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PostSubject: Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH]   Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Icon_minitime1Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:15 pm

Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Hz407_01Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Hz003_01Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Hz404_08


"Oh, you're really gonna ask that? Seriously? Come ON! I thought that was obvious! I'm here to kill everyone!"



Name: Yūki Terumi

Kana: ユウキ=テルミ

Alias: Hazama

Kana: ハザマ


Age: Unknown, but between 2000 and 3000.

Appearance Age: Mid-Twenties

Hazama acts for one thing and one thing only: his own enjoyment. Even when he was alive, he acted only out of his own enjoyment. No matter what, he does anything to get a "kick" out of someone. Hazama is a master actor and give off the appearance of an almost aloof man. This is normally soon followed by a clever retort. He has a great ability to piss people off, no matter what. Those that have a power he needs, he takes a peculiar liking to him or her. This is mainly him taunting the target or even attacking them indiscriminately.

Hazama has a few people that he has taken such a liking to that doesn't involve the attacking part. The main person for this is Dhaos. He sees Dhaos as a kindred spirt, even though Hazama "works" for Dhaos. Hazama's snake-like powers andpersonality are said to be the reasons that Dhaos brought back the former Fifth Division Captain. When Hazama gets pissed, he gets pissed. He dons his real name, Yuuki Terumi, and releases his seal. The seal simply hides his Reiatsu level while allowing him to use near his full strength.

Hazama's eyes are definitely his most noticiable trait. They are almost always closed, even in battle. They appear as two black slants that can convey as much emotion as an open eye. His eyes are actually a special color of gold which is closer to yellow. They glow like a glowstick when open, giving him an eerie presence in dark. Even when open, his iris and pupil are both smaller than a normal person's. His pupils are distorted and change shape regularly on a random basis. These forms are nothing truly abstract or detailed like his pupils being the Mona Lisa. Instead, they are simple shapes with no shadowing inside. His most common shape is a cat eye-like sharpened oval.
Hazama's hair is even more odd than his eyes. A stark contrast from his other aspects, he has a light green hair color. The reason behind his coloring is unknown, but it is not a dye. Whie he was not born with this hair, it has become a natural color for him. His longest strand of hair is just below his earlobe. Hazama's hair is symetrical except for a slight sway to the left. His bangs are tightly woven together and point to the center. The middle of his hair has a large collection of his bangs that gives him an almost helmet-like look. On both sides of his head, there are two groupings of longer hair, with two smaller sets in the rear and three more sets towards the front.
While Hazama's hair is unique, it is not usually entirely seen. This is because he wears a low-cut black homburg with a charcoal grey grosgrain sweatband. Unlike the common fedora, homburgs have no creases and are fixed in style. He wears this hat everywhere and anywhere. It seemingly can reginerate, or he has a hammerspace full of replacements. He is constantly seen pushing the brim of the hat down over his eyes, hiding them even more.
To match his formal hat, Hazama wears a white cotton button-down shirt. The shirt is always worn tucked into his pants. The eight buttons are inlaid with an elegant Ouroboros on them. Most of them are covered by his black silk half-tie. The half-tie is cut off about 5/7 of the way down into a flat horizontal edge. Over the white shirt is a black vest. Like the shirt, its buttons have an Ouroboros, albeit mirrored. The vest is similar to that of a bartender's, which makes no sense as he has never worked even close to a club in his lifetime. On his hands, he wears a pair of leather straps across his palms. They are known as "blade catchers." They have no amplifiers to his punching damage, but he can catch a sword (if it isn't swung fast enough {Iai users are the best antidote to his catchers}) which is a great tool against Shinigami.
Over the vest, there is a longcoat. It extends to about five inches above his knees and about seven inches from the bottom of his zipper. The jacket is three layers but is only about as thick as one and a half. The three layers are, in order: cotton, carbon nanotubes, kevlar. This makes his jacket incredibly durable while being almost unlimited in movement. It is not split in the back, and he wears it open all of the time. It is slightly shorter than his undershirt. The lapels (flaps on the sides of the coat's open section) are peaked, which is unique for this kind of jacket. It has a pair of beltbuckle-like attachments that are attached via a button flap near the bottom. The buttons again have an Ouroboros. The most used feature of his jacket is a pair of side pockets. They button with the same type of button, but inverted. On the sleeves, there are also buttons like that, apparently for cufflinks.
Hazama's pants are also custom-made. The most interesting feature of the black cotton pants is the dual beltloop idea. Hazama has a pair of brown belts, which are attached around the beltbuckle by a pair of titanium bars. The belts are leather and the buckles are .999 pure gold. Back to the pants, they are like the jacket in that they have kevlar, carbon nanotubes, and cotton as layers. They are almost skin tight but do not remove any movement. The legs flare out at the end slightly. His pants are slightly longer than they should be and cover the entire top of his shoes.
The brown steel-toed shoes Hazama wears are completely custom-made. The shoes are made of kevlar, leather, and a thicker layer of carbon nanotubes. In the heel and toe, there are hidden blades of 1" and 3" respectively. The blades are easily replaced and can even be shot out. However, the most interesting feature of the shoes is the soles. The soles have small, almost microscopic needles in them. This gives him enhanced kicking ability, as a kick will most likely cause light bleeding. However, the main use of them is enchanced grip. The grip is so enhanced, Hazama can run on ceilings and walls.

Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Hazamawink


Height: 183 cm (6'0")

Weight: 61 kg (134.5 lbs)

Eye Color: Goldenrod

Hair Color: Neon Green

Sealed Zanpakutô

Zanpakutô Spirit: Culebra, as Hazama calls him, is a ghastly sight. Culebra has a black aura around him/it. The aura is like dripping paint with a foggy overtone. Inside of that aura is a turquoise sub-aura. Culebra is still a ghastly site himself. Appearing as a mass of shadow with a neon green outline, Culebra has only one eye and a wicked glowing red smile. His body appears to have cracks and circuit lines across the body. His personality is no better. He acts exactly like Hazama, except with more arrogance.
Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] HazamaGhost

Zanpakutô Realm: Culebra's Realm is a white room with three chairs arranged in a triangle. The room extends for miles and Culebra can easily be seen in it. However, the room could drive anyone inside insane because of the whiteness.

Sealed Zanpakutô : Hazama has a dual-type Zanpakutou, with both of them being large butterfly knives.
Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Butterfly-knife-folder-folding-pocket-knife-8c49

Release: Creep, Sugea Lotan.

Shikai: Sugea Lotan

Shikai Description:
Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Blazblue_habzama_male

Shikai Abilities: Hazama's Shikai is special. Special in the fact that it almost has a mind of its own. When he summons Sugea Lotan, the snake-like creature has two weapons. The first is not what one would think. It is not the knife at the end of the tail. The knife is actually incapable of cutting butter. Instead, the mouth will open up. Again, not what one would think. One would think that the rows and rows of teeth would be the weapons, but the teeth are incredibly brittle. Instead, it will fire small needles at intensely high concentrations. These needles are made of steel. The other attack is the massive connection chain between the head and tail. The chain is incredibly thin, but it is also one of the strongest connection-type movements in a Shikai. Once it wraps around a person, it secretes an adhesive that bonds it to the target. The adhesive will only come off after three posts or if the head is crushed. Hazama's two butterfly knives will turn into a pair of long daggers with sword breaker knotches in the blade. He is as skilled with those as he is with his knives.

Bankai: Isatsarekin-Jateko Culebra

Bankai Description:
Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Hazama2

Bankai Abilities: Hazama's Bankai is enhanced version of his Shikai. Instead of being mechanical and constantly there, he can summon a snake of dark energy from any part of his body. He can summon a maximum ten snakes at once. The snakes have fangs made of the same energy, but it has an organic interior. This is possibly linked to Hazama's organs, but it is most likely not. The fangs have poisons within them. The poisons are neurotoxins. They are not severe, but slow down the body over time. After three posts, body movement becomes slowed. Five posts, the lungs slow down and breathing is difficult. Seven posts, the heart slows down. Nine posts, the body is automatically put into a coma in order to preserve what functions are left. The poisons are incredibly dangerous, and can be spit at a distance and it will behave like an acid. The next ability is a mock-up of his binding ability. The snakes can wrap around internal organs if left bound long enough. The snakes will also begin to poison the organs if left on for even more posts. If one were to sever the link between Hazama and the snake, then the snakes would "die" and the post count would be reset.


Yuuki Terumi, as Hazama was born, was a slightly spoiled child. He didn't get his spoiledness from being from a well-off family. Instead, he manipulated other children and some adults into giving things to him. Terumi was not born in the world of the living. He was from a district of the Rukongai whose number has disappeared into time itself.

It was during this time that his district was selected for random Shinigami selection, the way the ranks were filled before the days of the academy. In an attempt to get around the selection, Terumi adopted the name "Hazama." The plan, of course, failed. Even though he was young, he was selected and was thrown into training. Day after day, he trained without fail...or so his reports day. Using his manipulation skill, Terumi manipulated his trainers to write the reports while he toured the Seireitei. This isn't to say he didn't train, in fact he did on an almost regular basis. Most of his time was spent in the libraries, studying the history of the Shinigami. It was then that he found information about the "Sugiura," a mutation of Shinigami.

Terumi was intrigued by these mutants and sought them out. Of course, most Sugiura not in their own dimension would be hiding so he could not find them. Every day he was not searching or training, he was reading more and more about these mutants. Of course, not much was truly known about them and most of it was mythological slander. When he was given a seat, his days in the library increased. This is when he learned of an account of a "massive pillar surrounded by a lake of blood." This, for some reason, intrigued him more. This was the only article on the subject.

Terumi was not able to do a thing until he gained the power to do an expidition to an "uncharted realm." He trained, trained, and trained until he became the Lieutenant and eventual Captain of Squad 3. After getting approval to lead a task force to find this pillar, Terumi appeared, after weeks of searching, in the Northern Lands of the Sugiura Realm. It was an icy and death-like place. The entire task force (except for Terumi, of course) died of hypothermia after sinking into a deep coma.

Terumi soon cut contact with the Gotei and so he was pronounced dead. Of course, this man wasn't dead. Hazama was not immediately sure where to go. After days of walking in a straight line, he saw what looked like a massive dome. Using his Zanpakutou, Hazama cut through the ice over a period of two days. Once he got through the sheet of ice, he could see the massive pillar surrounded by a lake of blood.

Inside the pillar, Hazama discovered a great library of data about the true form of Acheron. The building he had discovered was "Il Librarium." Hazama read about the "Gate of Acheron" at the bottom of the massive true building. The building was about the size of a medium-size mountain. While he was attempting research in Acheron, a meddling blonde-haired girl arrived. She "observed" him and his research.

Hazama made seven prototypes of a key for the gate before one worked. He named it "Theta Seven" and attempted to leave with it. The girl did not approve and attempted to stop him. However, even though she cut half of his body away, he was able to flee and seal the massive building again. Hazama perished in the icey wonderland, leaving his memory and tie behind.

Years and years and years and years passed. Hazama remained..well, dead. Simply put, he was dead. Until a man named Dhaos appeared. God knows how Dhaos learned of a deceased former Captain like Hazama, but he did. Dhaos revived the man to serve under him. Hazama only asked for one thing: a hat. Why a hat? Nobody, not even Hazama himself knows...

Extra Abilites:
Master Manipulator: Hazama has shown himself to be highly manipulative and deceptive. He comes out unscathed due to the calm confusion he plays at, which is a testament to his overall strategy. He has been known to be capable of simple deception by having his opponent focus on one thing to hide the true threat...

Jashin Abilites:
  • Tattoo: Hazama's tattoo is also his seal on his reiatsu. His Reiatsu isn't entirely masked, but it is enough that he can sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy.

  • Amestri: A variation of the Jashin current fast speed movement that uses next to no energy to use, the Jashin can hurl themselves towards their foes at incredible speed using less step's than shunpo. In fact, this speed is so formidable, they seem to appear to have no means of controlling their momentum, but that is false as they can control the direction of the Amestri with mere eye movement alone, it is faster than the Jashin current fast speed movement. Meaning it can be faster than other fast speed movements, only if the Jashin that uses it, is capable of those movements.

  • Hiiruuindo: A defense move, that can block a single attack at a time. It forms a barrier in front of them, that is as tall and 45 feet wipe in front of the Jashin. If someone fires a energy attack of any power, it shall reflect that energy attack back at the opponent, if a physical attack hits the barrier, the opponent shall get a wave of energy with the power behind the physical strike towards them, with a strong cutting force. Afterwords the barrier shall fall apart and cant be used for another 4 post. While the barrier can appear instantly it varys on the Jashin. Hazama's Hiiruuindo appears to be made of the same energy chains that his Shikai is.

  • Advance Healing factor: While they can still take damage, the Jashin are known to heal at a fast rate than the normal for there race, while it isn't like high speed, it is triple the healing rate than the Jashin current race. making them able to even regrow limbs, and stabilize themselves in case there organs are damage, but they can not regrow organs. This also grants them immunity to poisons, and age at a slower rate.

  • Telekineses:An art that allows one to control objects with their mind alone, without the need to interact with said object physically. A basic example of this is calling back ones weapon if disarmed while at a distance from the Jashin actual weapon. A skill that sees great variation between Jashin. Some are fit to masterfully use it, while others struggle to call their weapons to their hands. Hazama is a near master at this, since he controls his Shikai limitedly with his mind.

  • Byakko: An attack created from compressing reishi onto the Jashin fingers and causing it to spiral rapidly until it becomes a warped color. Once fully formed they fire it as a double helix shaped beam of energy. That possess a compact form with devastating results when launched. When it makes contact with the target, it expands it's size as it engulfs the opponent in a massive explosion of reiatsu that implodes inwards once it expands, causing even greater damage than a regular reiryoku-based attack, such as Cero, this attack is classed as the Jashin version of a gran rey. Hazama's is black with a green outline

  • Sōryū: This technique allows for the user to speed up the spirit particles around a target, causing them to become volatile and explode. This action requires physical contact and only effects the area where contact occurs. Its secondary effect is to freeze the spirit particles around the target in place and can be used to halt the target's movements of that area for half a post. This technique requires physical contact with the target to halt or to speed up the movement of reishi. The damage done can never reach fatal levels, but can make a zanpakutō snap, but on others, it is like being hit by a powerful force that sends them flying backwards.

  • Unique Power: Hazama's special ability is only active when he is in "Terumi" mode. Hazama's ability is, unsurprsingly, based on snakes. Within a specific radius, Hazama can create what seems like a sea of black-and-green snakes. The snakes do not have the poison of his Bankai, but they are dangerous nevertheless. The snakes can quickly wrap around a target while also serving as a shield for Hazama.

Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] SigforTsu-1

Hazama [DONE] [JASHIN OF WRATH] Blazblue___my_car_is_a_nissan_by_kayarine-d3a9tdf
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