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Kiosho Shihoin

Kiosho Shihoin

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PostSubject: Kiosho Shihoin [WIP]   Kiosho Shihoin [WIP] Icon_minitime1Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:22 am


Name: Kiosho Shihoin

Gender: Male

Age: actual age- unknown, apparent age- 22

Personality: Over serious a large portion of the time; not very hostile, yet aggressive when provoked. Very understanding and empathetic. He rarely drops his confident, serious, fasad.


Appearance: Attractive young black man between 19-23 in appearance, but definitely youthful looking. He wears the standard attire for a shinigami with a light purple cloth around his waist instead of the normal white one, and instead of the normal shinigami sandals with white socks, he wears the normal shoes for arrancars where their socks are black and sandal like shoes are white. He wears the 3rd division lieutenant armband on his left arm above his elbow. He wears a skin tight flat white cloth around his neck, almost resembling a colar. His hair style is just a semi shaggy, ear length, hair that is spikey.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140 lb.

Eye Color: Lavender

Hair Color: Black


Zanpakutô Spirit: Shidare Shojo [Weeping Maiden]- She takes the appearance of a young sorrowful girl with lavender colored hair and light blue eyes. Her skin is very pale and she appears a bit under weight. She is timid and meek but filled with an intense passion to protect Kiosho, always wanting to help him to the best of her abilities. Kiosho Shihoin [WIP] Anime_girl_with_purple_hair-t2

Zanpakutô Realm: It's a world of eternal night time with an ever lasting full moon. The world is filled with blooming purple flowers that give off a non-stop aroma of sparkling fragrance. There, in every puddle, lake, or body of water, the reflection is dark and torrent the fields burning, the sky a blaze with ash and embers, and the incessant screams of young girls ring in your mind as long as you stare at the reflection. Kiosho Shihoin [WIP] HebinoHana-InnerWorld1

Sealed Zanpakutô : His sheath is a dark dark gray, almost black, and is placed at his left hip using the light purple sash/cloth that wraps around his waist. His hilt is a dark purple, darker purple then his eyes and sash and his tsuba is in an oval shape with a tear like shape on either side. His blade is a darker then normal color, a shady gray but not quite charcoal.

Shikai Description: [Pic soon to come]

Shikai Abilities: Shidare Shojo, while released in her shikai form, has the ability to do as following with the said release command:
-Create 7 foot tall 7 foot wide wall(s) of glass that can absorb blasts of spiritual energy or spiritual energy related attacks. "Mourn for your enemies"
-Fire the attack absorbed by the first ability back at, or at another, opponent. "Take revenge on your enemies"
-Create a large glass box, 7 foot high and wide, around an opponent that if attacked with physical force, will shatter into hundreds of glass shards which then can be controlled and used to attack the opponent (much like Byakuya's Senbonsakura); or if attacked with spiritual related attacks, will reflect back at the opponent like the earlier listed abilities state. "Entrap your enemies"
-The final ability Shidare Shojo has is to absorb the physical force of an attack used by an enemy that was blocked using Shidare Shojo and add it to your own next strike; ie. the more blows that are blocked or parried before Kiosho attacks, the stronger his attack will be. [This ability has no command.]
***Kiosho hasn't fully tapped into the full power of his Zanpakuto's Shikai abilities yet, but as he grows closer to Shidare Shojo, he will improve.

Release: "Dry your tears, Shidare Shojo!"

Bankai Description: Not Yet Achieved

Bankai Abilities: Not Yet Achieved


History/Background [aka random facts. lol.: Nothing is known about his life before becoming a Soul Reaper/Shinigami.
Is the 2nd cousin of Yoruichi Shihoin and a member of the Shihoin family. Graduated from the Shino Academy 3rd in his class. Acquired his true Zanpakuto the day after graduating from the academy. Is one of the few male Shinigami to posses a female Zanpakuto, notable others being Urahara and Captain of the 7th division (in the canon). His favorite drink is lemonade and favorite smell is lilac. He is soo envious of Izuru Kira that he even joined the same division he was Vice-Captain of. He has an obsession with snakes and in his off-time, or when bored, doodles serpents.

Extra Abilites: Kiosho is well trained in Kidou, Shunpo, and battle tactics/analyzing.

Roleplay Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Kiosho Shihoin [WIP]   Kiosho Shihoin [WIP] Icon_minitime1Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:23 am

Kiosho Shihoin [WIP] Richar10
Moved to Inactive~ :3


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
Yuri Tsukuyomi:1-2+
Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

Kiosho Shihoin [WIP] Vrq35u10
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Kiosho Shihoin [WIP]
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