long, The Blade is complete Blue in color with a Glistening purple Edge. After Forging this sword out of their own Nature embrace, Orion and Zodiak were forced to go into Hyper-Hibernation due to the amount of Energy exerted. The hyper-hibernation that Orion and Zodiak had to endure lasted about twenty
Millennia before finding Cless.

||Other Weapons:||

Guardian Beast


||Guardian Beast Name:||

Orion and Zodiak

||Guardian Beast Personality:||
Orion and Zodiak are two sides of the same coin. Orion is a very hardened spirit that has order and discipline within her mind. Zodiak however, Is completely relaxed and has a soft heart. Orion and Zodiak have a bit of a jealousy when it comes to Cless; Usually when it has to do with Training with him and Mediation. Zodiak prefers to let Cless handle himself and allow herself to be called it needed- Quite relaxed. Orion likes to take control of the situation before it gets out of hand.

||Guardian Beast Appearance:||
Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P) Animet10

||Guardian Beast's World:||
His Guardian Beast's world looks like the center of the Galaxy. The space gases that are being emitted from the center has a Blue and pink hue- The natural Colors of his Guardian beast. It seems like there is countless stars within the vicinity, Illuminating everything with a soft hue.

Sacred Unleashed

("Ascending; 25% of total power.")
The Will of the Universe gains a Space-like distortion around the blade, It shines with a Incandescent hue of Purple. The Will of the Universe has the ability to distort, Disruption, and Decimation of space in conjunction with his slight time manipulation; Due to being able to harness only 25% of his total potential, Cless is only limited to Distortion. He can create shock waves of distorted space that on contact with an Inanimate disrupts, severs, and Speeds up the time frame on how fast the Atomic bonds rub against each other to Make the object Explode Violently with it's own Power. However, Upon contact with an animate adversary, The shock wave allows the nature of space around them explode, Not the target itself. This power is extremely dangerous even in this state of his power progression.

||Kokuu Souhazan (虚空蒼破斬; "Empty Space Pale Destruction Slash"):||
Cless surrounds himself with Space/time Energy before releasing it in a wave in front of him; as the energy encircles him, it acts a sort of melee deterrent as well, equivalent to a forcefield of sorts. The formation the energy surrounding Cless takes the form of three tendrils of Energy that revolve around him with unprecedented speed, Allowing the defensive capabilities to occur. The Wave takes on the appearance of a cascading wave of Water that has a length of Three feet, And a Width of five feet. This type of space/time energy Cless is using would classified as destroyed. The Energy is extremely unstable and creates a violent explosion upon contact with Anything.


("Almighty"; 50% of total power.)
This form is their version of Bankai. This takes many
years to learn, and then many many more to perfect. This is only tapping
into 50% of their power. Their speed, strength, stamina, and durability
increases quite a bit.

||Kyuu Kyou:||
("Ultimate"; 100% of total power.)

The final stage of a Suguira's power. This is 100% of their power, and
their soul. Their abilities are increased substantially, and most of the
time Kyuu Kyou is forbidden to be released. Few have mastered it, for
it is so taxing to release it. It is manifested as the true form of
one's soul.

Alter Form

Alter Appearance:

Alter Personality:

Alter Powers:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
Roleplay Sample: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences minimum)

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Cless Delques: Jikuu Senshi (W.I.P)
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