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Magus Template


Name: Ilyasviel von Einzbern / Ilyasviel Sugiura
True Age: Unknown.
Gender: Female
Personality: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences)

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: None - unlike with her mother, they're not simply 'hidden', they just don't exist.
Appearance Age: Around 14 - oddly enough, at full power she appears to be more around 16, as the collected spiritual energy breaks parts of the Einzberns spell on her.
Height: 1,33m
Weight: 34kg

Natural Abilities

Traits: Immense Reiatsu
She might appear as just a little girl, but Ilyasviel has Reiatsu on levels that outclass most common captains easily. Her condensed power was enough to force Heroism to inflict a contract upon her which redirects most of her spiritual energy - under immense pain - into Berserker.

Contract Bound
As said, she is bound by a contract to Berserker. While it takes away most of her spiritual energy and weakens her down to a level no longer dangerous to the King of Hollows or his allies, it also gives her limited control over the mad warriors sanity. While she is around, she can restrain his madness most of the time, and channel it against whoever she wants dead. Should she release all restrains on him, he will become even more powerful than he is usually, but it weakens her considerably. The contract shows itself in the form of a red seal across her whole body whenever it is used.
Ilyasviel von Einzbern WIP Ejio3c

Mystic Eyes of Suggestion
Ilyasviels red eyes have a special effect. If someone is looking directly into them, her words become 'stronger'. If, for example, she suggests that she is in the same class as a student she is staring at, that student will then be inclined to change his opinion and memories slightly so that she might fit in, and find himself/herself more likely to answer however she wants to. These suggestions grow weaker if the suggested thing is more abstract or impossible, and it also loses strength if the other party has more Reiatsu than she does. Needless to say, this is a prime weapon against a certain red-haired brother she has.

Techinques: Fiery Heavens - Breaker Charm
A close range technique based upon magic and martial arts which she recently developed. Charging energy into her hand, she quickly draws a rune right infront of her, which has the same effect as a short range explosion and crash upon the enemy to cause knockback and minor damage.

Weapons & Tools: Ilya does not use any kind of weapon. However, she can wear the dress of heaven, which makes her able to control the Holy Grail, at least partially. Using it can have severe side-effects, though, with her own death being the nicest of them all.

Magic Abilities

Element: Ilyasviels natural element was 'life'. The experiments and training imposed upon her made her develop a dual affinity for both 'life' and 'darkness', respectively.

Standard Spells: Ilyasviel, at full power, can easily use all of the common spells of the Sugiura without owning a Sacred. With the limitations active, her ability shrinks down considerably, making her unable to use any of the mid to high level spells without inflicting pain upon herself for doing so.

Magecraft Unleashed

Magecraft Types: Reinforcement
The ability to strengthen something by infusing pure Reiatsu to neglect all natural flaws. Harder to impose on one's own body, and very hard to use on others. This spell works like a poison if it fails - breaking objects and weakening the user instead. If refused by the targets own body, nothing simply happens. Ilya is skilled enough to reinforce her own body for up to 2 hours, and others for up to 30 minutes, without having to spend additional prana. This requires no special spell to use, and thus lacks a spell list.

Third Magic, Heaven's Feel
The ability to control souls. The forbidden Magecraft. The eternal longing of all mages. Ilyasviel can only use an imperfect version of it, through her connection to the Holy Grail, and thus, the anti-existance of all life. Ilyasviels imperfect Third Magic cannot force 'souls' to do anything, but she is able to keep a soul from leaving a body and being lost as a Plus, even though that can potentially inflict horrible pain on the victim by being forced to stay in a dead body. She can also keep the 'will', the thing that makes souls and people what they are, from dispersing after death, and able to bind them into new vessels. Once a will becomes transferred into a possible new host, like a weaker soul that can be overridden, or a fake, puppet body, that form gets reshaped into the old person, weaker, but revived and rescued from vanishing. A soul stored like this becomes part of Ilya, and shares part of her memories after returning.
A lesser form of the Third Magic is the control over puppets. While they need to be created otherwise, the user can freely control spiritual particles to move a doll around, no matter what kind - a cute little doll or a weapon of mass destruction with strings attached.
This is a 'primal' form of Magic, older than the Sugiura themselves. A magic formerly used by the Guardian Beasts, it requires no incarnations or spells, and is an instinctive skill. Ilyasviel can't use it while bound by Berserker and Heroism, which is the main reason why she has not attempted to escape from his influence, even during the time where she is not in Las Noches.

Spell Lists:

Alter Form

Alter Appearance: (What your Alter Form looks like. It has to have some resemblance to the original. You only get an Alter Form when you have Kyuu Kyou)

Alter Personality: (How your Alter Form acts.)

Alter Powers: (What kind of powers does your Alter Form have that your original form doesn't have?)

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Ilyasviel was not born like the other Sugiura. In fact, her sole existance and creation went against anything nature would want. When her mother, Shimura, was injured in the fight against Dhaos, she became unable to bear another child for quite a long time. As she had promised to have a child with her lover, and no healer amongst the Sugiura was able to help her - the goddess of life was still nowhere to be found at that time, after all - she took the help of someone she had not expected any from.
Her old family, the Einzbern clan of the Soul Society, made her an apparently easy and nice offer to help her with their soul alchemy and make her recover from the injuries. However, the goddess of the Sugiura was tricked by her own parents. Against her will, her blood signed a contract - a blood pact. Unless she followed all the Einzberns said to the letter, she'd be cursed - and the first day, one Sugiura would die. The second day, two Sugiura. And it would continue forever, until her kind died out. Backed into a corner like this, she had no choice but to help them.
The result of that is Ilyasviel. Born from the desire to obtain the Holy Grail, she was not 'born'. Instead, the fetus that would later become Ilya was created from Kiritsugus seed, Shimuras blood, fragments of the grail and forbidden black magic and alchemy too sinister to still be considered anything but evil.
The original intent was easy. Once Shimura carried out the child, the Einzberns would take it from her. If everything went according to their plans, the result would be a soulless, mindless husk ready to recieve their orders and control the Holy Grail even while it was still sealed, to reach the 'Heaven's Feel' and root of all things that was even above the Soul King.

However, fate would not have that. Instead of a mindless husk, Ilyasviel von Einzbern was born as a thinking being - an artificial Sugiura, sometimes called a 'Homunculus', an imperfect copy of her mother. After all, Shimura was potentially able to control the Heaven's Feel if she gave her own self up. So it was only natural that her daughter closest to being her was the same, in the end. Enraged by this failure, the Einzberns kept Ilya away from her mother after the first years, and put her through the most painful and sinister training they knew of. In the nights, as she was crying herself to sleep, she wished for her mother to come and rescue her. For her father to come and take her out of this hell. But nobody ever came.
And over the years, and then, centuries, hope turned into despair. Love turned into hate. The little information Ilya was able to obtain let her know that they had another kid, called Shirou. Forgotten, that's how she saw herself. But no longer would Ilyasviel have that after getting to know that she had a younger brother that most likely already looked older than her. The own body a creation of dark arts, her aging was slowed and almost halted way too early, an error that only the destruction of the darkness that bound her soul - the Holy Grail - would make possible.

What she had planned was quite sinnister, but not surprising. She held no love or affection for the Einzberns or their artificial, soulless Servants at all. And what they did not yet realize, was her amazing power. Sure, being beaten up at age 4 for not saying a 20 line incantation without error had been a traumatic experience - every day anew. But it had also strengthened her. With raw potential rivaling her mother in the Sugiura arts, Ilya was a Magus-type Sugiura - and the strongest born in millenia. During one training session, it then happened. Having recieved word of her brother, and where to meet - and kill - him, as her original intent was, she had no more time to waste. And on that day, Ilya wore the dress of heaven for the first and so far only time.

In the wake of destruction, the mansion burned. The land around it burned. The eternal snow melting, evaporating, leaving behind black and soiled earth, forever unable to bring forth life. Souls forever trapped in All The Worlds Evil, and thus, eternal hatred, had burned this land into an unrecognizeable piece of the earth. Through sheer luck or maybe even hidden intention, the blood contract original was destroyed - and thus, with the creators dead and the contract turned into ash, the Einzberns lost all hold of Shimura again. Not that any were still alive to regret it, though.

Now, that had only been step one of her revenge. She was long gone before word of the death of her old family reached Shimura, gone like the wind. Her next target was supposed to be none other than her brother, Shirou Emiya.
But in the end, she was unable to do that. Even while floating above, unnoticed, unseen, she had a clear shot and would've been able to kill him - but she was unable to. Something inside her - the last flickering light of humanity and attachment through the darkness that had created and nurished her, most likely - stalled her hand. And thus, she disappeared like the fresh snow, only appearing infront of Shirous eyes once, with a strange, warm smile on her face.

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