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Norio Ichihara Bankai11
(Norio during his bankai)


Name: Norio Ichihara
Gender: Male
Age: 333 (looks about 17)
Personality: Norio maintains a calm, easygoing mentality. He's very blunt and to the point; kind of cocky in a way. Serious about his training and hard efforts in becoming a shinigami, he holds a lot of pride in himself- but respects his elders nonetheless. However, he usually likes to keep the rest of his life lighthearted. He tries to avoid conflict but is never afraid to unleash on anyone who asks. Norio believes in structure- all things have a purpose, there is a meaning for everything. Being a solitary child, he spent a lot of his time amassing his intellect by studying and reading. His logical thought process and cautious attitude while in battle is a help and sometimes a hindrance. Goodhearted in nature, he never intends on offending anyone with his straightforward personality, he simply likes complete honesty.

Norio Ichihara Guy_wh12
(A view of Norio from behind, so you can see the design on his worn out jacket)

Norio has medium-length, white hair that flares outwards and white eyebrows. His eyes are yellow-green in color and he has a leather jacket with wings on the back and black jeans. The leather jacket is rugged and worn with tears from various battles along the end; His gloves are fingerless and he has his ears pierced

Height: 6'
Weight: 177
Eye Color: Yellow-Green
Hair Color: Pure White
Reiatsu Color: Pale, Light blue with white edging

Abilities learned:

Master Hakuda combatant: During his time spent in the academy battling various
other students, his skills only kept increasing. Especially when he began challenging members of the Onmitsukido, or incredibly large groups of thugs in the Rukongai 80th district. Norio became an incredibly dangerous man with his hands alone, developing private techniques to destroy his enemies.

Expert Hoho Specialist: Norio trained an exceptionally long time trying to perfect his ability with shunpo, but was only able to reach the status of an expert. Being naturally nimble, Norio's speed is drastically increased

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Taking time aside from his other interests, Norio knew that it would be ridiculous for him to not study the art of the sword. It was not his favorite thing to study while at the academy, but he gained knowledge of sword styles by watching the battles between the members of the 11th division and implementing his favorite moves in practice while he was alone. This of course progressed into situations where he took on other students of the academy and he would come out victorious, but not without falling sometimes.

Kido Practitioner: Norio also spent time studying the art of Kido with the Kido corps. He believes in a strong balance so he was dedicated to enhancing his ability in this field. The highest incantation he can cast safely (full incantation)with Hado is 33, and with his Bakudo he can safely cast up to is 30. His strength in hado spells is good, but his bakudo is strong as well.


Zanpakutô Spirit: Kiyoshi Hara has the visual appearance of a long, white haired elderly man with a very pale white beard. He is blind, so his eyes have a faded, glossy look to them. He wears a long, black shinigami outfit with a short, tight collar and has tattoos of various symbols attached to vines along his arms,shoulders and end on his mid-back. As for his personality, he is a stern old man who enjoys the quiet. He likes peace and time to think. He is cautious, but not a coward. He believes that it takes a stronger man to let his sword rust in its sheath, than to fight with blood lust. This is a man who demands respect, and deserves all of it being as wise as he is.

Zanpakutô Realm: In the realm, the skies are always at the stage when the sun is setting and the sky has a purple/pink/orange hue. It's in a huge, flat field that goes on in every direction forever. The grass is a rich green color with clusters of spots where vibrant, multicolored flowers bloom. There is a single cherry blossom tree in the center of the entire field and a bright blue boulder that sits in front of it(On the rock is where Kiyoshi always meditates) to the left of the tree and boulder, there is a small koi pond; There is a slight breeze that always blows by as well.

Sealed Zanpakutô : Has the appearance of a regular nodachi type blade(About 94cm in length)except for its light blue handle, a white guard that curves around the exposed part of the hand and 2 long white tethers on the end. It's sheath is black leather.
Norio Ichihara Guy_wh13
(Norio releasing into his shikai, holding out his hand)

Shikai Description:
Norio's medium length hair grows slightly longer, just passing his shoulders. His crude leather jacket reassembles itself slightly and returns itself to a more pristine condition. The material of his jacket is even altered into a higher caliber leather, with a length that just reaches his ankles. It has an upturned collar and 6 white clasps down the middle, and two white shoulder armlet. The green in his eyes fades away and is replaced with a pale blue hue. His gloves come over his fingers completely and his hands emit light blue reiatsu. His sword remains the same length but now has an aura of smokey blue reiatsu, and at the tip it bends back along the non-sharpened side to create a 4cm hook. His hilt remains bright blue but the white tethers becomes 4 white chains about 1ft long each.

Shikai Abilities: Sound/Vibration Manipulation; Able to control sound/vibration as it is generated by some outside means. This means it can be radically enhanced or reduced.

( for sound comparisons at dB level for vibration comparison on the Richter scale)

Kanzen'na chinmoku (完全な沈黙)= Absolute Silence:
Anything that can create even the smallest sound can be muted from him(ex.voice, footsteps, wind drag off body/sword, any movement whatsoever) by creating an barely visible, pale blue aura. He can extend his sound silencing aura into a sphere that encompasses his body or a radius of 1/2km. In this orb of blue reiatsu, all sound is renounced to nothing and all that is heard is a deafening silence.

Sukurīmu (
スクリーム)= Scream:
Norio can drastically increase any sound's decibel levels by up to 60dB
higher. He isn't, however, exempt from the damage this power deals out,
but he only receives about 1/3 damage to his hearing.
during the this time, he can target a certain sound and independently
amplify it and direct the sound to a space around the opponent
to avoid hearing damage.
Kyōshin suru (共振する)= Resonate:
Not only can he effect sound, but he also maintains control over non-audible, already existing vibrations. Using any form of vibrations he can amplify it into concussive blasts, mini-earthquakes, or even fissures. The strongest he can manipulate a vibration to achieve would be 5.5 on the Richter scale before he loses control. If the opponent happens to be making any noise he can make that spot explode.

Release: Kami sairento gyakushū, Kiyoshi Hara! (神サイレント逆襲) = Silent God's Wrath
Norio Ichihara Bankai10
(Norio undergoing his bankai transformation)

Bankai Description:
To transform into his bankai, Norio raises his arms slightly on each side and his outfit changes with an explosion of pale blue reiatsu, beginning at his feet, then upwards.
Norio himself loses his leather jacket and has a long, black shinigami outfit, much like Kiyoshi's outfit. His medium-length white hair becomes longer and ends around his lower back. His eyes become a bright, crystalline blue. He also grows 2 black angel wings that emit the same blue mist like that from his blade.The long 94cm nodachi transforms into 2 47cm wakizashis with 4cm hooks at the tips like in it's shikai form. The handles on the blades become white brass-knuckles, with the swords on the outside ends. The blades themselves are shrouded with a blanket of blue mist, and they have a shiny, pale light-blue color.

Bankai Abilities:
Sound/Vibration Manipulation and Generation; Now able to create sonic-booms, earthquakes, fissures, and random implosions of sound being projected in the same spot in all directions (not from within the opponent's body of course).
Jishin (地震)= Quake:
The most basic use of his vibratory powers are to create earthquakes by allowing tectonic plates to slide against each other, or to create open fissures by vibrating the ground apart within seconds. This also means that he can manipulate an opponent's attack as it comes toward him by making the air surrounding it vibrate against it. Generating an aura, he can make a layer of body-armor coating his skin to vibrate against an attack and reduce damage.
Furuwase ikari (震わせ怒り)= Trembling Wrath:
During his bankai state, Norio can now create his own vibrations from nothing. He can affect non-living material's atomic structure by rapidly vibrating it; Thus allowing it to either pass through other solid objects or explode due to rapid heating then cooling. Being able to generate and manipulate the way things vibrate, he can turn his blades into saws that allow them to defect armor more efficiently.
Banshī o sakebigoe (バンシーを叫び声)= The Banshee's Scream:
A much more powerful version of his shikai's ability to drastically increase sound waves. Now he can change the decibel of a sound up to 120dB's higher,which is twice as powerful. Also, in his bankai form, Norio doesn't receive any hearing damage. Still able to target certain sounds and amplify them; He can also create a simple, piercing shriek from his sword that can be funneled into a cylindrical tunnel of noise that disrupts the bonds between atoms or a wide spread dome that can push back on the opponent. He can decrease their speed by 40% inside the sphere/dome because he pulls the vibrating atoms in the air closer together, making it more solid and harder to pass through.
Fukushū-on ryū(復讐音竜)= Sound Dragon's Vengeance:
This ability allows Norio to create a 20ft tall dragon solely composed of solidified sound. Nobody can touch the dragon due to the fact that since it's body is made of sound, it is constantly moving at 768mph; It however can only travel at about 600mph. The Sound Dragon has 2 ranged attacks; the first is a small, 1ft diameter ball of solidified sound that travels at 1 mile/7secs or a 10ft diameter ball that travels at 1 mile/17secs. The dragon also has 2ft long claws that move at 768mph like chain-saws.

Ten-sha dōkoku no ikari (天者慟哭の怒り)= Heaven's Wrath of Sorrows:
As a final move that Norio has to drain 50% of his power, he creates a massive sonic boom in the sky. With the vibratory energy and sound being emitted by the boom- it divides itself into one hundred 10ft long, solidified sound bolts. They rain down on his enemies in a diameter of 5 miles, and they travel the speed of sound (768mph) and remain constantly vibrating even after they crash into the ground, until Norio absorbs it back again.


Human life, birth- age 16;
In Norio's beginning, he was born into a family where he was the only child, and a father who was rarely home. His mother took care of Norio for a lot of his younger years. He was an obnoxious 5 year old little boy who was often ignored by most people, which is why he acted out. He was always trying to get the attention of everybody, but with the little girl from next door always listened. The two of them were inseparable for 4 years straight. They'd spend everyday in the small forest near their house, roaming through the trees, pretending to sword-fight with sticks. It wasn't until he was playing around on a water tower at the age of 9 with his friend Riko Ishikawa when he realized the error of his ways. In the middle of a small forest near their houses- there was an old water tower, it stood roughly 40ft in the air. Norio wanted the thrill of seeing the world from high up, so he started climbing the ladder; Riko followed after him, worrying. As they neared the top, Riko notices that the ladder is rusted and old- she warns Norio, but he doesn't listen. She steps on one of the bars and it crumples beneath her foot.Norio had just reached the top and turned to give Riko a hand as he hears her scream, but his hand can't reach her. The fear inside his chest builds greater and greater and he reaches as far as he can but their hands won't meet. Riko loses her grip and she falls, screaming, until she hits the ground. Norio's eyes swelled up with tears and his throat was dry. When he heard the sound of her body hit the ground he flinched and left his mouth gasping for air- he couldn't control his sobbing. For the next 5 years he was tormented by what he had seen happen to the only person besides his parents that he had truly cared about. He spent his time reading books about the afterlife and philosophy, trying to make some sense of what could be possible. His interest in these subjects were so strong because over the years he began seeing her. It began when he returned to the water tower as a 12 year old, 3 years later he sees her ghost. she calls out to him and the gut-wrenching emotion swells up again, and he runs to her- but she fades just before he reaches her and collapses to the ground.

After many more encounters with Riko's ghost, he kept losing his mind on what was real or not. Years passed, Norio kept to himself while at school, being small and weak- reading his books and spending the occasional days in the small forest with the spirit of Riko, he was finally able to maintain sight of her for long enough to talk to her, and they shared many heartfelt memories together. After he started seeing Riko all the time, he began seeing other spirits. One day after school at the age of 16, he found the spirit of an old woman standing in front of the school admiring it. He went to speak with her and the popular members of his high school recognized as they passed by that he was talking to himself. This made them decide to screw with him. They pretended to become his friend by asking him to come drink with them and Norio didn't know any better, so he accompanied them. They asked him where he liked to go and he showed them the small forest. As they walked into the field with the water tower, kind of drunk, the leader of the popular kids passes more shots around until the group of 6 including Norio were all very drunk. The leader dared Norio to climb the 40ft tall tower- being as intoxicated as he was, he began his climb. As he got higher up the spirit of Riko called out to him, warning him of making the mistake they made years ago. Norio ignores her warnings and reaches the missing, rusty bar that killed his dear friend. His mind clicks into place and he realizes what he's doing is stupid. He yells down at the other kids saying he's coming down, breaking his dare- angering the leader of the popular kids. The leader commands the rest to start shaking the support beams of the tower, and in it's damaged state, it begins swaying. Norio's fear pounds in his chest again and he clutches onto the ladder, but the support beams tip slightly. The whole tower begins falling and Norio sees the spirit of Riko staring at him as he falls down toward the ground. He screams her name and she vanishes along with everything else as he crashes into the ground. The leader runs for it and the other kids, shocked at what they just became a part of, followed suit.

Life in Seireitei, a new beginning;
Screaming in terror, Norio reappears in the Rukongai 78 district- unaware of what is going on. He runs off from where he was only to find a group of 4 guys, the thuggish type, trying to rough up a young girl. Norio sees this and is confused as to what he should do. He calls out to them, telling them to stop. They turn their heads and immediately start walking towards him, smirking, laughing and one of them cracks their knuckles. His fear builds up inside his chest again, but this time he feels out of control. His body radiates a light blue mist of reiatsu as his teeth clench tighter. His anger grows and he charges at one of them. heaving his fist back, he unleashes a huge blast of pale-blue reiatsu as his fist connects with one of the bigger guy's face. The big guy flies back 5ft and lands on his ass, dazed and confused.
Norio's world is so pumped up that he doesn't realize that stopping to celebrate allowed the 3 other thugs to advance on him and start beating the shit out of him. When the 4 men leave, Norio regains consciousness and pulls himself into a building, which just so happened to be the young girl's house. He stays awake only long enough to recognize the girl's face- and it was Riko's, she smiles and he loses consciousness again. When he wakes up he finds himself smelling fresh grass and flowers. His face pointing down at the dirt; he uses his hands to lift his upper body up and looks around- just a huge field, except for a single cherry blossom tree across the way. He flips over and stays seated, questioning what was going on, he notices a huge, basic nodachi sword lying beside him. He picks it up and he feels the power in his hand awaken it, sort of, just enough to sense a difference. All of the sudden, he finds himself sitting in front of a big, flat boulder with a strange old man with long, tied-back white hair and a short white beard staring down at him with a big smile.
"So... I saw what you did there, young man... Quite the courageous act for someone in that district to do..."
"I just didn't want anyone to get hurt-"
"But of course... However, using your fists like a brute was not the smartest option, especially considering you had that sword you grasp in your palm with you the entire time..."
Norio looks down at his hand that is holding the sword, smirks and looks back toward the comforting old man.
"I wasn't aware."
"I Like you. We might just get to know each other better- Kiyoshi Hara"
"Norio. Norio Ichihara."
As he shakes the hand of Kiyoshi he feels the same sensation of energy as the sword gave him, only ten-fold stronger. The surge is so powerful that light blue reiatsu begins seeping out of their hands and Kiyoshi smiles widely. His wide smile begins to laugh slowly at first, then it progresses into a wild hollering of joy and he exclaims out with joy.

Norio's eyes flash open widely from his almost crazy dream, but he knew it was real. He looks around himself and sees the long nodachi blade, now not so plain but much more stylish, with a white guard and light blue handle; Two white tethers attached to the end. All of this held inside of a black, leather sheath with the emblem of 2 wings along the side. As he is admiring the beauty of his sword, Riko walks into the room and is amazed by what Norio has. They talk for hours on end until Norio finally realizes what he must do, and it wouldn't be something he could handle without intensive training. He enlists in the Shinigami Academy, and 5 and a half years later he completes his training with high regards in Ki and Hoho. His kido wasn't his most concentrated on subject, but he managed to achieve decency. He enjoyed concentrating his efforts in
working with his hakuda/hoho. He graduated near the top of his class with a mastery in Hakuda, and an expert status shunpo. Norio has achieved bankai, but it's power is so great for him that he is unable to harness it's full potential. His shikai, however, is fantastic.

Role-play Sample:

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