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PostSubject: Reiha imari   Reiha imari Icon_minitime1Thu May 27, 2010 7:11 pm

Name: Reiha imari

Gender: Female

Age: (looks 19-21) true Age: 600

Personality: Reiha is quite the beauty and as such is quite popular wit hthe male's of soul society. As Such she is known to be Quite the humble and peaceful shinigami. mostly showing you off a peaceful attitude not showing any disrespect at all. she's A woman who's all about business when it come's down to it. but she doesn't believe that that has to be the case all the time and as such. there are other side's to the coin of her persona... Away from being peaceful and somber...

She is known to be quite the tease in fact All over soul society. She has known to been on quite a few date's and have teased over a lot of men. yet she retain's her virginity. She is quite jokeful in some serious situations... To lighten up the moment's which she think's are bland and do not need to be as serious as the core group may make it. overall Reiha lift's herself with respect no matter how much of the teasing Woman she is. she has one of those regal type of attitude's but as Well doesn't seem high and mighty with it. She give's an equal respect to anyone who give's it back to her.


Reiha imari Chara_img03

reiha is quite the dazzling beauty in appearance and such is quite popular among her male and female divsion member's he has lovely dark blue hair that travel's down to her back complimenting her lovely face Which is a nice milk White not too pale not too bright the perfect Caucsian look. her figure is also very desiring and the perfect hour glass shape a quite toned body that she keep's in shape by working out daily and getting around a lot. Her mos distinct feature would have to be her lovely eye's which leave's most of the Men she look's at mesmerized just by staring inside of them. All in All Reiha's one of those Bombshell dream girl's that you would just wanna grab and do Well "Fun" thing's with. As such she usually use's these look's to her advantage and has been to known to wear some risky outfit's on her way's to her earth in her gigai

Zanpakutô Spirit:
Nisshoku Though sometimes Reiha will refer to him as Solaris He Knight like Warrior that Will take on the form of a powerful phoenix in the bankai state if reiha deem's it so. he is quite a peaceful spirit and in some way's represent's reiha. He has regal attitude toward's himself and as such like's the best of the world's pleasure he is more of a sarcastic type then a tease...

Reiha imari HeavenlySaintMagiShine

Sealed Zanpakutô : Reiha imari BlessedSword1

Shikai Description:

Reiha imari Kampfer-11-Large09

After Going Into her Shikai her Blade Take's on two Chain dagger's connected to chain's that can emit white and or black explosive flame's from it's blade as well as purple energy

Shikai Abilities:

While holding her zanpakuto, she chants the release command, then a black shadow engulfs the blade, afterwards, a blinding light will flash from the blade revealing a black katana, which emits glowing light, which are flames, from the blade's edges, similar to a solar eclipse, in which the blade symbolizes the moon, while the light that it emits shows the sun. She also refers that her blade is not suitable for assassination, save for one of her techniques.

2.Other than Nisshoku's passive ability of burning things to a certain degree, also the light that the blade emits can temporarily blind the opponent, which then she can use as an advantage. Meanwhile the black chain blade can also burn, but she uses it for its ability to absorb damage to certain levels, the black blade acts like a shield that sucks in damage, while the white part acts as the one that does damage

3.This is her last Shikai move, whenever she uses this move a small dome will engulf a small area, inside it everything is blinding white, nobody can see what is happening inside the dome, then she can travel onto the enemy's shadows and can strike them in any way she would like.

Release: Devour the Sun with your Almighty power nisshoku!

Bankai Description: her Blade's Can take on both white and Dark blade's in which she can emit both white and Dark flame's From the dagger blade's as well


Taiyoo no Tsukaihatasu(Devourer of the Sun)

1.This move creates a different phoenix, instead of creating it from light, the move summons it from the zanpakuto, therefore, the phoenix that will be seen is considered to be its spiritual form. The phoenix that is summon has a larger size and instead of getting power from light, it sucks all energy from the sun, whatever time of the day it is, therefore turning it temporarily to the color black, whenever it is. The phoenix is very powerful but on the downside, it can only be used for 3 minutes time period.

2.Reiha' most powerful move, it heats up her zanpakuto, turning her white zanpakuto to pure black, even she cannot use this move always for the flame is very hot, it will burn even the user. She slashes her blade, then all the flame from it forms a phoenix-like or dragon-like creature which engulfs a huge area in flames, even the user's location is in the area of damage. Whenever the move is done, it's effects are devastating, the user is greatly damaged, the whole field is still hot even after a week, some flames is still burning and the opponent/s targeted has only a very small chance of survival.

List of Kido: Reiha is quite profficent with kido and quite the skilled woman With it as such she beleive's kido to be a good set of spell's to help in tight situation's


Engulfs the target in red light, completely paralyzing them.[8]

Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!" ("自壊せよロンダニーニの黒犬!! 一読し・焼き払い・自ら喉を掻き切るがいい!")


Causes an orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns to erupt from the users hand and attempt to trap a target. the end of it remains in the hands of the user allowing them to control the path of the tendril before and after capture. The Kidō is able to connect with another one of itself if both have captured a target and bind them together


Light)Hides the target from sight, by bending light. The spell has the ability to totally hide the presence and reiatsu of the user or specified object

Shitotsu Sansen

Forming a golden triangle with one's finger, it shoots three beams of light that pin the target to one place on a surface, slamming into his or her body in three places in a shape of an equilateral triangle.


summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.


Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set seems to be a variation on longitude and latitude


A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disintegrates into numerous short rods which are used to pin the target to the surroundings and render them immobile

And she also has a good list of Hado as well~ and many other kido spell's Advanced and beginner


reiha was born into a very wealthy family. And as such learned most of her regality as a child. Most of the time you would see her in the loveliest of dresses always being polite to her parent's guest. it didn't matter For her. as long as she made her parent's happy. she was happy through some time of growing up around the age of 11 her father died and her mother took over their name as such reiha had to learn how to grow up since her mother also bore a sister as well named Saeko As such reiha grew up daily and watched over reiha teaching her the thing's she learned as a kid. Basically raising her more than her own mother did. However through some time her mother would fall Ill. From her a disease that had plagued their family for quite some while. Her mother would eventually die not surviving the disease.

But When she did reiha luckily was passed down the family's riches After this they decided to go live with their mother's sister. As such in return give her their riche's they inherited Soon reiha would grow to be a lovely age of seventeen and liable enough to watch saeko thus they gave their mother's sister payment and thank you for helping raise them up to this point. After this Reiha and saeko went to live in the mansion they use to live in with their parent's...though one day or another....Reiha had finally gotten that Damned disease that plagued their saddened her....her time with her sister would be shortened.... she would only have four year's to live out the rest of her day's with her sister And as such. She spent everyday with her sister not letting her know about her eminent Death and on the final it swiftly came it was one day they were talking about memorie's of their parent's with that she spoke her last word's to her sister... "well look's like i'll be joining them sister" And with that reiha was gone from this world. But her journey was not over.... her rebirth in soul society was slow but surely she had become reborn and in the parts of rukongai she learned to live a good life though it was strange having to live this poor was something far to knew to her.

After However that she came in touch with some cool friend's and as such they showed her the shinigami academy through some time or another she would slowly train in the academy slowly learning what it was to fight for the greater good and be fighter as well. it was quite the fast transition as Well as she became quite skilled and resiillent in her Kido skill's After that She made her way into the gotei thirteen. She didn't become captain at first....but through some time of proving herself worthy and training herself daily and a change up in position's through one way or another she had became a captain and a respectful one at that making quite the list of friend's in her short time and winning the heart's of many of her divsion member's male and female alike

Roleplay Sample: it was a lovely Night in the soul society As A young beautiful woman With the lovely face of a godess Walked around taking a night stroll in the beautiful Air....Letting the wind blow through her ever flowing dark blue hair as her eye's looked around her horizon....Wow what a night it was to be out. Quite a peaceful night at that as well she often wondered why couldn't more night's be like this. She smirked and giggled a bit. as she Walked around she went to go decide what her nightly plan's would be. go out for a drink or too? or perhaps sit out here and enjoy this wonderful moon. like the moon. she also enjoyed looking at the sun and bathing in it on her daily day's at the beach. As Such gained her lovely complextion. sometimes though she wouldn't ever really wanna get to tanned and as such stayed out of the sun sometime's. Who would you be reffering too? Why? it's none other then the Third division captain Reiha a regal and peaceful captain. Though known infamously as being a tease it wasn't done in the Way of A Whore and such helped her reputation it was because reiha through her life as a human knew better then that. And had much more respect for herself and when she would flirt it wouldn't be the type of low life. She'd usually get the strong and hero type's most of the time and for special occasion some of those who liked to play lone wolf. All in All She was quite respectable and you could easily get to know her. reiha sighed and sat down deciding this lovely full moon was all too good to pass up as she lay down on a spot and looked up at the gazing moon with a Smile. "Ah....What a beautiful Night" She Said in hapiness and bliss.
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