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PostSubject: Rachel Alucard - TSUBINE ONLY   Rachel Alucard - TSUBINE ONLY Icon_minitime1Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:32 pm

Rachel Alucard - TSUBINE ONLY Cmn_nm_a_no

Rachel Alucard - TSUBINE ONLY Rachel


"Oh dear, I seem to have ruined your pretty face. I must say, though, I think you look better this way. Perhaps you should keep it like this."

General Information

Name: Rachel Alucard

Alias: Rabbit (jokingly), Queen of Rose

Age: Unknown. Apparently a LOT older than she looks, though.

Appearance: Rachel Alucard - TSUBINE ONLY RachelAlucard2

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 68.3 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blood Red

Personality: ~Playful~
If Rachel wants to, she can be very childlike, easy to distract and playful. This involves annoying people, teasing males, and the like - but it's just an act. Rachel is a very cunning person and tricks people into believing that she is easy to influence and read, while analyzing them calmly. Her true power lies in her high intellect.

For other people, blood thirst means slaughter, killing and being a mercyless monster. However, for Rachel, bloodthirst is very literal - her powers make her vampiric, she needs to drink the blood of the living in order to sustain her own un-aging body and Reiatsu. She has quite some preferences regarding blood - Hollow and Arrancar blood tastes bitter to her, Hollow blood more than Arrancar. Human blood tastes 'plain' to her, while Quincy blood is actually an 'exotic taste'. Shinigami taste quite more delicious than humans. Shinigami count as her favorite 'meal'.
Rachel CAN indeed drink blood conserves, and will do so from time to time when she has to hide her nature. Only the blood of the living (or souls) give her an extatic feeling when drinking, though, which is why she hates blood conserves.
On a last note: Animal blood is poisonous for Rachel.

Rachel has quite the greedy nature - once she sees something she likes, she won't stop before she has it. If she has to commit a murder, she will do that without even caring. This also applies to blood drinking - she normally sucks her victims dry and kills them with it.

Though it barely shows, Rachel is a bit overprotective over the few people she likes and finds 'interesting'. She feels nothing when her servants get their asses handed to them, though, and doesn't care for random people. She is coldhearted to an extent, but it's more so desinterest.

Rachel will easily get bored with whatever she is doing, often searching exitement of one kind or the other - that almost always results in her hunting down a new 'bloodbag', which is how she calls her victims. She also likes... amusement parks. Quite a lot, to be exact.

History: Rachel was born in a forgotten time. Her real name has long since been lost - she took on Alucard as her last name only later. During her time, even as a kid, she was a powerful 'witch', a human with spiritual abilites, and hunted by other humans. She finally teamed up together with others like her, and amongst them were a few known as the 'Tohno' clan. During this time, though, all of their fates would get changed around once more. Something, or someone, cursed them. Their fate, their abilities, all grew stronger, at the cost of their humanity. The Tohno clan developed the Inversion Impulse, and Rachel became what could very well be the 'very first vampire' at her teenage years, stopping her body from aging for as long as she constantly sucked the blood of the living.

Shortly after they got cursed, Rachel left any of the other individuals, who would later form the Tohno family from which members exist till this very day. She is rarely mentioned in history, only in the oldest records can the name 'Alucard' be found for the very first time. First thought to be an abriviation to Vlad Tempes, also known as Dracula, the true origins of the name have been lost. However, the vampiric girl remained unnoticed out of her own intentions - enjoying to watch the play known as life, she became an 'observer', spending her time without meddling with humans, just watching. The same went for all supernaturals - she left them alone if they left her alone, it was that simple. Thus, she is one of the most knowledgeable and also bored individuals of the world.
But even for a genius comes a downfall. During her watching, she began to notice the actions of a man known as 'Hazama'. Curiosity and a general bad feeling finally made her investigate into his activities, generally confident and heighty about her own ability to defend herself should she need to. In the end, she came closer to solving the mystery that is Hazama than anyone before her - but was outwitted. Even with her intellect, Hazama found a way to trick her into a wrong lead, and sealed her deep inside of the Acheron, supposedly getting rid of the vampire hunting him.

However, Rachel Alucard was not lost. Thankfully, a Sugiura found her after an undetermined amount of time in the deep parts of Acheron, and freed her of the seal, releasing her.

Birthplace: Unknown, for obvious reasons.


Rachel is, simply put, a vampire. Though of course vampirism like hers is nothing like the one from legends. She requires blood to regenerate her own spiritual energy and sustain her body, and has nice fangs in her mouth to help with getting the red nectar. The effect of different kinds of blood are explained above. She does not require any other food or the like, but can still eat and drink like any normal human. Sunlight is also not hazardous to her, although she does get tired more easily during the day. Also, the 'wings' seen in the pictures above as part of her dress are actually real bat-like wings, which allow Rachel to float without focusing reishi under her feet.

Frightening Spiritual Energy
Red eyes, take warning definiatly applies if Rachel gets angry and reveals her spiritual power. She has far more Reiatsu than expected of a human stored inside, and can further increase it with blood - her raw energy alone is enough to make an 'aura' in the form of a golden shield appear around her, able to easily deflect any lower human, Shinigami, Hollow or Sugiura attempting to harm her like a shell of energy. Whenever Rachel is really angry, her eyes take on a faint golden-yellow glimmer in addition to the bloody red, revealing her definiatly inhuman origins.

Scarlet Onlooker
The ability that made her able to continue watching the flow of time for so long is not simply her vampirism. Scarlet Onlooker is, basicially, turning her own energy into 'roses' which follow her mind in attribute, shape and movement, ultimately making her able to create lightning out of Reiatsu and use it in various ways, channeling her 'roses' even into weapons wich revert into flower petals after usage and get blown away by the wind. While she has a 'list' of sorts of special techniques, she CAN simply channel lightning into arcs and bolts and throw those. The techniques are the following:

Blitzgriff: Rachel snatches the enemy with her hands up close, before making roses bloom on the palms of her hands and her dress, sending large amounts of electricity through the opponent and throwing him/her back.
Endlos Traum: Attempts to mesmerize the enemy by creating a 'storm' of red rose petals. All of them hold large static energy, which affects the air around Rachel and her target, effectively trying to attack their senses and make them see hallucinations or simply daze off while still awake. Not really all that effective against those aware of her power, or in the middle of a heated battle.
Heilig Stab: Rachel shapes the rose-petals into a 'spear' which blooms from her hand and is thrown with ease. It has the color and density of a decorated, red and grey metal weapon and stabs itself into the ground after thrown, even if it misses the enemy. It stays in place until Rachel dismisses her roses to fall into petals once more.
Blühend Blitz: Rachel concentrates her energy into the fingertips before snapping her fingers. A magnitude of big 'roses' spawn out of the ground around her, and shoot out multiple spears like Heilig Stab. They fly upwards before raining down on the area, trying to impale the target mercilessly. Like Heiling Stab, the spears stay in the ground until Rachel dismisses them or they get destroyed.
Flügelschnitt: Rachel can charge energy into arms and her wings and release them with a slashing motion, creating a cutting blade which uses heat more than sharpness to rip through something.
Fallender Vorhang: Rachel collects energy into both hands and fires lightning at the nearest spear from Heilig Stab or Blühend Blitz, which then arcs out to the next spear, and the next, and so on, until a full circle and 'net' of electric energy fills the air, effectively trying to strike the enemy by surprise and from as many directions as possible. Shows it's true power only in a prolonged fight. The spears 'rear ends' expand upon using this technique like a fan. Using this will melt the spears after 2 posts.
Astrales Finale: Rachel floats up into the air, as the sky suddenly becomes clouded. Her wings unfold, and with her in the middle, lightning strikes downwards into all the spears she created. This is quite handy to hit airbone targets, and the lightning bolts created by this technique are a lot stronger than usual. However, it only reveals full power if used right after Fallender Vorhang - striking the already electricuted net of energy, the 'voids' in the field are instantly filled with giant amounts of crackling energy, lightning bolts shoot out into the sky to catch anything that can fly, and a huge, final explosion rips away the clouds created. This destroys all the spears previously created automatically.

Extra Abilities: Rachel has a far higher intellect than a normal human, which leads to a great analytical ability, knowledge of lore, rumors and facts and general snobby attitude. She is able to tell if someone is non-human - limiters or not, it's her nose that tells her. Even someone who appears completely human on the outside, with a fake body and all, does not stay secret to her.

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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Alucard - TSUBINE ONLY   Rachel Alucard - TSUBINE ONLY Icon_minitime1Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:58 pm

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
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  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [-]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [-]

Comments/Notes: Approved '_'
Tier: 1-2+

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