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Character Name: Yuu Kanda

Character True Age: 536 Total years of age.

Character Appearance Age: Exactly Nineteen.

Tier: 1-1

Character Gender:Male, but some confuse him for a woman.

Freelancer, and Kimmi Mino's personal guard. (I've gotta ask my sister about that one.)

Kanda comes across as cold, stoic, and arrogant, even to his fellow Arrancar. In battle he will do anything to win, sometimes at the risk of his comrades. He once made a sarcastic joke about leaving them to die. It is his opinion that Shinigami are not saviors.

Yu is Kanda's given name, though he dislikes being called by it or even introducing himself as such. He calls Allen Walker (Kyle: Shinigami) "beansprout" or "moyashi"

Kanda seems to know Kimmi Mino, though he does not hesitate with his usual threats if Kimmi calls Kanda by his given name. However, though he claims differently, it is clear that Kanda does care for his fellow Arrancar's and Vasto Lordes', constantly stepping in to save their lives whenever necessary.

He tends to mask his emotions and often claims, "It's none of my business." In spite of his intentions, he and Allen are often at each other's throats and rarely see eye-to-eye on anything, this is about every time they meet.

Kanda's personality seems not to have changed since he was young as a human. At age nine, he was moody and easily annoyed, especially towards a childhood friend of his, Alma Karma, who often followed him around. However, his final conflict with Alma seems to have hardened him further, for, though he was seen laughing with Alma as a child, no such display of frivolity has been witnessed since then. Kanda's favorite foods are soba noodles and tempura (especially pumpkin, shishitou [a small, sweet green pepper], and lotus root). Kanda dislikes many things, to the point that "there are too many to write down". However, Kanda himself points out that he hates people with naive personalities, people who do not keep their promises, cursed people(aimed completely at Allen Walker), people who cannot keep their mouths shut(Akuro, Kimmi, and Ryujin.), people who call him by his given name(Yu), and "sweet things".


Kanda Yu-Yu Kanda ||Aranncar|| Yuportrait

Bone Appearance:
Kanda Yu-Yu Kanda ||Aranncar|| FanArt___D_Gray_Man_Kanda_Yuu_by_ladyarnwyn

Thats his Cursed Bones Mark. Forced Arrancar from a human.

Hollow Hole:
Kanda: My hole's whereabouts are none of your damn business!
(Located on the right of his chest.. Above the pack, two inches below his neck line. Right under the colorbone. Sorry! He's pms'ing!)

Reitsu Colour:
Three colors.
Dark Slate Blue and Dark Salmon.


Sealed Zanpakutô:
Kanda Yu-Yu Kanda ||Aranncar|| Kanda mugen

The shape of the sword has changed throughout Kanda's Arrancar life, during his 'childhood', it takes the form of a small butcher blade with multiple small wings on the hilt, upon Kanda's meeting the Espada, it took the form of a chokuto (a straight Japanese sword without a tsuba) with a black cross-emblazoned hilt and sheath, but after his battle with his first Vasto Lordes, it was reforged into a traditional Katana.

Racial Abilities:
Enhanced Artificial Regeneration: Kanda can recover much faster than ordinary humans and is able to withstand the blood of Akuma due to a secret skill created by the Chan family. He is seen being able to rebirth after death ("approximately during 580 seconds" but this was lost long ago when he used it previously) ,regenerate lost limbs, and even survive a crushed skull. His blood is also enriched with healing power, even allowing him to accidentally save fellow Arrancar from a wound that had been deemed fatal.

Physical Prowess: Kanda is noticeably much stronger than the average Arrancar; while his Zanpakuto does enhance his power, when none of its abilities are activate he is able to cleave Tier 4 enemies in half using the blade alone, and rip libs off a Tier 5 with his arm's and leg's alone. (This applys if he gets the Tier Rin approved)

Speed: Kanda is faster than most other Espada and Arrancar in Hueco Mundo and can leap beyond average distances without spiritual power usage, though this may be attributed to his regenerative abilities, where such jumps on normal humans would result in damaged ligaments in the feet.
An Espada from lower than five usually are not faster then him, Akuma is the one exception, as they are matched in spiritual;l use but not physical.

Expert Swordsman: Though his Zanpakuto makes him already inclined to swordsmanship, Kanda is shown to be powerful with a blade in his own right. He has been seen using regular swords to hold off Tier 3 Enemies as stronge as -1 , and can use various forms of Japanese swords without changing his fighting style.

The Eight Illusions Trigrams Reality Sixty-Four Palms - With the 360° field of vision, the user envisions an Eight Trigrams circle. Then the enemy within this circle is hit with a series of violent blows. By striking sixty-four of the Spiritual points throughout the opponent spirit engery System, their Spirit energy flow from thier soul is stopped, making them unable to even active shikai or use and kido Shunpo or anything.

Once someone is within range of the user's field of divination, the user assumes a extreme speed stance and begins to deliver the attack:

First, two consecutive strikes to make two.
Second, another two consecutive strikes to make four.
Third, four consecutive strikes to make eight.
Fourth, eight consecutive strikes to make sixteen.
Fifth, sixteen consecutive strikes to make thirty two.
Sixth, another thirty two consecutive strikes in succession to make a
total of sixty four strikes.

Each set of strikes is done at an exponentially increasing pace and strength. The attack not only disables the enemy but also knocks them back with every set of strikes.

Kaichū: Ichigen (界蟲「一幻」 English: Underworld Creatures, First Illusion) : Kanda swings his sword and releases a small swarm of supernatural silver dragon-insect type creatures that devour his opponents. (No appeance change yet)
Kanda Yu-Yu Kanda ||Aranncar|| Tumblr_lj7xtmUGAb1qiem4vo1_500

Nigentou (二幻刀, lit. Double Illusion Blades): Kanda covers his sword and scabbard in a coat of energy and generates an energy blade, creating two impossibly sharp weapons. The second blade that he creates over his scabbard can also be just a pure energy blade if the scabbard is not used.
(No appeance change in his form yet.)
Kanda Yu-Yu Kanda ||Aranncar|| 2c2eb18f53f6ff06be4bdb058860156b

Hakka Tourou (八花蟷螂, lit. Eight Flowers Praying Mantis): Using Nigentou, Kanda quickly slashes the enemy eight times. The slashes collectively resemble a flower.

Shouka (昇華, lit. Sublimate): Kanda activates the power of his tattoo, and his pupils change into three dots. Veins also rise around his eyes. Once Shouka is activated, Kanda can activate Sangenshiki. This also gives him a 360° field of vision.
Kanda Yu-Yu Kanda ||Aranncar|| 3z6wyb6

Six Illusions, Hurricane Blades of Hell

Shouka must be activated for this and the next ability.. (In Resser. its a constant activation)

This technique utilities the Spirit energy and control gained through Kanda's constant training and meditation to release a huge amount of Spirit energy from all the points on Kanda's body. It is also a defensive maneuver to repel any enemy from behind. After releasing Spirit Energy from every section in his body, Kanda then spins rapidly to parry the attack, both creating a rotating shield of black and pick spirit energy around themselves and tossing away any nearby attackers. The user can also actively control the size and power of the sphere to suit the situation. This technique is only effective when rotating, since the Spirit energy itself is not enough to stop a physical attack thus if they cannot spin, the user becomes vulnerable.

This can also be used to cover the body with vibrated spirit energy. This allows the user to 'catch' physical attacks easier then throw them back with increased power by pouring spirit energy into the attack before releasing it back.

In addition, if Double Illusion Blades are being used. Kanda can also use both of the above with those, creating a blade that uses a combination of extremely high oscillation rates and temperatures in order to increase the cutting effectiveness of the weapon, thus this leads to the Zanpakuto suddenly becoming red.

It can be inferred that the deeper the color of red that the Zanpakuto becomes, the sharper, stronger, and more durable it is. The effect is easy clean cutting and the possibility to cut a Zanpakuto clean in half at the point of impact or shattering it if met with a huge clash. Though he has yet to test its limits, as such he only know that it can slash through a Tier 2-2's blade with a small bit of 'annoyance'. its quite possible it could slash through a Tier 1-3's blade, yet this is untested. (I'll make a roleplay to test his limits with a few lower Espada.)

This also allows him to throw blades of spirit energy in all directs during the defensive of Six Illusions, Hellish Cyclone. The power of the blades are Tier 2-3 , and fly out randomly but rapidly and 74 blades a second.(This becomes lower based on how long a battle is.)

Eight Illusions Air Palm

This technique is similar in practice to Eight Illusions Palms Cyclone Hell, but has a specific target rather than a general area. To perform it, the user precisely pinpoints the enemy's vital points with the Shouka and releases a high-speed palm thrust. A "vacuum shell" compressed using the Spiritual Pressure of the user is formed to attack the opponent's vitals from a distance, blowing them off their feet with tremendous force before they even notice they were hit.


Resereccion Name:
Mugen, Roku maboroshi (Six Illusions)

Resereccion Release Phrase:
Mugen! Unsheathe!

Release Actions:
He runs his index and middle finger through the back of the blade to activate it, whilst saying Mugen Unsheathe, Innocence Activate, which turns the blade silver and then releases his Resereccion..

To release the Resereccion, Kanda is required to meet certain circumstances before the release phrase will respond.
Minimum of Two met.

1. Kanda has to have been injured greatly, causing his Curse Seal to stopping his high speed regeneration completely. This specific circumstance allows him to use his Resereccion immediately. No others half this lone requirement.

2. His Zanpakuto must be in its sheath for at least ten minutes, not contact with his hands. The Resereccion requires great spirit energy to be available for use. Most times, Kanda can steal the energy by making Direct Skin Contact, and using his enemies instead. But doing so leaves his Resereccion at three-fourths its highest ability and power.

3. Kanda has stored at least half of his Riatsu, keeping it in reserve for more than eight minutes.

4. Damage is required ! The amount varies depending on the numbers above.
(2) Bleeding profusely, and high amounts of blood loss.
(3) Low damage if used soon enough.

5. If Kanda's spirit energy completely over powers his enemies, it can be used immediately. (Useful for when back up is coming for the enemy. If so, no other requirements needed and this will become half the top strength of a full Resereccion)

Resereccion Appearance:
Kanda Yu-Yu Kanda ||Aranncar|| Commission__Demon_by_raiyneofgailin

Resereccion Abilities:
Illusions are in name only.

Sangenshiki (禁忌 「三幻式」, lit. Three Illusions): Kanda drastically increases his speed and strength at the cost of some of his life force. Swinging his wings to push himself for a boost of speed. The strength is in his bdy.
(Appearnce change: The Black Feathered Wings Grow.)
Consume, Mugen: Kanda reconstructs a broken wing by reconnecting the pieces with energy.

Bakuhakuzan (爆魄斬, lit. Explosive Spirit Slash): Kanda needs Sangenshiki to be active to use this, and makes a slash that seems to create small explosions and is strong enough to kill a Tier 3 in three hit.. Kanda can also use it with the Fifth Illusion Style.

Fourth Illusion Style: Kanda's pupils changes to four dots and he gains another drastic increase in speed and powerwhile the Bone legs come from behind his back and wrap around his center area, creating a harder defense.

Fifth Illusion Style: Kanda's hair changes to a shade of light purple, while Mugen's blade glows with a different color and emanates large amounts of electricity. It uses a large amount of Kanda's Riatsu. The effects of this sword also seems to give Kanda a need for destruction while sealing up the rest of his emotions leaving only his anger. When he uses the maximum power of the Fifth Illusion style, the sword takes the same form as when he was child (small butcher blade with multiple small wings on the hilt). (Appearnce Change Completes, become his Appearnce photo with two Zanpakuto.)

Ripping Flash Claw: Kanda unleashes seven razor sharp energy beams. This is very limited on use. Max of three uses and the distance is 300 meters.

Level Two Enhanced Artificial Regeneration: Kanda can recover much faster than before, his arms can regenerate in a mere two seconds. Legs 1 second.
He is able to rebirth after death ("approximately during 100 seconds now that Resereccion has been used. Basicly his next post) ,regenerate lost limbs, and even survive a crushed skull. His blood is also enriched with healing power far more than before.

Curse of The Lotus: This ability activates instantly when in and is permanant. This allows Kanda to uses Lotus and Innocence styles, along with Ultrasonic sword. By using the curse on his chest. This also gives him his second blade.

Hiten Mitsurugi Ryū (飛天御剣流, lit. Flying Heaven Honorable Sword Style) REQUIRED TO USE ALL FURTHER ABILITES.
This increases Kanda accuracy through a calm mind by extreme levels. Usually his speed. This is an extreme fighting style Kanda has mastered and is the Hiko Seijūrō by name. Only Kanda knows this style because the Hiko Seijūrō may only teach one pupil to pass it to.

Doryūsen (Earth Dragon Strike)
"Doryūsen" is a range technique that sends debris flying at the enemy from a powerful sword strike to the ground. Basicly? Throws whatevr is around the strike.

Ryūtsuisen (Dragon Hammer Strike)
The "Dragon Hammer" is a sword-drop technique delivered from above, targeting the crown of the head or the shoulder of the adversary. The key to the technique lays in the height gained from the user’s jump and the free-fall, which is applied to the sword to multiply the force of the sword-stroke.

Ryūtsuisen ~ Zan (Dragon Hammer Strike ~ Tragedy)
The "Zan" is a brutal variant of the “Dragon Hammer”, which instead plunges the sword into the adversary with a sword-plant rather than simply striking them.

Ryūshōsen (Soaring Dragon Flight) (龍翔閃)
The "Dragon Flight" was originally a move meant to utilize the edge of the sword, cutting the adversary below while aiming for the jaw and/or the pit of the stomach. The key to this technique lays in jumping power, utilizing it to its fullest.
This is a combination technique which executes Ryūshōsen immediately after Ryūtsuisen.

Lotus Sōryūsen (Twin Dragon Strike) (双龍閃)

This is a Battōjutsu move, the "Twin Dragon Strike" strikes with the drawing cut. If the opponent dodges it, it follows up with a srike of the second blade that after slashing splits into Lotus petals in the hundreds.

Sōryūsen~Ikazuchi (Twin Dragon ~ Lightning) (双龍閃-雷)

This move is, in a way, the inverse of the "Twin Dragon Lightning." The user sort of feints into using Battōjutsu, but actually strikes with the sheath. Then spins around and attacks with a vertical strike with the sword.

Hiryūsen (Flying Dragon Strike) (飛龍閃)

The "Flying Dragon Strike" uses a 360° spin, then shoots the sword from the sheath in the same way one shoots a marble. This is the only long distance move in Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū.

Ryūkansen (Dragon Spiral Strike) (龍巻閃)
The "Dragon Spiral" is a move which takes advantage of centripetal force to accelerate the draw of the blade while simultaneously avoiding the adversary's assault, shifting directly into a counterattack.

Ryūkansen ~ Tsumuji (Dragon Flash Spiral) (龍巻閃・旋)
A variation of the normal Ryūkansen, the swordsman is in motion (and airborne in one particular case) while spinning. This causes the user to use the force of the spinning to draw the sword at lightning speed.

Ryūkansen ~ Kogarashi (Dragon Spiral Strike ~ Wintry Wind) (龍巻閃・凩)
A variation of the normal Ryūkansen, this technique targets the adversary's head.

Ryūkansen ~ Arashi (Dragon Spiral Strike ~ Storm) (龍巻閃・嵐)
A variation of the normal Ryūkansen, this technique places the swordsman is in a full somersault while attacking.

Ryūsōsen (Dragon's Nest Strike) (龍巣閃)
The "Dragon's Den" is a rapid-strike technique which deals a flurry of successive blows at god-like speed.

Ryūsōsen ~ Garami (Dragon's Nest Strike ~ Strangle) (龍巣閃・咬)
A variation of the normal Ryūsōsen, this technique targets the neck/head instead of the body.

Kuzu-ryūsen (Nine-headed Dragon) (九頭龍閃)

The “Nine-Headed Dragon” is a formidable technique which utilizes Shinsoku (lit. God-speed) to the fullest extent; dealing nine strikes to the most fundamental targets of swordsmanship (Kara Take, Kesa Giri, Saka Gesa, Hidari Nagi, Migi Nagi, Hidari Kiriage, Migi Kiriage, Saka Kaze, and Tsuki), all at the same time. These points are the focus of the technique as they make up the basis of one’s guarding stance, regardless of style or weapon. So with the Kuzu-ryūsen, attacking all nine all at once, guarding and dodging becomes virtually pointless. It should be noted, that this move was not created for actual combat, but as a byproduct in the creation of the secret; as an initiation for the secret. If the initiate can overcome their master's nine dragons, then they would be ready to acquire the secret. Unlike the multiple strike attack, Ryūsōsen, all nine strikes of the Kuzu-ryūsen carry lethal force. However, weight and power play a critical aspect in the effectiveness of the technique. This means, even if the move is executed without flaw, the force behind the technique will differ from wielder to wielder depending on their class in weight and arm strength. Essentially, a "lighter" Kuzu-ryūsen would be overpowered by a "heavier" Kuzu-ryūsen.

Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki(Heaven-Bridging Dragon Spark)(天翔龍の閃)

The "Heaven-Bridging Dragon Spark" is an incredible Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu's secret technique, or Ōugi(奥義). (Note the "spark" as in inspiration not fire or flame.) It is a two-step Battōjutsu move and comprises of two strikes. The first is the draw and then the user spins around for a second strike such as the Sōryūsen~Ikazuchi. The user draws leading with the right leg; to avoid slashing his/herself. The Heaven-Bridging Dragon Spark follows with a quick left, but in order not to cut his leg or lose the momentum of the swing. The user brought that final step just after drawing his/her sword. That single step adds force and acceleration using the Shinsoku of Hiten Mitsurugi into the even faster Heaven-Bridging Dragon Spark. Though it is just one step, being that much closer to the opponent; brings the user that much closer to the opponent's zone. Thus the user is in the thin line between life and death, and cannot have hesitation in his/her technique. Then if the opponent blocks the first strike, the air pushed out by the block creates a vacuum by the spinning for the second strike. This is the one defense against the "Nine Headed Dragon," attacking the opponent before he/she does, with god-speed and Battojutsu technique.

Art of Drawing the Blade (Battōjutsu)

Stance with right foot placed in front of left, pressing the blade of the sheathed sword against the curve of the sheath, which increases draw speed. The drawing of the blade is the same motion used for the attack. It is an all-or-nothing attack where missing the target results in the user being completely vulnerable. All battōjutsu in Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū are comprised of two steps to avoid failure.

Note - The names of the following techniques are all preceded by Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū.

Battōjutsu Soryūsen (Art of Sword-drawing, Double Dragon Strike) (双龍閃)
As above, but with a follow-up attack utilizing the sheath as its secondary strike. This second swing covers the period of vulnerability left after a normal battōjutsu.

Battōjutsu Soryūsen ~ Ikazuchi (Art of Sword-drawing, Double Dragon Lightning) (双龍閃・雷)
“Ikazuchi” is the reverse variant of Soryūsen, wherein the blade strike follows that of the sheath. The swordsman feints battōjutsu to distract from the sheath strike and follows-up with the second blade strike. It is a highly-advanced maneuver, as the sheath strike locks the adversary and their weapon, leaving them completely vulnerable to the swordsman's blade.

Battōjutsu Hiryūsen (Art of Sword-drawing, Flying Dragon Strike) (飛龍閃)
This projectile sword-technique uses centrifugal force and the user's hand (more precisely, the thumb) to shoot the sword from inside the sheath, allowing them to strike at adversaries outside the sword's reach. The culmination of centrifugal force and hand strength makes the accuracy of the strike all the more efficient, enabling the swordsman to strike regions on the adversary such as the middle of the forehead.

Ryūmeisen (Dragon Howl Strike) (龍鳴閃)

This is a sword-technique opposite to the god-speed battōjutsu of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū, shinsoku nōtōjutsu (lit. god-speed sheathing). When the sword hilt connects with the sheath, the god-speed sheathing produces a sonic boom that temporarily stuns an opponent's auditory nerve, impairing their hearing and equilibrium. (lit. Sky-Stride Sword Rush).

Ōgi - Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki (天翔龍閃)

The Amakakeru Ryū No Hirameki is battōjutsu that surpasses Shinsoku. This is the key to defeating the Kuzu-ryūsen. Because the Kuzu-ryūsen is a charging technique that cannot be blocked, an attack must be made before the Kuzu-ryūsen arrives, thus the true nature of the final technique: the Amakakeru Ryū No Hirameki must be faster than a regular battōjutsu in order to hit the opponent. The secret behind the technique lays in an additional step with the left foot. This single step alone adds instantaneous acceleration and weight to the sword changing the death god-like speed of Hiten Mitsurugi Battōjutsu to "death god-like speed".
However, this extra step is difficult to take as one of the fundamental teaching of battōjutsu states that one should step forward with the right foot as to avoid cutting their own foot with the attack. As such, the additional step forward with the left foot can spell certain death for the swordsman, as it takes precise timing to coordinate, as to not lose any momentum while drawing; it requires the utmost concentration, that can only be obtained by one's desire to live.
There is another secret to this technique. If the initial strike is avoided or blocked, the force of the unusually fast slashing motion displaces the air around it, generating a vacuum in its wake and sucking the opponent in. As this happens, the body is spun around for a second strike, the previous action adding force and momentum to the swing, making the subsequent strike far stronger. This is the true power of the Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki. As Kenshin's teacher Hiko Seijuro said, Even if you were able to avoid the fangs of the flying dragon, the gusting winds strip away freedom of movement, and the claws would rip you apart.
"Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki" is so fast that its implementation can be successful even when the enemy's strike has actually reached the user's body, as in Rurouni Kenshin manga volume 14. As depicted, Shinomori Aoshi's signature Kaiten-kenbu Rokuren attack has actually begun to cut into Kenshin's neck when Kenshin released the attack, and blows Aoshi back before he can even finish. The invincible attack "Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki" is the final technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryū.
In order to perform the attack flawlessly, the user must be in peak physical condition and there must be nothing inhibiting their application of the technique.

These attacks are all powerful and the title this fighting style is given is called "Ultrasonic Sword Style". the speed is of the heaven's and only someone who is alive and has years of experiance, knows the he must protect his friends, and is truely good at heart can use these. It is immpossible for evil to use this style. As the heaven's created it for the lone warrior with the title of "Hiko Seijūrō" to be used by.



Human History:

A Second Exorcist made during the Era of the Shogunate. Yuu Kanda is born into a peasant family. After losing both his parents to Cholera by age seven, he is sold into slavery by the villagers around him. The slave-traders' caravan is attacked by bandits who kill all of the peasants except for another boy named Shinta and Kanda, who are saved by a swordsmanship teacher called Seijūrō. He renames the other boy "Kenshin", as the name 'Ken' (sword) and 'Shin' (heart) were more fitting for a swordsman. After a few years under Seijūrō's guidance, Kenshin's wish to protect the people with his skills results in his abandonment of both his master and his training, while Kanda wanted to continue being an Exorcist of The Black Order and decided to finish. Kenshin had stopped his training which was left incomplete. His sword skills soon attract the attention of Katsura Kogoro, a leader of the Shihokin clan. Kenshin and Kanda are sent to Kyoto and assigned the roles of assassins, sharing the common goal of the Ishin Shishi upon the Tokugawa shogunate.
Within the first six months of his career, Kanda kills over 300 people while Kenshin himself kills over 100 people, and while Kenshin eventually became known as the "Hitokiri Battōsai,' Kanda was called "Akuma Battōsai."

Kanda left the Shogunate, and departed for England to once again kill real "Akuma".

Kanda was originally an Innocence Accommodator and Exorcist of the Black Order to begin with, a special luegue of humans that could fight hollows and "Akuma" with a "god-crystal" subtance dubbed Innocence. There was also a woman in his life whom he loved.

Yu was a second generation Exorcist, created by the Order, nine years previous to the Shogunate through the efforts of the Epstain and Chang families at the time. His body was modified to heal incredibly quickly in order to sustain synchronization tests. He regularly underwent a shockingly cruel and painful procedure to force them to be able to synchronize with his Innocence, literally tearing him apart in the process. Due to his second exorcist strength and ability to regenerate, the procedure was repeated even after he had "died" several times. Although initially extremely hostile towards Alma Karma, another child of the second exorcist program, the two eventually become close friends due to their shared experience at the hands of the Order.

Yu begins seeing an illusion of a woman who Alma initially assumes is Fou, the guardian deity of the Asia branch since she had appeared to Alma whilst he was distressed following syncro-testing. He also starts to dream of her and of his death at the hands of an Akuma. The Order realize this and decide that they should terminate Yu from the program. Alma hears this conversation and rescues Yu although he is captured by CROW guards in the process.
After landing in a sewer he is washed up in front of a younger Bak Chang and Noise Marie[5]. Eventually after a brief exchange Kanda was taken by the members of CROW to be "terminated" for learning the truth about the Second Exorcist program. The "procedure" proves a failure as Kanda's past memories of an unknown woman reanimate him and allow him to summon the Innocence of Mugen in a sword form which he uses to free himself. As he is escaping he finds an injured Marie and while examining his wound, his blood starts to heal Marie. Kanda decides to take Marie with him in his search of Alma but upon finding him discovers that Alma has killed the staff of the Asian Branch and the members of CROW with his own newly-acquired Innocence. A battle ensues between a psychotic Alma and Kanda resulting in Yu's arm being cut off. As Alma explains his reasons for murdering everyone he attacks Marie and impales Kanda, leading him to find the resolve to deal a menacing blow to Alma.

Kanda lives once again, surviving with Alma and going their separate ways. The order takes him underground and conducts... Full Hollowfication experiments. As a final experiment to destroy Hollow's, the order tried to make him into a living Shinigami. It failed and his body reacted violently and a hole appeared in his chest. Mugen suddenly shattered into light spores and filled the hole as Kanda became a Vasto Lordes almost instantly, shifting from hollow to Menos, then to Adhujas and finally a Vasto Lorde . He killed all of the members experimenting on him, taking their souls and becoming... a living Arrancar, not even allowed a death. The Escudo de Vida, and an overwhelming source of power and a Natural Arrancar. As an Arrancar his heart should have disappeared, but it did not. Mugen, cherished by Kanda, saved his heart from being lost and as his Arrancar state began, his innocence became his Zanpakuto while inserting his "heart" back into his soul. Kanda, now the sole remaining exorcist alive, now roams Hueco Mundo, destroying all Hollows and Vasto Lordes with his extreme ability, never before seen. Dues Ex Resurrección, the final form of a Resurrección. Far more powerful than a Shinigami's Bankai. Only the Final Getsuga Tensho or a Final Tactic of Zanpakuto could possibly match. Kanda is the only Natural Arrancar in existance, as the others were made by a man long since been destroyed and wiped from existance. Now he he looks for his old comrade's, Lavi Bookman, Lenalee Lee, Komui Lee, Allen Walker, Miranda Lotto, Bookman, Noise Marie, and all exorcists still alive or that have become Arrancar or Shinigami. The Earl is still in existance, even in this new future where Shinigami now slay demon's. The AKUMA cannot be harmed by a Zanpakuto without Innocence, thus Shinigami and Arrancar with Innocence powers in there blades or weapon's now hunt them down and obliterate them. The Clan Of Noah has also changed sides, now on the Black Order's and The Gotei's side. The War Against The Earl continues.

An Escudo de vida. (Living Shield)

RP Sample:
The idiot was trying to work under conditions she couldn't stand. Kanda never understand why she attempted to push the envelope so far, but then again, he himself could say nothing as he was also a victim of overdoing certain things. Still, her dedication to getting civilians out of here was just jarring. Nevertheless, he followed her as she walked out to the foyer, and he looked out at the multitudes of what Kanda basically considered sheep. He frowned to himself as he scanned the nobles, watching them prattle on with one another and so forth. Nutcases and eccentric fogies, the lot of them, and they were trying to save them all? How pathetic. Still, that was the job of the Order, get the regulars out as fast as possible. Allen's circus idea looked like it was working for now, but Kanda wasn't quite sure how long that'd go on. He stood behind Anastasia as she readied herself, the bloodstain on the back of her uniform looking just that much bigger to him as he saw her painfully move around, trying to decide where best to put her portals.

He'd done this before. They both had, hundreds if not thousands of times. It was an easy thing, just to stand behind her and let her draw her portals. All she needed was someone to make sure she didn't hit her head on the ground if she fell into the strange trance like state she usually went into for a few hours after going too far. She wasn't like other people who just flat out quit-- her portals continue even though her body refused to. It had something to do with her personality, or else that's what Komui said. Kanda didn't really care, so long as the job got done. He watched as the portals went out, and he could see that Jah was visibly sweating by now. The Bird was getting more and more frustrated with herself these days as her synch stayed the same and yet her work seemed to falter. It made no sense, as if her Innocence was in tune, but something blocked it very efficiently. He balled his fists against his side as he sighed through his nose.

He shouldn't worry too much. He just had to keep focused. There was the Rabbit, yelling something stupid about pizza. How was that going to work? Did he really think the nobles cared about pizza? Maybe the poorer folk would, but these were freaking nobles. Unless it was suckling pig dressed in Peking sauce and served with gold leaf, it wouldn't even cast a blip on their radar as far as they were concerned. Kanda was right as they just sniffed and passed by him, not even giving him the time of day. For some reason, the snubs they gave Lavi just felt plain wrong, but maybe that was just because Kanda was used to people reacting to Lavi while he himself generally ignored them. He shook his head. This was just getting strange. Suddenly, there was a large, collective gasp, and he saw the rest of the nobles shake in their baby seal leather boots as their friends seemingly disappeared. Some of them even started clapping, thinking it was a joke.

And then Jah fell...again. Kanda managed to catch her this time, and he made a small 'oof!' sound as he realized that she was a lot heavier since the last time he'd had to lug her around. Since when did she put on so many pounds? Maybe it was all muscle... He sure hoped so, at least. He wasn't quite sure what the Russian ate, but it seemed like it'd packed on some padding. He hefted her up, and he saw with dismay that her portals had shattered. He'd never seen her portals shatter before, but it was as if they were made of glass. This wasn't supposed to happen. This wasn't natural. Jah's portals were virtually indestructible. They couldn't be destroyed, and yet they were falling like shining pieces of stars to the ground... The nobles reappeared as the bonds between the two destinations disappeared, and everyone burst into applause despite the fact their entertainer had collapsed. Kanda could feel that the stain had gotten a little bigger, and he had blood on his arms from the ammount soaked in Jah's clothes. This was very, very bad.

He took her backstage out of the way of the people, and he wondered where the Rabbit was when he could be useful. Though he didn't necessarily like him, he was somewhat trustworthy. He'd seen Jah and Lavi talk with one another, and he'd always felt a niggling sense at the back of his mind. They were good friends, obviously. He cared, at the least. Then again, everybody cared about Jah. Kanda stormed into the medic tent, and he put her on the bed face down, turning her head so that she could still breath. The stain didn't appear to be getting bigger, which was a plus. He just wished that there was something he could do other than bandage and stare at the raised mark.... After ordering around the quivering medic, he managed to get Jah bandaged in more or less a decent fashion without her having to bare anything that shouldn't be. He promptly gave a suggestion to the medic to forget whatever he'd seen inscribed on Jah's back, which the medic promised to do readily. He took one last look at her. She was bandaged from the waist up to her chest, still face down and breathing steadily. The blood had seeped through the bandage, but it was just a rosy spot on the back of the gauze.

He left in a flurry, finally managing to find Lavi who was just standing there like an idiot. He decided to forget self-consciousness considering the fact he was bloodied and iritated, and he asked, "What sort of progress have you made with the idiots out there? Any at all?" There was this feeling that there was something wrong.

Regardless of his internal struggle, Allen took action in spreading the word about a 'circus'. Meanwhile, the portals he had initially thought had worked on their behalf-- backfired. What the hell? Everyone who had been sucked into the portals were once again standing in the crowd. There was definitely something fishy going on. It couldn't be coincidence that so many things were happening all at once. There was something else at play here-- or someone. And after the news of the tickets being recirculated, it wasn't hard to come to the conclusion of who. Shaking his head in disbelief, Lavi suddenly heard a voice come up next to him as he was heading over to follow Allen and help him out. Lavi stopped and turned to the girl. It was Raxen. She wanted to help, eh? Of course she did! Lavi had an excellent team, real go-getters like him! There was no doubt in his mind his squad could help out. Crossing his arms proudly, Lavi smirked at the little girl. "You can sing, can you?" although his answer was already made up, he pretended to ponder the idea for good measure. Or maybe he was just trying to build suspense. After a few hums of thought, Lavi uncrossed his arms and stared Raxen straight in the eyes. "Alright, I'll permit it. Go help Allen spread the word about the show throughout the crowd. Meet back on stage once the word is fully circulating for further instruction!" he ordered with a light nod and a pat on her head. Yes, this might actually work. The Order needed a distraction that satisfied, entertained, and distracted them. They couldn't simply send them away like a child to bed without dinner. That was punishment. Perhaps a whole other show would be just the thing they needed; luckily, they had talent on their side.

Not long after, Kanda showed up beside Lavi. As he turned away from Raxen and onto the samurai, his cheerful demeanor turned more grave. Although things were looking slightly hopeful, there were still concerns. Things were already going terribly wrong, who knew what would go wrong next? Their plans were falling apart, and although they thought the current ones could work, so far, none of them were. The more plans they made, they all fell apart. It was hard to keep hope when every attempt backfired drastically. Lavi sighed. "Not much. Something's going on. More than attempts to thwart the Order's plans. It's as if we've walked into a trap." Again. he added mentally. There really was no denying it at this point. He was sure Kanda was just as suspicious as he was, and Lavi knew he could talk freely of his concerns with the man. Lavi's eyes flickered across Kanda's blood splattered body before returning to his sullen face. "Allen and Raxen will spread talk of a pre-show outside: a circus. Hopefully we can get as many people out of here as we can. Once the others see an empty floor, they'll surely follow out of boredom-- and conformity." he sighed, checking the progress the two had made in the crowd. There was definitely curious talk fluttering around, but Lavi wasn't sure of the maximum effect yet. Lavi turned back to Kanda. "Whatever is going on, someone doesn't want them to leave." he stated, recalling Jah's portals. He wasn't at all convinced that this had to do only with her curse. Surely, her innocence wouldn't fall apart like that so instantly. He wouldn't believe it, he knew it wasn't true. There were underlying schemes taking place under their noses, Lavi was sure of it. While still thinking of Jah, Lavi paused and looked away for a moment, only to shoot Kanda another serious look. "How is she?" he asked, once again looking at the blood on Kanda's hands. He knew the man would probably dismiss him, saying there was no time for idle chat, but Lavi would persist; and he made sure those intentions were clearly written in his gaze. If Kanda wouldn't be honest with the group, he would at least be honest with Lavi. He wanted more information.

Lavi's less-than-sunshiney report caused Kanda to sigh through his nose in a long stream. Of course, just great. Kanda wasn't sure how the circus idea was going to go, but then again, if there was anything the nobles lived for, it was bread and circuses. Maybe a slight diversion on behalf of the other Exorcists outside might help. It'll at least get the civilians they were supposed to protect out of the way. The Japanese Exorcist listened gravely to Lavi's iterations on the fact that there seemed to be more going on here than just someone getting past all of their plans. Someone was deliberately keeping the nobles here as well as blocking any sort of retreat, considering the nobles. They were all stuck here, and hopefully there wasn't a barrier over the doors like there had been that last time at the Orphanage... Kanda turned grave thinking about it. If none of them go out, they'd be in big trouble. They'd need one of the CROW's members to get them back out, and he didn't particularly like them very much. Still, it was harrowing to think that nobles would get drawn into this, and Lavi even said that someone didn't want anyone to get out. I figured, Kanda said. Nothing Lavi said was a surprise to him, seeing as he'd figured the Bookman would come to most the same conclusions he had while he was walking over.

Finally flickering a gaze at his bloodied hands and uniform, Lavi asked the one thing he knew must be itching on his mind. Normally, Kanda would've brushed him off, but the look that Lavi shot him was one of utmost, dogged determination on knowing Jah's status. The more he tried to hide it, the more Lavi would pry, and the less work would get done because the idiot had his head in the clouds and his feet in a hole walking around uselessly trying to find out what was going on with her. He was worse than the goose she kept as a pet, Borus. He was a mean little b****** if anyone got within ten feet of Jah, including Kanda. Even Noah would be hard pressed to get past that bugger... He looked at Lavi with a look that could only be said to be resignation.

"The bleeding's stopped. I don't know if she can still move. You remember when she was missing that on month, right?" Kanda asked. He looked behind him surreptitiously, as if someone might want to overhear-- which there was a good possibility there was. Quietly in hushed tones, he said without hardly moving his mouth, "She came back with marks on her back. They bleed when she's around too many Innocence fragments at once that are activated. That's why she's been traveling with me and only me for the past six months. I think she'll be able to bounce back, but if she does, she may push herself too hard. It's not an easy bet to make right now. If I could've gotten her to a dimension, she could literally heal up for six days and come back and five minutes would've passed by out here, but something has to be blocking her Innocence from connecting destinations." And it's all because she wouldn't let these idiots out here wait a couple of seconds... At this he scanned the room around him. Barriers didn't limit Innocence function. Noah did.

At least, one of them did. Road was the chief instiller of all Innocence crumblage, but this didn't have her brand of sadism to it. She would've waited to the last minute to completely take out their Innocence and leave them inert. Besides, they weren't in one of her dream worlds. There must be another Noah around, someone else who could cancel out Innocence just as well.

"Which means we've got a little mole on our hands somewhere. And it's probably time to start beating to ground to find it," Kanda said, a slasher smile creeping across his face. Man, would they get a load of him. Once he found that sorry excuse for a sentient being, he was going to wish he'd never existed. At least Mugen was already a sword to start with. That was a plus. He could still cut things with it without having to activate it. Kanda was potent even when his Innocence was offline. It wasn't really surprising.

Raxen could barely contain herself as she waited for Lavi to respond to her request. It seemed to be take forever and it was all she could do to keep herself from jittering from suspense. But he even had the nerve to ask if she could sing. 'It's obvious that I can isn't it? Why else would I ask to do so in the first place?' she thought to herself. Of course that didn't mean a lot of people would like her. Having talent and having people like you were two totally different things. She had the talent portion thanks to her mother and her hometown theater teaching her. But noblmen would probably have different taste than she was used singing to so that was the only reason she doubted they would like her much. Still she couldn't just give up just from that single thought. That would be like quiting this mission just because things weren't going their way and that as a bit no-no to her.

Finally Lavi gave her the approval she was waiting for. Nodding at her order she quickly took to the crowd. It was hard to get a few of them to even pay attention to her since she was simply a child. But she found it was easier to get the attention of some of the women, whom would then coax their husband or partner to at least try and see it. Though she wasn't sure if it was because they thought she was cute or had some sort of pity on her. It didn't matter to her what they thought as long as they would at least leave the opera house when she began her singing. But so far she had barely gotten through to the vast numbers of nobles here. She hoped that those helping to spread the word were having better luck. 'Man it sucks being a kid sometimes.' she thought with a mental pout as she moved on to the nearest group of nobles she hadn't talked to yet. 'I just hope this all works in the end. If not then we're going to be in a pretty big pickle if a fight erupts.'

The sound of explosions and chaos dragged Kanda out of his question of where the enemy was as his head snapped around. He muttered a curse under his breath as he began to run towards the Opera House's main auditorium. The fight had begun and there were still hundreds of people inside! This wasn't supposed to be how it happened! No one was supposed to be here! It was a thorn in their side, a snide thumbing of the nose to the Exorcists, showing them just how useless and defenseless they were. They couldn't even save the nobles inside of the opera house much less any other poor joe off the street. Kanda hurried as he heard the sounds of destruction coalesce. A bomb must've gone off, or maybe just the usual damage from Akuma. Whatever it was, he'd missed the start. He burst into the hall to find mayhem and death, not that he was surprised.

He watched as Raxen and Shizuka stopped falling pieces of ceiling, and he frowned. They were using their Innocence... of course, they were all online now! He activated Mugen as fast as he dared, looking around for an adversary... and finding himself short a couple of Akuma. They'd taken care of most of them. They'd been Level Threes, from the parts he could see of them on the ground. There was only one left, of which the other Exorcist teams were taking care of. The nobles were finally evacuating, and Kanda's eye caught Anastasia. His eyes widened as he realized that she was now standing in her bandages, looking like some sort of warrior goddess - the type that ripped people to shreds when she got bored. He felt a spike of horror go through him.

This was what he'd been afraid of. She'd given over another part of herself to him. He suddenly wondered how much of her was left. Suddenly, she lobbed Hellfired at two Noah, the Twins. He raced towards Nareida and Ashe, knowing that they'd need protection - both from their teammate as well as the Noah. He didn't think that they'd be able to take them on by themselves, though that was not to insult their ability. The twins were... unpredictable, but not any more unpredictable than any of the other Noah. Anastasia suddenly disappeared in what he knew was a moment of rare caprice. He readied Mugen, and he said to the two of them, "I want you guys to keep an eye out for Anastasia. She's not... herself. Don't fight near her. If you can, leave her behind or get somewhere else." The warning was ominous, but it got the point across. Anyone caught in the crossfire between her and her target was asking to die. She wasn't fighting for just God anymore.

Kanda felt apprehension as he stared at the two Noah who were just managing to rip off the pant leg that had been on fire on the blond one. It refused to go out and was just consuming more and more of the leg that it happened to be clinging to. Kanda decided he might as well attack while they were both distracted.

"Now would be a good time to start on those two," he said before suddenly unleashing punishing energy over the sheath and blade of his sword. He cut the air in front of him, slashing eight times into the shape of a flower, the very force of the attack actually moving the air into scythe-like projectiles. The twins were blown back a few feet as they braced themselves for the hit, and Kanda watched as they coughed while the dust around them settled.


Suddenly, his attention was stolen by a plume of dust and rubble on the other side of the Opera House, and he realized that another Akuma had just appeared... and been chucked across the room like nothing more than a rag doll. It got up, and Kanda felt anger as he noted the human like features. This was a new level of Akuma. That wasn't good. He kept his focus on the twins again. He couldn't be distracted. Not now.

Theme Of Character:

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