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PostSubject: The Jashin   The Jashin Icon_minitime1Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:15 am

T H E | J A S H I N

The Jashin: The Jashin are the seven best warriors in The Syndicate Of Souls, they can be from any race, but there a catch. They must of been killed and brought back by Tsumi no kōrubakku, there desire represents one of seven deadly sins, therefore, they act accordingly to the sin they represent. This helps define their individuality amongst their ranks. At anytime they can be challenged by Lesser Desire for there spot, if two Jashin share a desire, then Dhaos shall step in and pick the one that is best for the job. It is the Jashin Job to investigate the members if they are suspicious as well as apprehending the members if they break any of the rules that have been established by Dhaos and the Co-Head, resupplying as well as Janitorial duties throughout the syndicate, creating new things as well as handling the information that is given through the syndicate. The Jashin are given special talismans which grant them freedom of there mind, and body to act on there own, as long they work for The Syndicate Of Souls, they try anything that goes against the syndicate such as trying to tell others about this organization, there brain function shall stop, living them in a death like state. While they can follow orders there are case where the orders can be negated but so far only the Jashin of Sloth is known to be able to do this.

While they are not a new race, they are grated a few special powers atop of there former abilities, as they retain their personality, memories, and all abilities they had in life, including Resurrección, Shikai, Bankai and all there natural powers, the same goes for each race. The new powers are as followed.

Tattoo: Each Jashin has a tattoo on there body, much like how the espada have tattoo to showcase there rank. While these tattoo can be anywhere, and can look like anything, but there not visible till the Jashin is using the new powers granted to them. This also makes them impossible to decieve one of the Jashin with an illusion, no matter what kind, they simply have no effect on them. This ability is always in effect and can't be turned off.

Amestri: A variation of the Jashin current fast speed movement that uses next to no energy to use, the Jashin can hurl themselves towards their foes at incredible speed using less step's than shunpo. In fact, this speed is so formidable, they seem to appear to have no means of controlling their momentum, but that is false as they can control the direction of the Amestri with mere eye movement alone, it is faster than the Jashin current fast speed movement. Meaning it can be faster than other fast speed movements, only if the Jashin that uses it, is capable of those movements.

Hiiruuindo: A defense move, that can block a single attack at a time. It forms a barrier in front of them, that is as tall and 45 feet wipe in front of the Jashin. If someone fires a energy attack of any power, it shall reflect that energy attack back at the opponent, if a physical attack hits the barrier, the opponent shall get a wave of energy with the power behind the physical strike towards them, with a strong cutting force. Afterwords the barrier shall fall apart and cant be used for another 4 post. While the barrier can appear instantly it varys on the Jashin

Advance Healing factor: While they can still take damage, the Jashin are known to heal at a fast rate than the normal for there race, while it isn't like high speed, it is triple the healing rate than the Jashin current race. making them able to even regrow limbs, and stabilize themselves in case there organs are damage, but they can not regrow organs. This also grants them immunity to poisons, and age at a slower rate.

Telekineses:An art that allows one to control objects with their mind alone, without the need to interact with said object physically. A basic example of this is calling back ones weapon if disarmed while at a distance from the Jashin actual weapon. A skill that sees great variation between Jashin. Some are fit to masterfully use it, while others struggle to call their weapons to their hands.

Byakko: An attack created from compressing reishi onto the Jashin fingers and causing it to spiral rapidly until it becomes a warped color. Once fully formed they fire it as a double helix shaped beam of energy. That possess a compact form with devastating results when launched. When it makes contact with the target, it expands it's size as it engulfs the opponent in a massive explosion of reiatsu that implodes inwards once it expands, causing even greater damage than a regular reiryoku-based attack, such as Cero, this attack is classed as the Jashin version of a gran rey.

Sōryū: This technique allows for the user to speed up the spirit particles around a target, causing them to become volatile and explode. This action requires physical contact and only effects the area where contact occurs. Its secondary effect is to freeze the spirit particles around the target in place and can be used to halt the target's movements of that area for half a post. This technique requires physical contact with the target to halt or to speed up the movement of reishi. The damage done can never reach fatal levels, but can make a zanpakutō snap, but on others, it is like being hit by a powerful force that sends them flying backwards.

Unique powers: Thanks to the talismans giving them the above powers, they all have a chance to develop an single unique power that isn't outside there race, such as a soul reaper can't gain a cero, unless there a vizard. Jashin have a chance where they can't gain a unique power as well, its normally a 50-50 chance. Some examples can be, a human that controls fire, gaining the power to fuse with nearby elements to enhance his body defense.

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