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PostSubject: Crona Makenshi   Crona Makenshi Icon_minitime1Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:01 pm

Crona Makenshi CronaPSMJ


Crona Makenshi Cooltext581424175

Name: Crona Makenshi (クロナ Kurona - Dark One)

Gender: ambiguous (unknown, but by default I will refer to Crona as he, for lack of neutral English pronouns)

Age: 237, appears to be around 15.

Crona Makenshi Cooltext581423830

Alone: Crona will act quiet and morose, usually in a depressed or extreemly nervous state of mind. He gets scared easily and is quite high strung. When alone he will usually contemplate his current situation. He likes to things of the good things and can't help bringing up the bad. He has a nasty habit of talking to himself. In general he has a sad look about his face all the time.

With Strangers: Nervous, hesitant, anxious, and overall just unwelcoming. Crona will not, cannot, and does not interact with new people willingly. He has a fear of crowds and dealing with people in general. When forced to talk to someone he doesn't know by say, a captain or a friend; he is usually jumpy and full of all the awkwardness you can think of. He often lets out his miserable catchphrase. "I don't know how to deal with this/----"

With Friends: A bit more relaxed. He's also more confident but not much. Crona tend to laugh more then he usually does which is never. and let out a genuine smile now and then because his fake ones are downright creepy. He is extreemly loyal and protective of his friends, willing to step out of his odd comfort zone to meet their needs. A person plagued by fear, Crona is absolutly willing to push that aside for those he cares about.

When shown kindness by friends or aquaintences, Crona tend to hold the belief he doesn't deserve it. He will do anything he can to pay that person back and show he is grateful. The shinigmai is....awkward around girls, and tend to blush profusley and quickly escape the situation apon coming into contact with one he finds even slightly attractive.

Fighting: Crona hates to fight. He loathes it, detests it, all those fancy words. He really just doesn't like it. Crona is not a naturally violent person and simply doesn't like hurting things. (Either that or he's just terrified of every 'enemy' he comes into contact with....) He will fight if he feels he has to, but at that point he tend to be nervous and jumpy, causing his to overthink things and generally be very clumbsy on the battlefield.

Angry: Not many things make Crona angry. The things that do are simple. If someone over insults him, or if someone hurts someone he cares about. This is when he gets angry. Crona...blanks out, basically. He tends to become fluid in movement and creepily over-flexible. He says random nonsense and laughs without reason. He relies on instinct instead of thought. He gives into insanity temporarily, and his usual self sinks to subconcious. He also relies on this as a form of escape, and only snaps out if the battle ends or if something startles him.

Crona Makenshi Cooltext581424463

Crona Makenshi Crona-crona-23311767-800-640

Crona is a tall, lanky character of a quite thin frame. He had straight cut hair that was somehow screwed up and resulted in serveral chunks being quite a bit longer than the rest. He wears a long black dress (yes, dress) with a high button-up collar and segmented cuffs on the end of his sleeves with three large button on the ends. He has black boots with high buttons cuffs on the top. Crona has a pale palor and tired eyes that usually tote a worried/panicked expression.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 137 lbs

Eye Color: A blueish gray.

Hair Color: Pink

Crona Makenshi Cooltext581424671

Zanpakutô Spirit: Ragnarok (ラグナロク Ragunaroku - The Final Battle between the gods and the powers of evil)


Ragnarok is a huge, muscular, creepy looking, monster. From his bug eyes to his weird spikes he is not one to be messed with. Ragnarok is a rippling black with white stripes, forming a X on his face as well as the appearance of gloves on his giant hands.

Ragnarok is mean. He is a mean spirited, cruel, and tactless jerk to be blunt. Ragnarok takes delicious pleasure in the pain of others, a ruthless, merciless brutality that can be absolutly terrifying to his poor weilder. Fortunatly he tends not to be too hard on Crona. He resorts to teasing, threats, poking, pulling or prodding when it comes to dealing with the weak willed shinigami. This results in Crona fearing his Zanpakuto realm but goes there regularly anyway. Ragnarok is a companion, no matter how aweful. The spirit also sports quite the ego. He claims to be the best zanpakuto, and regulary threatens Crona that he'll find a new master despite the impossibilty of that.

Zanpakutô Realm:


Crona's Zanpakuto Realm is an expansive desert, sticks and shells scattering the ground like the place was once a beach with water lapping at the shore. It's dry, desolate, bleak. It'l alone, the perfect place for Crona...If it wasn't inhabited by Ragnarok, that is. In this realm Crona tends to be more softspoken, saying little to nothing despite his usually rambling worry. His shadow appears as a child's here, as if revealing his true nature, or the route of his troubles.

Sealed Zanpakutô:

A long, spiked black sword with a single white stripe running down the blade. The handle's end has a needle-like point as well. the base of the actual blade near the handly is wrapped in a metal studded strip. The handle is wound with bandages.

Shikai Description:


Physically, Crona doesn't change all that much. His collar becomes a brown, turtleneck segmented shoulder cover that buttons up. His cuffs become longs, more segmented, and also turns brown. He gains three long brown strips around the back of his waist that button to his sides. All of his button gain a more industrial look to them. His hair gets longer, but retains the same look to it.

His sword gets.....bigger. It gains a more slanted shape and loses the metal strips and the bangages on the handle. There's a wrap of bandages on the actual sword near the base and one towards the top too. The handle loses it's pointiness and becomes just a pole with a spiked base at the very end.

Shikai Abilities:

Scream Resonance: Crona is able to let out a peircing vibrating scream that throws off the opponents sense of nirvana. It's hard for them to both hear and balance properl, but posible.


[彼らの血を沸かし、五感を切り取る。スクリーム] karera no chi wo waka shi , gokan wo kiritoru, sukurimu Ragnaroku. (Boil their blood and tear out their senses, Scream, Ragnarok.)

Bankai Description: N/A

Crona Makenshi Nv7cpt


Extra Abilites:

Roleplay Sample:

Graphics by: Pockeh
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PostSubject: Re: Crona Makenshi   Crona Makenshi Icon_minitime1Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:29 am

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