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Daigoro Ito DaiProfileHeader

Name: Daigoro Ito
Nicknames: The Platinum Wall; Blood-Head
Gender: Male
Age: IS 429, APPEARS 24.


The first thing that you would see if you were to look at Daigoro Ito would be that he doesn't look like someone who would be “The One Who Walked The Path Of Blood”, or “The Platinum Wall”. His entire figure is slender and slim, with very few muscles despite the years of physical training that his body has gone through. His right arm, despite the rest of his body, is a slightly different tone of skin color to the rest, and also slightly atrophied; but this proves no difficulty for Daigoro's skills with a sword or any other weapon, for that matter. If one were to strip away the layers of clothing that covered his body, they'd be able to see just how light the flesh that covers his body just is; and then they'd find themselves entranced. For up the center of Daigoro's lower back is a large scar, crossing from the right side of his body to the left with a single cut; an inch wide, a foot long. While this scar is normally hidden by the man's hair, it can usually be revealed by a quick turn of his head.

Dai wears his emotions on his face, and his sleeves, and all over his body, basically. If he is feeling an emotion, he will not hide it from anyone. In fact, he finds it difficult to do so. His eyes, of a deep red hue, are always looking into the distance, staring out over the horizon. If one were to look deeper into these eyes, they'd see the welled up emotion that existed within the orbs. These eyes always have an appearance of wishful thinking, but no regret. There is a powerful strength behind that emotion that can really only be seen when Daigoro himself is riled up by something, or prepared to die for what he's doing. The hair that hands down from his head is a darker and deeper shade of red than his eyes, and seems to flow like a river as he moves. The hair itself is not a natural color, and should have reverted to it's original color by now, but has not, for some reason. It also hides a lot of Daigoro's scars and what he would like to hide. This hair used to reach his feet, but at one point he cut it shorter, causing it to now only reach about his tailbone in length. His facial expression is almost always benevolent, with a kind stare emanating from him despite anything that may or may not be happening.

There is almost always a weak scent of lavender coming from Daigoro's body, something that he himself has not been able to explain despite his hardest attempts to do so. It is not an aphrodisiac, nor is it anything that could affect those around him. It's hard to explain, really; it could possibly be the shampoo or soap that he uses on his body, or it could be just some strange phenomena that occurs around this redheaded individual, but nobody can really explain it completely. As well as that, his entire body has a soft glow around it when he's not in shikai or bankai, but that is explained by the natural Kido resistance that he had earned from his zanpakuto.

Daigoro walks with a slow and casual gait, not really seeming to be heading anywhere, but not just ambling along either. He almost seems to be keeping an eye out for anything that might possibly occur, but one can never be really sure with Dai; there are things that seem to be enigmas about this man's very existence, and if you tried to explain everything that you could about Daigoro, you would be stuck for a very long time trying to work out exactly what you were looking for.

Daigoro's Reiatsu is usually a pure white color, and appears to be crackling like electricity. There is also a tribal-styled wolf tattoo on the back of his right hand, although this is normally covered by a large metallic glaive. This wolf tattoo, which was once the focal point of a Kokuryuteshi Seal, is now a focal point for Daigoro's own self-sealing Kidou.

Personality: At a first glance, Daigoro Ito could be a man of many different moods. If one was to speak to him, they would see him possibly change personality several times throughout the conversation, depending on how he had been spoken to. If one was to speak kindly to him, then he would speak kindly back - and vice versa. If someone was to attack him in a form of anger, then he would defend himself with some form of anger back, although most likely without the same strength and proper rage behind it - one who knows Daigoro personally knows him as a greatly benevolent individual. If you first meet him, and speak to him, he will come off as a man with a smile always across his face, and a kind word and piece of advice.

Daigoro has a crazy ideal. His ideal is that all life is equal, and all lives are to be saved, unless they don't deserve life. He doesn't try to choose who lives and dies, however he will protect those he cares about more powerfully than he tries to protect others. That said, Dai is unbiased in all of his opinions, and tries to take in both sides of the story of an argument, instead of reacting to an 'accusation' over anything else. Now that he finds himself free of binds, he has developed his own honor to a point where orders mean nothing and everything to him; his morals come first, no matter what the situation. That said, if one was to ask Daigoro to kill a simple Hollow, as opposed to an Arrancar or Vizard, he would not hesitate. While he finds that Arrancar have evolved to the point of intelligence and the ability to make choices, he cannot bring himself to understand the simple instinct of a Hollow and will destroy them without thought or regret.

But... this is only a façade. Inside, Daigoro Ito is an empty and broken shell. His morals, being the only thing that have guided him throughout his life, have almost always caused more suffering than he ever wanted to; and because of that, he has tried to shut himself off from the rest of the world and live life on his own, away from others. But that's only what he's doing, it's not what he wants. Even though he wants to get rid of war around the entire world, he really only wants someone to protect with everything in his strength. He's not just looking for someone to protect, but possibly even someone to love with all of his heart. Because Daigoro Ito is but an empty shell of a man, forging emotions in order to convince himself that he's alright, even if he knows that he isn't.

This redheaded Shinigami has a strange and wonderful dream around him; one that he created on his own through seeing everything around him build up and change. Having viewed this war through both sides, he has decided that peace is the true answer, and wishes to remove said battle from the world and create true peace. Sadly, he also realizes that this is impossible, and tries to build it up slowly, instead, even knowing that it's still impossible for the world to achieve this.

In battle, Daigoro knows that he can take most of what others can throw at him. This has made him slightly more reckless, and benevolent to the point of seeming arrogant. If he sees that he might end up injuring others more than they would need or be able to heal from properly, he will refuse to fight someone, unfortunately seeming arrogant to them. When he follows any lead in his research, he will follow any lead that he is given. He says that, instead of losing a good lead, he will always follow what he is given. Even if the lead was a wild goose chase for him, and he wasted his time doing it, it will always be worth it to the Shinigami. Daigoro also has a hefty air of nonchalance about him. It's not the same as this “arrogance”, but it's rather similar. If you take a first look at him, he doesn't appear to care. In fact, it almost always seems that way. However, this is not the case. This is simply Daigoro hiding his own emotions from others. He believes that, if he doesn't show his usual emotions to others, he won't have to drag them down in his wake.

He is also generally sarcastic and joking, however he is never malicious towards someone unless he sees some side of them that he doesn't like. He automatically locks onto the good within people, no matter who they are, and will reject somebody if he sees no retrievable good in their heart. His one dream is peace, as mentioned before, and he will do anything to make that goal possible - except for merciless or undeserved killing.

When in battle, Daigoro is careful around his opponents. He will try to goad them into attacking him first, and use his immense defensive strength to his advantage. Although he is normally rather quick to activate Shikai, this is usually in order to bring out more randomness and flexibility in battle as opposed to just releasing his powers. In fact, Daigoro is highly unlikely to attack in the first place, taking his time in order to discern what the next plan of attack would be, or what the best idea for defending is. However, when he is finally forced to take up proper arms, he switches tactics often, moving from hand-to-hand to weapon and back quite often, in order to confuse his opponents into slipping up.

Daigoro's mental and physical will is also at an amazing level; and if he was to be told that there were insurmountable odds against him... he'd still press on. It's just how Daigoro is, he doesn't give up easily, not anymore.

Daigoro Ito Feralm10

Appearance: Unlike most inner spirits, the FeralMind does not have a true appearance. If Daigoro was to view this spirit, he would see it as being himself, a mirror image almost. However, unlike his own appearance, the FeralMind has a few differences. The creature, despite being truly of Daigoro's appearance himself, has a different look in it's eyes. The look in it's eyes is rather frightening, appearing to be staring directly into the heart of the one staring at them. In fact, it's almost as if these eyes are the purest embodiment of cruelty there is. If it opens it's mouth, it usually speaks with a guttural tone, yet having a tinge of suave and sophisticated speech to it. It is truly an enigma. Other than that, the FeralMind appears the same, save for a golden hue in it's eyes, and paler flesh than Daigoro himself, as well as great lightening the color of his hair. This is the appearance that Daigoro himself takes whenever the FeralMind takes over his mind and body.

Personality: The FeralMind is, as the FeralMind has been stated. Basically, it is “He-Who-Is-Covered-In-Blood” in Daigoro's mind. This is the part of Daigoro that truly desires battle; and would rather have people grovel beneath his feet than work together with them in unison. If the FeralMind is to come out in battle, it is when Daigoro either truly believes that he is to die, or the battle itself would be more of a massacre, than an actual fight. This is evident when Daigoro himself fought against several orcs while attempting to save Myasha: The FeralMind took control, and instead of killing them quickly and respecting their deaths right after, Daigoro cut them into pieces and simply left them to die.

That isn't to say that the FeralMind only takes the form of “He-Who-Is-Covered-In-Blood”, no no. In fact, the FeralMind is the embodiment of Daigoro's sin. That is the easiest way to say it, because it is true. Daigoro forced the FeralMind out of his bodily shell and attempted to destroy it, but ended up simply sealing it within his body in the first place. Because of this, when he's under the influence of the FeralMind, Daigoro is generally more sexual as well as less moral. In fact, he can be seen as the perfect opposite of himself under this influence. This is why Daigoro fears the FeralMind, because everything that he doesn't want to be, everything that is what he tried to cast off... is within this other being.

Now, that is all well and true, but we have to know the real reason behind the FeralMind itself. It isn't so much a creature made to terrorize Daigoro, but a creature made to protect him, doing the tasks that Daigoro himself would normally refuse to. For this, it can be inferred that the FeralMind is, in fact, simply Dai without the moral bounds he places upon himself.

Unique Traits: Instinct: Because of his understanding of his animal side, Daigoro is able to use the senses that he's gained, and have what could simply be called an animalistic 'sixth sense'. Bordering on precognition, Daigoro is able to sense the path of best battle result for him, and attempt to take it. That said, although he is able to sense it, it doesn't mean that he is going to be able to get past any possible threats.

This also allows him to take up an animalistic understanding of his surrounding and the people around him; meaning that if there's something hidden that average humans/Shinigami wouldn't understand, he will most likely notice it and be able to react. However, this comes at a cost: if he recognizes a threat, he is likely to revert to an animal-like state of mind and action, reacting as if he were an animal.

Anchor: If Daigoro has decided to get serious about a fight, he allows his Reiatsu to leak into the ground beneath his feet. The Reiatsu intertwines among the earth beneath him and acts as an anchor, increasing his stability by a great amount. This still has a limit, but it depends on the terrain.

"Do you fear your own strength? You should."

Natural Abilities:

Inhuman/Godlike Durability: Daigoro is strange. Although most Shinigami at his level hold a relatively high level of physical durability and defense, Daigoro holds more. The level of physical durability that Daigoro has allows him to take physical and spiritual attacks that would leave most Shinigami on the ground, or unconscious, and walk away nigh on unharmed, and if the attack is weak enough, not even shifted from his standing position. This is not to say that he isn't harmed, he just is less likely to be injured by any attacks. After unlocking Unity, this is increased: No characters below tier 2-1 are, in practice, able to harm Daigoro physically. His general resistance is slightly lowered against energy attacks, however.

Inhuman Stamina: In order to maintain his physical durability, Daigoro needs a lot of energy. Because of this, the amount of energy that his body has is staggeringly high, but not infinite. This stamina allows him to continue in battle (and bed) for a lot longer than most Shinigami before tiring. This has increased further, allowing him to continue fighting for three times as long as most would before tiring.

High Pain Threshold: Daigoro, after training his body over the years, has found himself with the mentality to be able to ignore high levels of pain. Although it still hurts and he still feels it, the actual pain itself is ignored by Daigoro, and eventually recedes to a dull throb in the back of his mind.

Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat: As a former member of the Second Division, Daigoro discovered that a lot of his strength lay in the use of hand-to-hand combat, or Hakuda, in battle. Because of this, he has developed a high level of skill in the art, although that has waned a little since his return to, and subsequent desertion of, the Kokuryuteshi.

Advanced Weapons Skills: Due to the nature of his zanpakuto, Daigoro is required to be able to understand how to use and wield proficiently a large variety of bladed and non-bladed weaponry. Although he isn't as skilled as he could be, he has enough skill to be able to use them well enough.

Proficient in Shunpo: Daigoro, being a former member of the Second Division, is proficient in Shunpo. He is skilled in using it, and is rather quick as well; however his skill has degraded slightly in the time since he left the Soul Society. Because of his animal-like nature, his own Shunpo has changed a bit, increasing the distance traveled with each step, however also making them easier to notice.

No skill in Kidou: Due to the original nature of his zanpakuto when it was Kiba Ookami, Daigoro had no need to perform Kidou, and he therefore didn't learn it in the end. He can perform Kidou up to level 10, however after that he needs to use the aids of the Kidou Seals developed for his Glaive.

Zanpakutô Spirit:


Daigoro's zanpakuto holds a single spirit, yet in two forms. His name is Shiro Okami, or “White Wolf”. He can choose to hold either a human form, or an animal form, choosing to appear to Daigoro in whichever one he feels best at the time.

If he is in his human form, he will usually refer to himself as “Shiro”. In this form, Shiro is a rather attractive young man, slim and muscular, and usually wearing an Edo period men's kimono; a homage to Daigoro's own history. His hair consists of short white locks, quite sharp and out there, yet soft to the touch. His face, while sharp on it's own, has a strange coolness and calmness to it, Shiro exuding benevolence from his face. And then, we come to his eyes. Shiro has a pair of deep purple eyes, ones that will keep someone looking into them entranced. On his right arm, he will always be holding a red ribbon, the hue the same as the blood that flowed into Daigoro's hair, and the length the same as well.

While in the wolf form, he refers to himself as “Okami”. In wolf form, he is about hip-height on Daigoro, and can prowl around him with a pair of padded feet that seem to make no noise as he walks. He always seems to have an inquisitive look on his face, and the pair of bright blue eyes that adorn it seem to be able to stare into your very soul and see any secrets that you may or may not be hiding. There is also a mark on the top of his left hind leg, and a red ribbon tied around his right foreleg.

In either form, Shiro or Okami, the spirit's actions and personality are very much the same. Because of their closeness to Daigoro's history, and the fact that they themselves are derived from his own willpower, they seem to feel in tune with him, far more than Ookami had; and Daigoro still doesn't quite understand how he changed into this pair of strangers. He has a strange habit of mimicking anything that Daigoro says or thinks, repeating it in several different ways before giving his advice, and yet he still holds some tinges of paranoia that Ookami once held towards his master. Other than this, the pair/trio are very close, and Shiro Okami seems to trust Daigoro completely with his strength.

Inner World:

Daigoro's inner world is unusual, as it takes two forms for different purposes, although it might be said that these forms exist in unison with each other, yet cannot exist together; if one would understand that logic.

The first form is the Tsubasa no Shiro Bun'ya, or the “White Field of Blades”. This is a large, snow-covered area that, well, is basically a field of many different types of bladed weaponry. This field's contents changes every time Daigoro enters, and each sword is a form that his zanpakuto could possibly take. Although this field is known as the White Field of “Blades”, the fact also remains that there exist non-bladed weapons and shields in this area as well; Daigoro has the oppurtunity to use this place to practice with his swords to his hearts content. He will usually expect to meet Shiro here, as opposed to Okami. There is also a strange, ash-like mist that seems to blow around the entire area.

The second form of Daigoro's inner world is known as Chi Hitashi Okami no Kan, or “Hall of Blood Soaked Wolves”. Despite the name, this is one of the few places that Daigoro can travel to find a sense of pure calmness and tranquillity. It takes the appearance of a large dojo hall, and always has a cool draft running through it, with places to sit and such nearby. When Daigoro arrives here, it is usually in order to speak with his zanpakuto as opposed to training with it. Although he can expect either Shiro or Okami to arrive here, Okami is generally more likely to be in this place; as the hall itself is named after Daigoro's sin and the wolves that denote his true mentality.

Sealed Zanpakutô:
Kanki Okami is a tanto, at approximately 20 centimetres long, less than one shaku. The blade design is simple and unobtrusive, with a slightly metallic sheen down the length of the blade and a strange wave-like design travelling along beside the edge. The hilt is strangely-patterned, with a hexagonal design covering the handle, which has been carved from whalebone. There is also a small medallion on the hilt itself, although Daigoro himself is unaware as to the origin or the purpose of this object; he simply takes it in his stride and accepts that it is there.

Sealed Abilities:
Kōka o Herasu/Reducing the Effects: When sealed, Kanki Okami takes a small amount of spiritual energy from Daigoro's personal source - a negligible amount. This amount is made into a small and thin barrier around Daigoro's body, protecting him from Reiatsu-based attacks. This will allow him to physically ignore any Reiatsu-based attack up until the strength of Kido 75. This is disabled when he enters Shikai.

However, this only applies to any THREE Kido that hit Dai in a cluster, and it is usually the three most powerful, leaving the rest to hit his body unabated.

Ikorosu Hyakutou "Shubi"/Nine Lives "Defense": In legend there existed a warrior that created a powerful sword technique, one that was meant to kill someone nine times in a instant. This warrior was a close friend to Daigoro Ito. The man noted that Daigoro was more suited for the role of defender, rather than killer. So he decided to vary from his original sword technique. Taking the original targets; the upper arm, collarbone, windpipe, temple, diaphragm, rib, testicles, and thighs, as well as the heart; attacks intended to kill the target a total of nine times in an instant, he developed Shubi. Unlike Nine Lives, Shubi however is meant to defend.

He doesn't so much defend nine places at once, as opposed to understanding these nine places simultaneously, and defending accordingly. Daigoro uses his own animal-like senses instincts to judge these nine places to defend his body. Upon blocking the first attack, he sends the opposing force back at nine times the original force of the attack. On the second block it sends it back at eight times the force, the 3rd block sends the attack back 7 times the force, and so on, and so forth. This is a pattern, one where each block shall keep sending the attack back stronger, but the power of it weakens over time, making it better for rapid groups of blocks. This ability is best to start off with, as powerful this move seems, this is more to scare off the opponent from further attacking, thus preventing Daigoro from falling into the role of killer than defender. One post use, two cooldown.

When used against it's sister ability, Nine Lives (Blade Works), the effect is simply cancelled, as opposed to sending back force, due to the duality of these abilities.

Shirakumo, Aoyama, Seikuken/White Mountain, Blue Cloud, Seikuken: This is another defensive ability, taught to Daigoro by the man who assisted him in achieving bankai. When using this, he spreads his arms out in a motion around his body and defines an arms-length radius sphere. This sphere is the realm of his Seikuken, and at the cost of most of his understanding of the outer world, Daigoro gains perfect and total knowledge of everything in this small area, to the small particle. With this, Dai is able to comprehend and dodge each and every attack that enters this area; however if he fails to move out of the way and gets hit, it destroys his concentration and ruins the sphere that he created. When he does this, his eyes turn blank and white.

Shikai Description:
To release Kanki Okami, Daigoro must have the sword in it's sheath at his side. He places his hand onto the hilt and speaks his release phrase, before letting the sword and sheath dissipate into a strange ash. This ash flows up and around Daigoro's body, flowing around him as if it was a mist, of sorts. This mist is constantly crackling with arcs of Daigoro's lightning-like spiritual energy.

Shikai Abilities:

Mugen Sozo/Infinite Creationism: As Kanki Okami has no true form, it needs a created medium in order to be able to be used as a weapon. This is similar to Daigoro's Assimilation Creation, however there is another little difference; the weapons created are also able to be shields. Daigoro can use the particles that maneuver around his body in order to create these forms - they'll be crackling with the electricity-like Reiatsu that Daigoro has within his body. The weapons can be interchanged within a single post, with no need for cooldown.


Seishou-Hakaisa/Energy Cutter: This ability can take up to two forms - [Blade Form] or [Crescent Form]. Each of these forms are fundamentally the same, with the only differences being the range and power behind them. [Blade Form] is focussed down the blade of any weapon that Daigoro has created using Mugen Sozo, and has the ability to rend any energy-based attack in two from the touch with the blade. [Crescent Form] is the same, however it has more range - and is weaker in terms of cutting strength. Multiple shots of these can be used in a single post, three per post maximum.


While this attack may or may not be rather powerful, having the ability to nullify most, if not all, energy-based attacks, it has a rather great weakness. It is only a defense, there is no attacking potential behind Seishou-Hakaisha. Because targets are made of such condensed Reiatsu, and they have spiritual particles intertwined within their energy, they are impossible for Seishou-Hakaisha to be able to muster the strength from Daigoro to cut. If Daigoro was to attempt to cut a spiritual being with Seishou-Hakaisha the drain on his strength would kill him without hesitation.

Reiatsu Memory: The Reiatsu Memory is the unique ability that is taken within Kanki Okami. This allows for Daigoro's Reiatsu to memorize a single attack in Shikai. This one attack is imprinted onto the memory, but only a single attack can be imprinted at a time. If another attack collides with his body, then the Reiatsu Memory will overwrite the single slot with the latest ability. For the Reiatsu Memory to work, the attack MUST collide with Dai's body, and abilities that branch out from the original are unable to be imprinted.

Tekiya/Faker: Now, that's not all the Reiatsu Memory can do. In fact, the chief ability of the Reiatsu Memory is to be able to draw out the exact idea of the ability that it has memorized. This idea is then given shape by Daigoro's Reiatsu, and he can use it as an attack, at half-strength. This mimic is perfect, save for appearance. Because it is formed from Dai's Reiatsu, it is colored like his Reiatsu. If the ability requires a different weapon, then the ash will become the required weapon, so on and so forth. Once the ability is used, the slot is emptied. He can use this ability as long as the single slot has an ability stored.


Release: Watashi jikkō subete o omoidashi, Kanki Okami (Remember everything that I take, Evocative Wolf)

Bankai Description: Kakutei Shinkoku o Okami (Wolf of Final Return)

When Daigoro speaks the phrase to release his bankai, the weapon that he carries shatters, and the ash goes back to flowing around his body. This ash flows around him for a half-second, before flashing brightly and covering him in white light. This white light dyes his clothing white, although keeping some of the red tones on the details. The ash then reforms itself into the weapon that Daigoro had been using previously. As well as that, his eyes become a deep violet, appearing to be the same color as his zanpakuto spirit's form, Shiro.

Bankai Abilities:

Until he activates Nise Kokubo, Daigoro's Bankai abilities remain the same as the abilities that he holds in Shikai. However, the real difference with this is the fact that he now has three slots unlocked in Reiatsu Memory. They fill in from the top, pushing out the bottom memory if they're already full. Other than that, nothing is new and different, until...

Nise Kokubo/A False Defense: When he goes to activate this, his weapon will automatically shatter back into the mist of ash that surrounds him. This mist will suddenly condense over his body, hardening as a nigh-invisible shell of Reiatsu around him. With this, Daigoro loses access to his zanpakuto, but gains greatly in terms of his usual defense - being able to weaken all abilities that collide with him by approximately 50%; so if he is cut by a sword, it will only go half as deep as it usually would, and so on, so forth. Because of how it works, the Reiatsu Memory in Nise Kokubo doesn't use Daigoro's energy to mimic, it uses a system of energy transfers, converting the kinetic and spiritual energies from the attack into spiritual potential energy, which is then returned as the same attack.

However, a lot also changes with his Reiatsu Memory. While he still has three slots, he can now use either one, two or three slots at once, without losing surplus abilities after use. The actual level of the mimicry reduces, making it a broken mimic that won't have all of the effects of the attack itself. However, the trade-off for this is that he will be able to use it at the exact strength of the PERCENTAGE of the ability that hit him. This means that Dai can only use whatever hit him, even if it looks the same as the ability.

This ability can last for as long as Daigoro wishes to hold onto it, however the true weakness of Nise Kokubo is that he has to throw himself in front of attacks in order to be able to gain any form of attacking a target, save for hand-to-hand combat. This means that he runs the risk of being injured further, despite his already large defense.

HOWEVER, there lies one exception to this rule. And that is the concept of "intention". If an attack is intended on being used to attack Daigoro, then the attack will hit with the fullest strength that it can, with the damage being taken off for the natural defense. But if the attack is sent at Daigoro with the intention of being mimicked by him, then there's a different story entirely. If the ability or attack is used intentionally to give Daigoro a weapon to use, then the damage is reduced further, to 25% of it's full strength. However, accidental attacks aren't counted, and still act as normal attacks.

This ability uses very little Reiatsu of Dai's own, as the Reiatsu Memory also converts and transfers the energy from the colliding attack, sending it back out with the mimic. This is why Daigoro can use Nise Kokubo for such extended periods of time. He can also use branched abilities in this form (i.e; abilities that have been created by the effect of another ability).

While attacks are normally mimicked with the weapon that they branch from, there are times when Daigoro is only hit with a weapon. He can either use the weapon once as an attack, or choose to expend Reiatsu and keep the weapon out in order to be used as a more permanent weapon. Sadly, if he uses another Reiatsu Memory slot, the weapon dissipates.

Now, for an exact idea of the ability - a couple of examples.

EXAMPLE A: Ichigo uses Getsuga Tensho on Dai. Dai is hit directly by the attack, takes damage, and manages to get back to his feet. The combination of Kinetic and Spiritual Energies are stored within the Reiatsu Memory, converted into spiritual potential. He activates the Reiatsu Memory, using his Reiatsu to create a replica of the weapon used and using the stored energy in the Reiatsu Memory to activate something similar, using the name "Getsuga Tensho" in order to mess with Ichigo's mind.

EXAMPLE B: Gilgamesh attacks Dai with a large amount of projectiles from the Gate of Babylon. Daigoro is hit by these projectiles, taking the damage from them, and absorbing the energy from Reiatsu Memory. Now, because the creation of these weapons is an ability on it's own, Daigoro uses three slots. "Gate of Babylon", "Weapon Creation", "Projectile Fire". He then uses these three slots at once, opening the Gate of Babylon, creating the weapons to be fired, and firing them - until the Reiatsu that he stored is depleted.

This ability has several weaknesses:

  • As Dai doesn't have a weapon of his own in this form, he MUST throw himself in front of the attacks of others in order to be able to fight without resorting to hand-to-hand.
  • The mimic is always used in what's known as a "Shinigami's Energy", no matter what race the ability is mimicked from. This is because the conversion of energy only knows two energies to convert to. So if a target is able to resist "Shinigami Energy", then they can generally resist the attack.
  • The attack must HIT Daigoro's body for it to be able to be mimicked. So if it's an attack that manipulates the surroundings but doesn't actually affect Dai, then he cannot mimic. However, if the surroundings are manipulated and used to attack, Dai can mimic the movement that's made with a simple telekinesis.
  • The attacks only seem "mimicked". As Daigoro doesn't possess the energy of the other races, he can only make do with using the energy that he takes in from the attacks and returning it in something he can use. So there may be discrepancies, however the mimic is as close to perfect as possible.
  • If a target knows how to dispel or protect themselves from their own attacks, it makes it more difficult for Daigoro to use this mimic properly against them.
  • Although the mimic is full-strength, it's only as strong as the energy that's hit Daigoro.

Yūkai Kōmoku o Fukusei/Replication of the Bounded Field: The Replication of the Bounded Field is a variant maneuver of Nise Kokubo, that allows for Daigoro to perform mimicry of certain abilities without having to be hit with the certain ability. This also allows for some degree of memorization, but only in terms of personalization and creation. If Daigoro views the processes and energies behind a Bounded Field-type ability, he is able to lock three Reiatsu Memory Slots. These three slots are then completely dedicated to the creation of this Bounded Field. Unlike most other abilites within Nise Kokubo, Daigoro can pull the ability from memory and use it, however he becomes unable to use the Reiatsu Memory slots until the Bounded Field dissipates.

When using Replication of the Bounded Field, Daigoro's Reiatsu is the one forming the Bounded Field, so there will always be differences in terms of execution and appearance of the Field itself. Not only that, but the ability will last as long as Daigoro can withstand, instead of the amount of energy within the Memory Slots.


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|| T H E S T O R Y ||

BIRTH TO THREE YEARS OF AGE; "Lone Wolf and Cub”1581 to 1584

THREE YEARS TO EIGHTEEN YEARS; Turning Point 1: “Kanzaki”1584 to 1600

DAIGORO'S DEATH; “Sekigahara” - 1600

TIME AS A SOUL/RUKONGAI; ”His Father's Son”1600 to 1800


HE-WHO-IS-COVERED-IN-BLOOD; FeralMind Interlude A: “Kaiesho Massacre”1778


THE SHINIGAMI ACADEMY; ”Wall of Iron”1800 to 1806

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Daigoro Ito - 0-2
David Nassau - 1-1+; 0-5
Mariyah Baishun-Otoko - 1-1-
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