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PostSubject: Juan Kuro   Juan Kuro Icon_minitime1Sat May 29, 2010 12:25 am

Name: Juan Kuro

Gender: Male

Age: Appears to be in his 20's but is a little over 21,000

Juan Kuro is a smart person, he does has his moments when he seems careless but Juan does care about alot of things he cares about life, and other things. Juan friends think that Juan can be quite talkative but he thinks differently. When Juan isnt doing nothing he tends to sit around and nagg other people around him out of his bordem. Juan can also be serious and heartless if the setting is right being heartless means to Juan to fight with a killing intent, but that he rarely shows.

During Juan's vizard form he can be either calm and cool or psychotic and wild, If juan was to lose control of his hollow powers he would become a wild blood loving man. The inner hollow in Juan is nothing compared to the real Juan inner hollow Juan is the exactly opposite of normal Juan.

Appearance: Juan Kuro Stealingbutamemory

Juan was born to a family that wasn't very well known until Juan got up into age, by the time become a adult he had already a Shinigami and had been for some time, During Juan time as a Shinigami he thought many people and hollows and also has had a few fights with himself Inner Self. Juan had even battled his own Zanpakuto spirit before becoming a adult. When Juan first realized of his Hollow Powers he knew he had to do something about it he was afraid to let his Inner Hollow beat him because he knew what would happen so he had no choice but to beat it.

But before Juan realized he had a inner hollow he lived the life of a normal shinigami captain. His division was the only division to have the vice captain sent to another division and have there captain sent from Soul Society. The first time Juan hollow was revealed public within 24 hours the entire Soul Society was after him.

After defeating multiple Shinigamis the General Captain Commandor himself showed up to face Juan, Juan knew he would lose but even with that doubt he decided to fight him. After being defeated down to his knees by the Captain Commandor Juan thought he would be killed right there and now but a mystery person appeared and grabed him before the Commandor could slice him down to this day Juan still doesnt know who that mystery person was. Now Juan resides in the human world with the other vizards who escaped Soul Society some kind of way.

While living in the human world Juan has a almost carefree life he does what he want when he want and how he want all depending on his mood, but most times Juan doesnt do anything but sit around the resident doing nothing. One particular day Juan was sleep and couldnt wake up due to him being locked in battle with his Inner Hollow again, but this time the Inner Hollow was gaining the wining the hand over Juan as Juan outside body was turning more and more into a Hollow, but at the last minute Juan figured out a plan to defeat his Inner Hollow.

By defeating his Inner Hollow with a trick move he finalyl defeated him barely and this left Juan body hurt and in pain leaving him in critical condition after the battle. That is why Juan has made a promise to himself to never get in that particular condition again with his Inner Hollow.

Former Captain of the 10th Division

Master Swordsmanship Specialist - Juan is very capable of fighting with his sword, thus he was a captain, Juan swordsmanship level is so well he is able to fight 1 on 1 with captain level shinigami and hold his ground not fighting serious.

Flash Steps/Sonido Expert - Juan speed is average of a captain shinigami, his speed isnt nothing to impressive until he reaches his bankai or uses his hollow mask

Keen Intellect - Juan has very good knowledge of his zanpakuto using it to its fullest and finding ways and plans to defeat enemies without much hastle.

Immense Spiritual Power - Juan spiritual pressure is slightly above average for a captain he can take damage and not be damaged as badly as a normal captain but he can take damage.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Juan hand to hand skills are average for a captain also, but he much refers to use his zanpakuto.

Zanpakutô Spirit:
Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:Juan Kuro Princess

Zanpakuto Name: Shining Blue Princess

Zanpakuto Personality: Shining Blue Princess personality is that she is a caring, kind person and know very well the abilities she posses, but do not let her kind face full you, Shining Blue Princess can become angry and relentless that part of her she rarely shows but she does obey her owner.

Zanpakuto Home: Juan Kuro Moon20palace

Sealed Zanpakutô : Juan Kuro Katana

Shikai Description: Juan Kuro Black

Shikai Abilities:

Blue Beam
From the tip of the Shikai point, a blue laser like beam will fire from the tip and dealing damage to the enemy who got hit. Command: "Tip"

Shining Blue Wave
By swing his shikai form in any direction he can send a wave of energy at the enemy, Juan can adjust the strength and size of this attack from just leaving a small scar, to damage someones limb but the damage gotta be scaled by the command following a number 1 - 5 1 being the weakest 5 being the strongest. Command: "Send 1 -5"

Blue Shield
By putting his zanpakuto out in front of him, a blue see through shield will appear in front of him and is able to block oncoming attacks. "Protect"

Blue Shield Breakdown
By command the Blue Shield that was created can break down into smaller pieces and be shot into multiple directions at high speeds dealing some damage to a enemy "Break Down"

Final Blue Wave
This is the strongest Shikai attack of Shining Blue Princess, By holding the Zanpakuto in the air and letting the sword gather energy and the energy will gather at the tip and by pointing the tip forwards a ultimate blast will fire from the tip causing massive damage to anyone hit by it.

Release: "Glow, Shining Blue Princess"

Bankai Description: Juan appearances change, his clothes change and he is wearing a long blue robe with a white t shirt and white cut off gloves and blue pants with white and blue shoes with 2 thin lighter skinner swords
Juan Kuro CU_mc_blue_katana
Juan Kuro White_dragon_katana_sword-1

Bankai Abilities:

Release: "Shine, Shining Blue Queen"

Increase the power of shikai abilites and increase the scale of the shikai ability from 1 - 8

X Crossover
By putting the 2 swords across each other in front of himself Juan will send a blue and white X the with the strength to cut through a building with ease. Command: 'Crossover"

Stabilizing Block
Using the blue sword, Juan can swirl it in a circle and create a circle shaped shield that can repel weaker attacks and some average kidos. Command: "Block"

Shining Strike
Using the white sword, Juan will swing it and send a white reiatsu wave that Juan can control with his eyes for a certain amount of time and distance, the strength of this attack is need to be called exactly like Shining Blue Wave "Strike 1 - 10"

Increase Of:
Zanpakuto Abilities

Vizard Powers:

Blue Cero - By charging like a normal cero this skill strength is equal to a Gran Ray Cero but charge takes a little less.

Enhanced Bala - A bigger version of a normal Bala, but has same speed and greater strength

Power Augmentation - Increase my Zanpakuto skills further.

Enhanced Strength - Physical combat increases.

Enhanced Speed - Speed is increased further.

Hollow Form: Juan Kuro 5819

Hollow Mask:" border="0" alt=""/>

Resurrección: N/A

Roleplay Sample: Setting Battle Against Another Shinigami

I stand there with my katana at my waste as i glare at the 2nd division captain and our eyes meet once again as they did the last time "So, you think you can stop me this time huh?" "What makes you think this time will be different from last" I grab the handle of my Zanpakuto as i unsheath it and swing it over my shoulder as it is proped on my shoulder "So, which one of us are gonna have to swing the first sword?" The captain rushes towards me as I grab the handle of my sword as i clash with his sword and he pushes me back a little. "So you've been training" I say as i push the captain off of me with my zanpakuto "Glow, Shining Blue Princess" a rushing blue light erupts from me and my zanpakuto as the color of my zanpakuto has changed. "You remeber this sword dont you" I laugh as i say it "Get ready to get slayed by it for the 2nd time" I rushes towards the captain as i swing my Zanpakuto from left to right at attempt to cut the captain. He swings his Zanpakuto as it clashes with mine and he pushes me back, and As he pushes me back i point my Zanpakuto forwards as i yell "Tip" and a blue beam shoots from the tip of my Zanpakuto.

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PostSubject: Re: Juan Kuro   Juan Kuro Icon_minitime1Sat May 29, 2010 4:16 am

Right off the bat, You need to have then one paragraph in the personality. You need more history and you can't be the 5th division during a time~! :3

If this profile is not done, I am just warning yah :3
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PostSubject: Re: Juan Kuro   Juan Kuro Icon_minitime1Sat May 29, 2010 2:11 pm

Alright, for one, I'm going to need the Division you were a Captain of.
Two: You need an RP sample. Please make it 2+ paragraphs.
Finally, the hollow mask is taken.

Juan Kuro SigforTsu-1

Juan Kuro Blazblue___my_car_is_a_nissan_by_kayarine-d3a9tdf
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PostSubject: Re: Juan Kuro   Juan Kuro Icon_minitime1

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Juan Kuro
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