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PostSubject: Tsukiyome Akio    Tsukiyome Akio  Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:28 pm


Name: Tsukiyome Akio
Age: 21


Tsukiyome Akio  Tsuki


Tsukiyome was born into a loving family, her father was a designer and her mother was a nurse; she had an older brother (the man in the background of her picture..Above) Named Jirou. Jirou and Tsuki grew up closely, being only a year a part in birth, Jirou being the oldest of the two. Growing up Tsuki's nother always taught her to be gentle and carering towards others, and from an early age Tsuki showed interest in 'healing'. She lived a normal childhood by going to school, making friends, doing all sorts or horrible tests and exams. When Tsuki was 13, be brother got a really bad fever, she styed by his side as much as she could, before she left for school she'd be there, as soon as she got back from school she was at his side until he got better; that was a scare for Tsuki, she hated seeing her brother like that she felt helpless as she couldnt really heal him or anything.

A few years later when she was about 16 her brother got shot in a random shooting; gang related. This completly devistated her, she went into depression and isolated herself from almost everyone. Her brother was her best friend and now he was gone...she couldnt heal him or bring him back to life...the felling of helplessness came over her again as she remembered the time he had the fever...but this was different...much differentet. She lost a lot of ambition for her plans through highschool. Eventually she started comming back into the social light but she was still a bit withdrawn; Tsuki gave it everything she had to step out of the darkness.

On the one year anniversary of her brothers death strange things began to happen, she began seeing ghosts. Her frist sighting that day was of a little girl crying, at first she thought it was a regular girl that probably just got seperated from her family but as she got closer the girl seemed to have dissapeared. This definatly spooked Tsuki, she began seeing them everywhere. Tsuki began to run to her house but accidentally triped over a crack, fell and scraped her knee. She brushed it off and continued her way home; when she got home she went to take care of the cut she got. She placed her hand over it as she reached over to get a she lifted her hand to place the bandaid on, there was no blood, there was no scar...the cut had dissapeared...or rather healed...She went to her room, thinking she just needed some sleep.

A few hours later and she was hadnt fallen asleep, she was restless. She was the only one home, her parents were gone to work and she was home early because it was a shorttened day for her school. As she laid there, she started hearing noises comming from downstairs; cupboards started opening and closing, the tv went on...there was an eery feeling in the house now. Tsuki's heart pounded as she slowly sat up in her bed; she thought that maybe one of her parents had come home and she just didnt hear them come in...Just as she was about to get up and check it out, her door slamed shut. And there standing infront of her door was her brother, Jirou. Tsuki sat there frozen, she didnt know what to think, what to beleive...all she knew that her brother died a year ago and there he was, stadning infront of her door, smiling.

Jirou's spirit spoke to her, calmed her down before explaining everything. He told her that she was blessed with the gift of healing and explained that whenever she wanted to talk to him for whatever reason, all she had to do was call; he told her he would be like her guardian angel. It took Tsuki a while to get what he was saying, and another little while for it all to sink in. But she finally got it.

From then on, Jirou kept comming to his siters side whenever she needed him and to help her with her healing. Tsuki became a nurse and worked for a company that made house calls to anyone and everyone; there she found she had the most practice healing.


Tsukiyome is a very soft spoken person, she will do whatever she's told (well as long as she knows its the right thing to do). She is very warm and inviting, she loves taking care of people and seeing them happy as their loved ones get better. She gives as much as she can to others without making herself needy. She is very patient and understanding; she usually will listen to the love ones of the sick cry and just rant about how they wish him/her would get better soon est. She loves nature, if she does have to give her patients medicins, she pretty much always gives them special herbs or anything that you could find in nature (Her and her brother use to wonder though the forest all the time just to get away from their school life and stuff).


-Helping/caring for people
-Walking though forests/being with nature
-Loves walks on the beach
-Loves the spring time


-People that take advantage of weak and poor
-Hates the media
-Those who dont appreciate what they have
-selfish/stuck up people


-violance; guns est (Mainly because violance took her brother away)
-deep water
-Losing her powers (Because then she wouldnt be able to heal her patients as fast as she does now or wouldnt be able to heal them at all depending on the sickness or injury).




Tsukiyome can treat a range of physical wounds by focusing her energy onto the wound(s) of her patient.

  • Minor cuts/scrapes
    These are wounds that she can heal in a heart beat, they take little to no energy/effort for her to heal. If someone is eriously injured, she treats the minor wounds last (obviously) -Can be healed within a few seconds-

  • Deep jabs/slashes to the flesh:
    Severly torn skin and mucels take more energy to heal, she can heal these kind of wounds, they will take a bit longer for her to heal
    -Can be healed within 10-15 min, depending on how deep the wound is; this discription does not inclue a through-and-through, only slashes and jabs that are about 3-4 inches into the body.

  • Organ healing:
    Tsukiyome can heal every organ except the brain. The hart is the most trickiest one to heal, it depends on how badly it is wounded, if the heart is punctured all the way through she must work on it immidiatly, guarintee that the person will pull through is slim bit there is a change. If the hart is grased or has a slight slash she can heal it, but has to be braught to her immidiatly, the longer the waiting period the less chances of her being able to heal it. She cannot start the heart up again. Other organs are a bit easier but also requier a lot of focus and energy. -Other organs can be healed within 20-25 min. Heart, if badly wounded takes 45-1hour, if slashed a bit 30-45 min-

  • Through-and-throughs:
    Depending on where these wounds are will determain how much energy she spends on them. If the T&T is through an organ Healing time is usually 40min-1hour. If through an arm or a leg est healing time: 15-30 min. A lot of energy is used to do this kind of healing.

  • Bone/Limb growing:
    This is a rare practice for her, she usually dosent perform these kind of healing exersises, bone/limb growing is a long exhausting process for her and a very painful one for her patient. 3-6 days to perform this ability. By the end of this process she would be out cold for 5 days to a weeks time.


Races she can heal:

  • Tsukiyome can heal pretty much any race but she usually sticks with humans, shinigami's and vizards.

What she CAN NOT HEAL:

  • The brain

She cannot restart a heart if it has already stopped (she cant bring the dead back)
  • Psycological issues

  • Sencery loss ie; sight, hearing est.

  • Emotional instability

  • Cant regrow organs

  • Pin pointing: She is able to feel/ figure out where or what is wrong with someone (injury/sickness wise) before getting down to treating them.

  • Calmed Down: Along with her healing abilities Tsukiyome has the ability to calm a persons nervs, usually by placing her hand on their forehead (her hand usually gives a slight pinkish glow) and they become more relaxed so they can get rest and heal better.


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Tsukiyome Akio: 2-3
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Hikari Hiraku: 3-1+

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approved for 4-2

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