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PostSubject: Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes    Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  Icon_minitime1Mon May 02, 2011 2:37 am

Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  GilgyB

Sugiura Template


Name: Gilgamesh
True Age: Very close to that of Shimura.
Gender: Male

-The Gilgamesh-

Standing at the Zenith of opulence, Gilgamesh is as haughty as he is powerful. He possesses such an arrogant attitude that would make him seem presumptuous, yet, when enemies witness his power in battle they can do nothing but close their mouth in derision. If one merely assumes that he is all bark and no bite, then they will meet an untimely death. Gilgamesh appears to be quite the enigmatic individual, and while he appears to enjoy combat, will rarely participate if the opponent is undesirable in technique and name. However, should one earn his ire, then he will crush them beneath his feet mercilessly. The Pride that this haughty and arrogant man possesses is nothing short of infinite, especially when it comes to his treasury – “Gate of Babylon”. While he may possess a significantly high amount of pride, he is not bereft of common sense. In fact, Gilgamesh is a man with amazing and awe-inspiring prodigal skill. Due to extensive years of war, combat, and life and death battles, his strategically endowed mind is nothing short of legendary. Even when he is fighting at a lethargic level, especially in the cases where he underestimates the opponent, one will often find it difficult to defeat him, which makes the thought of fighting him at his strongest where he is both prudent and serious, quite the horrifying prospect.

While he may not possess as much power as he did in the past, mostly due, of course to the events that transpired then, he is nevertheless no easy opponent to ignore. Even when he appears, one can only but wither in front of his crimson red eyes and his mighty aura, which is said to be transcendent. His presence on the battlefield along with his infinitely vast treasury, unnerve most who come against him; even the strongest warriors appear to be weak when they are forced to run and avoid the countless divine mysteries that appear and soar through the air in order to seize their life. However, there are times, when his arrogance and his anger can work against him. This tends to especially happen when he underestimates opponents with hidden reserves of power. Due to the years following the day he was consumed by the Holy Grail, he lost much of his amazing physical prowess. Thus, when it comes to fighting opponents who revel in close range combat, he is put at an extreme disadvantage. If an opponent, which is not many, is able to close the distance between ‘’Gate of Babylon’s” Might, and the powerful hero king, they can easily overpower him leaving him in a dire crisis. Outside of battle and fighting, Gilgamesh possesses the same philosophy that he does on the battlefield; the philosophy of the grand ruler.

Due to his extensive and dazzling array of treasures, he believes wholeheartedly that he is a King who reigns among heaven and earth. He is what some people would call a ruthless tyrant who enjoys seeing people at his mercy, especially those who consider themselves to be “Strong” or “The Strongest”. He is rude, self-centered, and selfish among many things, which overshadows his mentally adept mentality. He also appears to have a dislike towards those who consider themselves to be Kings like he is, but is not above giving them credit where it is due. This is mostly shown when he interacts with Alexander, his teacher who taught him how a king should lead his people. Around this stalwart and uncanny man, he still retains his haughty composure, but he is shown to exchange pleasantries and jibes with the large man. His respect, however, can be taken in two different ways. One, is that you have earned his respect and thus recognizable or worthy of becoming a comrade by his side. The latter, of course, is that while he does respect you he recognizes you as a threat, and therefore worthy of fighting in an ultimate duel, pitting his strongest weapon against the opponents strongest technique. Alexander falls into the former and latter, and while he may still consider Alexander a comrade, he has stated on occasions that only he will be the one allowed to kill him, when all is said and done. Nevertheless, with how much they hang out, it is nothing short of hard to discern what their relationship truly is.

Though, it is undeniably clear that there is no hate between the two. Alexander has nothing but The King of Heroes utmost respect, and often states on several occasions that he would be willing to accept his opponents challenge at any time. After all, he knows full well as anyone else that, if it were not for Alexander’s teachings that he would have never become the great king he had set out to be when he first entered the Sugiura Land. And just because his attitude may appear to make him unsociable, such is not the case. Whenever anything concerns his daughter or his sister – that is – Vineria and Sayuri, he appears to be the same jovial man that they knew before his downfall at the hands of a woman, that till this day, he still loves, Takuri Sugiura. This reveals that he still retains, albeit barely, remnants of his past self. Like any honest man or father, he is also quite protective of both sister and brother, so should any foolish soul dare harm them, he will make it his goal to slit their throat with absolute retribution.

Despite his uncontrollable and sometimes unpredictable attitude, Gilgamesh and Heroism – The hollow King, appear to have a perfect partner to partner relationship. Especially due to their taste in fine wine, but more so, because of the hidden sadism that both of them possess. The sight of seeing someone suffer is like a wonderful opera to their ears, and they waste no time in relishing in this harmony of despair. While Gilgamesh is not outwardly sadistic like his partner, he can still be quite as sinister. This sadism is most likely a result of the grail, but no one can say this for sure. In any case, with these two working together, not even a few would dare to face this extremely potent force. His impulsive personality can be both beneficial and unfavorable for his allies, so they must act with prudence when it comes to quelling any anger or frustration that this mad king might acquire.

In regards to women, Heroism asked the man what his tastes were, concerning those of the female race, and when faced with this question, he curtly replied with this quote; “Whether food or women, I plunder them at my leisure, and I do not hold back. “ He is a sexist towards most; if not every single women he meets. Though again; this is a result caused wholly by the grail. Where he lavished and adored women in the past, he views them as nothing more than mere tools of pleasure and subservience, born only to serve men. He is not a man of commitment, and the concept of a lover is completely foreign to him. If he lays down with any woman in particular that happens to fit his fancy, it it will be a relationship, short lived. Should even one disrespect him, some may not even live to see the light of day. However, there is one who Gilgamesh truly “Loves” and adores for her power, that individual is none other than, Takuri Sugiura, the Sugiura kingdom’s black knight. Even after suffering at the hands of her betrayal, he is still poised on taking her for his own, even if she does not reciprocate the same feelings. In fact, claiming her is his right and his alone. She is his treasure and is reserved solely for him. This is not what would one call love, but rather a maddening infatuation. In fact, he does not even seem to recognize her existence as that of human being anymore, but the ultimate treasure. His one goal is to bathe her within the contents of the grail and bring her back to her true and primal darkness, Alter Takuri. That is his one and only goal, and he will stop at nothing to make it a reality. Though he was not always this way, can be proven by one man, one man who went by no name other than....

-The Golden King-

He was a man with a kindness that was unheard of in the days of the sugiura kingdom. When he first found his sacred, he was not upset, with what he was given, instead he sought to find treasures from journeys and store these sacred items within his treasury. Not only did he store them, but he shared his keepings with men and women and children. Every time he found something new, he wanted to amaze them with things that they had never seen before.

Whether it was a conceptual weapon, with which he shared with others, or if it was a special extravagant food, he shared everything with the people around him. he simply found a joy in doing these unusual things and not one time was he ever selfish with anything that he found. He was a man who would help a child's cat from out of a tree, while playing with them and exchanging pleasantries and a man who would help older individuals by carrying massive boxes and other objects into their houses and villages. The Golden king was a much better person then The Gilgamesh.

He was a kind man, who did not possess as much haughtiness as he did today. While he may have showed it sometimes, it wasn't anything you didn't see from a man who had gotten the title of king from his respective land. Not only did he get the title king of heroes from treasures, no, it went farther then that, he got the title from wrestling divine beast's, fighting wars and ending them in the same days they started, he was a true man. He was responsible for things, that weren't even related to him, and he often sought to help those in need whenever he could get the chance, that golden king, was truly a man unlike any other.

There was always a primeval aura around him, yet he never put himself above or apart from anyone else. As a king, he led his soldiers to victory, no matter how many hardships they faced. He learned some of his skills from the great Alexander, while he implemented his own ideas on what a king should do with his loyal companions. Till this day, no one possibly knows what changed such a joyous individual, into the tyrant he is today. However, there are some people who still hold vivid memories of the golden king. there is only one person who knows the truth.

General Appearance


Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  102822

Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  75458

Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  83413-1

Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  102823

Animalistic Traits: Gilgamesh does not have any noticeable traits of an animal that can be spoken of, or anything he's ever noticed.
Appearance Age: Appears to look as if he's in his mid-20's.
Height: 182cm
Weight: 68KG

Natural Abilities

Magic: N/A

Sacred Weapon:

Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  567px-GOB_fate

Gate of Babylon

Gate of Babylon: The Gate of Babylon is the primeval treasury used by the Hero King, Gilgamesh. It is his ultimate weapon and a sign of his ultimate wealth. It is a dark red, key shaped sword which is used to connect him to the “Golden Capital” Allowing him to access the contents easily. It connects the space of reality to the vault, opening an "invisible door" that allows for his treasures to pass through upon his command. The items that pass through the gate form golden ripples in the empty air as they appear. The items stored within this mass of incredulous wealth, can be summoned from anywhere at any time, either directly in the Golden King’s hand, or anywhere within the direct vicinity. In fact, when an opponent appears to charge recklessly towards him, he can even defend himself by summoning his armaments to either defend or to attack. The treasury is fueled by nothing but wealth, and as it grows, so does its power. In other words, as long as the wealth of the owner increases and he continues to accumulate a wealth of valuable treasures, then Gate of Babylon becomes even more absurd. Needless to say, this as of the current day is why most consider him to be an Archer due to the way he recklessly fires his various swords and spears. The weapons in his treasury become bullets on his command, and then no sooner, fired off at an exceedingly imperceptible rate of speed and velocity that causes them to become air resistant during flight. During battle, he generally readies numerous weapons at a time, by letting the hilts stick out of the ripple slightly, or needless to say, allow them to levitate in the air behind him. Upon snapping his fingers or activating it via-telekinesis, the seemingly infinite mass of divine weapons can be fired without pause. He usually starts out with lower numbers (10, 17, 30, 47.), but depending on the respect, anger, or joy he feels towards the battle, he can increase them at his leisure. Upon firing his divine array of armaments, he can allow them to strike the ground, causing an explosion similar to carpet or obliteration bombing to occur; Leaving countless scars on the battlefield in his wake. Once he has concluded his battle, upon closing the Gate, any weapons left on the battlefield will instantly dissipate and return to the vault. Though, if he wishes, he can leave them out if he feels they have been sullied and dirtied by something repulsive (I.E; Caster’s Extra Dimensional Evil God). The ability to fire the weapons yields an excellent ratio of destructive power to spiritual energy efficiency due to the cost of Reaitsu used to fire the weapons as bullets being relatively low. The only real energy usage lies with the Gate of Babylon's activation cost. He generally fights at long range, though he will wield a single weapon in close combat if he feels confident in his victory. He makes use of the many unknown abilities of the weapons, and constantly switches them to keep his opponent off guard. Still, he is not a swordsman, so he is easily outclassed if an opponent is skilled at close combat. Against something like Unlimited Blade Works, which allows for weapons to be drawn and fired slightly faster than the Gate of Babylon, Gilgamesh finds himself easily outclassed and overwhelmed when forced to fight in close combat. And against opponents who are capable of manipulating the momentum or gravity within the battlefield, he is easily left a disadvantage due to his weapons being halted in mid air. To explain in further detail, what this primeval treasury houses is wealth from all over the world. The treasury contains all of the treasures of the world that he collected over the span of nearly his entire life, divine mysteries from nearly every legend. It contains swords, polearms, lances, hammers, shields, and demonic swords that later made their way to Europe and South America, all of which form a perfect treasury of masses of unused weapons that simply went to sleep with the king during his legendary reign. It contains original models of sacred’s such as Misaiko’s Megamikaze and Iori’s, Houtengeki. The weapons are extremely resistant to heat due to holding base similarities to that of Zanpakuto, making them all but impossible to be melted by any flame or heat based abilities. Moreover, due to the speed at which they are fired, which is in total, 10,000MPH, they become extremely air resistant and will rip through most flame or wind based techniques. Needless to say, breaking or bending the weapons is extremely hard due to their weight distribution (10,000 Tons in total), and are highly durable against any opponent even those that pride themselves on defense. Even with small and agile evasions, because the projectiles are flying at such a high rate, the air pushed outwards by the divine treasures would be enough to cause his opponents to become unbalanced, and in the case of surprise attacks or relatively weaker opponents, they would be blown away like mere flies. This is his ultimate weapon, one that makes him absolutely transcendent among the many warriors of the world. With the infinite amount of treasures at his disposal, he is capable of defeating and equaling almost any opponent who comes up against his magnificent might. Besides storing weapons and armaments, he appears to use trivial items as well, such as but not limited to, wine which he refers to as “King’s wine.” As he says, whether drinks or weapons, only the finest is stored within his treasury.

Other Weapons: ...

Guardian Beast

Element: Variation(No Definite Element)
Guardian Beast:


Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  Enkiduko5

Enkidu is Gilgamesh's most valued friend, and usually comfort's him in his time of need. She is both sweet and courageous and has a very caring and attentive attitude to all that she meet's. Due to Gilgamesh's current attitude as of late, their relationship has degraded into that of servant and master. Despite this, She still loyally follow's him, but despise's Takuri for taking away the king that she loved and served so much, and the man who treated her as a friend.

Guardian Beast's World:


Sacred Unleashed

Joushou:("Ascending") N/A

Zenou: ("Almighty") N/A

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate") N/A

Alter Form

Alter Appearance: N/A

Alter Personality: N/A

Alter Powers: N/A

Due to the taint of the grail, Gilgamesh's alter was erased, never to be found again. Instead, one could call his current haughty attitude an "alter" in a sense.

Roleplay Sample: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences minimum)

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PostSubject: Re: Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes    Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  Icon_minitime1Sat May 07, 2011 7:57 am

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Shirou Emiya
Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: More Gilgamesh Technique/Weapon's.    Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:06 am

Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  GilgyC


Golden Rule: This Ability confer's to the concept of "Great Wealth" as such, money problem's are completely unknown. However, this is not the full essence of Golden rule. the full effect of this ability is shown by the power that emit's from each of the primeval weapon's stored within the Gate of Babylon. Each weapon is instilled with high amount's of spiritual energy due to the wealth of the treasury. The greater the wealth, the greater the explosive offence of Gate of Babylon becomes. This ability seem's to be "innate" and does not require activation, most likely due to the blessings of Enkidu. If Gilgamesh were left alone with firing his weapon's in rapid succession, not even an empire would pose a threat to him. Golden rule seem's to be more like a curse rather than a blessing.

Ōgon no āmā(Lit. Golden Armor): This is defensive armament is, needless to say, Gilgamesh's most powerful defense and he cannot recall a time where it has not adorned his body. While the Armor is resplendent and dazzling, glowing with a golden color and a beautiful glow, one will quickly notice that like most warriors, it is not something used for show. To begin, the existence of this weapon was founded by Alexander the great, Gilgamesh's most trusted companion and teacher. During his training, or times when the King of Heroes would meet battle, or participate in wars to keep his kingdom out of harm's way, the mighty king would always return with dire wounds, each more gruesome then the last.

And while Alexander believed that the man could endure these wounds, which, would normally kill a man of common mettle, he wanted to create something as a sign of his appreciation, and as a commemoration and graduation tool, for all that Gilgamesh had completed under his tutelage. One day, while traveling through the forest, Alexander confronted a legendary guardian beast and fought against him bravely, defeating the beast and killing him one one fatal blow with his greatest weapon "Ionaroi Hetaroi". After felling the wild beast, The King of conquerors began to use the remains of the fallen legend, and with his bare hands, forged this armor. Needless to say, Gilgamesh was elated. To him, this was a sign of his brotherhood with The King of conquerors, and there was no doubt in his mind that this would be a wonderful tool in future battles. This is the story, now we direct our attention towards the abilities.

Due to the Armor's divine existence, mostly due of course to being created from what some would have considered a divine deity, it has extremely wonderful merit during battle. To begin, unlike normal armor, which usually begins to dent with continued damage, no matter the physical blow, whether flame, heat, lightening, or anything one could possibly fathom, will be able to break through.

Physical attacks are usually useless, only people will truly herculean strength would even be considered to have a chance of breaking through his armor. It is completely resistant to most elemental attacks, and only attacks from a warrior of Takuri or Iori's level would even hope of pushing through. This is not to say, of course, that it is impossible to break through his armor. As a conduit to keep this armor powered, Gilgamesh's spiritual must be at top condition. If he is weakened through battle, with continued effort, attacks will start to slip through and damage him. To put it simply, if his spiritual reserves are at the utmost high, his defense is at an absolutely impenetrable state, but when he is weakened and suffers from large scale attacks, then the armor will undoubtedly reveal a blind spot. One last ability, which is considered to be it's strongest, is it's resistance toward divine magic.

Thus, when something is recognized as magic, it is dispelled the moment it attempts to make contact with the mighty king. Great magic, Kido up to 80 or 79, and even the ultimate and most arcane of Sugiura magic, has not the slightest bit of chance of making it's way through this powerful defensive tool. However, if a master is put into the equation, then with a continued effort, the armor will falter and become damaged enough for the opponent to land an effective strike upon the King of Heroes. The same weakness that was applied with physical prowess, also applies here. Effort is what is needed, not skill. Like Saber or Takuri's armor, Ōgon no āmā, will appear in any time of need, and at the golden king's leisure as he pleases. It can appear instantaneously and disappear just as fast. Not only is this a great symbol of appreciation from his mentor, but his greatest defensive armament as well. It his one of his most prided possessions, losing only to Ea and Enkidu.

Vimana: Since Gilgamesh believes that a king deserves great transportation, he possesses quite arguably one of the greatest ark's built within the history of time. Vimana is a flying contraption, that has been passed down from Babylon to India and has also been recorded in two epic Saga's, Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is a Golden and emerald Ark fueled by mercury and ancient reaitsu-powered gems that share the appearance of rutilated quartz crystals. This allows the Vimana to surpass the laws of physics, by traveling at the speed of thought. It possesses a pilot throne that can be withdrawn in emergency situations, and a control column, which isn't used due to interference with the operation of the "Gates of Babylon" Placed directly in front of it. The King of heroes can freely use the Gate of Babylon to launch projectiles while piloting the vessel, and he can also summon shields to block midair projectiles, as well as Kido and Cero blast's. Within the myths of ancient India, it was apparently loaded with a variety of weapons ranging from ancient machine guns to ancient nuclear warheads, which have been collected and stored within Gilgamesh's Treasury. While this wonderful Ark may possess great attributes, it's main weakness comes in the form of opponent's who are able to attack from the rear. If Gilgamesh is fighting an opponent and happens to believe that they have no way of attacking from behind, they can perform one powerful attack capable of felling this primeval ark.

Dainsleif: Dainsleif is the legendary Demonic sword of Nibelungen, whose original possesor was a powerful dragon known as Fafnir. This sword was passed down from the family that was responsile for the murder of Sigurd, a hero from Northern Europe. For many a century, many people have avoided the sword, due to its ability to bring its very possessor to ruin. The very few that made the foolish decision to wield the blade were killed from using it in battle. This weapon is very dangerous to use, and is deemed more of a liability, than an asset, if it weren't for the blade's powerful curse to revenge. However, Since Gilgamesh suffered from high curse's from being tainted by the grail, the curse of dainsleif has no noticeable effect on the golden knight. This demonic sword starts out appearing pitch black throughout its structure, as if it's painted completely in black ink. The blade and handle both feeling icy cold to the touch. The blade appears like this so long as it is not being weilded by its user. The very instant the user grabs onto the handle, however, Dainslief flares up, tinting itself in a deep ruby color from top to bottom, as seen in it's appearance. This Demonic Sword Possess's two destructive abilities which are stated below.

Volatile insertion:By penetrating any object with Dainsleif, the blade imediately fills up the pierced area with its destructive energies, the affected area glowing in a tone of rich, cimron energy, bright white cracks will appear on the object at first, the cracks becoming more and more luminous with every second. The affected area is as large as the corresponding blast radius (If the object is smaller than the blast radius, the blast radius remains the same, nonetheless.) The affected area will then explode, in a burst of searing hot, reddish haze (if the target is a person, thenthe explosion will occur around that person, rather than from the inside out). The longer the sword is inside the object, the bigger the resulting explosion shall be.
Rate: Sword embedded for one post, 8 meter blast radius, mid damage.
Embedded 2 posts, 16 meter blast radius, high damage.
Fired as Bullet: 1 Post, 1 Use, 18 meter blast radius, high damage.

Sacrificial Strike: Even mere swing's of Dainsleif can become extremely fatal. The Sword is extremely powerful as far as cutting might goes, making even the strongest of armor or substance's incapable of protection against's it's mighty slicing power. With each slash made, A trail of glowing crimson energy is left in the path of where the blade was swung. Left, Up, Diagonal, Right, and even unorthodox direction's.

Harpe: This is a hunter's scythe, with the concept of "Regeneration-Nullification". The Ability nullifies the regeneration abilities of those that pride themselves on regeneration, and inflict's wound's that cannot be restored by any method's, other than healing in accordance to the natural law of the world. The Nullification of regeneration is so powerful, that it completely nullified the regeneration of the Cero Espada Zefonse. As long as this weapon is outside of the gate's or exist's, healing will become quite the peccadillo. However, if the blade is destroyed, the wound's will disappear as though they never existed. Gilgamesh posse's the original model of this scythe, which posse's a different ability. It is a sickle that take's away spiritual energy, while passing directly through flesh and armor, without causing any physical damage to the opponent.

Talaria: Talaria is a pair of winged sandals, capable of flight throughout the vast sky. the speed of the sandals, when equipped to an individual, are capable of reaching at least 100 mph during flight and provides the user with a high amount of mobility and nimbleness. Not only does Taliara provide amazing air flight, but when one decides to prostrate over the ground, the sandals have an innate flash-step effect that takes place each time they move, Providing them with enhanced ground mobility. Gilgamesh originally owned the weapon for his own enjoyment back in his days of kingship, he rarely uses this item and instead lend's it to Iori from time to time.

Kibisis: Kibisis is a strong defensive mirror shield, it is a bronze shield polished to bear a mirror-like reflection that projects information from the surrounding environment on its surface so the user can rely on that information to move around without having to move himself away from the mirror. It can also be used as a sort of detection device as it transmits the reaitsu signals from those around the surrounding area. This allows for Gilgamesh to make preparatory actions against sneak-attack's as well as gathering information, along with Berserker and Hassan-i-Sabah. It possesses a second ability that not only reflects the surrounding environment, but is also capable of reflecting a blast of Reiatsu, Cero, or Hado. Making it formidable for both recon and defensive purposes in battle. This is one of the strongest shield's stored in the King of heroes treasury and is strong enough to take on even modern weapons such as sparrow missiles from an F-15 fighter jet.

GoldenEater: Golden Eater is a giant axe, that holds the power of lightning, which can only be handled by Gilgamesh when he is equipped with the armor, due to the powerful inertia, after the release of each cartridge. the Axe can be loaded with 15 cartridge's, all of which hold immense and powerful thundering bolt's, which, when discharged upon impact, increases their destructive power greatly. The Cartridge's when empty can be refilled by simply finding a nearby electrical source. While this may seem like one of the weakest weapon's owned by the King of heroes by far, this item is far from useless. Each cartridge can easily leave large crater's and form thick pillar's of lightening on impact. These abilities make's this Axe very dangerous to face in combat, even at long range, due to the power of Gate of Babylon. Gilgamesh does not directly need to touch the cartridge's in order to use the power and can telekinetic-ally control the cartridge's and ax and refill them as he please's without even being anywhere near the item's themselves.

Ea — The Primordial Sword of Rupture: Ea is the most powerful weapon contained in the Gate of Babylon, with power rivaling even that of the three legendary sacred's. It is the only weapon solely possessed by the King of heroes, unlike the other weapon's which have been passed down to him or found through arduous journey's. It is considered his greatest treasure, only using it against those he deems worthy, and his most trusted next to Enkidu. He greatly admires the weapon and often speaks to the sword as if it were a living being. It is called the "sword that cut the world apart", which gives the impression of being the actualization of the works of a god recorded before the concept of a sword even existed at the beginning of the world. It is a weapon of far too abnormal shape, There is a grip and a hand guard, and the length of this weapon is about the size of a long sword. However, it is a complete deviation from a an actual sword, as the mere shape is far too unusual. It is a cylindrical, drill-shaped sword engraved with crimson cuneiform lettering on three independently rotating segments that spin in different directions, the middle segment spinning clockwise and the top and bottom segments spinning counterclockwise. It is more similar to a spear crossed with a bedrock drill designed with multiple gears to dig a gigantic hole by eating at the bedrock little by little. Its material components have no origin on the mortal plane, and thus, Emiya Shirou/Archer is unable to analyze or reproduce it through Projection. The sword itself is actually nameless, so he has personally named it after the god of earth and water of the Mesopotamian and Babylonian myths. The names "Sword of Rapture" and "Enuma Elish" are believed to reference the Genesis Epic of the Babylonian myth, Enuma Elish. While the glorious Excalibur release's air, the triblade segments of Ea start rotating rapidly, each moving with the weight and power equivalent to tectonic movement, creating a shrilling howl once Gilgamesh commands it to "wake up." It begins to swallow, compress, and accelerate wind pressure into an artificial space-time dislocation capable of pulverizing any opposition. This attack that signifies the state under which it releases maximum output is called Enuma Elish (エヌマ・エリシュ?), the Star of Creation that Splits Apart Heaven and Earth (天地乖離す開闢の星 Tenchi Kairisu Kaibyaku no Hoshi?). While Holding Back, the sword releases a crushing torrent by simulating spatial rends that is equal to or slightly greater than that of Excalibur, but Gligamesh truly going all out causes the true "anti-world" nature of the weapon to activate. Naturally, the power of this already immense attack is at the level of a cero oscuras capable of causing considerably high amount's of damage to the target, making survival without a powerful defensive ability, or an attack of equal or greater power nigh-impossible. It cannot be said that what the blade cuts down is limited simply to "the enemy", and it is impossible to even discuss as to whether it would hit or the force behind it. Grinding at the laws of the universe with its power, it creates a rip that extends from the earth to the sky that pierces the nature of the world itself. It does not necessarily target the world itself, but instead target's the designated area of where the user happen's to be as well as the opponent. The tumult of genesis takes everything that was nothing more than chaos which could not form any meaning, and creates a new truth that divides and distinguishes Heaven, Sea, and Earth. The wind pressure creates a vacuum that takes all things with form, the land, the atmosphere, and the sky into the whirling void leaving nothing but Ea dazzling like a star of creation amidst the destruction, the first thing illuminating the new world. However, Full-scale destruction is never in the King of Heroes Mind, so instead of the entire area, he can concentrate the power of the vacuum onto single or multiple opponent's. the power of Ea can completely destroy a reality marble from the inside. The rift created by Enuma Elish is said to be a look at the "truth" of what existed before the world. Referring to it as hell, the primordial form of the planet before heaven and earth were split, a land filled with lava, gas, scorching heat, and intense cold, Gligamesh states that it is beginning of all legends of lands of the dead. It is the origin of the memory of all organisms before the existence of the planet that is no longer found in the imaginations or spoken memories of people, but rather a genetically inherent and repressed knowledge of a place and time when organic existence had been impossible. Enkidu often claim's that this sword was indeed a blade created before it's existence it's self, However, such claim's have yet to be proven. While no one know's the definite origin of Ea, it is definitely a preposterous and dangerous weapon feared by many.

Enkidu — The Chain of Heaven : Enkidu, spelled "Erukidu" in some versions, is the item most treasured by Gilgamesh, even more so then Ea, and is the "Greatest Secret" Stored within the Gates of Babylon. The name of these chain's come from his best friend and guardian beast, Enkidu. This Chain is one of the few anti-divine conceptual weapon's with the concept of "Reigning over the Gods". Binding them so that escape is Neigh-impossible. The Chain's durability and overall strength confer's to how much spiritual energy they have. To opponent's with high amount's of spiritual energy, this chain is their natural enemy. It will bind them without an ounce of mercy, unless they prepare an escape route or hide their reaitsu with some special ability. To opponent's with lesser reaitsu or no reaitsu at all, this chain is nothing more then a tough peccadillo which can be broken or escaped from with physical strength. Gilgamesh can either directly summon the chain's in his hand's in order to pull an opponent closer, or, as a surprise attack, have the chain's weave out toward's the opponent in order to bind them, making them very susceptible to his volley of projectile weapon's. It was strong enough to force even "The Invincible Guardian Beast's" limbs to bend past their limits while continuously tightening around the area. it appear's to even bind the space around it's self, and is capable of rendering transportation ordered by anything such as teleportation's spell's, Kido, and anything that has the power to manipulate or destroy Space/Time. it is possible for a target to break the chain, such as when PuToTyra does so using by using his ice to freeze the chain's, with the last ounce's of his strength. If the chain happen's to broken, Gilgamesh can easily repair them within his Gate of Babylon, and use them as he see's fit in another battle.

Skyrim — The Absolute Destroyer: This is the third strongest and trusted weapon of the King of Heroes, referred to by nothing more then Skyrim; The Absolute Destroyer. This weapon's ferocity and offensive power has given it this name purely from the destruction and damage it inflict's physically and spiritually on the opponent. It is a large four-bladed chakram style disk, which have small green vine's which are like metal's, scattered and placed across it's entire structure. The Line's began to glow, once the weapon is brought out of Gate of Babylon. This is most arguably the third strongest weapon stored in the King of Heroe's treasury that he gained through his travel's. Firstly, Skyrim can block almost any and all Wind-based attack's, without any side-effect's or drawback's, making it a perfect weapon against the likes of the Wind Goddess, Misaiko. The fearsome part of this weapon is it's main ability, which can be used while being fired as a bullet, or thrown by Gilgamesh to give the weapon centrifugal force. Once it has hit impact upon anyone or anything, a large vortex made of numerous microscopic wind blade's, that not only cause's physical damage on an external level, but on a cellular level as well. The wind blade's sever nerve channel's within the body, leaving target's without a high level of defense, Endurance, or agility, nearly unable to move if they are struck with this weapon directly. They also target the reaitsu flow within the body, the soul sleep and soul chain and greatly damage's them both , if not completely destroying it once full on contact is made. While Healing Kido, Healing Sugiura Magic, and regeneration is still usable it is slowed down due to the ferocious might of Skyrim. Depending on the amount of direct damage taken from the first ability, some warrior's may never be able to perform their techniques properly again. Gilgamesh prefer's to use this weapon more so then most of his other primeval treasure's, because he take's pleasure in taking down the high and mighty opponent's he face's, especially if they possess as much pride as he does. This weapon will make even the strongest of the strong return back to their weakest state if they happen to be caught in the full collision of this attack. This weapon possesses one more ability which cause's a multitude of microscopic wind blade's to simultaneously appear. Upon their appearance, they then form together around the opponent, Creating a huge sphere. This will engulf everything within the significant radius, Anyone within said radius, will potentially get caught within it. Immediately following this, the sphere collapse's in on it's self, using the compressed microscopic wind blade's to crush everything within it. Even the strongest of regeneration abilities will find a arduous time healing the wound's of their user.

Xero: Xero is a katana with a dull red sheath, purple hilt-wrapping, and a guard in a shape similar to the Kidō Corps' emblem, consisting of a circle with a pentagon-like shape in the center and three points protruding from the edges evenly spaced apart. This allows him to cover an area with a dark mist, leaving shadows of his figure everywhere he moves. This confuses opponents into attacking, leaving them open for a strike, as well make openings for the other weapons. This is the most simple weapon compered to the others, but its still deadly when used in conjunction with other weapon's.

Executor King: This is one of Gilgamesh's more potent and feared weapon's, stored within the Gate of Babylon. it take's the form of a pike like spear that is black and silver, While it may seem like a simple spear upon first glance, the most fearful thing about this spear is the reoccurring crack's along the tip of the spear. When this spear is stabbed on the ground, or even the air, it will display a great number of pike's over the land. Impaling all enemies that come against him, it is great when used against armies of warrior's or hollow's. The Attack radius is 3 block's with a total amount of 20,000 pikes. if not tended too in battle, the number of pike's will progressively continue to increase. Preventing most enemies from retreating, With time, it become's harder and harder to avoid these pike's. The damage suffered from the pike's is high, but not deadly. It should be noted that the pike's can be broken, but will only truly dissipate once the main spear is taken from it's placement.

Lunatic Moon: Lunatic moon is a horn given to Gilgamesh by the God Queen of Avalon, as a present, for his heroic deed's when he was a young man. The appearance make look silly, but for it to be stored within the Gate of Babylon, mean's that it is a skilled and virtuous weapon. this peculiar horn happen's to control the element of air. It can utilize control over air, by producing invisible and powerful air bomb's. These bomb's, while powerful in their own right, is nothing compared to the true ability of this weapon. The ability involve's synchronizing sound wave's with pain. Relatively, it is similar to that of a dog whistle when blown. Depending on the sound wave's, physical damage can also be inflicted from this weapon. It is capable of neutralizing sound or sound attack's by playing counter frequencies, making everything seem nearly silent. Making the oncoming air bomb's or other weapon's in his treasury, a good surprise. While being powerful and useful, it can also take in one energy attack and redirect it back at the user, at double the amount of power, making it quite the formidable weapon.

Bite The Dust: These King-Crossed knight sword's were made for 12 of Gilgamesh's most trusted knight's. Only twelve were made, and exist in the Gate of Babylon. They were made using the remain's of a special metal, that only existed from the God of Earth Guardian beast, they were then fused with the scale's of ice from Putotyra, before Giru gained control of that guardian beast, they were also mixed in within the same bone's of the guardian beast that helped produce Gilgamesh's armor. Dual-noted, is that they were made with the blood of his knight's after their death, making them exceedingly special to the King of Heroes. All of these material's give's these weapon's the concept of "Disharmony". Upon constant contact with these sword's, a wave of disharmony will be inflicted upon the opponent once contact has been made. Each Strike, cause's even more damage, and in the case of shinigami or Zanpakuto, continued damage will cause the blade's, when they are in Shikai or Bankai, to slowly be returned back to their sealed state. Once 4 of these weapon's have hit directly, the zanpakuto of a vizard or shinigami will be returned to it's sealed state for one post. Depending on continued damage, the number will grow depending on the number of time's it's hit. If this weapon strike's a constant-release type, they will stay as they are, without the abilities to accommodate the aforementioned zanpakuto. Gilgamesh prefer's to fire these weapon's in volley's, depending on his current mode, since he is inchoate in the form of close quarter combat.

Jigoku: Jigoku is one of the more simplistic weapon's stored within the King's treasury. It is about 5 feet long, and the sharp point's are enough to go through solid steel without a problem. It is not meant for melee-combat, but instead for Gilgamesh's preferred long range combat. Once it is thrown or fired as a bullet, it simultaneously duplicate's it's self into 100 more needle's, they rain down on the target, sealing off movement, as well as pinning them against a solid surface completely immobilizing him/her in combat. This weapon is most useful in a small area, as they are very hard to dodge without a large expanse at the opponent's disposal. they can track their target for a limited amount of time(1-2 post's) and always target the pressure point's of the opponent in order to paralyze or immobilize them.

Balmung: This is the precious sword of Nibelungen clan, Balmung. Which the King of Heroes received from the clan, when he was younger, and before it was used to fight in many campaign's and adventures. The most well known feat of this blade is that it was used to kill a dragon guardian beast by the name of fafrnir. It was then bathed in the blood of this beast, and obtained a set of "invincible Abilities". The Ability of this sword is very simple, and that is the concept of "Energy Absorption". It is a barrier blade used to absorb energy attack's to strengthen it's self. Once it is planted on the ground, or used in a fashion meant to block, it will begin absorbing a almost unlimited amount of energy attack's. If planted in the ground, it can even redirect the number of energy attack's that was fired at the area where the user reside's, as long as it is planted within the ground. if anything is in the way of the blade, the blade will automatically make sure the attack's come's toward's it in order to absorb it's wonderful energy. the second power is simple, and that is to use all of the collected energy into one conjoined attack, the power vary's on how many attack's were absorbed and stored within the blade, making a small-scale energy attack completely useless to be re-fired. The Single Attack is similar to Excalibur in the manner of gathering spiritual energy into the blade, and slashing down on the opponent in the designated area.

Gram: This is the sword of the sun wielded by Sigurd, the greatest hero of Northern Europe in the Völsunga saga. It is a demonic sword of glory and destruction that is the original model of Caliburn, as well as the second model of the original weapon of both Caliburn and Gram, Merodach. Gram is capable of creating an attack of similar power to Caliburn. That is, a light that burn's away everything in it's path. However, in order to use this ability, one thing must happen. It must create a limitless amount of light, once it shine's, upon this glorious shining declaration, it will meld with all other light of the area, whiles this happen's, Gilgamesh is able to do quite the amount of thing's. Such as, creating a large area of light around the opponent, in order to cause visual disruption's, decreasing the chance to attack due to the trifling distraction. Once this distraction is caused, the ability of the blade is activated, creating a sphere-like blade of compressed light, that is then slashed down through the area, causing wide-scale damage to the impending area, causing damage similar to that of Excalibur, once it is used. The reason for the similarity of Caliburn and Gram as well as merodach, are quite simple. Their true natures, the ideas behind their creation, and their souls are very similar. As Caliburn was a "sword stuck in the stone that chooses the destined ruler's", Gram was also a chosen sword of appointment lodged in the mighty tree of the king of volsong.

Caladbolg: While Archer possesses a modified version of this weapon, through reinforcement, Gilgamesh has the original Caladbolg within his treasury. The blade of the sword coils into a spiral that can penetrate any target by creating a twisting distortion in space. It is powerful enough to easily break through any and all defense's simply as an aftereffect of it being purposely fired at an area far away from the opponent, and cause a large explosion capable of engulfing a entirecemetery in flames, these flames are not normal flames, they are strong enough to nearly be compared to the likes of Expoisa in an more simple and compact form. The most fearsome aspect is when it is used as a real sword. Since the base can be more controlled around the blade it's self, just as powerful as the blast, making it deadly in both long and close range combat

Vajra: a Symbol of Divinity passed down through India. Vajra has the ability to manipulate space. Gilgamesh spins Vajra above his head which firstly affects his opponent by freezing "time" for a split second. The weapon is really based around the idea that the human brain actually has a small latency to it's visual message reception. Vajra abilities manipulate this slightly, freezing this latency period and increasing it, thereby causing the messages received by the brain to stop temporarily, and the visual messages to stop. Giving the foe the picture that no time has passed, while Gilgamesh perform's an attack. While in Reality time is moving normally. Now, this latency is normally a tenth of a second, which allows the brain enough time to predict the next move. But when this latency is frozen, the brain only has one image. Opponent's with abilities such as Heroism's Mystic eye's of Possibility, Saber's Instinct, The Mind of Eye, or Aya's Dragon eye's will not be affected by this weapon, though they will feel as though time is slowing down, the more the weapon continue's to spin.

Durandal: The peerless sword, this weapon is a symbol of power splendidly forged, much like Caliburn. It was granted too Gilgamesh by an angelic guardian beast. It is a dazzling sword that possesses three miracles that allow it to maintain its sharpness even after its possessor's Reaitsu is depleted.

Gungnir: This weapon is the original model of Lancer's Gae Bolg, taking after the name of the all mighty spear possessed by the norse god Odin. The Spear has a similar concept to that of the traced version of Archer's Hrunting, when it's fired as a broken phantasm. That Ability is simply pursuing the opponent with the concept of "Thrust" in mind. It will always target the heart of the opponent, and will pursue endlessly until the blade is deflected, destroyed, or cut through. Once the Spear reaches the heart and cleanly thrust's through it, it will inflict internal damage, that can be healed within time, unlike Gae Bolg. Since this is the original model of Gae bolg, the ability is similar but still quite small compared to it's successor.

Fang-Tian Ji: Fang-Tian Ji is the original model of Iori's Sacred, Houtengeki. Like Houtengeki, it is a one of kind halberd passed down in Chinese culture and the only halberd out of many to attain the rank of conceptual weapon/Sacred, probably due to its use by a famous military commander. It is a polearm with many different uses such as thrusting, swiping, pulling, parrying, and various others. It also has a crescent-moon shaped blade, the crecent blade, and weapons with only one of these blades are called Seiryugeki. It is said that a great deal of skill is needed to handle this weapon, though its versatility and ease of use once mastering it allowed for it to be used to serve the appropriate role for any type of combatant. Its use eventually went out of favor as different dynasties rose and fell until it was revived during the Sung period as Houtengeki. This weapon doesn't possess any peculiar ability, and is usually fired as like a streaking comet of light, causing a minimal yet formidable amount of physical damage.

Totsuka-No-Tsurugi: This weapon happen's to be the original model of Misaiko's Sacred, Megamikaze. it is a wonderfully made Ceremonial Japanese long sword, given to Gilgamesh by the sole creator of Megamikaze, herself. This weapon has a simple ability, and that's anti-element. It is mostly used for Element's which require oxygen to form their basis. The Blade will release a large tornado which goes at a velocity of around 300/MPH, which does no damage, but instead activate's a vacuum effect which begin's suppressing and absorbing all the oxygen of a Flame or Ice Based attack. Fire, Wind, and Water, will find a hard time reaching the King of Heroes due to the ability of this weapon alone. This blade was passed down from the same Guardian beast who created Megamikaze and it's Guardian beast, Shunousha. She valued the deed's of Gilgamesh and created this splendid sword as a symbol of her affection.

Other Weapon's: Among the named weapons stored within the King's treasury, others include an axe, scythe, and scimitar with the ability to seek out their targets at a speed that allows them to match the pace of a F-15 fighter jet, swords and spears capable of shattering mountains, swords and hammers larger than a person, a three-edged sword, an invisible sword, and a sword of ice that freezes the space that it cuts. The numerous weapons contain various different effects and abilities, allowing him to assault the weaknesses of almost any warrior he come's against. This places him at an advantage over most warrior's in combat, as he is able to come up with amazing strategies by analyzing their weapon in combat, and come up with a weapon with an ability able to counter or defend against it. All of these primeval treasure's are what make's the King of Heroes Transcendent.

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Coming Soon...

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  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [omit]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [omit]

Comments/Notes: Since we know you wont abuse or pull any wank with these weapons or powers, everything is fine in my books......wait


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Since Raiki made a fuckton of these weapons partially, and to ensure everyone that this is Admin-approved: Yep, Gilgamesh is 0-2+. Dealwithit.

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Enkidu: Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh!

Gilgamesh: Yeah?

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Enkidu: Our creator is currently updating our app, isn't this just glorious news!?

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Gilgamesh: ......It would be if it weren't for his turtle mentality towards apps....

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Enkidu: Who cares! It's still great news, i can't wait to see what he'll add!

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Gilgamesh: Neither can i, so people if you value you his life, i advise you get him to finish my glorious and divine update as soon as possible, if not who knows what will become of him.

Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes  Th_1f31e41af7f316778e1db124d1aa0c21

Enkidu: A-Ano.....Speaking of our creator, where is he? shouldn't be the one notifying people?

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Gilgamesh: Nope, he's trapped inside my treasury writing my update as we speak, for lazy people like him, he needs do more work and less lounging. In other words, stay tuned lowlifes.

Enkidu: ..........

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