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PostSubject: Beatrice [Magus Sugiura] [FINISHED]   Beatrice [Magus Sugiura] [FINISHED] Icon_minitime1Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:44 pm

The Golden Basics

Name: Nerezza Beatrice del Testo d'Oro
Pronounciation: Neh-ray-zha Bee-ah-tO-rich-eh del Test-oh dah-Oh-roh
Nicknames: The Golden Witch/The Golden Bitch
True Age: 9,000~8,000
Gender: Female
Personality: Beatrice is, for lack of any other word, a troll. Beatrice has arrogance that rivals even that of Gilgamesh (more on him later). She has such class when playing with her "furniture." Her "furniture" are her opponents and underlings. The stronger the opponent or suck-uppy the underling, the "higher price" furniture they are. She adores her closest furniture to the point where she would torture them physically, mentally, and sexually. Beatrice enjoys this torture, actually. Well, she enjoys being the one torturing.

Beatrice around those who aren't her furniture is actually not that much different. The main difference is that she won't physically or sexually torment them. Instead, she uses her wits and quick thinking skills to mainly demean those around her. There is only one whom she does not call furniture that is sexually tortured by Beatrice. That would be the Golden Compensator, Gilgamesh. Beatrice truly despises the man. However, she does respect him because of his arrogance and his powers. Beatrice may crack jokes and prod at the Golden Compensator, but she won't see him go down in a dishonorable fight. This isn't to say she will join the actual fight. Instead, she'll insult him to get a rise to make him want to finish the other fight quicker to get to her.

Beatrice isn't neccesarily fond of battling, but this isn't to say she'll avoid it. To put it in Beatrice's words, "It just gets tedious." Beatrice is not, however, limited by the thoughts of regret for killing others. If you pronounce her name wrong, she will attack with small bombs. And don't think that her jests get any weaker because she's fighting. In fact, they get better.

The Golden Witch
Beatrice appears as a Western-style woman with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. When louning around, going out to a fancy dinner, or entering combat, she wears a bow adorned with a rose in her hair, a choker, and ballgown-like dress and wears the successor ring on her left middle finger. She is also sometimes seen holding a gold kiseru. Her casual self wears a collared shirt with a cropped jacket and tie, a ruffled miniskirt, striped stockings, and boots and usually holds a cane with an eagle head as the handle.
Animalistic Traits: None...unless you count her odd facial expressions.
Appearance Age: She appears to be in her mid-thirties
Height: 157cm


Basic Yet Golden Skills

Ougon no Chou (黄金の蝶 Lit: Butterfly of Gold): In times of crisis or if her troll-fu is strong, Beatrice can disperse into a swarm of her golden butterflies. This is not unlike Mayuri Kurotsuchi's liquid form. She can not be attacked, but neither can she attack. When in this form, she must immediately retreat. Unless she's in troll-fu version, where she can be attacked and can stay in the same area.

Small Bombs: Beatrice has a tendency to use small bombs to attack. They are small enough to be held in her hand and have a half-post fuse (they will explode in the next post by anyone). They have the equivalent power of a stick of dynamite and are created by condensing reishi and reiatsu in the area around her.

Magic: Beatrice's moniker as "The Golden Witch" (or as some call her "The Golden Bitch") is not something to laugh at. While she may not know even 75% of the spells used by the Sugiuras, those she does know are incredibly powered and colored gold.
Offensive Spells:
Defensive Spells:
Miscellaneous Spells:

Speed: Beatrice, being a Magus Sugiura, has no need for hish speeds. Not like she'd use it anyways or even be able to run that fast. The dress she wears limits her legs' movements, so she instead hovers to move around, but she has no need to truly move quickly.

Strength: Beatrice actually is not that physically strong. If you have the option of launching up to 140 spikes at a time instead of punching someone, the normal person would take the ranged approach. Her strength is her weakest attribute.

Durability: Beatrice's durability is her next-to-lowest attribute. She doesn't have any modifiers to it, but this isn't to say she's a damn glass cannon. If anything, she's a wooden cannon. Yes, it's tough, but it is also nothing special.

Weapon Skill: Beatrice may not carry any weapons, but she is a near-master of foil-style fencing. Why foil? The limited area where she does strike is her favorite spot to hurt someone. Her skills with a lance is not something to laugh at either.

General Skills
Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Casting Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Hand-to-Hand Combat: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Fervor: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

The Golden Land
Beatrice's main magic is always active, though only to a very limited level. The basic form of it is her control over the "Stakes of Providence." These weapons take the form of six-inch spikes colored dark gray. The spikes have barbs on them and seem to have a mind of their own as they attack. However, they do not. Instead, the spikes are simply bouncing off at slight angles, giving it the appearance of moving on their own. As they hit walls, a sound like a bell rings througout the area. Beatrice can summon the stakes in only multiples of seven. If one is destroyed, then that entire set is destroyed. She can have a total of twenty sets summoned, but that many takes quite a lot out of her and won't last for long.

The true power of The Golden Land can only be unlocked by saying the "Epitath," a small poem that reflects her power. After each Epitath stanza is read one-by-one, Beato gets a bit of a boost to her powers by a 10% margin, but only for the posts that have a stanza in them. If she gets interrupted, she will lose whatever extra power she gained and will be forced to start over with the Epitath. Therefore, she can only activate it via saying the entire Epitath uninterrupted, so 5 posts.

"At the first twilight, you shall lift up as sacrifice the six chosen by the key. At the second twilight, those who remain shall tear apart the two who are close.

At the third twilight, those who remain shall praise my honorable name on high. At the fourth twilight, gouge the head and kill.

At the fifth twilight, gouge the chest and kill. At the sixth twilight, gouge the stomach and kill.

At the seventh twilight, gouge the knee and kill. At the eighth twilight, gouge the leg and kill.

At the ninth twilight, the witch shall be revived and none shall be left alive. At the tenth twilight, the journey shall end and you should reach the village of gold."

Once the Epitath has been read, the true power of The Golden Land is activated. Within a half-kilometer radius, all territory creation and dimensional tampering abilities are nullified. The Golden Land simply does not allow for such a thing because it will "deflower" the purity of The Golden Land. The radius is surrounded by a swarm of large butterflies. These simply stop other territory creation abilities around it. Thus, the ability would still be active, but not in the sphere created by The Golden Land. Another interesting thing Beatrice can do involves terrain modification. From inside the radius, Beatrice can summon a total of seven seven-story circular towers with four windows on each story. From each window, she can launch Stakes of Providence. Of course, they act a bit different. These stakes are gold in color and can bounce off the walls of the radius. However, they can only bounce two times before distentigrating. The Golden Land can be used only once per thread and has a maximum time limit of 7 posts.

The Red Truth
"When I speak the truth, I will speak it in Red."
Beatrice's other magic is not one that is as well known, but it is her most hated. To start off, what is a "truth?" A truth is simply something stated as a fact and is accepted as one. However, Beatrice takes that one step further with her Red Truth. Instead of something being accepted as fact, Red Truths ARE facts when stated by Beatrice. The fact is, what she says either is a truth or it will be a truth. If a character were in a box and Beatrice said "This box can not be opened once closed." Then that means you would not be able to open the box, period. However, there is a loophole. No matter what Beatrice says, there will ALWAYS be a loophole in her wording. This is known as the Blue Truth. Whenever her Red Truth is activated, whoever is affected gains access to the Blue Truth. The use of the Blue Truth can be analogous to a shotgun in contrast to the Red Truth, which would be akin to a single shot handgun. The Blue Truth enables one to attack Beatrice with multiple possibilities at once, like the scattering effect of an exploding shotgun shell. Though most of the projectiles may miss, there is still the possibility that at least one shot will hit the target. So the Blue Truth to Beatrice's Red Truth about the box would be "The box was never fully closed in the first place." Thus, the box would be able to be opened because her Red Truth had been shattered. Beatrice can only use "starter" truths five times per thread. What are those? Starter truths are those that she says to make something a truth. The other kind of truths are add-ons. Add-on Truths are those that are added on to a truth. Little basic things that still go with her original truth and leave the loophole in tact are add-on truths. She can only add ten add-on truths to each starter truths.


A Pahfekto History
Nerezza Beatrice del Testo d'Oro was always a Sugiura. In fact, one could call her the first true Magus Sugiura. From birth, she could not have a Sacred. Something in her spiritual DNA was missing and so a bond with a Guardian Beast could not be formed. Her family were advisors to the Wester Clan's royal family. In all honesty, it was just a position in name only. Her family's true duty was to seek out and either detain or destroy any Rogue Sugiura, especially Berserker-class.

Because of this, she was forced to obtain a Guardian Beast at a young age. Unfortunately, no matter what they tried, Beatrice could not make a bond with a Guardian Beast. One thinker, whose philosophies were considered lucicrous at the time, thought that teaching her some of the Sugiura's magic first would help her. Because the only other option was exile, Beatrice's parents were forced to try this. Lo and behold, the thinker was right.

Beatrice, who was about to be exiled, was surpassing her own brothers and sisters to match her father in magical skills. Beatrice has no concept of what was going on except that people were shocked. Because of her skills with magic and lack of a Guardian Beast, she was dubbed a "Magus Sugiura." However, she was not exempt from anything. In fact, Beatrice was the least exempt member of her family. She had to go to extra training sessions for weapons she would likely be using.

Beatrice, as she entered her hundreds, was simply not impressed by her family's job. It was then she started to read about magic types and known spells. Using the concept of "Bounded Fields," she began divising her own spells and magic types. It was then she started to find that her powers could expand to other branches of magic types, even those deemed impossible.

Beatrice, on accident, created a self-activated spell that gets her out of bad situations. The power of it was seen when an assassin from the North tried to assassinate her for delving too deep into the magics of the Sugiura. After she was stabbed, she turned into a swarm of golden butterflies that flew to a nearby apothecary and reformed herself. As she was healed, Beatrice began thinking why would someone do that?

After healing more, Beatrice returned to the libraries and stole all of the books on magic. She returned home only to find it in flames. The Northern Assassins had rounded up her entire family and "dealt with them." She was not that surprised, honestly. To be honest, she was slightly happy. Some say it was then she snapped. In an instant, Beatrice used her strongest spell and wiped out the house and the assassins. The only thing left was a golden kiseru that was a gift from Shimura to her mother. Beatrice then followed the trail of the assassins, still carrying the books she had stolen.

Beatrice found a ruined village somewhere on her way there. She met a green-haired beauty. Something about her made Beatrice snap. Maybe it was the fact she was impeding on Beatrice's trek to the North. Beatrice used the same spell, the Taiyou no Mannaka-he. Wiping out half of the village in a single blast with little effort, Beatrice wanted this girl removed from existance. As Beatrice looked at the young female, she could tell something else was amiss. Using her kiseru again, she fired the spell once more. All that was left of the village was area behind this girl. The rest had turned into a massive v-shaped crater. Beatrice left the girl alone, saying "Next time, I'll be sure to rip out your innards."

Beatrice then wandered far into the North, eventually finding this clan of assassins. Her anger spiked by their mere existance. Stepping into the middle of their small village, Beatrice spoke the Witch's Epitath loudly. In an instant, Beatrice was surrounded by them. Just as quickly as these pathetic assassins had assembled, Beatrice summoned seven massive towers. She began laughing as, from each of the towers, 28 spikes flew towards the village. At any given time, 196 of these spikes were flying. They bounced and impaled.

For seven straight hours, Beatrice continued to do that. After that seventh hour, Beatrice noticed that everything around her was nothing more than either a pile of red goo or splinters. Retracting the towers, she casually walked back to where it all began. There, a new mansion had been erected. She began rummaging through it and placed all of her stolen books in there, as she had finished them all. There, she found a book about the concept of "Truths."

Studying that book, Beatrice decided to attempt to make a magic type of this concept. The Golden Witch was born. Taking many millenia in many different locations, Beatrice began to actualize truths. Taking space-time, reality, and manipulation magic and mixing them with the concept of truths, the magic known as Red Truth was born. Using that, she was able to escape the Sugiura realm on her own.

Beatrice then found a man whom she hated more than anyone. She didn't know why. She just fucking did. This man was the Golden King, Gilgamesh. She stalked him, for lack of a better term. Instead of for love, she wanted to see his powers. In a fight one day, he released his Gate of Babylon. Beatrice was lucky enough to have seen it and grasp the basic concept. That is how she gave him the nickname Golden Compensator. However, she realized that he was not a weakling like she had originally thought.

Beatrice [Magus Sugiura] [FINISHED] SigforTsu-1

Beatrice [Magus Sugiura] [FINISHED] Blazblue___my_car_is_a_nissan_by_kayarine-d3a9tdf
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PostSubject: Re: Beatrice [Magus Sugiura] [FINISHED]   Beatrice [Magus Sugiura] [FINISHED] Icon_minitime1Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:52 pm

Approved. 1-1.

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Beatrice [Magus Sugiura] [FINISHED]
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