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PostSubject: Zenjuro "Blade" Tatsumi   Zenjuro "Blade" Tatsumi Icon_minitime1Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:45 am



Name: Zenjuro Tatsumi

Gender: Male

Age: Zenjuro is about 700 years old and appears to be 25.

Personality: General Mood: Blade is caring, he would put his life on the line for his subordinates, it's why everyone looks up to him.

Angry: This guy hardly frowns, but when he does...get the fuck out. When Tatsumi loses his temper and goes on a rampage, it is usually one that ends in several death's, for he cannot control himself when he is angry, it is one of the faults for him always hiding his emotions, they explode when he snaps. Only someone that he knows very well can break him out of his rage.

Fighting Spirit: Sometimes Zenjuro enters a state where he wants to enjoy a fight, it is a friendly fighting spirit of course, full of honest fighting chi. He tends to pick a fight with the first person he comes in contact with, regardless of their sex, and usually ends up getting his ass kicked. This is one of his weaknesses, although it is quite hilarious when he's in this state.

Scared: When there comes a time to be scared, its when Zenjuro runs away like a little girl, he doesn't scare easily, but when he does run away, its time to cut your losses and run. His speed at running away is unrivaled, due to him running away all the time when he was a child. He was always bullied when he was younger, thus giving him incredible running speed, and great escaping skills.

Happy: When you get Zenjuro to laugh, it usually takes a VERY long time for him to calm down, he's great at parties because he's mostly the life of it, telling great jokes and stories from his youth. A great guy to be around.

Sad: Rarely does Zenjuro get down, but if he does, he stays depressed for weeks...its really hard to cheer him up, not even fighting would cheer him up in a situation like this. Either he needs a smack to the face or he needs to snap out of it on his own.

Intelligence: Zenjuro is highly intelligent, and is able to find his way out of most situations easily, it is because of this that he's highly respected.


Appearance: Zenjuro has shaggy black hair and slightly tanned skin, he is athletic in build and always wears a white trench coat with no undershirt, his pants consist of tan khaki's, and his shoes black boots. He's a chain smoker, so he's never seen without a cigarette or Cigar. He has a eyepatch covering his right eye.

Height: Six Feet Seven Inches.

Weight: 210 IBS

Eye Color: Crimson

Hair Color: Black with streaks of White.


Zanpakutô Spirit: Zenjuro "Blade" Tatsumi Skc3a4rmavbild-2011-01-07-kl-21-24-11

Personality of Spirit: Blade is always calm and composed, although he makes snide remarks and is very cocky, usually leading to the displeasure of Zenjuro.

Zanpakutô Realm: A Stone arena surrounded by towers of fire, blocking entrance and escape.

Sealed Zanpakutô : A Six foot Long Nodachi of a crimson color, the hilt itself is wrapped in bandages.

Shikai Description: The Sword fuses with Zenjuro, becoming a flaming aura around him.

Shikai Abilities: Zenjuro is highly resistant to flame, even being able to withstand 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit at maximum. This also means he can withstand high temperatures, allowing him to preserve his stamina much longer in hotter environments then others. He is able to ignite any part of his arms or legs into flame at will, the flame itself reaching 500 degrees F. Ice users will have a hard time against him, and normal water thats not from a zanpaktou would instantly be converted to steam on contact. Water from a Zanpaktou contains reiatsu, strengthening it and allowing it to be used against him.

Little Boy: Zenjuro Charges one of his fists with highly condensed flame and shoots it out at a rapid speed, equal to that of a bullet, on impact it causes a miniature explosion, causing burns and lacerations. It is very similar to the Arrancars Bala.

Vulcan Shock Ignition: Raising one of his arms above his head, a giant fireball forms, equal to that of a small meteor, he then throws it, causing an explosion equal to that of a mini-nuke. Its highly dangerous and its suggested that if you aren't a flame or water user, to get out of the way quickly.

Release: Let's Show them what we can do, MAGMA BOY!


History/Background: It was a sunny day as Blade stood atop a hill, overlooking a vast valley. His black sunglasses covering his blue eyes, and his hands in the pockets of his ripped white longcoat. He was muscular in build, and oddly enough, he had black hair at his young age. However, he wasn't smiling despite the good weather, he was clenching his teeth as he looked into the sky, it wasn't the puffy clouds that caught his attention, no it was the fleet of fighter jets approaching his tranquil home. It was the beginning of World War Three, and he was smack dab in the middle of it.

Kyoto,Japan. That was his home, and it was about to be taken away right before his very eyes. An angry aura could be felt radiating from him, he wanted to sprint down the hill and kick the hell out of those American bastards. Something however, told him not too, so he relaxed. Knowing that if he ran blindly down there, he'd wind up dead. He was about to turn around when he felt a piercing pain in his chest area, he looked down and was shocked to find a spear sticking out of the area where his heart was. He coughed up blood and spoke quietly only three words. "Damn it all.." He then fell face first in the ever growing puddle of blood as his world was destroyed by an atomic bomb.

Someone Coughed.

Who was it?

What was that sound?

Why is it so dark?

Am I alone?

Am I even here?

All those questions filled Blade's mind as he seemed to be floating in an empty space, he couldn't understand what was happening. He was sure he was dead, but he was conscious, was this life after death? Then as soon as it started, it all ended and he was engulfed in a bright light, he was laying on a stone road, staring up at a very familiar blue sky. He went to stand up and was amazed at how amazing he felt, it was like he was reborn. He looked around, unsure of where he was. It was like an old style Japanese town, was the year 2000 when he died, everything was much more advanced then this. He was about to ask someone for directions when he was nearly ran over by a crowd of people, they were all screaming one line.


It was of sheer panic, all of them running in a group, from a very odd monster, it was 6 feet tall and seemed to have a white mask. Blade rubbed his eyes and punched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming, but it was all real. Everything that had happened, but one thing was sure in his mind. He sure as hell wasn't going to run away again, as the beast turned towards him it lunged a snakelike clawed hand at a fast speed towards him. He crossed his arms and blocked the blow, only moving back a few feet. Back in the human world, he was known as the strongest man in Japan, he loved how it Rhymed. Leaping upwards, he used his right leg to kick the beast with massive power, cracking the mask.

"Who the hell do you think I am!?" Tatsumi roared as he slammed a left elbow down on the monster and landed behind it as it crashed to the ground. He then took out a bible and yelled out three words.

"Judgement: Death Penalty!" He closed the book after the black monster vanished into nothingness. Sticking the bible back into his jacket, he looked around and saw that all the people were looking at him with Awe.

"You Saved us! You're a hero!" They all yelled in unison. They rushed him and threw him up and down in celebration. Tatsumi smiled for the first time in forever and went to join them in the town called North Rukongai.

~966 years later~

" this is it.." Zenjuro said skeptically as he stood in front of the entrance to Fifth division. He had always looked up to the shinigami, but the place didn't look all that inviting. Adjusting his black sunglasses, he made his way into the division, when all of a sudden he ran into a short girl who slammed into him with incredible force. She stood about Five foot six and she eyed him with big reddish black eyes. Her hair was in a bun, but that wasn't what Blade had his eyes on, he had to hide his nosebleed.

She then spoke to him in a melancholy voice. "Excuse me, are you the new recruit?"

Adam regained his posture and stood in attention. "Yes! My name is Zenjuro Tatsumi, a humble priest. I passed the Hakuda and Houhou parts of the Academy with flying colors!" he stated professionally.

The girl smiled for a minute. "My name is Momo Hinamori, Vice-Captain of Fifth Division, glad to make your acquaintance." She said while looking up to him, because there was at least a foot of height in difference between them. She held out her hand in an offer of friendship.

It took all of Zenjuro's mental power to simply grasp it and shake it. She then motioned him to follow her, and together they walked into the Fifth division barracks.

~History End~

Extra Abilites: Blade is Naturally resistant to Heat, not as much as in released mode, but enough to withstand 150 degrees of heat, giving much more room to be comfortable.

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PostSubject: Re: Zenjuro "Blade" Tatsumi   Zenjuro "Blade" Tatsumi Icon_minitime1Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:56 am

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