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PostSubject: Ryuusei Omega (WIP)   Ryuusei Omega (WIP) Icon_minitime1Thu May 27, 2010 9:51 pm

Name: Ryusuke Omega
Age: 563
Gender: Male

Orientation: Chaotic Neutral: Omega tends to work for the side he feels benefits him most. In other terms he's a mercenary, neutral, and deals in information to either sides, excluding Soul Society.
Appearance: Omega has long white hair, the tips colors black, down to his shoulders, bangs over his forehead, untipped, where's a removable mask in the shape of the top a dragon's face, no long beak of course, covering upper face(eyes and nose) his mask fragment. With the mask on Omega's eyes appear as red Iris' surrounded by black. When he removes the mask they looks a regular pair of red eyes.

Omega's hollow hole is located on his chest, in same place as Grimmjow's. He wears the usual arrancar apparrel a short sleeved shirt, always left unbuttoned, pants, black socks, and sandals. He wear's his Zanpakuto with the hilt and grip the right side of his lower back.

Personality: Omega is cold calculating and at times, psychotic. He retains most of his original personality as a sarcastic yet kind person, however this is toned down since his death. While he enjoys battle, he prefers to analyze opponents from afar before attacking. Unlike most arrancar, who can be very aggressive and at times overconfidently prideful, Omega knows what he is and isn't capable of and will step aside and manipulate others into doing his dirty work if he has to. Weaker enemies however he will toy with if he so wills it.

Because of the past trauma from his death as a shinigami, Omega has developed some animousity to women. He's not gay, just prefers to use women for what they are worth. While he would rather work alone, Omega knows the value of teamwork enough to use whatever help he has when its required, considers relationships with allies as temporary partnerships. He also has very few people he considers friend.

Abilities: Omega's greatest aspect is his speed. Rather than overpowering them, he prefers to outspeed and outwit them.

Dragon's Eye: Omega's eyesight is extremely enhanced. When he focuses, not only can see miles ahead of him. As they are hypersensitive to movement, not only can they help him anticipate opponents moves but, he can pick on almost anything that twitces on his target. He knows when your unnerved and will use it to freak you out.

Jishaku Barrier: Omega can call forth a strong magnetic energy barrier. Its strength increases with Omega's power. It can withstand and repell most damage and alll physical attacks, but energy based attacks stronger than that the magnetic field with break the barrier. I takes the attack without those within taking damage. It usually takes an hour to recharge after breaking. The shield can extent and increase in area, and be used to attack as well as defend.

Sealed Zanpakutô: The sealed sword has a dragons head as the hilt guard. The dragon is all white while the actual hilt handle wrapped in black, excluding the white part of the bottom of the handle. The blade is a long katana's blade.

Skill Level: Hierro: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
Skill Level: Pesquisa: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
Skill Level: Sonido: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
Skill Level: Cero/Bala: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Release: Bring forth the Wrath of the beast! Endriago!

Resurrección: The mask is gone and replaced by a choker with a dragon head shaped amulet on it and his hair grows, wings sprout on is back, his pants are gone in favor of legs in scaled legs and feet. Two black horns sprout out of the top of his head, shooting back. His hands become sharp claws and arms beome white up to the shoulder in scales.

Omega's attacks become more fierce and his personality becomes more wild. He still keeps most of his personality. His speed increases as well as his power. In this form he fire Cero from his mouth rather than his hand. His body's release state all allows him access to high speed flight, and his wings can incredibly strong winds.

Jisaku Field: Not only is the barrier strength increased, but in can be extended into and incredible explosive wave covering a 100
meter radius. Anything its electricity doesn't kill is either seriously electrocuted or ends up stunned and will have a nasty twitch for a while.

Tonitres Bullet: A modified Lightning based Bala. This can be fired at short or long range in and in succession. If hit multiple times, the attack temporarily paralyzes who ever it hits.


"No. No!"

There stands Ryuusei Ishimaru, once upon a time a young man with an inheritance, a beloved younger brother, and the girl of his dreams and soon to be fiance. Sadly, fate had a different plan for our young friend.

"No way, she killed me!"

There he stood, his spiritual body, looking at his dead physical form. It layed there, blood oozing from the knife wound made just before Ryuusei lost conciousness.

"No, this has to be a dream. She couldn't have just shot me! She's not that kind of person!"

He looked at his murderer, there stood his now ex-girlfriend Mikane. There she stood, gun in hand looking at the body she just shot. "I'm sorry it had to end this way Ryuu-chan, but I can't have you ruining my plans."

This is how he lost everything that he'd every really cared for, along with his life.

Ryuusei and his brother Ushiyama were siblings who live their lives together by themselves for most of their childhood. They were adopted into a noble family and raised as the head of the family's sons. The headmaster died of illness and left everything he had to his children.

At 17 he met Mikane, the woman he thought was the greatest thing to ever happen to him. They fell in love and stayed together for two years, until Ryuusei started noticing Mikane's connections to the Yakuza. The more he found out about her from spies he had placed to follow her, the more he found it dangerous to keep ties with her. He decided to break up with her dispite his feelings, caring more his and brother's safety, but that proved to be the nail in his coffin.

As a wandering spirit, Ryuusei stood by, watching in distraught over his death as the events after occurred. He watched his family mourn and he watch his ex comfort Ushiyama, meanwhile a deepseated hatred brewing in his soul toward his girlfriend turned killer. It was now apparent to him that her real purpose for spending two years with him was to marry him and gain access to his father's inheritance. This infuriated Ryuusei and he slowly began to lose himself in his rage. It was when Ryuusei saw that Mikane was trying to weasel her way into his brother's heart that afterlife was beening to take a completely different turn.

One night he stood in town recalling everything that had happened in the past 6 months since he died. His family of nobles had a funeral for him, where his coniving girlfriend spoke as if she was innocent, his brother recieved all the rights to their father's fortune, and Mikane plotted to marry Ushiyama now. In order to keep this from happening, Ryuusei tried to reach his younger brother through his dreams. One night they spoke during Ushiyama sleep and they spoke of Mikane's true nature, next day Mikane tries to kill Ushiyama after he confronts her. The stood in the mansion's cherry blossom tree filled courtyard

"Ushi-kun, you should have just kept your nose out of things it should be involved in. Now you'll end up just like your big brother." She took out a knife from the holster hidden on her leg under her kimono and lunged at him with it. "Rot in the next world!" Suddenly as she attacks, the ground slightly shakes.

"You bitch! Stay away from my brother!" Ryuusei enraged mind becomes more rabid and uncontrolled over time. The two people in the garden and look in the direction of a bellowing roar. While they see nother, Ryuusei's body starts to change as his change of fate final erosion completes itself the hollow transformation begins. Ryuusei now takes his dragon like hollow form.

Though they can not see what is creating the racket, they know something is here. Ryuusei attacks and bashes Mikane into tree using his feet, he then takes hold of the womans limp body and carries into the sky, and after reaching a distince from the mansion he drops her on to the surface below. With the witch who took his life dead and his murder avenged, Ryuusei pays his younger brother one final farewell to him in his dreams and flies off into the world of hollows, putting his past life behind him and adjusting to his new one as the draconic demon, Endriago Omega.

Endriago spent years of his new life fighting and gather souls and honing his abilities to battle other hollows as well as survive fighting shinigami. He even had a battle with a seated officer of Soul Society, all be it a weak 5th seat maybe. He defeated the Soul Reaper and devoured his soul with ease and continued to fight and grow. After Aizen's rebellion, Endriago decided to take different step then growing stronger and began to learn information about other races that existed in all three worlds, and slowly regained some of the balance that he'd lost after becoming a hollow.

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Ryuusei Omega (WIP)
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